Best Download Manager For PC Windows 10
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Best Download Manager For PC Windows 10

The best download managers can help any user in managing and organizing files while downloading from different websites and portals. 

Why do you need the best download manager for your PC? The internet is a one-stop platform where you can find different types of files including music, pictures, videos, games, movies, documents, and various others. Such files can be downloaded from any regular browser, but one can not deny that different problems like download crashes, slow downloading speed, etc. are generally faced by the user. Download managers not only help in downloading files quickly but also manage the files readily. The user can pause, resume, stop, restart, and manage large files at once. This article lists all the best free download managers for PCs that will make the file downloading process faster and easier than ever before. 

Download Managers for Windows 10

The following are the best and the most commonly used download managers that have been listed in this article after a thorough research and comparison of over a hundred different products:

1. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

IDM is one of the best and most widely used download managers available for PC. What makes it the top download manager for pc is its easy integration with almost every browser. The link interception speed of the software is quite good and allows the user to download multiple files at once. IDM has a logic accelerator with safe multipart downloading and intelligent file segmentation technology that helps in accelerating the download speed of all the files queued. The best feature of IDM is that even if the system is turned off in the middle of downloading due to any reason, the user can resume it from the last point instead of restarting the download. The software is multilingual and supports over 20 different languages. 

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

2. Free Download Manager (FDM)

FDM is considered one of the top 10 download managers for pc. FDM is a download accelerator and organizer with a built-in BitTorrent protocol support that allows the user to manage large files while downloading. One of the best qualities of the software is that it allows the user to preview files before start, and convert files after the download is complete. FDM downloads the files simultaneously after splitting them into parts so that the download can be paused and resumed as desired by the user. The traffic usage function of the software allows you to manage downloading speed and internet surfing collectively. Just like IDM, FDM also supports over 20 different languages for the ease of users.

Free Download Manager (FDM)

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3. GetGo Download Manager

GetGo download manager is the fastest download manager for PC. The software helps in improving the speed up to 5 times as compared to that provided by the browsers. GetGo 123, the integrated web browser of the software helps in detecting videos and downloading them. The software accelerates the download by splitting the files into threads. The user can download multiple files in a batch and manage them with a single click. The plug-in works with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Videos from different platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, and others can easily be downloaded with the help of the software. 

GetGo Download Manager

4. Ninja Download Manager (NDM)

NDM is one of the best download managers to download large files on pc. The lighting acceleration technology of NDM increases the downloading speed by 20 times from multiple connections at once. The software helps in scheduling the download as and when required by the user. The crash support feature ensures that files resume downloading from the last point, in case of any break. The software has been coded on a sequential file writing technique that helps in previewing files while they are downloading. Just drag and drop a link in the software to start the download. The speed of downloading can be increased or decreased according to the user’s needs so that he does not face any problem while surfing over the internet. 

Ninja Download Manager (NDM)

5. JDownloader

JDownloader is one of the best internet downloaders for PCs. The coding of the software can be modified or shared by the developers and other individuals as it is based on an open-source platform. The software has been created by a brilliant team of developers to provide the best downloading speed. Multiple files can be downloaded through the software on multiple connections. The list of files can be secured through encryption and a lot of customization features are present in the software. The best attribute of the software is that it can manage the files downloading remotely through a phone or JD website. 


6. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

DAP is another example of the best download management tool for PC. The latest update of the software has made the file downloading process more responsive, smooth, and faster than its previous versions. The extreme acceleration feature, as provided to users, improves the overall downloading speed of the software. The built-in mirror booster searches faster mirrors constantly and switches to the faster ones automatically. Broken and interrupted downloads can also be resumed from the point they were left off. The software also helps in converting videos and media files to other formats at a great conversion rate, as per the requirements of the user. The user can also preview the files before the downloading is complete.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

7. EagleGet Download Accelerator

EagleGet is an all-in-one download manager that can be integrated with all the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and others. The software supports different web protocols including HTTPS, HTTP, MMS, and others. The software checks for media content on any website automatically and provides an option to download such files quickly. There are no chances of any kind of virus or malware attack as the software itself checks the integrity of the links before downloading. The multi-thread technology of the accelerator enables fast-downloading and efficient file managing for the users. The software is the first to introduce a link refresh option that allows the user to resume the download from the newly generated link when the older one is expired. 

EagleGet Download Accelerator

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8. Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)

XDM is a powerful download management utility that allows its users to manage multiple downloads simultaneously. The software increases the download speed of different files by 5 times. The user can download videos from different streaming websites including YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram amongst various others. The software works in integration with all the popular browsers to provide the best download experience. The built-in smart scheduler helps in scheduling any download to a specific date or time. The download can be easily resumed from the last position even if it has been halted due to any reason. 

Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)


The above-listed products are the best free download managers for PC. These managers help in saving data by resuming the download from the last position, despite the reason behind the halt. Some of the above-listed software provide an option to download videos and audio from different video sharing and social media platforms, which can be of great help for multimedia lovers. All these software are quite effective in increasing the downloading speed of all kinds of files while surfing the internet, simultaneously. The user can download and install one according to his needs and manage different files in a single go. 

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