Acer Laptop Sound Not Working (Fixed)
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Acer Laptop Sound Not Working (Fixed)

Do not panic if there is no sound on your Acer laptop. Read this article to know the most effective fixes to this issue. 

Can you imagine playing the most stunning game without those thrilling sounds or the situation where you are craving to hear your favorite music, but the speakers return with no sound? Well, this scenario seems quite frightening even in the imagination. But, some users are struggling with a similar condition on their Acer laptops. If the Acer laptop sound is not working for you too on Windows 10, focus all your concentration on this article.

We will guide you through multiple ways to solve the Acer sound problem on Windows 10. But, before moving on to the solutions, it is always better to know its causes. If you are aware of what caused the issue, you can fix it with much less effort. Therefore, let’s take a look at the same.

Why is the Acer laptop’s sound not working on Windows 10

Below are the most probable reasons for which the sound on your Acer laptop is not working.

  • Corrupted sound card driver
  • Outdated audio driver
  • Speakers are not set as default
  • Hardware problems
  • Outdated Windows
  • You turned off the sound mistakenly

After discerning the underlying causes of the dysfunctional Acer laptop sound, let’s begin fixing it.

Fixes for the Acer Laptop Sound not Working on Windows 10 PC

Below is how to fix the Acer laptop sound if it is not working on Windows 10.

Fix 1: Unmute the Sound

Sometimes, the problem is not as big as it seems. A simple action like unmuting the speaker can solve it in no time. Thus, make sure that you have not turned off the sound mistakenly by muting the speaker. If that has happened, then follow these steps to turn it on.

  • Click on the speaker icon present on the Taskbar.
  • Click on the mute toggle to unmute the speaker.Acer laptop sound not working-unute the sound

Fix 2: Set the Speaker as Default

Not setting your speaker or headphone as the default device can also be a reason for the audio not working on an Acer laptop. Thus, you need to follow these directions to set it as default.

  • Right-click on the speaker icon and select Sounds from the context menu.Set the speaker as default
  • Click on your speakers and then select Set Default.
    Acer laptop sound not working-Set the speaker as default
  • Lastly, click on the OK button to save the changes that you made.

Fix 3: Solve the Hardware Problems

Certain hardware issues may also interfere with the sound on your Acer laptop and prevent it from working. You need to follow these steps to find and fix these problems for perfectly functioning audio.

  • Press the Windows and I keys in unison with each other.
  • Select Update & Security from the menu that appears.Solve the Hardware Problems
  • Choose Troubleshoot from the panel on the left.
  • Locate and click on Playing Audio. 
  • Click on the button to Run the troubleshooter.
  • Wait till the troubleshooting is complete.
  • Check whether the audio on your Acer laptop is working or not.

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Fix 4: Update the Operating System

Updating Windows often solves many computer problems, such as speakers not working on Windows 10 Acer laptops. You can follow the below process to get your operating system updated to fix the issues.

  • Launch Settings using the Windows+I keyboard shortcut.
  • Choose Update & Security from the Settings menu.
  • Check for updates.
    Update the Operating System
  • Download and install the update that is recommended for your laptop.
  • After completing the process, reboot your computer.

Fix 5: Update the Audio Driver (Recommended)

Outdated drivers result in not just one but numerous computer problems. Sound not working on your Acer laptop is also an outcome of old drivers. Therefore, updating the audio driver can certainly help you fix it.

You can update the drivers either traditionally via the device manufacturer’s website/Device Manager or smartly using an automatic driver updater. We suggest you perform driver updates automatically using proficient software, like Bit Driver Updater.

Bit Driver Updater fetches you WHQL certified driver updates automatically with just a click. Moreover, it also offers an ocean of features, such as driver backup and restore, ignore list for the drivers that you do not feel comfortable updating, etc. We have reviewed this software comprehensively. You can take a tour of that in-depth review to know all the superb features of this software.

Below is how to use Bit Driver Updater to update the audio driver.

  • Click on the link below to get the setup of Bit Driver Updater downloaded.
  • Click on the downloaded setup and perform the software installation.
  • Wait for one or two seconds till the automatic PC scan completes.
  • Pay heed to all the drivers listed as outdated and click on Update All to get them updated automatically.Update the Audio Driver

Updating all the drivers solves all the driver-related issues, like Blue Screen of Death. However, if you wish to update only the sound driver, you can choose the Update Now option present next to it.

Fix 6: Install the Audio Driver Again

Sometimes, an incorrectly installed or corrupted audio driver can also be a reason for no sound on the Acer laptop. Thus, if you are still struggling with audio issues, you can follow these steps to uninstall, download, and install the audio driver again.

  • Press the Windows and X keys in unison with each other.
  • Choose Device Manager from the Quick Access menu that appears.
    Install the Audio Driver Again from device manager
  • Unfold the section of Audio inputs and outputs. 
  • Right-click on your audio device and select Uninstall device from the context menu.Install the Audio Driver Again-uninstall device
  • Click on OK to confirm the uninstallation.
  • Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.
  • After the uninstallation completes, restart your computer.
  • Go to the device manufacturer’s website.
  • Find the driver compatible with the make and model of your computer.
  • Download the required audio driver and install it.

Sound not Working on Acer Laptop Problem Solved

Through this article, we brought to light multiple fixes for the sound not working issue on Windows 10 Acer laptops. You can start from the first fix and then keep moving down till you land at the solution that works perfectly.

However, if you do not have much time to apply all the fixes, then you can simply update the drivers with Bit Driver Updater. It fixes all the driver-related issues that may be affecting the performance of your computer.

Do you know about other effective ways to get the sound back on your laptop? Then, share the same with us through the comments section. And, for more tech fixes, stay connected to Innovana Thinklabs Blog.

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