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16 Best Call Recording Apps for Android Phone 2020

While some of the brands such as OnePlus, Hauawei, and Xiaomi boasts the much-needed call recorder for Android, other OEMs have still not introduced it. This is the primary reason for which the users go for the best call recording apps.

You may want to record a telephonic conversation for a variety of purposes, such as training and development. No matter what the purpose is, you must remember the laws of your land before taking a step ahead towards using a hidden call recorder application. Violating the laws may lead you to serious troubles.

For instance, recording calls is an offense in the US. Even if recording the call is essential, there must be one-party consent. The one-party assent implies that either you or the person who’s recording the call is a party to the conversation. That means, no third person can record the calls.

Similarly, as per the Californian law, recording a call is possible only when you inform all the concerned parties, irrespective of whether they are within the state of California or not.

Above were just two illustrations of the regulations about call recording. They might not be the same in your region. Since, legal provisions show country based variance, check the call recording laws in your nation to avoid being a part of illegal activity.

Note: Users get confused as most of the call recording apps have similar names. Therefore, to avoid confusion, we suggest you download an app only through the official link shared in this post. While doing this, remember the laws of your nation as some countries like the US consider it illegal to record the calls.

We would suggest you go ahead with automatic call recorder apps only when you are sure of the legality of this act in the region of your residence.

Talking about the apps to record calls, there is an ocean of call recording applications on the Play Store. But, not all of them are the best. To be tagged as the best call recorder for Android, an application must possess certain distinct characteristics. We share the same below.

The Distinct Features of the Best Call Recording Apps

Not every app is the best app to record calls. The unique characteristics stated below is what segregates the best auto call recorder app from other similar applications.

  • Lets you transfer the recordings to SD card.
  • It not merely records the regular telephonic conversations but is also an excellent WhatsApp call recorder.
  • Allows you to record the particular sections from a conversation.
  • Supports all the popular audio formats such as .mp3, .wmv, and .amr.
  • Enables you to tag calls as important.
  • Serves as a fantastic automatic call recorder app.

In your hunt for the best call recorder for Android, you may stumble upon many apps that give you an illusion of these features. But, in reality, they might not even have a single one of them. Therefore, we curated the best apps to record calls so that our readers do not get deceived by the fake call recorders. The next segment focuses on the same.

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16 Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps for Android in 2020

As stated earlier, not every app is the perfect fit for your needs and the one you are looking for. Thus, have a look at the apps shared below before you hit the install button for any random auto call recorder app.

1. Automatic Call Recorder

As the name reflects, it is the best automatic call recording app with free download. In addition to auto call records, it also supports manual call recording.

Moreover, with this one of the best call recording apps, you can also blacklist the calls you don’t want to record. Apart from this, it has all the features such as moving recordings to SD card, functionality to add notes, etc. Let’s know about more of the features that we found attractive in this application.


  • With this call recorder app, you can save calls in both mp3 as well as .wav formats.
  • It allows you to share the recording through platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Gmail, and Dropbox.
  • Hosts the feature to exclude the calls that you do not want to record.
  • Lets you label the calls for easy retrieval whenever required.


  • It enables you to record the calls without any cumbersome efforts.
  • Boasts a user-friendly interface that even amateur users can use effortlessly.


  • The free version might sometimes annoy you with advertisements.
  • It does not allow you to record calls made via applications such as WhatsApp and Skype.

Automatic Call Recorder

Download Now

2. Call Recorder By Lovakara

The simplicity and minimalistic interface of this app make it feature in our list of the best call recording apps. In addition to the ease of use and simple user-interface, it offers a multitude of premium features. Here we talk about the same.


  • Its striking functionalities include name, time, and date-based filters.
  • It allows you to move records to the SD card.
  • Lets you save the call recordings in .mp3 format.
  • Boasts compatibility with all the versions of the smartphone.


  • The application is entirely free to use.
  • Hosts an uncluttered, straightforward, and easy to use interface for novice users.


  • There is no functionality of cloud backups.
  • It comes with ads that you cannot get rid of.

Call Recorder By Lovakara

Download Now

3. Call Recorder by Top Weather Studio

Here comes another best call recorder for Android. With this app, you can seamlessly record both incoming as well as outgoing calls.

Further, this app boasts all the useful functionalities stated earlier such as moving recordings to SD card, marking a recording as important, multiple format support, etc.

In addition to this, it also has some additional features, let’s know more about them.


  • Lets you share the recordings via mail and uploads to Google Drive.
  • Hosts preset that lets you record all the calls, exclude the calls, and perform more such actions.
  • With this app, you can mark the recordings and favorite and important ones.
  • It comes with in-built functionality to fine-tune the recording so that undesired recordings do not hog up space on your phone.


  • It is an easy-to-use application.
  • The sound quality of the recordings is crystal clear.


  • Sometimes, the app stops working without you switching it off. It’s a technical glitch and hopefully be resolved by future updates.
  • Recordings take a bit longer to play.

Call Recorder by Top Weather Studio

Download Now

4. RMC: Android Call Recorder

This among the most versatile and the best call recording apps available currently. It lets you record calls in crystal clear quality. Further, it hosts a plethora of customization options such as the functionality to switch between mono and stereo, bit rate modifications, etc.

Apart from this, its other useful features are enlisted below.


  • It includes an in-built trash folder.
  • Hosts cloud integration capabilities.
  • There is support for multiple audio formats.
  • Encompasses a search and seamless sort feature.


  • The app is completely free to use.
  • It lets you choose among the recording channels, sample, and bit rates.


  • The advertisements may seem annoying.
  • It does not have the functionality to auto-delete the call recordings after a fixed time interval.

RMC Android Call Recorder

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5. Call Recorder – Cube ACR

This entrant on our list is not merely the best automatic call recording app but also a fantastic WhatsApp call recorder. It lets you record both the calls made using native phone caller and VoIP services such as WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

In addition to this, it hosts all the essential features. We enlist some of them below.


  • Lets you exclude a call from the record
  • It comes with the functionality of speaker switching, manual recording, etc.
  • Lets you lock the recordings with a pin to keep them secure.
  • Allows you to record the calls made via platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, and more.


  • There are no annoying advertisements.
  • It has compatibility with almost all Android devices.


  • The VoIP call recording is not supported on all the devices.
  • It does not record conference calls.

Call Recorder – Cube ACR

6. Call Recorder ACR by NLL

This is also among the best call recorder apps to record automatically incoming and outgoing calls. The app has an ocean of features for its users. Below we talk about the prominent ones out of them.


  • Encompasses multiple cloud storage support, search, auto-delete of old recordings, etc.
  • It lets you secure the recordings with a password.
  • With this app, you can transcribe and add notes to the recordings.
  • Allows you to backup the recordings securely on Google Drive and Dropbox.


  • The cloud storage functionality ensures easy backup of recordings.
  • It allows you to effortlessly edit the call recordings and share them.

Call Recorder ACR by NLL

7. Automatic Call Recorder by Recorder & Smart Apps

This apps unique features make it one of the best call recorder for Android. It not only records but also help you organize the recordings with ease. Let’s discuss more of its features below.


  • Its “ask to save” functionality is aimed at keeping your device junk-free so that useless recordings don’t hog up your phone’s space later.
  • This high rated app lets you share the recordings via Google, Dropbox, Skype, and other such utilities.


  • The “ask to save” feature saves you ample space on your device.
  • Its user interface is clean, simple, and easy-to-use.


  • There is no option to upload the recordings on cloud applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • It has fewer features in comparison to the other apps on this list of the best call recordings apps for Android.

Automatic Call Recorder by Recorder & Smart Apps

8. Blackbox Call Recorder

The highlight of this one of the best automatic call recording apps with free download is its dark theme. The dark theme consumes less battery and saves it from draining out. Further, it also comes with several other power-packed functionalities. Here we talk about a few of them.


  • It includes Google Drive backup, support for Bluetooth earphones, automatic deletion of old recordings, and more.
  • Hosts a security lock and an option to hide recordings from other apps on your device.
  • Encompasses an in-built cleaner for the old call recordings.


  • Boasts support for dual sim phones and Bluetooth earphones.
  • It records the calls in a clearly understandable high quality.


  • The duration of call recordings cannot be more than one minute.
  • Some of its high-end features are not available in the free version.

Blackbox Call Recorder

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9. Call Recorder Automatic

As the name suggests Call Recorder Automatic is one of the best call recording apps to automatically record the calls. It comes with all the features that a decent call recorder must possess.

Some of the features that caught our attention are shared below.


  • It includes a caller ID and the Ignore List.
  • Lets you manage the recordings without any hassles.
  • Allows you to filter the recordings based on name or date.


  • Automatically records all the calls in high-quality.
  • The user-interface of this call recorder is clean and intuitive.


  • The quality of recordings is not as clear as other applications on this list.
  • It does not have advanced features such as cloud backup.

Call Recorder Automatic

10. Smart Recorder by SmartMob

No matter how weird it may sound, but this one of the best call recording apps was not initially designed to record calls. Earlier, it was merely a voice recorder. But, now it has all the functionalities of the top hidden call recorder app. Here we enlist some of its key features.


  • Skipping silences is its most interesting feature.
  • Records call even when the display of your phone is off.
  • There is no limit on the duration of the recording.
  • Boasts an in-built audio spectrum analyzer.


  • The quality of the recordings is crisp and clear.
  • Lets you effortlessly switch between normal and call recordings.


  • For longer recordings, you may need to exclude this app from the battery saver settings.
  • It does not let you save recordings to the SD card.

Smart Recorder by SmartMob

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11. Truecaller

Now, who doesn’t know about Truecaller,i.e., a widely used caller ID app? Well, in addition to being a caller ID, it is also one of the best call recording apps with features such as auto record, etc. Here are some of its incredible offerings.


  • In addition to the call recording, it also lets you identify unknown calls.
  • Automatically saves all the recordings on your phone.
  • With its flash messaging functionality, you can share locations and emojis with your contacts.
  • It allows you to backup the recordings on Google Drive.


  • This call recorder is among the most straightforward and easy-to-use applications.
  • Along with recording calls, this app also saves you from spammers and blocks them.


  • Its call recording feature is not free and you need to shell out some bugs to use it.


12. All Call Recorder Lite

The name itself suggests why All Call Recorder Lite 2020 is the best call recorder for Android. This lightweight app does not hog up your Android phone’s space and seamlessly records calls.

Further, it has many useful functionalities. We enlist the same below.


  • There is support for multiple audio formats.
  • It allows you to enable the call recording notification.
  • Boasts an easy cloud integration.
  • Lets you automatically record all the calls.


  • This call recorder consumes fewer phone resources.
  • It has a user-friendly single page UI.


  • There is no functionality to record calls made via applications such as WhatsApp.

Its user-interface is dull and boring in comparison to the other similar apps.

All Call Recorder Lite

13. Call Recorder S9 Automatic Call Recorder Pro

If you are specifically looking for an app to record business calls, then this is among the best call recording apps for you. This application can record both internal and external conversations with ease. Below are more of its enticing features.


  • It allows you to share the call recording via emails.
  • There is the option to share the recordings through Dropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp and more.
  • Asks for confirmation before saving the recording on your phone.


  • Encompasses a caller ID to detect unknown numbers.
  • The user interface is simple and easy-to-use.


  • It plays the call recordings a little slower than the other apps on this list.

Call Recorder S9 Automatic Call Recorder Pro

14. Total Recall

This call recorder is our recommendation for everyone who’s looking for a robust app to record calls. In addition to seamless call recording, it offers an incredible user experience. Moreover, below are more of its worth-mentioning features.


  • The developers have enhanced it on the rooted devices.
  • It records call in a crystal clear quality.
  • Hosts many other advanced features for improved call recording.


  • The user interface is clean and simple.
  • It is a lightweight app that does not take much space on your phone.


  • It does not support a two-way recording on all the Android devices.
  • There are no frequent app updates.

Total Recall

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15. Super Call Recorder

Here comes another best app to record calls on an Android device. Apart from directly playing the recordings from within the app, it also supports applications such as WhatsApp. Below are more of its features.


  • Supports almost all the Android versions.
  • Lets you export the call recordings to the SD card.
  • It allows you to share the recordings through platforms such as WhatsApp and more.


  • The process of the call recording is smooth and glitch-free.
  • Hosts a user-friendly UI.


  • The app is not frequently updated.
  • Sometimes, recordings are a bit unclear.

Super Call Recorder

16. Galaxy Call Recorder

This entrant on our list is also among the best call recording apps currently available on the Playstore. It comes with an ocean of features that segregate it from other similar applications. Here we discuss the central ones out of them.


  • It allows you to disable the call recording when connected to any Bluetooth device or headphone.
  • Automatically deletes the recordings after a specified period.
  • Lets you transcribe and checkmark the important recordings.
  • Hosts tools to shield you from scams and cyber attacks.


  • There is support for manual call recording.
  • Its recording quality is good and clearly understandable.


  • The app is a bit slow in its functioning.
  • To record a conversation from both ends, you need to turn on the loudspeaker.

Galaxy Call Recorder

The above was the best call recording apps that you may use. However, before trying any of these call recorders for Android, do check the laws of your land and abide by them. Lastly, before you leave, do not forget to join us in our newsletter to get more such interesting information and tech updates delivered straight to your mailbox.

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