5 Best Android Lock Screen Removal Apps in 2021
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5 Best Android Lock Screen Removal Apps in 2021

No matter why you got locked out of your phone, unlocking the phone is a cakewalk with the best lock screen removal apps shared in this post.

It’s sometimes tough for many of us to remember a few things. One thing that we often forget is the phone’s password. Even if we do remember it, we end up entering it wrong multiple times. In such a scenario, the only solution that remains with us for retrieving the data is to remove the lock screen. No, you don’t need to run to the technician to do this. You can do it effortlessly with the best Android lock screen removal apps. With these applications, you can unlock the phone with ease even if it gets physically damaged.

The marketplace has an ocean of Android lock screen removal applications. But, not all of them are trustworthy. Some of them are even scams to steal your data. Therefore, to ensure that our readers don’t fall prey to such dishonest apps, we are here with the truly best lock screen removal apps that you can try.

Top 5 Best Android Lock screen Removal Apps to use in 2021

Here are the best lock screen removal apps for Android to try to remove the lock screen and retrieve the data.

1. Dr. Fone

With this best Android lock screen removal app, you can fix almost all the issues on your device. It is one of the most preferred apps by users to remove the lock screen on their phones. Just factory reset your phone, plug it into the PC, install the application, click on the unlock option, and forget about all your worries.

No matter whether you have a PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint on the phone, this lock screen removal app lets you remove them all. Further, with this application at your disposal, you can also retrieve the data effortlessly.

Features of Dr. Fone

  • This android lock screen removal apps is free-to-use for personal and business use.
  • With the help of Dr. Fone, you can remove the lock screen password easily.
  • This program can remove the lock screen password and recover the files that have been deleted.
  • The app helps in recovering the field from different kinds of damaged devices.
  • You can easily backup and restore the data on your Android device with the help of Dr. Fone.

Dr. Fone- android lock screen removal app

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2. WipeLock

Here comes another app to wipe away the phone’s lock screen. Using this best Android lock screen app is easy as pie. To use this application, you only need to perform a master reset of your phone. After downloading the app, follow some quick steps that come up on the screen to remove the lock from the phone’s settings.

Apart from ease of use and an intuitive interface, this lock screen removal app for Android also keeps your data safe and secure. Moreover, it is among the most trusted apps by Android users all over the world. The cherry on top of the cake is you can easily use this app even if you are not tech-savvy.

Features of WipeLock

  • As the name suggests, WipeLock helps in removing the lock screen password from your device.
  • If you have a second-hand device or are locked out of your own, you can take the help of WipeLock to unlock it.
  • This app even works on devices with a broken screen and touch panel.
  • There are no chances of data loss when you use this app.
  • Any user, whether beginner or pro can use the android lock screen removal tool-free and download the app to remove the screen lock.

WipeLock- best Android lock screen app

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3. iMyFone Lock Wiper

No one can deny the fact that unlocking Samsung devices after you forget the password makes you have a devil of a job. If you also think the same, then this best Android lock screen removal app is what you need. With this application which is specifically designed for Samsung users, you can effortlessly remove all kinds of screen locks such as PIN, password, fingerprint, or pattern.

This app is designed especially for Samsung but it also supports several other OEMs such as Motorola, Oppo, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, and more. Further, it supports all the Android versions ranging from Gingerbread to Pie. In addition to Android, this app also hosts another version to remove the camera from the lock screen on iOS 12.

Features of iMyFone Lock Wiper

  • You can use this android lock screen removal without losing any data from your android device.
  • The App helps you in removing PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint & face lock.
  • iMyFone supports over 6000 devices from different brands and series like LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola.
  • This App is safe to use and removes the lock from the devices within a couple of minutes.
  • iMyFone provides two modes to remove the Google and screen lock from the phone.

iMyFone LockWiper- android lock screen removal

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4. 4uKey

Connect your phone to the computer and leave the rest to 4uKey. This best lock screen removal app for Android makes lock screen removal such a simple thing to do. It can be your savior even in those situations when you need to unlock a damaged device.

With this application, you can easily bypass all kinds of locks such as passwords, PINs, or fingerprints. Moreover, it also helps you clear the Google authentication stage and know whether the system will support this app or not. The best part is that even after the phone is unlocked, there is not even a bit of data loss.

Features of 4uKey

  • With the help of this android lock screen removal free, you can remove passwords, patterns, and fingerprint locks.
  • The app is built on a cross-platformed structure for your ease.
  • 4uKey can remove the password or any other lock from the device within minutes.
  • Whether you have a second-hand device, locked out of your existing one, forgot the password, or are facing any other problem, this app can unlock the phone for you.
  • The three-step easy method to unlock the screen provides quick services to you.

4uKey- best lock screen removal app for Android

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5. CM Locker

This entrant on our list is also one of the best lock screen removal apps that you can use. It boasts a simple slide to unlock functionality. In addition to phone unlocking, it delights the users with several extra features such as brightness, sound, and Bluetooth control.

The application supports PIN and pattern locks. Further, it also captures a selfie when someone tries to intrude on your phone. Apart from this, it also doubles up as an app locker for Android. However, it does not support fingerprint locks and this may disappoint some users.

Features of CM Locker

  • CM locker is one of the best android lock screen removal app available for free.
  • The interface of the app is quite simple yet very attractive.
  • This app helps in removing the lock screen password from any ANdroid device of any brand.
  • It is not effective in removing the fingerprint locks.
  • This app has loads of additional settings for brightness, sound, and Bluetooth control, and more.

CM Locker- best android lock screen removal app

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Summing up: Android Lock Screen Removal Apps Free

Above were the best Android lock screen removal applications. You can pick any of them to remove the lock screen effortlessly. These applications are on par with each other. However, our absolute favorites include Dr. Fone and WipeLock for the ease of use and features that they provide. Lastly, before hitting that arrow to go back, it would be great if you join us in our newsletter as we’ll be soon coming with another interesting post.

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