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10 Best Anti-Malware for Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2021

Do not let malware harm your computer and steal your data. Keep the PC and data protected with the best anti-malware for Windows listed here. 

With every update, Microsoft tries to patch the security loopholes existing in the Windows operating system. Still, the notorious minds, i.e., hackers find a way to invade your computer. There are several routes through which they can introduce malware in your PC and steal your private data for their fraudulent purposes. For instance, viruses and other malware can enter your computer through the websites that you visit. The malware harms your privacy and deteriorates computer performance. Therefore, you need the best anti-malware for Windows to protect your data and computer from harm. 

But, the newer Windows versions come with an in-built anti-malware, then what is the need for third-party software? If this is what you are thinking, then let’s first answer a common question that “Is Windows Defender enough in 2021 or not?”

Windows Defender is a decent program for elementary cybersecurity protection. But, the advanced era of 2021 needs additional features such as a VPN, robust real-time security, and an in-built password manager. Since Windows Defender lacks these advanced options, you need the best free anti-malware for Windows 10. 

Talking about the free anti-malware for Windows 10, a plethora of them are available in the marketplace. But, many of these programs are malware that dresses oneself up as an anti-malware. Therefore, through this article, we bring the most reputed and truly best anti-malware software for Windows 10. 

Truly Best Anti-Malware for Windows 10 in 2021

In our search for the best free anti-malware for Windows 10, we stumbled upon a lot of utilities. Below are the most reliable ones out of them. 

1. BitDefender

Best free anti-malware for Windows 10 with real-time monitoring 

Compatibility: Windows 7 and up

Price: Free 

BitDefender is perhaps the most thoughtfully named anti-malware software available at present. It protects every bit of your computer from malware attacks. What makes this program the best anti-malware for Windows are features such as real-time threat detection and advanced protection against internet frauds. Below we discuss all its features in detail. 

Commendable features of BitDefender Antivirus 

  • It does not take much time to get installed on your computer. 
  • Boasts behavioral detection to closely monitor active applications for threats. 
  • Hosts power-packed engines to detect and remove all infections such as zero-day exploits, rootkits, and spyware in real-time. 
  • Runs in the background to protect your computer from malware attacks. 
  • It blocks phishing websites that try to steal your data. 
  • Detects suspicious websites and prevents them from accessing your data. 


  • The interface is easy to understand. 
  • It does not hog up the PC resources. 
  • Round the clock tech support. 
  • No annoying ads. 


  • No advanced features such as password manager. 
  • Tech support is available only via email. 


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2. AVG

The most popular free anti-malware for Windows 10

Compatibility: Windows 7 and higher 

Price: Free 

AVG is a name that is bound to come whenever someone discusses the best anti-malware for Windows 10. It is among one of those programs that millennials are using for a long to protect their computer from viruses and other malware. The features such as blocking of unsafe links make it such a popular software. Below we talk about a few of its features. 

Remarkable features of AVG AntiVirus Free

  • The software gets automatically updated. 
  • Adds an extra layer of ransomware protection for your personal folders. 
  • Boasts a blocker for unsafe downloads so that malware does not enter your PC. 
  • It blocks suspicious links and email attachments so that they do not harm your computer. 
  • Keeps a regular check on the PC performance problems and helps you fix them. 
  • Hosts a robust scanner for viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other threats. 


  • Boasts a refreshingly simple interface. 
  • Performs fast scans. 
  • Even beginners can effortlessly operate it. 


  • It may sometimes slow down your PC. 

AVG AntiVirus Free

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3. Norton 

Best anti-malware software for 360-degree protection 

Compatibility: Windows 7 and above 

Price: $59.99/year 

Free Trial: Not available 

If you are looking for the all-round protection of your computer, then Norton Antivirus Plus is among the best anti-malware program for Windows 10 that you can try. It boasts a plethora of unique features such as automatic cloud backup and more. Below are its features for you to have a look at. 

Outstanding features of Norton Antivirus Plus 

  • It provides advanced real-time protection for both existing and emerging threats. 
  • Boasts an in-built password management tool so that you can safely create, store, and manage all your passwords. 
  • Monitors how your PC communicates with the other PCs and blocks unwarranted traffic to protect your confidential files and information. 
  • The software creates an automatic and secure cloud backup of files and documents up to 2GB. 


  • Scores excellent in the independent lab tests. 
  • Its data protector provides keeps the PC safe from ransomware. 
  • UI is beautifully designed. 
  • It is a lightweight software. 


  • Expensive than other programs. 
  • The data protector is a bit overrated.
  • It does not have a free or trial version. 


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4. Malwarebytes

Best anti-malware that uses artificial intelligence 

Compatibility: Windows 7 and higher 

Price: $3.33/month 

Free Trial: Available for 14 days 

Here comes another software to disinfect and protect your computer from malware. It is a level up from the regular anti-malware software that only removes malware infections. In addition to disinfecting the computer, it also finds and deletes potentially unwanted programs so that your PC becomes faster. Moreover, below are its other notable features. 

Noteworthy features of Malwarebytes

  • Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect your computer from both present and emerging threats in real-time. 
  • Boasts robust web protection that blocks infected sites, online scams, and suspicious links. 
  • It prevents phishing scams that attempt to play a trick on you so that you reveal your confidential information. 
  • Malwarebytes gives you more information such as the type and behavior of the detected malware. 
  • Defends your computer against ransomware that extort money from you in return for your photos and files. 


  • It does not consume much of the CPU resources. 
  • Boasts 3 scan modes. 


  • The free version does not offer real-time protection. 
  • It sometimes misses the infections that other programs detect. 


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5. Sophos Home

Best free anti-malware for Windows 10 with excellent remote security management

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, and 10

Price: $50

Free Trial: A full-fledged free version available 

If you want a decent anti-malware software that is also free, then Sophos Home is among the best programs that you may consider. With this software, you can effortlessly disinfect not only your but your loved one’s computer as well. It is possible because this utility allows you to easily add computers to your account and run scans from the Cloud Management Dashboard. In addition to this, below are the other features that brought this software to our list. 

Incredible features of Sophos Home

  • It provides real-time protection from both existing and emerging malware. 
  • Boasts a power-packed mechanism to keep your data secure from ransomware. 
  • Lets you be in charge of what your children can watch online. 
  • Blocks fraudulent, malicious, and phishing websites. 
  • It sends you an alert whenever anyone tries to access your webcam or mic. 
  • Sophos Home does not let malware steal the username and passwords stored in the computer’s memory. 


  • Lets you remotely manage the security of up to 10 PCs.
  • It prevents keyloggers from stealing your information. 


  • The UI is slightly complicated.
  • It has some extra features that are unrequired. 

Sophos Home

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6. Avast

Best anti-malware for Windows with top-notch internet protection 

Compatibility: Windows 7 and higher

Price: Free 

When it comes to protection from online threats no software can beat the internet protection suite offered by Avast. Avast boasts the most powerful security features to protect your computer and data from dangers present on the web. Furthermore, here are the other features of Avast that make it stand out from the other free anti-malware for Windows 10. 

Unignorable features of Avast Antivirus 

  • Employs behavioral monitoring to detect rouge applications and programs.
  • Boasts a file shredder to protect your privacy. 
  • Hosts a Do Not Disturb Mode that blocks annoying popups.
  • It comes with a WiFi inspector that monitors your WiFi connection and ensures that no stranger can piggyback on your network. 


  • Hosts a Sandbox.
  • It scans your PC quickly and smartly. 
  • The malware detection rates of this software are excellent.


  • It displays frequent advertising prompts. 

Avast Antivirus

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7. Kaspersky

Robust anti-malware software for both experts and novice users

Compatibility: Windows 7 and up

Price: $79.99 for 1 year 

Free Trial: Available for 30 days 

Kaspersky Internet Security is among one of those programs that you can effortlessly use even if you are a novice user who is concerned about internet security. It detects and blocks harmful URLs and performs many other tasks to keep your PC and data protected. Moreover, here are the other features of this software that you must know before deciding which is the best anti-malware for Windows. 

Incredible features of Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Offers a free VPN up to 300 MB of traffic per day so that you remain protected even while using a public network. 
  • Encrypts your online payments and transactions to keep them safe and secure.
  • It prevents others from accessing your webcam.
  • Kaspersky offers proactive and real-time protection from cyberthreats. 
  • It protects your identity and data from phishing attacks.
  • Prevents keyloggers from recording the keystrokes. 


  • The software is easy to use.
  • Offers high-grade exploit detection.


  • It may make your PC a bit slow. 
  • The installation of this program takes a lot of time. 


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8. SpyBot Search & Destroy

A well-known anti-malware with immunization tools 

Compatibility: Windows XP and higher

Price: Free

If you want to find and fix malware, adware, and spyware for free, then SpyBot Search & Destroy is one of the best anti-malware that you can install on your computer. It encompasses a lot of immunization tools such as blocker for cookies that track your browsing habits. Apart from this, below is what else it offers. 

Amazing features of SpyBot Search & Destroy 

  • Blocks websites that are malicious or contain unwanted software.
  • It finds and removes all types of spyware such as adware, tracking software, and keyloggers.
  • Boasts tools to manage what gets loaded at the time of system startup.
  • It scans the registry, file system, and a few process related lists for Rootkits. 


  • It is a fairly easy to use program.
  • Boasts highly useful immunization tools. 


  • It does not give much information about the threats. 
  • No protection from viruses. 
  • The scan speed is slow. 

SpyBot Search & Destroy

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9. Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Best free anti-malware for Windows 10 that you don’t have to install 

Compatibility: Windows 7 and above

Price: Free

You can disinfect your computer without even installing any anti-malware software. It might sound strange but with Emsisoft Emergency Kit, it is very much possible. It is a portable software that needs no installation. In addition to this, below is what else we found attractive about this program. 

Unique features of Emsisoft Emergency Kit 

  • It detects infections as well as monitors potentially harmful applications. 
  • Deletes the browser toolbars, adware, and other programs that you do not need.
  • Alerts you whenever you try connecting to a malicious website. 
  • Keeps an eye on the behavior of all applications and alerts you whenever any suspicious activity is detected. 


  • Boasts command-line options.
  • No installation is needed. 


  • The scan speed is not fast enough. 
  • It does not offer real-time protection from infections. 

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

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10. Avira Free Security Suite

One of the best anti-malware for real-time protection 

Compatibility: Windows 7 and above

Price: Free 

If you searching for the best free anti-malware for Windows 10 that does not miss out on any of the crucial protection tools, then here we have Avira Free Security Suite for you. It encompasses all essential features such as a VPN, password manager, and more. Below are its key features. 

Prominent features of Avira Free Security Suite

  • Boasts a software updater to update outdated applications and programs.
  • Scans your device for network vulnerabilities.
  • Lets you browse and shop safely.
  • Hosts a system optimizer to elevate the PC speed.
  • It comes with a free VPN for up to 500MB per month. 
  • Encompasses password and privacy settings manager. 


  • Offers a free VPN, PC optimizer, and software updater.
  • Easy to use interface. 


  • It does not have anti-ransomware. 
  • Sometimes flags safe files as malware. 
  • The on-demand scans are a bit slow. 

Avira Free Security Suite

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With this software, our list of the best free anti-malware for Windows 10 ends. But, to choose the correct program for your requirements, you must know the answers to a few questions. Therefore, here we resolve the frequently asked questions about the anti-malware software. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the difference between malware and virus?

The virus is a kind of malware that copies its code to other programs for damaging your computer and destroying the data. Every virus is malware. But, all the malware is not a virus. The term malware denotes several kinds of infections such as spyware, adware, worms, Trojans, and more. 

Q2. What are the qualities of the best anti-malware for Windows?

While selecting an anti-malware for your computer, you must look for the following qualities. The best program has all of these characteristics. 

  • It offers effective protection against malware in real-time.
  • The best anti-malware software does not hog up the computer resources.
  • A good anti-malware program keeps your privacy intact at all times.
  • Protects you from ransomware. 
  • It provides complete online security. 
  • Hosts an easy to use interface.
  • Offers round the clock support. 

Q3. Which is the best anti-malware for Windows 10?

Every software listed in this post is unique and best in its own way. However, if you want us to name our top favorites, then here they are. 

  • AVG Antivirus Free
  • Norton Antivirus Plus
  • Malwarebytes 

Q4. Is an antivirus software the same as an anti-malware program?

As we have already explained, the terms virus and malware are quite different from each other. Hence, antivirus software may not protect you from all kinds of malware infections. Whereas, the anti-malware often comes with protection from viruses.

Q5. How to keep my computer protected from malware?

Below are some of the simple tips to protect your computer from malware attacks. 

  • Keep all programs and applications updated.
  • Use the best anti-malware software for Windows.
  • Do not turn off the Firewall.
  • Create regular backups of your data. 

Q6. How do I know my computer is malware-infected?

Here are the warning signs that let you know that your computer is malware infected and needs immediate attention.

  • Excessive and frequent popup ads.
  • Unexpected and fake looking error messages.
  • Poor PC performance. 

Best Anti-Malware for Windows: Final words

In this article, we listed out the best paid and free anti-malware for Windows 10. You can select any of these utilities as per your requirements or go by our top recommendations. Lastly, keep following Innovana Blog for more information about how to protect your computer from viruses and other malware infections. 

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