7 Best Discord Servers for Among Us You Should Use in 2022
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7 Best Discord Servers for Among Us You Should Use in 2022

Read on to know the best Among Us Discord servers to make new friends, have fun voice chats, share ideas, and enjoy the game more.

Teamwork is a key ingredient of Among Us, i.e., one of the most popular multiplayer games related to a social deduction. While playing as a crewmate, you need to interact with your fellow mates to identify the imposters. The game lets you communicate with others using text chat, but it misses out on the fun of voice chat. Therefore, many players have switched to the best Discord servers for Among Us to make their team interactions more enjoyable.

Among Us Discord servers allow them to make friends, join a game, talk to others, and have lots of fun while playing the game. Thus, in our opinion, you should also try joining the Among Us Discord server community.

If you are wondering where to find a Discord server for Among Us, all you need to do is, read this article.

Here, we introduce you to the largest Discord servers for Among Us, which we handpicked specially for our readers. Without further ado, let’s move on to them.

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7 Best Discord servers for Among Us to chat, talk and have fun with co-players

Below are the top Among Us Discord servers you can use this year to socialize with other players, share your ideas, and have engaging discussions with them. 

1. Among Us Global

If you are looking for the best Discord server for Among Us with a large user base, Among Us Global is one of the perfect picks. It features a huge user community with over 139K members.

Moreover, with its “Matchmaking” feature you can find the people who are interested in playing the game. And, with its voice channels, you can have audio interactions with them during the game. So, in our view, it is definitely a worth-trying Discord server for Among Us.

Among Us Global

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2. Innersloth

Here comes a Discord server for Among Us from the game developers. This official server lets you interact with a community of nearly 383K members. With its easy matchmaking, you can find people from the community to play Among Us with voice chat working in the background.

Moreover, being the official server of Among Us creators, it is the place where you get all the required information about game updates and improvements. Furthermore, it also lets you bring game bugs to the developer’s notice.


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3. Among Us

Let’s now talk about one of the largest servers for Discord named after Among Us. It hosts more than 480K members. In addition to a large community base, it offers all the essential features required to be one of the best Discord servers for Among Us.

Some of these features include matchmaking, audio chats, free goodies, etc. Moreover, it also has one special feature that lets you get a person banned from the server if he/she tries to get into your voice chats forcefully.

Among Us

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4. Daddy

Here comes the Daddy, i.e., one of the best Discord servers for Among Us and many other games, such as League, Valorant, Valheim, etc. What makes this server stand out from other servers on this list is that it lets you watch anime as well. You can engage with over 237K community members while watching anime or playing games.

Moreover, it also lets you create a private group if you want to enjoy the game/anime with your closest friends only. In our opinion, these features make it one of the top choices for every gamer or binge watcher out there.


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5. Among Us Community

Let’s now introduce you to another Among Us community discord server. It hosts over 223K members with whom you can play the game. And, there are nearly 200 voice lobbies that you can use.

What brought it to our attention is its unique matchmaking. All you need to do is “Click to find a party” to let the server connect you to a party. It saves your time and effort from hunting manually for a server to join. Further, it keeps hosting tournaments to keep your excitement in the game alive.

Among Us Community

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6. Among Us LFG

If you are looking for a group on Discord with a lot of active members, Among US LFG is one of the best Discord servers for you. It hosts nearly 175K members who are actively searching for a group to join.

In addition to a large community of active members, it boasts 149 lobbies for chat playing and over 50 additional lobbies.Among Us LFG

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7. Imposters LFG (formerly known as /r/AmongUs)

Let’s take a look at Imposters LFG. It is one of the best Discord servers for Among Us due to its perfectly managed support. Its mods constantly endeavor to keep the server clean by banning inappropriate users. And, they also maintain an active record of game issues that you can access publicly.

Moreover, the server hosts different channels for games with a mic and without a mic. However, it can be a bit problematic for non-English speakers to use this server as it allows conversations in English only.

Imposters LFG

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Above were our top picks for the best Discord servers for Among Us. Now, let’s look at the answers to a few connected questions to help you select the perfect server to interact with others without any Discord lagging issues.

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Frequently asked questions

Here we answer some questions players often ask about Among Us Discord servers.

Q1. Is there any official Discord server for Among Us?

Innersloth is the official Among Us Discord server. Since it is one of the largest Discord community servers for Among Us, currently there is no space left for new members. But you can join it as soon as the mods kick out inactive members.

Q2. How to join Discord Among Us?

You need to follow these steps to join Among Us in Discord.

  • Open Discord and Among Us.
  • Click on Discord’s Settings.
  • Select Game Activity from App Settings.
  • Turn on the Discord Overlay.
  • Wait for Discord to recognize Among Us.

Q3. How to locate community Discord servers?

You need to take these steps to find community Discord servers for Among Us.

  • Click on the Explore Public Servers in Discord.
  • Input Among Us in the search box and hit Enter.

Q4. Is it safe to use Discord servers?

We cannot say that it is safe to use every Discord server as there are always some security risks involved in random servers. However, the best Discord servers for Among Us shared in this article are adequately moderated to minimize security issues. Moreover, as a user, you should also exercise caution in accepting friend requests and joining private servers with unknown people to ensure your safety.

Concluding the best Discord servers for Among Us

Through this article, we brought to light the best Among Us Discord servers that you can use to make the game more interactive and fun to play. You can choose any of the given servers depending on your requirements and preferences.

If our list misses out on any safe and top Discord server for Among Us, kindly notify us about the same using the comments section below.

And, for more information on how to make the games more interesting, solve gaming issues, fix computer problems, and other tech updates, be in regular touch with this blog.

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