Best App Lockers for Android Phone in 2020| Advanced Fingerprint Lock Apps

The best app lock for Android can hide your pictures, videos, and other apps to prevent snoopy people from accessing them. Thus, read on to know about these app lockers.

Nowadays, the phone has become a door to your life. You store a majority of sensitive data such as private pictures and messages on your phone. Thus, anybody who gets hold of the phone can easily get a sneak peek into your personal life.

Perhaps, the only way to keep your privacy intact is password protecting the phone. But, what if you give the phone to someone or a kid to view a picture or play games? In such a scenario, you need the best app lock for Android as an extra security layer.

These best app lockers for Android helps you seal the gallery and other private apps with a fingerprint. The finger lock makes sure that anyone cannot access your data unless you authorize them to do so.

Talking about the best fingerprint app lockers, there is a multitude of lock apps on the Play Store. But, some of these apps sell your data to third parties and expose them to the prying eyes of hackers.

Therefore, to safeguard our readers from such deceiving apps, we curated the truly best app lock for Android. The next segment focuses on the same.

Best App lockers for Android to keep your Privacy Intact in 2020

Not every app locker is the best app lock for Android. Thus, below are the real best app lock apps that help you protect your privacy without compromising on data security.

1. AppLock

This freeware from DoMobile Lab is the best app lock for Android. It comes with several cool functionalities such as a widget to enable/disable the app lock. Apart from this, below are its other prominent features.

  • Lets you set a pin, passwords, or a fingerprint to lock the apps
  • Its invisible pattern lock ensures no one gets a hint of your pin or password
  • It allows you to hide pictures and videos. These hidden photos disappear from the gallery and can only be seen in the picture vault.
  • Takes a photo of intruder who tries to peek into the locked apps.


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2. Norton App Lock

Norton, a popular name in the antivirus domain, also offers the best app lock for Android. This ad-free app locker is a feature-rich package to shield the apps and data. Here, we talk about a few of its prominent features.

  • Allows you to lock the apps with a pin, password, or fingerprint
  • Hides private pictures and videos behind a safe vault
  • Prevents unauthorized app uninstallation
  • Recommends the apps that should be protected
  • Clicks the picture of an interloper who tries to invade your privacy.

Norton App Lock

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3. AppLock: Fingerprint & Pin

As it is evident from the name, this best gallery lock lets you secure the apps with fingerprint, pin, or password. Apart from this, here is what else it offers.

  • Displays a fake crash screen so that no one knows that you’ve locked the app
  • Captures and shows you the selfie of the intruder who tried to access the apps when you were away
  • Does not let anyone uninstall the apps without your permission
  • Locks and hides the content of recently used apps.

AppLock: Fingerprint & Pin

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4. KeepSafe App Lock

This is among the best app lockers for Android to safeguard gallery and other apps. It lets you be in charge of who can view your pictures and for how long. Below are its other prominent features that delight the users.

  • Lets you sync your pictures and videos across devices via an encrypted private cloud
  • Allows you to create the picture and video backups for effortless recovery when something unfortunate happens with your phone
  • Captures intruder selfie and sends you a break-in alert
  • It does not trouble you with annoying ads.

KeepSafe App Lock

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5. Finger Security

This is the first app that introduced the fingerprint lock feature to the world of the best app lockers for Android. The app hosts an ocean of features to keep the apps shielded. Below are the striking ones out of them.

  • Encompasses a cool widget to enable/disable the lock
  • You can set an alternate password or pin for the times when the device fails to recognize your fingerprint
  • Finger Security hides the notifications of locked apps
  • Captures and shows you the intruder selfie
  • No one, except you, can uninstall Finger Security from your phone.

Finger Security

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6. AppLock – Fingerprint

This entrant on our list is also the best app lock for Android. It uses a password, pin, and fingerprint to protect the apps. Moreover, this offering from SpSoft has a multitude of remarkable features. We discuss the central ones out of them below.

  • You can lock each app with a different password, this enhances the security level
  • Allows you to lock even the phone settings such as wifi, Bluetooth, etc. to prevent their misuse
  • Emails you the picture of the intruder so that you can catch hold of him
  • It hides the locked app’s notifications.

AppLock – Fingerprint

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7. MaxLock

We now talk about one of a kind and the best fingerprint app lock for Android. The app is unique as unlike its counterparts, it uses Xposed Framework to protect the apps. This technology consumes fewer battery resources. Below are its other remarkable functionalities.

  • Hosts multiple options to secure apps such as password, pin, and fingerprint
  • Displays a fake crash screen whenever an intruder tries to access the locked apps
  • Removes locked applications from the recent apps screen.


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8. CM Locker

If you want a complete security package, then this is the best app lock for Android for you. Apart from being an app locker, it also functions as an antivirus to shield the apps from prying eyes of hackers. Moreover, below are its other striking features.

  • Doubles up as an Android cleaner to clean junk and speed up your phone
  • Locks apps with a pin, password, or fingerprint and hides sensitive data such as pictures
  • Clicks the photo of snoopy people who try to access the locked apps.

CM Locker

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9. Perfect AppLock

Here we’ve got another perfect and among the best app locks for Android. It is one of the highly-rated apps on the Play Store that provides unmatched app security. Below are the features that make it the top choice of many users worldwide.

  • Displays a fake error message whenever anyone tries to launch the locked apps
  • Lets you start the app remotely using SMS command
  • Captures the intruder’s picture after he makes three unsuccessful attempts to open any app
  • It allows you to use a pin, password, or fingerprint to lock apps.

Perfect AppLock

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10. LOCKit

This best app lock for Android is a one-stop destination for all your privacy protection needs. It provides several functionalities to keep apps and data secure. Below are some of these unique offerings of LocKit.

  • Beautifies your lock screen with mesmerizing themes
  • Lets you add a notification bar to quickly enable/disable the lock
  • No one, except you, can uninstall this best app lock app
  • It allows you to add an extra security layer by locking settings, Play Store, and incoming calls.


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11. LOCX App Lock

Lets now talk about another immensely popular app that is among the best app lockers for Android. It lets you protect your secret photos, videos, and apps with a pin, password, or fingerprint. Moreover, below is what else you get from this app to lock Android apps.

  • Lets you keep your messages, pictures, and videos hidden from the interlopers
  • The app is lightweight and does not consume much of battery
  • Chameleon, i.e., an interesting feature of LOCX, enables you to hide the lock screen.

LOCX App Lock

12.  Smart AppLock (App Protect)

The next on our list of the best app lock apps for Android is this smart locker. It smartly locks your private apps without anyone knowing that you have locked them. Below are the other characteristic features that set it apart from its counterparts.

  • Lets you use a pin, password, or if you use a Samsung device, then fingerprint to lock the apps
  • Captures and sends intruder’s selfie to your email
  • It allows you to hide the lock screen behind a fake dialer.

Smart AppLock (App Protect)

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13. Knock Lock

Here’s another best app lock for Android to leave the intruders baffled. It lets you lock apps with a pin so that no one can access them. Let’s talk about a few unique features of Knock Lock.

  • Lets you beautify the lock screen with HD wallpapers
  • Helps you prevent accidental calling and unauthorized app access
  • Has support for both 12 hrs and 24 hrs time format.

Knock Lock

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14. AppLock (by IvyMobile)

This is also one of the best app locks for Android. It lets you prevent intruders from accessing your apps or playing with the phone’s settings. Here are the features that make this a unique app locker.

  • Lets you use a shuffled keyboard to hide lock pattern
  • Takes picture of the snoopy people
  • It allows you to use an alarm clock, calculator, or such other screens to disguise the lock screen.

AppLock (by IvyMobile)

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15. Privacy Knight

Here is another best app lock for Android without ads. It does not trouble you with the in-app purchase nonsense and offers a plethora of features. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Hosts multiple ways to lock apps such as a pin, fingerprint, disguise cover, crash message, and face tracking
  • Lets you hide private pictures, videos and app notifications
  • Prevents unauthorized uninstallation of apps
  • Captures a picture of intruders trying to access locked apps.

These were the best app lockers for Android available currently. Hopefully, with the best app lock for Android at your disposal, you no longer worry when someone accesses your phone. Apart from these apps, if you are specifically looking for an app that can hide social media apps such as WhatsApp, then you may also try the WhatsApp chat lockers. Lastly, before you leave, do not forget to subscribe to and bookmark Innovana Blogs for more such exciting information.

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