10 Best Bulk Rename Utilities for Windows 10 to Rename Multiple Files
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10 Best Bulk Rename Utilities for Windows 10 to Rename Multiple Files

Read on to know the best file renaming software to rename multiple files in Windows 10

Are you a writer, photographer, or someone who needs to manage a lot of files? If yes, then you must be knowing how tough it is to rename multiple files in Windows. Although, Windows allows you to batch rename by selecting all the files and pressing the F2 key, still to get extra control of how the files are renamed you need the best bulk rename utilities.

There are many file renaming software available on the web but not all of them give you the desired results. We’ve tried and tested a plethora of utilities and then selected the bulk rename utility that is the perfect fit for the needs of all the writers, photographers, designers, and file managers.

With the utilities shared in this blog, you can not only change the name of multiple word files at once but also rename images in bulk with ease. In the next segment, we list out of top picks for the best tools to batch rename files in Windows 10.

Top 10 Picks for Best Bulk Rename Utility for Windows 10

It won’t be difficult anymore to batch rename pictures and files in Windows 10. Here’re the tools you need to do it effortlessly.

1. Easy File Renamer

This utility to batch rename pictures and files lives up to its name in every sense. It lets you change the names effortlessly custom templates to rename the file in a few easy steps. In addition to this, it also has a fantastic cloud feature that lets you rename multiple files on Google Drive. The only downside is, there’s no full-fledged interface and you need to access the app from the Windows Explorer’s context option.

Easy File Renamer

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2. Flash Renamer

This one of the best utilities to rename images in bulk lets you modify the picture and file names in a snap of fingers. The software comes with a simple interface and features such as a preview pane, optional thumbnails, music button to manage MP3 titles, and many more. Further, it also lets you automatically define presets, insert conditions, and undo the changes. Do give this smooth file renaming software a try.

Flash Renamer

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3. Rename-It

This one of the best bulk rename utilities with the most straightforward interface lets you change the file names without any hassles. With this utility to batch rename files in Windows 10, you can easily alter cases and perform basic cropping action. Moreover, here you get 3 tags along with the regular expressions. Although the features are less than the others, still it is a must-try bulk rename utility.

Rename it

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4. EF Multi File Renamer

This Windows utility to rename multiple files allows you to customize the predefined expressions like the other utilities. What sets it apart from the rest of the crowd are features such as filter restriction, recursive processing, a preview of the name, and support for third party plugins. The only con is there’s no free version of the software.

EF Multi File Renamer

5. Bulk Rename Utility

This is our topmost pick for the list of the best bulk rename utilities. What makes it feature on the top are features such as the freedom to remove, add, or change the text in names, move or copy files, remove a character, word, symbol, or digit from the file names, etc. In addition to these functionalities, this app is snappier than the rest of the lot. You can get the app in both installable as well as portable versions.

Bulk Rename Utility

6. Advanced Renamer

What makes this free bulk rename utility unique and one of the best Windows tools to rename multiple files is the availability of fourteen renaming functionalities. Some of the notable features of the app include the option to remove selected sections from the file name, rename with tag, change file attribute, renumber the files, etc. In addition to this, the app is lightweight as compared to the other apps.

Advanced Renamer

7. PFrank

Like the other utilities to batch rename photos in Windows 10, PFrank also offers high-end features such as changing the file name as per tags, altering the file properties and time stamp, etc. In addition to this, here you get pre-configured expressions that you can modify according to your requirements. The only downside is, the interface may seem confusing to first time users.


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8. File Renamer Basic

This is another best file renaming software to rename images in bulk. What makes it feature in this list are functionalities such as support for regular expressions, help files, and well-designed user interface. It has both paid and free versions. But, the free version does not contain the subfolder, undo, and logging options.

File Renamer Basic

9. Flexible Renamer

This power-packed and versatile file renaming software is among the best bulk rename utilities. The features such as multiple preset, tools to translate, the freedom to name with wildcards, regular expressions, tags, links, previews, etc. make it a part of this blog. The only con for which we are not putting it at the top is a lack of regular updates.

Flexible Renamer

10. Rename Master

This is undoubtedly one of the best bulk rename utilities available currently. It offers some of the most incredible features such as automatic preview, creating custom file lists, support for Unicode filenames. Further, it also supports ID3 and EXIF tags, scripts, and smart number scoring. It would be great if you give this free and portable utility to batch rename photos in Windows 10 a try.

Rename Master

These were some of the best bulk rename utilities handpicked especially for you. Choose the one that suits your requirements the most. If you are confused and need recommendations, then we would recommend bulk rename utility for the multitude of features it offers. Lastly, before you go, do let us know what you feel about this post and subscribe to our newsletter for staying updated with the trends in the tech world.

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