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Top 12 Fastest Android Launchers to Customize Your Phone in 2020

Human desires are endless. The thing with which we are satisfied currently might bore us in the coming future. The same goes for the launcher of your device. You might get bored with the default launcher of your Android device. But don’t worry as Android is the most customizable operating software. It allows you to change themes, app icons, and even the default launcher of your device. Here we have brought a list of some of the best Android launchers available for your device.

When we talk about launchers for Android devices, there are plenty of options available over the web or even on the play store itself. Hence, to save your valuable time in evaluating multiple launchers, we have listed some effective and fastest Android launchers. This will also prevent you from getting confused among the various options available. So, let’s move straight to the list of some best launcher apps for Android without wasting any further time.

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12 Best Android Launchers Customize Your Phone In 2020

Below mentioned is the list of some best Android launchers. These top-rated third-party Android launchers have a lot more to offer than your regular launchers.

1. Nova Launcher

The first name on our list is Nova Launcher. It is one of the oldest and most popular Android launchers. Just like an ideal Android launcher, it is highly customizable. Despite being one of the oldest launchers, it gets frequent updates and has many latest features. It can be one of the perfect replacements of your default launcher. Here are some of the salient features of Nova Launcher.


  • First of all, it allows you to customize the app theme of your Android device.
  • It offers a dark mode for a comfortable experience in the night. It automatically switches the modes as per your time zone. You don’t need to switch to the dark mode manually.
  • Nova launcher can be considered as one of the best Android launchers because it enables the users to customize the app drawer as well.
  • It comes with both free and paid versions. However, it offers many advanced features in its free version as well. Hence it can undoubtedly be considered as the best free launcher for Android.


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2. Evie Launcher

Here comes one of the simplest Android launchers. Evie launcher is famous for the simplicity that it offers to its users. Despite being simple, it is quite effective. Along with its compact nature, here are various other features that Evie launcher offers.


  • Evie launcher is one of the fastest Android launchers due to its compact design and intuitive user interface.
  • It allows you to search for anything from all the installed apps in one place only.
  • You can create your customized shortcuts such as “Call Dad”.
  • This one of the lightest launchers for Android supports several search engines including, Google, Duck Duck Go, and Bing.

Evie Launcher

3. Apex Launcher

If you are looking for a graphically beautiful launcher app, then Apex launcher is for you. It provides so many amazing themes and icon customizations. Along with that, Apex launcher also provides so many other features such as app drawer, app lock, gestures, etc.


  • It allows you to download various themes and icon packs for your Android device.
  • Apex launcher is quite compact; hence it can be considered as one of the lightest Android launchers.
  • This also offers an app lock feature to secure various apps on your device.
  • It enables you to operate your device with some certain gestures only.
  • The best launcher app comes with both free and paid versions.

Apex Launcher

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4. Niagra Launcher

Niagra Launcher is one of the most compact launchers you’ll ever get for your Android device. It doesn’t focus on offering numerous features that are unnecessary for the device. It focuses on providing fast and simple user experience. Hence, we can consider it as the fastest Android launcher.


  • It provides easy access to all your apps with a simplified list of apps.
  • Niagra Launcher is doesn’t use many resources of your phone. Hence it is one of the lightest Android launchers yet effective.
  • It enables you to have a clean home screen by hiding the unwanted apps.

Niagra Launcher

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5. Microsoft Launcher

This launcher is developed by the tech giant Microsoft. Despite having its own operating system, Microsoft develops various software and applications for other rival operating systems as well. Microsoft Launcher is one of those applications. Here are some features of Microsoft Launcher.


  • Microsoft launcher is completely free and is the best free launcher for Android.
  • It is highly customizable which makes it one of the best Android launchers.
  • This best launcher app can be synced with your Microsoft account; hence, you can enjoy other Microsoft utility as well, such as Skype, Word, etc.
  • It can replace your default launcher as well.

Microsoft Launcher

6. ADW Launcher 2

If you are looking for a futuristic launcher app for your Android device, then you must try this one. The description of ADW Launcher itself states that it is made for the people who have a futuristic approach, and are keen on change and customization. Here are some of the salient features of ADW launcher 2.


  • This fastest launcher is completely free, which makes it one of the best free launcher apps for Android.
  • It is quite stable as compared to other such launchers.
  • ADW Launcher allows you to operate your Android device with just some simple gestures.

ADW Launcher 2

7. Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher or Lawnchair 2 is quite a similar launcher app to Google Pixel launcher. The features are quite similar as well. Although it is a compact app, still, it provides numerous features. We cannot ignore this one when we talk about some lightest android launchers.


  • It offers a flexible app drawer and home screen.
  • Lawnchair 2 also has multiple themes as it offers an automatic dark mode.
  • Being a compact app, it provides an essence of Google Pixel launcher hence; we have to consider Lawnchair 2 in the list of some best android launchers.

Lawnchair Launcher

8. Launcher iOS 13

Launcher iOS 13 is exactly the same as its name suggests. It provides the experience of using an iPhone with iOS 13. Launcher iOS 13 is quite closer to the real iPhone. Users who want to enjoy the flexibility of Android but at the same time, want to use an iPhone can give a try to Launcher iOS 13.


  • It offers a 3D touch feature just like iOS 13.
  • Launcher iOS 13 also allows you to hide the apps you want.
  • This is considered among one of the top Android launchers as it enhances the navigation performance of your device.

Launcher iOS 13

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9. HALauncher

HALauncher is one of the best launchers for Android TV. It is specifically made for Android TVs and doesn’t support any other Android device. You can easily get this app from the play store. Here are some of the features of HALauncher.

  • It helps you to run those apps on your Android TV, that are basically designed for Android phones and tablets.
  • This best Android TV launcher is highly customizable; it allows you to change the color themes and even icons of the apps.
  • HALauncher enables users to create app shortcuts.


10. Poco Launcher 2.0

This is the launcher app of Pocophone F1 of Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. It is the default launcher for the phone, but the manufacturers have made it accessible for other Android phones also.  Now you can install it on any of your Android smartphones from the Google Play Store.

  • It provides a Pixel-like experience.
  • Poco Launcher 2.0 is one of the top-rated Android launchers on the Google play store that ultimately means it is worth giving a try.
  • The best android launcher also allows you to hide your apps.
  • This launcher app is quite compact and offers numerous features for free; hence it can be considered as the best free launcher for Android smartphones.

Poco Launcher 2.0

11. LaunchBox

LaunchBox is specifically a game launcher for Android phones. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you should try this one. Although it is not free, the features that it offers make it the best game launcher for Android phones. Here are some of the features of LaunchBox.


  • It takes care of games on your Android phones, gaming consoles, and computer as well.
  • LaunchBox regularly gets updates hence, it never gets outdated.
  • This one of the best launchers for Android games allows you to import games to your Android phone and also allows exporting them to your desktop.


12. Smart Launcher 5

At last, we have Smart Launcher 5 on our list. As the name suggests, Smart Launcher 5 is one of the smartest launcher application available in the market. It uses smart guesses to provide you a unique and customized experience. Below mentioned are the features of this best launcher app.


  • The app is smart enough to change your theme according to your wallpaper.
  • It is also known as one of the fastest android launchers because of its compact size and effective features.
  • It automatically groups the apps and helps you in finding similar apps at one destination.
  • Smart Launcher 5 also allows you to operate your android smartphone with some simple gestures only.

Smart Launcher 5


The above list contains some of the top-rated Android launchers with their unique features. Although it is quite hard to decide, “Which one is the best android launcher among them?” It completely depends on the requirements and expectations of an individual. At first, you have to know your requirements from an Android launcher. You can do that by evaluating the features of some fastest android launchers mentioned above. We hope that this write-up helped you to select the best launcher app as per your requirements.

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