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14 Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps In 2021 (Updated)

Today, let’s discuss some best android phone cleaner apps that almost every android user requires in 2020. Read on to know more about the essential cleaning apps for android.

Is a phone smart if it requires maintenance now and then? This is what most people think. We agree that you do not need to worry a lot about the smartphone’s maintenance. But, a few efforts from your end, such as removing junk & cleaning your device via some best cleaning apps for android, help optimize the phone’s performance.

Talking about getting rid of the junk, manually removing the unneeded files is not impossible but tedious and time-consuming even on modern smartphones. Therefore, you need the best Android cleaner apps to snappily and effectively clean your Android device. They not only clean your phone but also tweak its performance and make it fast. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of removing junk using an android cleaner app. So, before proceeding to the list of some best cleaner apps for android available in 2020, let’s discuss their major pros.

Why use some Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps in 2021

As said earlier, Android phones do not require a lot of maintenance, but frequent brush-ups help improve their performance. In addition to this, here’s what cleaning the phone using the best Android phone cleaner app can give you.

  • Improve battery life
  • Free up space on your Android phone
  • Enhance your phone’s speed
  • Make your phone uncluttered

The above list is not exhaustive, and there are many other benefits of the best Android cleaner apps that one can add to it. However, in a nutshell, these apps make your “smart” phone smarter and take its performance to another level.

Now, coming to the android cleaner apps, there’s a multitude of tools on the Play Store to remove junk, cache, unwanted files, and clean RAM. But, choosing the best cleaning app for your android phone may seem confusing. Therefore, we have handpicked the best Android phone cleaners exclusively for our readers. The next segment focuses on the same.

14 Best Cleaning Apps For Android Phone To Clear RAM And Cache In 2021

As said above, there’s an ocean of phone cleaner apps on the Play Store. But, not each of them is the perfect fit for your device. Therefore, below are the best Android phone cleaner apps to help you choose the one that fits your needs the most.

1. SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

As the name suggests, the SD Maid app works like a maid for the storage of your smartphone and cleans all kinds of junk quite efficiently. It is among the best cleaner apps for Android to keep your device neat and clean. The tool has a fantastic CorpseFinder that detects and deletes the leftover from the uninstalled apps. Apart from this, it also has a system and app cleaner to deeply clean junk and removes unwanted apps from your device.

With this app, you can do a lot more than just freeing up the phone’s space. Here are some of its prominent functions.


  • The app offers a competent file explorer that helps you to browse the storage of your smartphone with ease. Hence, one can easily consider SD Maid as the best memory cleaner app for android.
  • SD Maid even helps you to manage and uninstall apps (both user & system apps). You can even remove the files related to the uninstalled apps using this tool.
  • It even lets you optimize databases, analyze the phone’s storage, and find out duplicate images.
  • You can easily monitor the storage of your device using this app as it provides a detailed storage overview.

SD Maid

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2. Norton Clean, Junk Removal

Norton is among the most famous names in the antivirus domain. The developer also has one of the best phone cleaner apps for Android, i.e., Norton Clean, Junk Removal. It helps you get rid of the junk, optimizes your phone, and makes it snappier than ever. Along with this, Norton alerts you whenever you are connecting to unsafe public wifi. Moreover, it also has several other useful features. Let’s discuss them below.


  • As we have stated, Norton is one of the quite popular names in the antivirus domain. Hence, it’s Norton Clean app also offers some security features such as alerting you whenever you are connecting to unsafe public wifi.
  • Along with the cleaning features, this one of the best cleaning apps for android can also block unwanted calls.
  • Norton Clean serves its users as a memory optimizer by removing temporary, residual cache and other junk files from the storage.
  • Apart from this best android cleaner app also detects harmful apps and allows you to uninstall the unneeded ones.

Norton Clean, Junk Removal

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3. Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is among the best Android cleaner apps without ads. With over one million downloads, it has the most user-friendly interface that even newbies can use easily. This best junk cleaner for android cleans all the junk, cache, and residual files with just a single tap on the screen.

Further, its features, such as ranking and good night scheduler, also make it one of the most preferred Android cleaners across the globe. Here we have highlighted some other salient functions Droid Optimizer.


  • You can also consider it as the best phone booster app for android as it can enhance the speed of your smartphone by terminating the running apps.
  • The app comes with multiple themes, including dark & light, that you can use as per the ambiance.
  • Along with cleaning ram & storage, this best ram cleaner app for android can even enhance the battery life of your phone.
  • It can also help you to manage the installed apps on your smartphone.

Droid Optimizer

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4. CCleaner

Here comes CCleaner, the best free android cleaner app from Piriform, which has also developed one of the top cleaners for Mac and PC. This app helps you clean junk, cache, and RAM with ease. With this best phone booster, you can reclaim the lost space on your phone without any hassles. Further, CCleaner also allows you to uninstall multiple apps at once.

Moreover, the features such as storage analyzer, hibernation, and system monitoring tool add to the usefulness of this Android cleaner. Here we have elaborated more such functions below.


  • Along with the junk, you can also remove the residual and obsolete files from your phone’s storage using CCleaner.
  • It can even analyze the battery, data, & storage usage of other apps.
  • You can also clean up your browser history via this one of the best cleaning apps for android.
  • The app helps to cool down the CPU temperature of your smartphone.

CCleaner - Cache Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer

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5. Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone

Files by Google is one of the prominent file manager apps for Android smartphones. However, some of you might be wondering why we have listed it on this list of best android phone cleaner apps. Along with being a file manager, the app also offers several other functions to its users, including junk removal & storage optimization. Hence, one can easily consider it among some best memory cleaner apps for android.

Below are the main specifications of this storage optimizer app for your android smartphone.


  • It gives you cleaning suggestions to remove junk from your smartphone’s memory.
  • One can also use this file manager app from Google to share files with other devices while being offline.
  • The app even allows you to browse your storage with ease.
  • It also lets you play the audio and video files with its integrated player.

Files by Google

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6. Go Speed (Clean Boost Free)

Go Speed is pretty lightweight and one of the best Android cleaner apps . It claims to be 50% more efficient than the other similar Android junk remover apps. The app effectively clears background procedures, stops the covertly running apps, and prevents them from starting automatically.

Further, it also has a floating widget to display memory status in real-time. In addition to this, it lets you disable the useless preinstalled apps with an app terminator. Not only this, but it also has other useful features that we have discussed below.


  • It helps you to boost the performance of your android device by eliminating, or we can say, by stopping the toughest auto-start system apps. Hence, no doubt why people consider it as one of the best phone booster app for android.
  • Go Speed even features several security tools, including the App Lock, that helps you to stop unauthorized intrusion to your smartphone apps.
  • You can even boost the gaming performance of your device using the Game Booster & CPU cooler feature of Go Speed.
  • It even lets you find duplicate pictures in your smartphone’s picture gallery.

GO Speed (Clean Boost Free)

7. Ace Cleaner (Boost Speed Free)

Ace Cleaner is actually an ace in cleaning junk from your smartphone. It is one of the most powerful and best free cleaner apps for Android. What distinguishes it from the other apps in the lot is a special feature to clean junk accumulated through Facebook.

Apart from this, it also helps you get rid of the ad junk, cache, residual files, and apk files. Below we have mentioned some of the other noteworthy functions of Ace Cleaner.


  • Along with the junk, you can also remove unnecessary notifications using this one of the best cleaning apps for Android. It makes the annoying notifications quiet so that you can focus on your important tasks.
  • The app also comes with a built-in app manager that helps you to organize your installed apps and remove the unwanted ones.
  • You can even clean up your storage by removing the duplicate pictures using the Duplicate Photo Cleaner tool of this best phone cleaner app.
  • It also helps you to protect your sensitive data by locking the apps with its App Lock feature.

Ace Cleaner

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8. AVG Cleaner

Here comes another famous name from the antivirus domain. AVG is quite popular for its security software across multiple platforms. The developer also provides one of the best android phone cleaner apps, i.e., AVG Cleaner. The app helps you to boost the functioning of your device by removing the junk and enhancing its battery life.

In addition to this, AVG cleaner also helps you remove useless preinstalled apps, cache, uninstalled apps, and unneeded pictures as well as videos. Further, it also detects the apps slowing down your phone and hibernates the ones you are not using. Let’s discuss some other highlights of this best junk cleaner app.


  • The tool enables you to find and remove the visible & hidden junk, cache, app residuals, and gallery thumbnails from your smartphone’s storage.
  • It even helps you to clean the big media files from your phone automatically.
  • AVG Cleaner also allows you to set automatic junk cleaning schedules & reminders.
  • You can delete similar images & duplicates by using this multi-tasking phone booster app.

AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner, Memory & RAM Booster

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9. Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer

Just like AVG & Norton, Avast is also a leading name in the antivirus domain. It also serves its users with one of the best memory cleaner app for android, i.e., Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer. The app cleans the phone’s RAM and frees up space with just a single click. Hence, the users count it among the most effective and best cleaner apps for Android.

Apart from this, it also lets you clean and organizes your picture library. Moreover, Avast Cleanup offers several other features as well by which you can optimize the storage & performance of your android phone. Below we have highlighted them.


  • With this RAM booster app, you can get a detailed analysis of the installed apps of your android device, which allows you to make appropriate decision regarding a particular app.
  • You can even adjust the size & quality of the photos of your smartphone’s gallery using the advanced photo optimizer tool of this app.
  • If you unlock the premium version of Avast Cleanup, then it can be the best android cleaner app without ads.
  • The app can also boost the battery life of your smartphone by cleaning your RAM and hibernating the battery hungry apps.

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer

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9. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Speed, & Widget

Here we have an all-in-one, and the best Android phone cleaner app that manages the apps, cleans junk, and boosts the device’s overall performance. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Speed, & Widget also increases the speed of your slow phone.

Apart from this, it has some unique features, like SD card management and tools to compress photos. Further, it also lets you uninstall the unwanted apps and free up space on your phone. There are a plethora of features that All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Speed, & Widget offers to its users. We have mentioned the major ones below.


  • You require just one tap to perform any performance optimization function with this best phone booster app for android.
  • It even helps you to manage the files of your android device with its File Manager feature.
  • Along with the File Manager, you also get an App Manager with which you can organize the installed apps of your smartphone.
  • You can use this app in almost any language as it supports multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Hindi, etc.

All-in-One Toolbox

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10. 1Tap Cleaner (clear cache, and history log)

If you are looking for an effortless option to remove junk and optimize your smartphone, then here we have something for you. 1Tap Cleaner (clear cache and history log) offers literally what its name stands for. It helps you to get rid of the other unnecessary junk files in a single tap.

Along with the junk, the app also enables you to clean the history log of your smartphone. 1Tap Cleaner (clear cache and history log) offers several other useful features as well that make it one of the best cleaning apps for android. Below we have highlighted them.


  • It comes with a Defaults Cleaner feature to help you cleaning the preinstalled or default apps of your android phone.
  • You can even set a schedule to clean the cache from your device. After that, this best memory cleaner app for android automatically performs the cache removal.
  • The tool even helps you uninstall the unneeded apps so that you can free up the additional storage of your smartphone.
  • You can also eliminate the ads by opting for its premium version.

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11. Wondershare MobileGo Storage Cleaner

Wondershare MobileGo is another helpful and multi-tasking android cleaner on this list. It helps you in optimizing the memory of your device by erasing almost all kinds of junk. Along with the junk removal, this best phone booster app also allows you to enhance the performance speed of your smartphone.

Below we have discussed the other salient features of Wondweshare MobileGo Storage Cleaner.


  • You can boost the gaming performance of your phone via the game booster feature of this best android phone cleaner app.
  • It also allows you to connect to your desktop without using any cable, or we can say, wirelessly.
  • The tool scans your phone and finds junk files from every corner in just a few seconds.
  • Another major highlight of Wondweshare MobileGo Storage Cleaner is its intuitive & straightforward interface.

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12. Booster for Android

You might have got the idea about the functions of this android cleaner with its name. Booster for Android is efficient in boosting the overall performance of your device. Along with this, the app helps its users with several other features as well. It can also reduce the battery usage of your device with its battery saver options.

Further, you can also optimize your CPU with the CPU temperature cooling tools of this app. Below we have discussed some other noteworthy features of Booster for Android that make it the best phone cleaner app.


  • It makes your device work faster than before by removing the cache and other redundant & junk files from your storage.
  • Along with the storage, this best ram cleaner app for Android can also help you in clearing up your RAM.
  • It offers three different battery usage profiles that help you to enhance the battery life of your device with a bit of personalization.
  • You can get rid of the heating problem of your smartphone using the CPU cooler function of Booster for Android app. It also prevents you from several severe harms caused by the overheating issue of your device.

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13. Booster & Cleaner – Keeps phone fast, Power saving

As the title suggests, Booster & Cleaner app helps you to keep your phone fast while reducing power usage. Unlike other best cleaning apps for android, this app has also focused on its interface and size along with the phone optimizing features. And hence, it is one of the most simple, straightforward, and quite compact android phone booster apps available in 2021.

Anyone can use Booster & Cleaner. Even the users with low-end android phones or small-screen phones can efficiently use this app. Here we have mentioned some of its praiseworthy features that you can consider while making your decision.


  • It helps you to remove the cache and other junks of the installed apps (including the previously installed apps) with ease.
  • You can also manage your apps using the App Manager tool of Booster & Cleaner and whitelist the apps that you use frequently.
  • The app provides you with home screen widgets that help you optimize your phone from the home screen quite effortlessly.
  • It also saves your battery life with its battery saver tools and several power-saving modes.

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So, these were our picks for the best cleaner apps for Android that help you get rid of temporary, residual, and cache files automatically. However, some of you might be curious about cleaning your smartphone manually. If you are, then here we have also discussed the manual ways to remove junk.

How to Manually clean the Android Phone

As we have stated earlier in this post, it is not impossible to clean the Android device manually. Although the process is frustrating and time-consuming as compared to using some best cleaning apps for android still, you can do it if you want. Below is the process to manually clean the Android phone.

  • Clear cache

You can follow the below steps to remove cache from your android smartphone

Step 1: First of all, go to the Settings of your android smartphone.

Step 2: In the Settings, go to storage and click on cached data.

Step 3: Now, tap on the OK option.

  • Remove unwanted apps

After clearing the cache, you can also remove the unwanted apps to free up some extra space on your device. Here are the steps that you have to follow to do it manually.

Step 1: Just like the above method, open settings.

Step 2: Now, scroll to the Apps or Application Settings and locate the app you don’t want to keep.

Step 3: Tap on that app.

Step 4: Now, select the uninstall option.

Step 5: At last, tap on OK.

Repeat the steps to delete all the unwanted apps.

  • Disable the animations

You can also optimize the performance of your phone by disabling the animations. Appealing animations make your phone slow. Here’s how you can disable them.

Step 1: Open the Settings of your phone.

Step 2: Now, scroll down to the About Phone option.

Step 3: After that, tap on the Build Number and enable developer options.

Step 4: Then, move back to settings and open developer options.

Step 5: In developer options, locate the animation scale.

Step 6: Disable it by clicking on animation off.

Step 7: Perform the last step again for animator duration and transition animation scales.

Final Words On The Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps

As you have seen above, that how cumbersome it is to clean the Android phone manually. Hence, we suggest you use the best Android cleaner apps discussed in this post. It will help you to clean your device automatically without any hassles. Lastly, before you go, join us on our newsletter and stay updated with all the latest tech happenings across the globe.

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