10 Alternatives to Boomerang Video App (100% Working)
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10 Alternatives to Boomerang Video App (100% Working)

Read on to know the best boomerang apps for Android and iPhone.

Earlier, Facebook was among the trending apps. As time passed, its child Instagram took the lead by revolutionizing how you shop, chat, and share your life’s moments. Its boomerang video apps have become a teen sensation within a short span. It makes sharing the moments from your life more fun and exciting.

For those who haven’t experienced the boomerang apps yet, Boomerang is a fascinating application from Instagram that lets you shoot multiple photos that loop and create a stunning GIF. We can categorize it as something that looks both like a GIF and a slow motion video.

Instagram endeavors to take its one-second loop feature a step ahead and make it more enticing. We must say, it has become quite successful in its attempts as Boomerang is trending among teens all over the world.

Now, it’s time to let the boomeranging begin!

How to create a boomerang from video on Android and iPhone?

Creating boomerangs is fun and simple. All that you are required to do is, get the free app from Play Store or App Store, and then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Boomerang app for Android or iPhone and focus the camera to the object you want to create a video of

How to create a boomerang from video

Step 2: You see three buttons on the screen, namely Shutter (to take the picture), flash (to adjust the lighting), and flip cam (to toggle from rear to selfie mode and vice versa

Step 3: Once the moment seems perfect, tap on the shutter button (located in the center) and begin shooting

create a boomerang from video

Step 4: After you finish the shoot, preview the video and share it on your social media accounts

create a boomerang from video

You may even make your video more stunning with Instagram’s amazing filters and share it as a mini video.

Four steps and you are done. Have fun creating booms.

Although Instagram’s native app is itself a great way to create incredible videos, still you want to try other apps like Boomerang, then here we’ve got the best boomerang video makers for you.

The Best Apps like Boomerang to Create Stunning Mini Videos in 2020

if you want to find some other apps like Boomerang that you can download for free, then check out the list below:

1. Slowmographer

As evident from the name, this is a slow motion video maker. With this boomerang app for iPhone, you may create ravishing mini videos that make you stand out among your social media family.

It hosts a single tap shoot icon and host of other cool effects for your clips. Simply, hit the shoot button and it automatically creates a three-second loop to make the pictures come alive as GIF. Apart from this, it has the below striking features.

  • Allows you to share the videos on all your social media accounts
  • Boasts of an easy to use interface
  • Has an ocean of cool effects that you may add to the video and make it better
  • Automatically removes flicker from the boomerang videos
  • Lets you take a series of shots with its burst mode
  • Saves the video in your phone’s library so that you can share the boomerang from camera roll whenever you want.


2. InBoom

This app to create boomerang video on iPhone takes inspiration from Instagram’s native application. Like the latter, this one of the best apps like boomerang allows you to create a one-second loop of your shots with ease.

It has got a plethora of features to come up with a cinematic masterpiece. Here we share a few of them.

  • Lets you alter the direction and speed of the video effortlessly
  • Records high definition videos
  • Allows you to share your creations from the boomerang video maker itself
  • Encompasses enticing effects and filters.


3. Loop Video

Here comes another incredible app to create boomerang from a video. With this app, you may transform your plain videos into amusing boomerang clips with cool loop effects.

It is among those rare apps like Boomerang that let you add loops without distorting the picture quality. Let’s now talk about a few of its other prominent features.

  • Allows you to capture memories from both front and rear cameras
  • Lets you generate GIF up to 10 seconds and 1-15 seconds long mini videos
  • Saves your masterpieces in the phone’s library so that you can share boomerang from camera roll
  • You can share the videos to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and shine on all your social media accounts.

Loop Video

Loop Video

4. Flipagram

It is one of those apps like Boomerang that have some of the coolest filters bundled in them. With this app, you can even create boomerang from existing videos and photos.

Moreover, below are the features that make it a unique alternative to Instagram’s Boomerang.

  • It even lets you create a voice over videos
  • Hosts a wide range of music tracks that you may add to the video
  • Lets you create slow motion clips
  • You can add text and other cool effects to the video
  • It allows you to share the videos and be the star of Flipagram’s community.


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5. Scrubbies

Owned by none other than the tech giant Google, this is undoubtedly among the best boomerang video apps. This fun “appsperiment” from Google, lets you effortlessly create masterpiece video clips that make you shine among your peers.

With settings such as easy manipulation of direction and speed, this boomerang app for iPhone has become one of the trending applications. Here are some of the central features that make it a tough contender for similar boomerang video makers.

  • You can record stunning videos with cool music effects with just a swipe of two fingers
  • Capture funny faces and make them memorable
  • Automatically saves your creations to the gallery so that you can share boomerang from camera roll
  • Boasts an intuitive interface and a multitude of video effects.
Image Source: MacRumors

6. Hyperlapse

Here we have the sibling of Instagram’s Boomerang. This one of the best apps like Boomerang is owned by Instagram and allows you to create time lapses effortlessly. It borrows the image-stabilization from its parent, i.e., Instagram to help you create cinematic videos.

Trusted by brands such as Taco Bell, Footlocker, and Mountain Dew to shoot their behind- the- scenes moments, this app has become a favorite of millions. Here are the features that made it an immensely popular boomerang app for iPhone.

  • Uses Instagram’s native stabilization technique
  • Takes your videos a notch up with exciting filters
  • Lets you record videos in high definition
  • Allows you to share your creations on all major social networks


7. VivaVideo

Here’s another app to make boomerang videos. This is among those best apps like Boomerang that both experienced users and newbies can effortlessly use. In addition to loop clips, you can also create memes, montages, collages, and a lot more with this boomerang app for Android and iPhone.

Along with easy manipulation and editing, the app also has some useful features that made it popular among minions. Here are a few of them.

  • Comes with tons of filters and effects
  • Boasts an easy to use and straightforward interface
  • Has a wide range of music tracks to choose from
  • Lets you share videos on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp easily.


8. TikTok

Here’s the latest teen sensation that spread like fire across the globe. This one of the best boomerang apps markets itself as the ultimate destination for short mobile videos. It lets you share your life moments through a 15 seconds long video.

This boomerang app for Android and iPhone has got an ocean of features to delight the users. Here we talk about the prominent ones out of them.

  • Has a wide range of face filters and stickers to take your videos to another level
  • Allows you to effortlessly edit the videos
  • You can even kill time watching entertaining TikTok community videos
  • It has a multitude of music tracks to choose from.


9. Bounce

This is not one of the apps like Boomerang, its Snapchat’s boomerang tool. With this feature, iPhone users can create loop videos through Snapchat. All that you are required to do is, simply set the loop duration with bounce’s slider after recording a video.

Though the Android users can loop videos on Snapchat, they still cannot loop specific segments from the videos. Hence, they need to settle for the other boomerang apps on this list till boomerang comes on Snapchat for Android.


10. Vigo Video

This is also among the best boomerang video apps for both experienced and novice users. With this app, you can share the moments of your life through 15 seconds long videos.

It is a simple app with some useful features to create exciting videos. Below are the key ones out of them.

  • Comes with real time beauty effects
  • Has a lot of music tracks to choose from
  • Encompasses its own Vigo community
  • Lets you share videos easily on social networks.

These were our picks for the best boomerang video apps to unleash your creative side and be the star of your social media family. You may try any of these apps like Boomerang to create stunning loop videos. Lastly, before you leave, do not forget to subscribe to Innovana Blogs to get more such enticing information delivered straight to your mailbox.

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