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19 Best Free Driver Updater Software For Windows 10/8/7

Best & completely free driver update software is essential for every PC user in 2021. Hence, here is the comprehensive list of some best driver updater tools for Windows 10, 8, and 7. Read on to know more.

Using the best free driver updater software fixes the drivers that got outdated or corrupted. Without drivers, the hardware and operating system of your PC cannot communicate. It affects all the tasks you perform on your system. Hence, it is pretty crucial to take care of your drivers. At the same time, it is quite a time-taking task to do it manually. Thus, here we have come up with a list of some best driver update software.

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Best & Completely Free Driver Updater To Fix Windows Driver Problems

Here are the best driver update software that you can choose to find, install, and update your device drivers. Some of these driver updaters are completely free. They also help to elevate the PC’s performance by one click.

1. Bit Driver Updater

Best for updating drivers & tweaking every bit of PC performance automatically.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, & 7

Pro Tip:  Run a single time, daily, or weekly scan as per your convenience or set the scan start date in the Cyclic Modes

Bit Driver Updater is our first choice to update drivers & improve every bit of the PC performance. The reason is its users get features such as one-click driver repair and round-the-clock customer support. You do not require much guidance to use the program effectively. You can even download it and start fixing your drivers with this best free driver updater right now.

Below are the benefits that you get after downloading it on your PC. However, you can also know about its advantages yourself by giving it a try. Click on the below download button to get it.

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Features Of Bit Driver Updater:

  • Detailed driver description: It shows the version, date of release, publisher, and all the other details of the available driver updates.
  • Creation and restoration of backups: You can create and restore the backups of your PC drivers.
  • Scan scheduler: It has a tool to automate and schedule driver scans.
  • Restore point creation: The software also boasts a feature to create a system restore point.
  • Ignore list:  There is an option to ignore some drivers while performing a scan.
  • Internet connection management: Lets you manage the internet connection with ease.

In addition to the above features, several pros also make this driver update software a must-try. Below we share them along with the reason why you should avoid it.



  • Easy UI
  • Single click driver update tool
  • Detailed & Comprehensive scans
  • Resolves all PC errors
  • Boosts system performance
  • WHQL authenticated driver updates


  • Not available for Windows XP & Vista

Bit Driver Updater Price

It is available for $39.96. However, it is a completely free driver updater if you only want to scan the driver issues. And you do not require to pay any amount to download the software.

Why Should You Pick Bit Driver Updater

There are uncountable reasons why this software should be your first choice while selecting the best driver updating program for your PC. It tweaks your PC’s performance along with functioning as a driver repairing tool.

Do you want to know more about this driver updating tool ? You can check our honest review for the Bit Driver Updater program.

Bit driver updater - update drivers free

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2. Quick Driver Updater

Best free driver updater for performing quick driver scans and updates.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, & 7

Pro Tip: Accelerate the download speed to get all the drivers in an instant.

Out of all the driver fixers that we have seen so far, this is among the quickest ones. Quick Driver Updater is the best software to update drivers in a New York minute. Apart from this, it hosts several benefits such as fast driver downloads, free round the clock support, and more. However, if you do not want to read the detailed description of its advantages, then you can experience them yourself. Click on the below link and get the quickest driver updating tool on your PC.

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Features of Quick Driver Updater

  • One-click updates: It updates drivers automatically with just a click.
  • Reliable driver updates: Downloads only the authentic and WHQL certified drivers for your PC.
  • Multilingual: It supports a lot of languages ranging from English to German.
  • Scan scheduling: With this one of the best free for Windows 10 PC, you can schedule the scans as per your wish.

In our testing, we also noticed some upsides that make it different from the rest of the lot. Below we share the same along with a minor downside of this best free software to scan & update drivers.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Scans PC thoroughly
  • Enhances the device performance
  • Downloads only verified drivers
  • Lightning-fast scan speed
  • Fixes irritating PC errors


  • Non-compatibility with Windows XP & Vista

Quick Driver Updater Price :

The driver updater is free to download and scan driver issues. It allows you to update your PC drivers and offer several other benefits for $39.96 for 1-year.

Why Should You Pick Quick Driver Updater

Quick Driver Updater is one of the quickest programs to detect driver issues on Windows PC. It deserves to be called one of the best driver upgrading software for its features, option to repair drivers, and resolve system errors.

Get to know more about this quick driver updating solution. Check our detailed Quick Driver Updater review.

Quick Driver Updater - update drivers Automatically

download now button

3. Driver Booster

Best free software to boost performance and update PC driver

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, & XP

Pro Tip: Ensure that the driver updater does not install any unneeded software or extension while updating drivers.

Driver Booster is not just an ordinary driver update software for Windows. It also boasts instant performance boost features. So, whether you want to get maximum gaming experience or fix PC drivers, Driver Booster is the all-in-one solution. Here are the things that this free driver & performance updater offers to the users.

Features of Driver Booster

  • Restore point creation: It creates a Restore Point before updating a driver.
  • Version comparison: You can compare the available update to the currently installed driver.
  • PC optimization: This driver updater boasts a PC optimizer to check system issues, junk files, and invalid Registry entries.
  • Game boost: It comes with a game booster to uplift your gaming experience.
  • Disk defragmentation: There is a disk defragmenter to reduce the system’s boot time.
  • Password management: It also comes with a free password manager to store all passwords securely.
  • Priority selection: With this software, you can select the scan priority as the newest or most stable driver.
  • Silent mode: Its silent mode automatically gets activated when you use applications full-screen.

While testing Driver Booster, we noticed a few pros that make it one of the best Windows driver updaters. Along with the pros, there are some cons as well. Let’s discuss the same.



  • Unlimited driver downloads and updates
  • Enormous driver database
  • Automatic boot or shut down
  • WHQL certified drivers
  • Hosts various themes
  • Resolves performance issues
  • Support for within the program downloads


  • Cannot work offline
  • Installs other programs
  • Constant reminders to get the premium version
  • No alerts for missing drivers
  • Bit slow driver download speed

Driver Booster Updater Price :

This is completely free to download & install some driver updates. However, if you want to fix all your PC drivers and get all other benefits, you have to purchase Driver Booster Pro for $74.85. It helps to resolve driver & performance issues on 3 PCs for 1-year.

Why Should You Pick Driver Booster Pro

It is great to pick Driver Booster Pro for boosting the overall system performance and updating outdated drivers. It offers various features to speed up the booting process and tweak a lot of other things on your PC.


You can also get a detailed analysis of this driver updating tool by checking our Driver Booster review.

IOBit Driver Booster - Best driver updater

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4. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Best PC driver updater for washing away the outdated drivers

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, & 7

Pro Tip: Prevent outdated and corrupt drivers from accumulating to avoid errors like Blue Screen of Death

Next, at fourth position, we have Ashampoo Driver Updater on our list of the best tools to update Windows 32/64 Bit outdated drivers. The reason is, it gives the PC’s performance a boost by repairing all the faulty drivers and does a lot more things as well. Below are several other features that set it apart from other free programs to update drivers.

Features of Ashampoo Driver Updater:

  • One-click updates: It tweaks and optimizes the PC’s performance by updating all the drivers with a click.
  • Automatic updates: It automatically gets you the apt drivers.
  • Ease of use: Even the newbies can easily install and use Ashampoo’s free driver updater utility.
  • High compatibility: It is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows.
  • Detailed driver description: It shows all useful details about the installed and available driver versions, such as version number, publisher, etc.
  • Driver exclusion: This software allows you to exclude drivers that you do not want to scan.

In addition to these features, we also noticed a few pros and cons of this powerful driver updating and repairing tool. Before making a decision, have a look at them.



  • Over 2,40,000 devices supported
  • Boosts system’s performance
  • Easy Clean and user-friendly UI
  • Exclusion of drivers from the scan
  • Makes your PC more stable
  • Multiple language support
  • Reasonably priced


  • No free advanced features and support
  • Not so efficient trial version

Ashampoo Driver Updater Price :

Ashampoo Driver Updater is free to scan driver issues on your PC. You can also set the scanning schedules without paying a single penny. You have to get the full version of the software for $ 29.99 to update the detected faulty drivers. It Works on 3 PCs with a single license.

Why Should You Pick Ashampoo Driver Updater

You should pick this Ashampoo software to update all the obsolete drivers with ease. It offers a pretty simple UI along with a set of all the fundamental driver updating features.

Download Now

Do you want to know how to download it? Or if you have more queries for the program. To get solutions, you can check our Ashampoo Driver Updater review.

Ashampoo Driver Updater - Best Windows Driver updater

5. Driver Easy

Best free driver updater to make the task of upgrading PC drivers easy as pie

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, & 7

Pro Tip: Use Driver Easy’s wide knowledge database to expand your understanding of this software and drivers

Here is another award-winning software on this list of best free & paid driver update software 0f 2021. Driver Easy helps you locate outdated drivers and update them with ease. Just a single click and all your driver issues get resolved. Below are the other features of this best & easy to use driver updater that attract users.

Features of Driver Easy:

  • Search option: It bears a search feature that helps you find any particular driver.
  • Huge database: There is an immense browsable database of over 8 million drivers.
  • Backup and restore: This driver installer also lets you backup and restore drivers.
  • Direct installs: Driver Easy offers to install drivers directly within the app.
  • Detailed description: It lets you view the entire details about every component of your PC, ranging from CPU to the graphics card.
  • Driver comparison: You can compare the installed drivers with their newly released updates.

To get the best driver updating program for your Windows PC, you must not give a miss to the pros and cons of it. Hence, here we have highlighted the pros and cons of Driver Easy.



  • Supports offline driver scan scheduling
  • Uninstalls deleted hardware driver
  • Consumes fewer PC resources
  • Option to hide a driver update
  • Scans for driver updates automatically
  • Usable in both home and work environments
  • Fast scan speed


  • Slow driver downloads in free version
  • Lacks many useful features in the free version
  • Does not offer a lifetime license
  • Outdated interface
  • No automatic installation of updates
  • Non-availability of bulk downloads

Driver Easy Price :

Driver Easy is available for $59.90. You get a license for a year that you can use on 3 PCs. There is no particular completely free version available of this driver updater. You only get a limited trial for free. There are also several expensive business plans for commercial use.

Why Should You Pick Driver Easy

The ability to resolve all issues related to the PC drivers with ease makes Driver Easy the fifth most desirable driver updater on this list. It also helps avoid hustle while updating and repairing the drivers on Windows.

Download Now

Do you still want more information about the driver upgrading program? You can have a look at our Driver Easy review.

Driver Easy - Update PC drivers Free

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6. DriverSupport

“Best support to update and repair drivers on your computer”

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, & Vista

Pro Tip:  Remove unneeded drivers to save PC resources and make it perform better.

It is one of the software that offers the best support to update PC drivers. Along with this, you can also get help from the tool to fix the annoying system issues. DriverSupport comes with highly useful features, such as a tool to remove unnecessary system files. Below we have described all other things that make the software best among the other free driver update tools in 2021.

Features of DriverSupport:

  • Backup and restore: It has the much-needed driver backup and restore options.
  • Scan scheduling: There is an option to schedule scans for automatic scanning.
  • Driver exclusion: You can exclude the drivers from the scanning process.
  • Driver uninstallation: It allows you to uninstall the drivers that you do not need.
  • Real-time monitoring: It monitors the PC in real-time.
  • Advanced technology: Its Device Driver Matching Technology matches drivers with specific manufacturers and models.
  • Cleanup options: There is a system cleanup tool to delete unwanted files and free up space on your computer.
  • Performance elevation: Its just-in-time software optimization service boosts the performance of the software you use most.

Now, let’s take a look at the bright side, i.e., Pros, and the darker side, i.e., Cons of this complete driver repair and update software.



  • Easy to use UI
  • Enormous driver database
  • Excellent customer support
  • Anywhere access
  • Real-Time driver repair service


  • Finds less outdated drivers than its competitors
  • No automatic driver download and install feature
  • Non-descriptive driver details
  • Useful features unavailable in free driver updater version
  • Fails to detect all missing drivers

DriverSupport Price:

The complete version of DriverSupport costs $9.99 per month. The software is also available for free to scan driver issues on your PC.

Why Should You Pick DriverSupport

The prominent reasons why it deserves to be one of the top 6 driver updaters on this list include removal of unnecessary drivers and system files, availability of all fundamental driver updating tools.

Download Now

To get better insight into the software, check our DriverSupport review.


7. Snappy Driver Installer

Best free driver installer & updater program for repairing driver issues on Windows for free.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, & 2000

Pro Tip: Use the restore points to get the old drivers back if you do not like the driver update

Here is the solution for users looking for a snappy solution to fix the Windows driver issues. Snappy Driver Installer is a fast, free, and open-source driver updating tool for your PC. However, being a free driver fixer is not the only thing to consider the software as one of the best driver updaters in 2021. Here are the other reasons.

Features of Snappy Driver Installer:

  • Multilingual: It supports more than 27 languages.
  • Restore points: The program creates restore points automatically to ensure the safety of your Windows PC.
  • Customization options: You can choose a theme to customize the software or make a theme of your own.

Let’s now talk about the pros and cons of Snappy Driver Installer and understand why we have listed the program at the seventh position on our list. It has a multitude of stronger points along with a few worth-mentioning downsides. Here we share the prominent ones out of them.



  • Portable software
  • Open-source
  • Supports older Windows versions
  • Even works with no internet access
  • Download drivers from within the program
  • No annoying advertisements
  • Accurate and best matching updates


  • Immense installer size
  • Fixes only missing driver issues
  • Lacks many useful features
  • Outdated & complex UI
  • No support for scan scheduling
  • No ease of use

Snappy Driver Installer Price:

As we have described, Snappy Driver Installer is an entirely free software to fix and update missing drivers. You do not require to pay any amount to get any of its versions.

Why Should You Pick Snappy Driver Installer

You should pick Snappy Driver Installer if you want a free, offline, portable, open-source, & customizable tool to download and install drivers on your Windows PC. It is also an apt choice for the users of older Windows versions.

Download Now

We have also reviewed this software to download PC drivers. So, if you want to know more about it, you can go to our Snappy Driver Installer review.

Snappy Driver Installer - Best driver update tool

8. Avast Driver Updater

Best for getting authentic driver updates on Windows PC

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7

Pro Tip: View the driver source details to ensure the authenticity and reliability of updates.

Avast offers an extremely easy and fast to setup driver update checker. It is free from malware and bloatware and poses no prompts for any other programs. Along with this, the software also has a plethora of settings and features. They have helped the program to mark its name as the eighth most popular choice on this list of the best driver update software in the market.

Features of Avast Driver Updater:

  • One-click functioning: It completely scans your PC and detects faulty drivers with one click.
  • Undo option: Its restore function lets you revert the changes made to the system.
  • Error fixing: It fixes annoying PC freezes, crashes, connectivity bugs, mouse and printer problems, and more.
  • Real-time scanning: Scans for graphic driver issues in real-time to offer seamless gaming, video streaming, and media editing.
  • Gigantic database: It boasts a mammoth database of over 5 million drivers.

Along with the above features, we also noticed a few pros and cons of this decent Windows 10 driver updater. Here they are.



  • Less resource consumption
  • Clean and intuitive UI
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Availability of driver source details
  • Amps up the sound quality
  • Works in the background
  • Fast and reliable driver updates


  • Offers only a few days trial
  • Semi-automatic driver download & installation
  • No scan scheduling functionality
  • Fewer features than counterparts

Avast Driver Updater Price:

It is available at the cost of $39.99 per year for 3 Computers. There is also a free trial of the software that offers full functionality for a limited period. The driver updater is completely free to scan driver issues on your PC.

Why Should You Pick Avast Driver Updater

If you are pretty much conscious about drivers’ authenticity, then Avast Driver Updater is one of the aptest tools for you. It offers drivers from major brands and resolves several issues as well on your Windows PC.

Download Now

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Avast Driver Updater & Scanner

9. AVG Driver Updater

Best for repairing Windows drivers with certified and reliable driver updates

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7

Pro Tip: Let the software automatically check for driver updates to make your work easier.

Now, who hasn’t heard about AVG Driver Updater? A lot of PC users consider AVG as the best updater software for the drivers on Microsoft Windows. However, unlike the other competent alternatives, it does not save the scan results. But still, the program holds the ninth position on our list and is also highly preferred by the users. If you are thinking about the reason for this, then below unique features are your answer.

Features of AVG Driver Updater:

  • Actual-time scanning: It scans the system in real-time and offers all the latest updates.
  • Error fixing: You can cure all common PC problems like connectivity issues, PC freezing, etc.
  • Backup and restore: It backs up the existing drivers and assists in restoring the backups with one click.
  • Scan scheduling: There is also an easy-to-use scan scheduler.

AVG Driver Updater also has several pros and cons that are worth noting. Here they are.



  • Instant hardware profile assessment
  • Classic interface
  • Reliable driver updater
  • Fully automatic driver updater
  • Works in background


  • No premium features
  • Expensive than counterparts
  • Unable to save scan results
  • Offers only a few days trial

AVG Driver Updater Price:

The pricing plans of AVG’s driver upgrading tool are quite similar to Avast Driver Updater. Its full version is available for $39.99. Coming to the free version, AVG also offers only a scan-only mode for free. There is also a trial of this best Windows driver updating program, which is available for free for a limited period.

Why Should You Pick AVG Driver Updater

You can pick this software to repair drivers, system crashes, network issues, and download reliable driver updates.

Download Now

If you are interested in selecting this tool to update your PC drivers, then before making your mind, we suggest you check our honest AVG Driver Updater review.

AVG Driver Updater

10. Driver Genius

Best for fixing the overall performance issues along with updating Windows drivers.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, & 2000

Pro Tip: Use the rollback feature to reverse any unwanted changes

Just like a pure genius, Driver Genius has a solution for all the problems on your PC. The multi-functional ability of the tool is what makes it the best free driver updater in 2021. Despite this, it hosts a clutter-free interface with only a few options and buttons on the screen. Below are some of its other salient features.

Features of Driver Genius:

  • Large database: It has drivers for every hardware in its huge database.
  • Thorough scanning: It scans all your drivers to find the outdated, corrupt, or missing ones.
  • Performance optimizers: Driver Genius also boasts a plethora of optimization options.
  • Backup and restore: It even creates driver backups and system restore points before making any changes.
  • Checking option: The device diagnostics tool helps to keep hardware problems at bay.
  • Cleaning and boosting: There are highly useful system cleanup and booster tools.
  • Uninstaller: You can uninstall the unneeded driver packages with its uninstaller.
  • Scan scheduler: It lets you schedule the scans to automate them.

This genius software to update drivers on Windows 10 has many pros and cons. Below are the central ones out of them.



  • Straightforward UI
  • Easy driver restoration
  • One-click resolution of PC problems
  • Gets drivers from trusted sources


  • Less driver detection
  • No offline downloading
  • Slow driver scans
  • Does not offer lifetime license

Driver Genius Price:

Driver Genius has three available versions. One of them is the completely free driver updater and helps you to fix corrupt drivers for free. Along with this, there is a Driver Genius Professional Edition that is available at $29.99. If you want to clean junk as well, then Driver Genius offers a Platinum Edition for $39.99.

Why You Should Pick Driver Genius

Driver Genius is one of the best picks for you to update drivers and even resolve hardware and software issues. And that’s why it holds a significant position among the top 10 best driver updating programs in 2021.

Download Now

You can also check our complete Driver Genius review to know more about it.

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Driver Genius

11. TweakBit Driver Updater

Best to update PC drivers & tweak the overall computer performance

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, & XP

Pro Tip: View the driver information to ensure the driver is compatible and authentic

TweakBit Driver Updater tweaks the overall performance of your PC along with working on your PC drivers. Hence, we consider it among the best driver update tools of 2021. It boasts some of the most attractive features, such as creating and restoring the driver backups, exclusion of drivers from the scanning and updating process, and more. Let’s discuss all of them in detail.

Features of TweakBit Driver Updater:

  • Steady drivers: It downloads the most stable driver version irrespective of whether it is old or new.
  • Scan scheduler: You can schedule the scan according to your convenience.
  • Backup creation: It automatically creates driver backups before updating them.
  • Ignore list: You can ignore the drivers that should not be scanned and updated.

Now, let’s take a quick look at what is good about this powerful driver repairer, i.e., its Pros, and what is not so great about it, i.e., its Cons. It will help us to determine whether listing the software as the eleventh best alternative here is correct or not.



  • Straightforward and user-friendly UI
  • Large driver database
  • Displays the complete driver information
  • Users from the US and Canada get 24 x 7 support
  • No installation of unsigned and unauthentic drivers


  • No driver scan and update for free
  • A bit high priced
  • Unavailability of features in free version
  • No advanced functions

TweakBit Driver Updater Price:

The program costs you $59.95 for a year to update drivers on 3 Windows PCs. There is also a free version available of this competent driver updating tool.

Why You Should Pick TweakBit Driver Updater

You should pick the TweakBit driver updating program to get the most stable and authentic driver versions.

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TweakBit Driver Updater Full Version

12. DriverPack Solution

Best for performing Windows driver update completely free

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & XP

Pro Tip: Use the regular mode if you are inexperienced to avoid confusion and problems

Here we have another completely free and best driver updater software for Windows in 2021. DriverPack Solution is all you need to download the suitable PC drivers as fast as possible. It has a driver database on high-speed servers. Not just the driver download speed, the tool offers several other features as well. Here they are.

Features of DriverPack Solution:

  • Offline availability: There is an online version of the software available for PCs having low storage.
  • No internet: With the DriverPack solution Offline Network and Full version, you can even download and update Windows drivers while being offline.
  • High accuracy: It offers accurate results by using machine learning technology.
  • Regular mode: If you are an inexperienced user, you can update drivers easily in the regular mode.
  • Voice assistance: It supports voice assistance to update drivers with less effort.

Like all the other best free driver update software, DriverPack Solution also has its fair share of strengths and shortcomings. Let’s discuss them below



  • Huge driver database
  • Compatible with Windows XP
  • Portable program
  • Supports bulk downloads
  • Fast speed


  • GBs of internet data required to download the full version
  • No additional features
  • Complex UI
  • Fails to detect and repair driver issues
  • No scan scheduling
  • No option to hide the drivers from scan

DriverPack Solution Price:

All the versions of this amazing driver updater are completely free.

Why You Should Pick DriverPack Solution

We have listed DriverPack Solution as the twelfth best driver updating tool available in 2021 for the reason that it offers a lot for free and works offline as well. Users having any such requirement should pick it to download and install drivers on their PC.

Download Now

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Driverpack solution

13. Driver Talent

Best for scanning, updating, and installing hardware drivers for free on Windows PCs

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, & Windows Server

Pro Tip:  Import a hardware profile to download drivers for a different system.

It is impossible to ignore this name while making a list of the most talented driver update software in 2021. The software justifies its name and the thirteenth position on this list by possessing several extraordinary talents. It even allows you to download the driver upgrades in advance. Driver Talent offers a plethora of such benefits. Let’s give a shoutout to some of its salient features.

Features of Driver Talent:

  • Export options: You can transport the hardware list of your PC. It is a pretty rare feature and hence makes it the best free driver update software for Windows 10.
  • Pre downloading: Driver Talent even lets you pre-download the driver updates.
  • Driver reinstallation: It lets you reinstall and uninstall the device drivers on your PC.
  • Backup and restore: It helps in creating a driver backup and then in restoring them as well with ease.
  • Direct downloads: You can download drivers directly from the program itself.

Now, let’s have a deeper look at the upsides & downsides of this one of the top software to update drivers automatically.



  • No annoying ads
  • Countless driver installs
  • Allows to download drivers for other PCs
  • One-click driver update and install
  • Fast and easy to use driver updater software


  • Constant pop-ups for paid subscription
  • Lacks customizable scan scheduler
  • No other features to boost performance
  • Fails to download multiple updates at once
  • No automatic driver installation

Driver Talent Price:

Driver Talent is entirely free to detect and update obsolete and corrupt drivers. To get more, you have to upgrade to the Driver Talent pro version that costs $35.95.

Why You Should Pick Driver Talent

Driver Talent is one of the best picks if you want to pre-download driver updates and install all the latest drivers in one click.

Download Now

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Driver Talent

14. DriverMax

Best for keeping the device drivers up to date with ease

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, & Windows Server

Pro Tip: Prioritize downloads depending on the activity you perform the most on your computer

Are you looking for a software that offers maximum support to update your PC drivers? If yes, then you should install DriverMax on your system. Once you install it, you do not have to do anything to perform driver scans, get updates, and make driver backups. The software takes care of all these tasks automatically. Let’s check out the other things that make DriverMax the best software for Windows PCs to download and update drivers.

Features of DriverMax

  • Software updates: Downloads updates for many crucial software such as DirectX, Oracle, C++ Runtime, etc.
  • Scan scheduling: You can also automate the driver scans by setting a schedule.
  • It helps in creating system and driver restore points.
  • Driver rollback: DriverMax also lets you roll back to the previous version of a driver.
  • Bulk downloading: It allows you to download multiple driver updates at once.
  • Device detection: It detects the devices listed in Device Manager as unknown devices.
  • Backup creation: This software creates a backup of current drivers and lets you restore them later.

Like every other tool on this list of the best free driver updating software, DriverMax also has some pros and cons. We share them below.



  • Compatibility with older Windows OS versions
  • Performs driver check every hour
  • Allows to set download priority
  • Automatic driver installation
  • Gives an option to install only signed drivers


  • Allows only two downloads per day in the free version
  • No customer support for the free version
  • Detects fewer driver issues
  • No additional features
  • You cannot download drivers in bulk

DriverMax Price

DriverMax has various versions available for different prices ranging from $19.90 per month to $450. There is a free version of the driver updater as well that allows users to get updates for 2 Drivers per day.

Why You Should Pick DriverMax

DriverMax is a well-deserving program for the fourteenth position in the list of best driver repairing tools in 2021 as it allows you to update programs like DirectX, Oracle, C++ Runtime, etc., along with your PC drivers.

Download Now


15. DriverFix

Best for downloading individual driver updates

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, & 7

Pro Tip: Ensure scans and downloads are well managed with the download and schedule manager

DriverFix is one of the best software that you need to fix driver issues on your Windows 10, 8, & 7 PCs. It provides you updates for a selected driver in a click. You also get several other driver solutions in DriverFix, including driver backup & restoration, scan schedule, etc. Let’s check out all of them.

Features of DriverFix:

  • Huge database: It has a pretty immense database consisting of over 18 million driver files.
  • Detailed results: It offers a descriptive scanning result and gives all the details of outdated and updated drivers.
  • Compressed backups: DriverFix is among the best driver updating programs to create and save driver backups in compressed files.
  • Download management: You can also manage the driver download and scanning process with its Download and Schedule manager tool.

Here we have the most crucial thing that you must check before making a decision. Here we have the pros and cons of DriverFix.



  • Straightforward and user-friendly UI
  • Fast scanning and driver update speed
  • Compact installer
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Fixes damaged drivers
  • Almost completely automatic


  • No additional features
  • Incompatible with older Windows versions
  • No driver scan and update for free
  • No free trial
  • Needs to be whitelisted by some antiviruses

DriverFix Price

There are three pricing plans available for DriverFix. You can get it for $19.95 to update drivers on 1 PC for a year. If you want to fix driver issues on more than 1 PC, then there are licenses available for that as well. You have to pay $29.95 and $39.95 to update system drivers on up to 3 and 10 PCs, respectively. However, one can download DriverFix for free.

Why You Should Pick DriverFix

The program has got an immense database consisting of more than 18 Million drivers in its database. Along with this, the interface is also quite modern and simple to use, making the software the fifteenth best driver updater in 2021.

Download Now


16. Device Doctor

Best Windows driver update software for upgrading unidentified devices on Windows PC for free

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, & XP

Pro Tip: Use the performance-boosting features to make the most of your computer

Whenever we get sick, we go to the doctor to restore our health. Similarly, Device Doctor software helps in keeping a Windows PC healthy. However, you do not have to pay a fee to this doctor. It is a completely free driver updater software for Windows 10, 8,and 7. Hence, it helps the users to fix the driver issues without charging a penny. Now, let’s understand the reasons to consider Device Doctor among the best programs to update PC drivers.

Features of Device Doctor:

  • The utility caches the drivers to download the driver updates faster.
  • Driver database of Device Doctor is pretty immense, with over 13 Million drivers.
  • All the drivers provided by this driver updater program is human reviewed and reliable.
  • It also helps in updating drivers for unidentified and unknown devices on the Device Manager.
  • You can create a system restore point and backup for your drivers as well.

Now, we should do a critical analysis of Device Doctor to decide whether it is the best free driver updating tool or not. For this, here we have the pros and cons of the program. The pros determine why we have listed the software in our list, and the cons help to know why we have listed it at last.



  • Updates for WHQL certified and non-certified drivers
  • Works being offline as well
  • You can use it as portable software
  • Checks for out of date drivers when the PC is idle
  • Fast downloads


  • Non-descriptive scanning results
  • Lacks tool back up and restore drivers in free version
  • Almost all the additional features are paid
  • Less driver detection
  • The free version lets you download only one driver in a day
  • No automatic driver updates
  • Displays ads

Device Doctor Price:

The software is free to scan driver issues and get updates. However, if you are looking for some additional tools, then you have to pay $29.95.

Why You Should Pick Device Doctor

You should pick Device Doctor if you do not want to install & pay for multiple system optimizing apps. It resolves all the issues related to the performance or drivers of your Windows PC for free.

Download Now

Device Doctor

17. Outbyte Driver Updater

One of the best driver updater programs to install the most compatible updates

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7

Pro Tip: Make the best use of this software’s PC checking tools to improve performance

Incompatible drivers can do more harm than good to your computer. Therefore, one thing you should be aware of is the compatibility of the available drivers with the make and model of your PC. With Outbyte Driver Updater, you do not need to worry about the compatibility part as this software takes care of it perfectly. Moreover, it also gives you an option to download the most stable drivers even if they are old. Apart from that, below is what else it has to offer.

Features of Outbyte Driver Updater

  • Ignore option: You can ignore a driver update if you don’t want to download and install it.
  • Scan scheduling: There is a scan scheduler that lets you choose among daily, weekly, and monthly scan options.
  • Backup and restore: It boasts an easy driver backup and restore function for times of need.
  • PC checking: This software checks your computer for potential tweaks like reduction in CPU usage, prevention of PC overheating, etc.

Along with the features mentioned above, this software also has some pros and cons that you must consider before using it to update your drivers. Here they are.



  • Installation of the most compatible driver version.
  • Automatic driver scanning and updating process.
  • Simple UI.


  • Priced on a bit higher end.
  • Quite unrich in features.
  • The scan scheduler is not customizable.

Outbyte Driver Updater Price

You can try this one of the best driver update software for 7 days without paying anything. After the expiry of the trial period, you need to get its full version that starts from $29.95. There is no completely free version of this software.

Why should you pick Outbyte Driver Updater

Outbyte Driver Updater is among the best driver update software available presently for its completely automatic and simple driver update process.

Outbyte Driver Updater Price

18. ReviverSoft Driver Reviver

A driver update tool with driver uninstaller to keep your PC in shipshape 

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Pro Tip: Reinstall the accidentally uninstalled drivers to avoid PC performance issues

Your computer does not need every driver that is present on it. For instance, there is no use of the drivers of non-existent peripherals. Such drivers do nothing but only eat PC resources. Therefore, driver uninstaller is the feature that makes ReviverSoft Driver Reviver a part of the list of the top driver repairing software. You can use it to get rid of unneeded drivers. Moreover, it also boasts many other essential features as well. We share them below.

Features of ReviverSoft Driver Reviver

  • Mammoth driver database: It has an extensive database of more than 10 million drivers.
  • Automatic scanning: This software runs an automatic scan every time you start your computer.
  • Backup and restore: There is a functionality to create and restore driver backups.
  • Driver uninstaller: You can uninstall or reinstall any driver with its uninstaller tool.
  • Driver exclusion: It allows you to exclude some drivers from the scan process.
  • Scan scheduling: There is a highly useful scan scheduler.

After learning the features of this software, let’s discuss its pros and cons that may affect your decision of downloading it.



  • Straightforward UI.
  • Scan on startup option.
  • Detailed scan results


  • Relatively high priced.
  • Lack of optimization features.

ReviverSoft Driver Reviver Price

The base version of this software is available for free. However, to make the most of it, you need to have its full version which comes for $35.39 (1-year subscription for 3 computers).

Why should you pick ReviverSoft Driver Reviver

This software is among the best free driver updaters for its extensive database, driver uninstallation, and exclusion features.

Download Now

ReviverSoft Driver Reviver

19. CCleaner Driver Updater

The best combination of a driver updater and PC cleaning utility 

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 10

ProTip: Use scheduled cleaning to keep your computer junk-free

Recently, CCleaner, i.e., one of the renowned names in the PC cleaning industry also introduced a driver updater in its software. That means now you get powerful cleaning tools and a driver updater in a single package. Let’s take a look at the distinct features of this software that make it the best driver updater.

Features of CCleaner Driver Updater 

  • Health check: It performs a complete check on your PC’s health to identify and solve existing problems.
  • Privacy protection: The software protects your privacy with its standard privacy protection feature.
  • Cleaning tools: CCleaner boasts robust cleaning options to remove unwanted items such as browsing history, cache, etc.
  • Software updater: There is a tool to update outdated software existing on your PC to prevent security risks

Like all other programs, CCleaner also has some worth-mentioning strengths and shortcomings. Let’s take a look at the same.



  • Priority customer support
  • Simple to use
  • Fast
  • Thoroughly cleans the PC


  • Driver updater not available in the free version

CCleaner price

CCleaner’s pro version with driver updater is available for $29.95-$69.95 depending on the plan you choose.

Why should you pick CCleaner

You should choose CCleaner for its deep cleaning abilities if you want to keep your computer clean along with updating the drivers.

ccleaner driver updater

Download Now

Comparison Of The Best Driver Updaters in 2021

Above, we have looked at the complete in-depth review of the best free & paid driver updaters available in the marketplace. Now, let’s compare them side by side so that picking up a tool becomes easier.

Product Best For Free Version Pro Version (Yearly) Latest Version Database Installer Size Rating
Bit Driver Updater Updating drivers and tweaking PC performance automatically Available $39.96 3,000,000+ 7.4 MB 4.9/5
Quick Driver Updater Quick driver scans and fast updates Available $39.96 2,000,000+ 5.6 MB 4.9/5
Driver Booster Boosting PC performance and updating drivers at the same time Available $74.85 3,500,000+ 25.2 MB 4.5/5
Ashampoo Driver Updater Washing away the outdated drivers Available $29.99 1.5.0 400,000+ 11.3 MB 4.2/5
Driver Easy Upgrading PC drivers easily Not Available $59.9 5.6.15 8,000,000+ 5.0 MB 4.4/5
DriverSupport Updating and repairing drivers on your computer Available $9.99/Month 500,000+ 250 KB 4.2/5
Snappy Driver Installer Repairing driver issues on Windows for free Available Free 400,000+ 5.1 MB|20.9 GB 4.5/5
Avast Driver Updater Getting authentic driver updates on Windows PC Available $39.99 2.5.6 5,000,000+ 1.04 MB 4.4/5
AVG Driver Updater Repairing Windows drivers with certified and authentic updates Available $39.99 2.5.8 500,000+ 1.16 MB 4.4/5
Driver Genius Fixing the overall performance issues and updating Windows drivers Available $29.99|$39.99 1,500,000+ 24.2 MB 4.6/5
TweakBit Driver Updater Updating PC drivers and performance tweaks Available $59.95 200,000+ 7.7 MB 4.3/5
DriverPack Solution Completely free Windows driver update Available Free 17.11.47 1,000,000+ 6.88 MB | 641 MB | 24 GB 4.5/5
Driver Talent Scanning, updating, and installing hardware drivers for free Available $35.95 500,000+ 23.5 MB 4.2/5
DriverMax Keeping the device drivers up to date with ease Available $57.75 12.14 2,300,000+ 5.6 MB 4.5/5
DriverFix Downloading individual driver updates Not Available $19.95 | $29.95 | $39.95 4.2021.1.29 18,000,000+ 650 KB 4.5/5
Device Doctor Upgrading unidentified devices on Windows PC for free Available $29.95 5.3.521.0 13,000,000+ 6.1 MB 4.7/5
Outbyte Driver Updater Automatic installation of compatible drivers and PC performance tweaks Not Available $29.95 2.2.1 100000+ 12.6 MB 4.5/5
ReviverSoft Driver Reviver Automatic scan on startup and driver uninstallation Available $35.39 10,000,000+ 20.35 MB 4.0/5
CCleaner Deep cleaning the PC along with updating drivers Not Available $29.95-$69.95 5.82.8950 5,000,000+ 34.0 MB 3.5/5

Resolving The Queries About Driver Updater Programs For Windows 10

Some of you might not be familiar with driver updating programs. Or you may have some queries about them. Do not worry, here you can find the answer to all your questions.

What are Windows drivers?

Device drivers are a piece of software that helps hardware and the operating system of your PC to communicate properly and ensure the completion of all the tasks. Without a compatible and up-to-date Windows driver, your PC fails to carry out your commands and displays errors such as Blue Screen of Death. To fix it, you need a driver update.

What does a driver update do?

Here we have multiple answers to your query.

  • A correct driver update enhances the PC’s performance. It adds years to the life of an old computer.
  • Driver update helps in the correct execution of your commands.
  • It helps in resolving errors such as the Blue Screen of Death.
  • With a suitable driver update, you can make your device compatible with newly launched games and apps that require high graphics.
  • They help you get rid of glitches you experience while playing HD videos and games.
  • It also resolves the issues related to printers and other hardware components.
  • You can elevate the performance speed of your PC with the help of a driver update.
  • Sometimes, it also helps in clearing space on your system.
  • Driver Updates prevent system errors and frequent crashes.

How often should you update drivers?

It is a pretty subjective question. As the answer for how often one should update drivers depends on several factors. First of all, understand that you do not have to fix the thing that is not broken. Hence, if your PC is running smoothly and you are not facing any problems, then do not think of updating a driver. Update the drivers regularly if you constantly update the operating system and other installed programs.

Do I update the driver manually?

It is your choice whether you want to update the driver manually or automatically. However, we suggest updating Windows drivers automatically.

But if you still wish to update your hardware drivers manually, then you can directly download the driver from the device manufacturer’s website and install it on your PC. Or, you can choose to update drivers via Windows Device Manager or Windows Update.

How to update the driver automatically?

To update PC drivers automatically, you require some competent and best driver update software like Bit Driver Updater. It saves both time and effort for PC users. Here is how to update the driver automatically via this tool.

  • Click the below button to download the driver update software for free.
    download now button
  • Then, use the Bit Driver Updater installer file to install the program. You only have to run it and follow the directions given on the screen.
  • After that, launch it and start scanning for outdated and faulty drivers. Just click on Scan Drivers.
  • Now, wait till you get the list of driver issues.
  • Click on Update Now to update the PC driver you want. Or scroll down and click Update all to get all the Windows drivers updated.

Is it safe to use a driver updater?

The answer depends upon the driver update utility you are using. Not all driver upgrading and repairing programs are unsafe, and not all are safe. As a matter of precaution, you should always use the best program to update drivers. Programs like Bit Driver Updater download the update from authentic sources and prevent your data from being theft, leaked, or misused. Certified drivers and data protection ensure prevention from malware, ransomware, spyware, and other virus attacks.

Which is the Best driver updater?

Every tool to update drivers listed here is among the best programs to update drivers. However, here are our top favorites.

  • Bit Driver Updater.
  • Quick Driver Updater.

Now, it’s time to wind up this descriptive post on the prominent driver update programs for Windows PCs.

What are the Qualities of the Best Driver Updater Software?

To be called the best, a driver updater must have certain qualities. Knowing about them helps you make a well informed and correct decision. Thus, we enlist them below.

  • Driver backup creation and restoration: It can create driver backups and restore them if anything goes wrong.
  • Enormous driver database: The program hosts a huge driver database so that you can update all the outdated, missing, and corrupt drivers on your PC without any hassles.
  • Scans the entire PC to identify all the worn-out drivers: Not all driver update utilities can detect all the outdated drivers. Thus, the best driver updater is one that scans every nook and corner of the PC to finds all the out of date drivers in a snap of fingers.
  • Allows driver exclusion: A good driver updater has an exclusion list feature to help you do that.
  • Easy to use interface: The top driver updater comes with an interface that is clean, straightforward, and user-friendly so that even inexperienced users can use it with ease.
  • Automatic driver scan in the background: It is one of the best free driver updaters if it can automatically scan the PC in the background without occupying your workspace.
  • Availability of scan scheduling: The best utility to update drivers lets you schedule the driver scans as per your desire and requirements.
  • Fixes drivers in a single click: With the best driver update tool for Microsoft Windows, you can fix the driver problems and update them with just a left-click.
  • Supports multiple languages: If it comes with support for multiple languages ranging from English to German, then it is one of the top driver updating utilities.
  • High compatibility with Windows version: The best driver updating tool is highly compatible with all the latest versions of the operating system.

Now, it’s time to wind-up this descriptive post on the prominent driver update programs for Windows PCs.

Update Drivers Automatically with the Best Driver Updater Software

Now you all have the list of the best and completely free driver updater software and answers to the frequently asked questions. So, it’s time to download any one of these driver installer tools and update drivers for free.

What are you waiting for? Get the best Windows driver updater tool like Bit Driver Updater and boost your PC’s performance instantly. And, for more such useful information and tech updates, subscribe to Innovana Blogs. Also, bookmark the blog so that you never miss any of our posts.

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