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5 Best Bootable USB Software for Windows 10

In this post, we talk about the best bootable USB creators to effortlessly boot the USB for installing a new OS or creating rescue disks.

Not so long ago, we used a CD/DVD for installing a new OS or create a rescue disk. Although the task to burn the CD or DVD was time-consuming and cumbersome, still, we relied on them.  That time, we had no other option. But, now there are several other ways to install a new operating system or create disk backups. You can now do it effortlessly via USB flash drive. The only thing that you need is the best bootable USB software to do it.

But, before moving on to them, a question erupts that why to switch from CDs and DVDs to a USB? As said earlier, burning a CD/DVD is a daunting task. Apart from this, another reason is that the USBs can be used later to store other valuable data such as pictures, documents, and more.

Now that you know why to use USBs, let’s delve into the best bootable USB tools that you need to boot the USB.

Best Bootable USB software to Boot the USB

Below are the best bootable USB software tools that you require to boot the USB and use it for installing an OS or creating rescue disks.

1. Rufus

When the talk is about the best bootable USB software, the name of Rufus is unskippable. With this open-source freeware at your disposal, you can not only boot the USB effortlessly but also use it for other purposes such as running low-grade utilities.

This is not the end and it is also among the best bootable USB creator to change the partition schemes and BIOS firmware. Moreover, with this software, you can check and remove bad blocks from the USB drive. Above all, this software requires no installation as it is a portable utility.


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2. WinToUSB

When you don’t have much time and need the best booting software to quickly boot the USB, WinToUSB is the utility that you can use. With this easy to use freeware at your disposal, you can create Windows directly through ESO, ISO, or CD/DVD drive in a snap of fingers.

Moreover, with this best bootable USB creator, you can effortlessly create a bootable Windows PE USB drive. The cherry on top of the cake is that this software allows you to clone an existing Windows operating system to the USB drive.

Image Source: EasyUEFI

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3. Universal USB Installer

This entrant on our list is also among the best bootable USB software. As it is evident from the name, you can use this software to create almost all types of bootable USB media. This single utility allows you to create several kinds of bootable USB for Linux, Antivirus rescue drives, Windows, and many other bootable drivers.

Moreover, if ease of use is among your topmost priorities, then this is the best bootable software that you can use. With this tool, you can create a bootable USB in just three simple steps, viz. Select OS, choose ISO file, and click on Install. This is not all and it also allows you to perform tasks such as directory making, boot partitioning, and create a USB device with persistence storage.

Universal USB Installer

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4. RMPrep USB

Customization is the USP of this best multiboot USB creator. It offers several customizable settings and features to delight the users. For instance, with this software at your disposal, you can effortlessly create all kinds of boot media. Moreover, it also lets you customize the bootloader, file systems, and QEMU emulators.

This is not all and this software encompasses many other options such as the installation of bootloaders like grub4dos, bootmbr, and many others. The best part is that there is no need to reboot the system to use this freeware.


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5. Etcher

This is also among the most popular and best bootable USB tools. It lets you convert the USB drive into a bootable drive in just a few easy steps. The central idea behind developing this software was to make booting USBs uncomplicated and easy as pie.

At present, the free version of this best software to boot CDs and USBs has only limited features. But, the developers are planning to come up with high-end functionalities such as support for persistent storage. In the coming updates of this software, we are in for a lot of surprises from the developers.

Image Source: d3noob

Above we discussed the best bootable USB software that you can use to boot the USB for installing a new OS or creating a rescue disk. You can use any of these tools as they all are on par with each other. However, if you are finding it tough to make a choice and need recommendations, then we would recommend Rufus and Universal USB Installer for the ease of use and features that they offer. Lastly, before bidding adieu, don’t forget to subscribe to our updates for more such enticing information.

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