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10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps for Android in 2021

Nowadays we do not use references and connections to market our business. Business cards are handy tools to share contact details and market our business in the most professional manner. With the help of smart business card scanner apps, we can anytime digitize our business cards or visiting cards.

Moreover, digitized cards can be easily shared with your handheld device. Do you want the best card scanner apps? We have carefully tested many renowned apps and made a curated list of excellent business card scanner apps in 2021.

Top 10 Business Card Scanner Apps in 2021

Physical forms of business cards can be misplaced easily. While digitized visiting cards are more professional and can be shared to anyone just with a single tap. Here is the list of reliable business card reader apps.

1. FlashScan


It is the best Android document scanner app. This app offers so many features for free that you will never require any other app after using FlashScan.

  • Every paper,bills, photos, books, etc can be easily digitized with FlashScan.
  • This Android business card scanner scans business cards professionally by detecting edges precisely.
  • You can use this app for batch scan and generate multiple scans for free.
  • It scans QR code and Barcodes as well.
  • The OCR is a profound tool which helps to extract any text from the image. It also translates recognized text from English to other languages.
  • FlashScan offers top-notch filters for post-scan editing.
  • It is also a PDF creator and a PDF Viewer that offers password protection, and Anti-counterfeit for PDF files.
  • You can easily scan your signature and use it on any PDFs.
  • Users can easily share, delete, save, and rename any file and folders.

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2. Business Card Scanner And Reader

Business Card Scanner And Reader

It’s a dedicated app to read and scan business cards. Users can easily share contacts or digital business cards with sales agents and other business related people with this app.

  • It offers the facility to create a digital business card manually.
  • You can also scan QR Codes with this app.
  • It offers auto sync of contacts with your Google account.
  • Its auto-backup support is robust.
  • Users can export contacts to google, or outlook contacts with just a few taps.

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3. ScanBizCards Lite

ScanBizCards Lite

Are you bored with keeping a record of your business cards? This smart business card scanner and organizer app for Android devices will let you keep all of your business cards in your pocket through the app.

  • It is an easy-to-use app powered with a straightforward interface.
  • This app lets you edit the contact info side-by-side along with the business card image.
  • You can easily organize your cards with custom folder names through this professional card scanner app.
  • It lets you generate new contacts on your device, or merge with existing entries.
  • You can even scan double-sided business cards instantly.

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4. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is the most popular name when it comes to scanning useful documents. Here are some of the main features of this best free business card scanner app.

  • You can scan books, bills, business cards, vouchers, etc with this free scanner app.
  • The post-scan editing helps you to improve the quality of the scans.
  • The OCR lets you reuse your scanned content by creating a high-quality PDF that you can work within Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • You can easily remove and edit any imperfections. It lets you erase stains and unnecessary marks to generate crystal clear scans.

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5. Card Scanner

card scanner

Next on the list of reliable business card scanner apps for Android devices is Card Scanner. It is a simple app with multiple features.

  • It lets you scan business cards and save them to Zoho CRM as contacts and business leads.
  • After extracting details of the cards, this app smartly fills contact fields automatically.
  • The OCR is a robust tool and supports English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, French, German, Spanish, etc languages.
  • It lets you edit contact details, and supports multiple corrections.

6. ABBYY Business Card Reader

ABBYY Business Card Reader

It is a brilliant business card reader app with remarkable features. Here are its main functionalities.

  • It is one of the quickest business card reading apps for Android devices.
  • You can anytime save your new contacts into the address book.
  • It helps to edit contact details and easily splits out names and locations.
  • For better text recognition it also offers the Zoomed-in view.

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7. Wantedly People

Wantedly People

Wantedly people- one of the lightest business card scanner apps, is just too good to be true. It offers impressive features with a user-friendly interface.

  • It is a simple app that picks the text from photocopied business cards and scans it promptly.
  • Users just need to tap the camera button and the app takes a photo of the business cards.
  • It also imports all the cards directly from the device’s galaxy or media section.

8. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is another business card scanner app with effective functionalities. It is a popular scanner app with a simple interface.

  • It scans all sorts of documents for free.
  • You can easily scan bills, vouchers, business cards, invoices, etc with this app.
  • It is an excellent Android business card reader app, especially for the monochrome text that implies up to 5 levels of contrast.
  • It offers varied colors, filters, and graphics scale for better scans.

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9. BizConnect


Biz Connect is a professional business card reader app and is worth every try. It digitizes business cards with highest accuracy and effeciency.

  • Scans business cards, papers, photos, ID cards, etc precisely.
  • It also scans QR codes and barcodes.
  • All the digitized data can be exported to excel, google, and outlook with a single tap.
  • This free business card scanner app offers easy navigation and a straightforward interface.

10. DigiCard


DigiCard is the lightest business card scanner app that can be used on Android devices and on tablets.

  • It lets you scan visiting cards, bills, etc, and save them to your device or tablet.
  • You can crop cards manually or automatically with this app.
  • OCR recognizes text and you can also add more information to the extracted text.
  • It lets you save your cards and share them easily with friends and clients.

Concluding Notes

All the apps mentioned here are genuine and very consistent in their performance.

Business card scanner apps offer a convenient way to digitize your business cards. Step up your business by digitizing your cards through these apps. Most of them are free Android scanner apps but for value-added features, you can always go premium.

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