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7 Best Driver Genius Alternatives for Windows 10 in 2020

The Driver Genius alternatives are even better than it. Read on to know about them.

If you have ever faced fatal PC issues such as crashes or gaming errors, then you might be knowing about drivers. A driver is software that communicates your commands to the hardware and makes it execute them. Without updated drivers, your instructions don’t get correctly executed. Coming to the driver updates, many users opine that Drive Genius is the best software to update drivers.

No doubt, it is good software. But, every good thing on the Earth has even better alternatives. The best Driver Genius alternatives have more advanced features than it. Not only this but they are also easier to use.

These are not the only reasons for which you should look for alternatives to Driver Genius. The even bigger reason is its cons. Below we enlist them.

  • Detects fewer drivers than its counterparts.
  • The trial version only lets you scan and not update the drivers.
  • It sometimes flags even the already updated drivers.

Now that you know why is a Driver Genius alternative needed, let’s move on to the best utilities that you may consider in lieu of it.

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Best Driver Genius Alternatives 2020: The Super-Genius Driver Updaters

Here are the best alternatives to Driver Genius to upgrade all the out of date, faulty, and missing drivers without any cumbersome efforts like a true genius.

1. Bit Driver Updater

Here is one of the best Driver Genius alternatives from none other than Bit Guardian, a household name in the tech domain. It not only updates all the drivers automatically in a single click but also tweaks the PC’s performance and speeds it up. Let’s have a look at its features.


  • Lets you create driver backups and restore them at a later date.
  • Allows you to schedule the driver scans as per your liking.
  • With its Ignore List functionality, you can exclude drivers from the scan.
  • There is an overview section that lets you see the scan results in detail and decide the further course of action.


  • It has high compatibility with all the recent Windows versions.
  • Elevates the PC’s performance and makes it up to 50% snappier.


  • Incompatible with older Windows versions such as XP and Vista.

bit driver updater software


2. Driver Booster

If you want to give your PC’s speed and performance the much-needed boost, then this is the best alternative to Driver Genius that you can use. It updates all the drivers and at the same time optimizes the device’s functioning and speeds it up. Below are its central features.


  • Creates a restore point before making any changes to your PC.
  • Lets you compare the currently installed driver with the available update.
  • Encompasses the PC optimization tools to clean registry, remove junk files, and resolve the issues related to the system’s working.
  • It comes with a disk defragmenter tool that reduces the PC’s boot time significantly.


  • Lets you install the driver updates from within the program and does not direct you to any other webpage to do the same.
  • With this free alternative to Driver Genius, you can download an unlimited number of drivers.


  • You cannot download drivers without an active internet connection.
  • Its installation wizard tries to install other undesired programs on your PC.

Driver Booster - best free driver update tool

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3. AVG Driver Updater

Almost every one of us has heard the name AVG. The brand has one of the most widely used antiviruses in its name. But, not everyone knows that it also offers a driver updater that is one of the best Driver Genius alternatives. Here we talk about the features it offers to delight users.

Features of AVG Driver Updater

  • Boasts a huge driver database of about 1, 27, 000 drivers.
  • Lets you scan for outworn, faulty, and missing drivers in real-time.
  • It allows you to restore the drivers and undo any unwanted changes made to your PC.
  • Resolves common PC problems such as crashes, freezing, and connectivity errors.


  • It thoroughly analyzes your PC to find the correct drivers.
  • The user interface is intuitive, straightforward, and easy to use.


  • It does not have any extra features such as a password manager and junk cleaning tools.
  • This software is a bit expensive than its counterparts.

AVG Driver Updater

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4. Avast Driver Updater

This entrant on our list is also a widely-used and the best free alternative to Driver Genius. What make it a favorite of millennials are its incredible features. It offers many advanced tools and options to attract users worldwide. Below we talk about a few of them.


  • The process of installation is intended at minimizing problems related to hardware.
  • Hosts a functionality to restore the previous driver updates and revert the changes made to the PC.
  • With this Driver Genius free alternative, you can update all the worn-out, faulty, and missing drivers automatically in a single click.
  • Scans the PC inside out and then enlists the drivers needing an update.


  • It consumes fewer PC resources in comparison to the other best Driver Genius alternatives.
  • The user interface is uncluttered, straightforward, and easy to use for novice users.


  • The driver installation process requires a bit of effort from your end.
  • It does not allow you to schedule the checks for driver updates.

Avast Driver Updater

5. Driver Talent

Here comes another talented and the best Driver Genius alternative available for free. With this utility, you can install drivers for multiple systems simultaneously. In addition to this, it offers many other features to fit the driver update requirements of both the experienced as well as amateur users. Below we enlist the same.


  • Hosts support for multiple languages.
  • With this alternative to Driver Genius, you can install driver updates offline.
  • Boasts numerous themes to choose from.
  • Lets you install driver updates with just a flash drive.


  • There are no annoying popup advertisements to hamper the user experience.
  • It does not have any limit for the number of drivers that you can install.


  • You can download the driver updates in bulk.
  • It sometimes sends you notifications to get the pro version.

Driver Talent

6. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Ashampoo has always delighted the users with the PC care products it offers. With this driver updater software too, it leaves no stone unturned to be the favorite choice of users and the best Driver Genius free alternative. Let’s have a glance at the features that attracted and instigated us to include it on our list.


  • Updates all the outdated, corrupt, and missing drivers automatically in just a single click.
  • It comes with the functionality to create driver backups and restore them if anything goes wrong later on.
  • Boasts a vast catalog of approximately 1, 50, 000 drivers.
  • Hosts tools to optimize and enhance the performance of the PC.


  • It comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Boasts compatibility with all the latest Windows versions.


  • To unlock all the high-end features, you need to shell out a few bucks and get the pro version.
  • The trial version is less efficient in comparison to other similar Driver Genius alternatives.


7. Driver Easy

When the talk is about the best Driver Genius alternatives, the name of Driver Easy cannot be missed. It is perhaps the easiest software to update drivers in a snap of fingers. The features that it offers delight users across the globe. Let’s discuss the prominent ones out of them below.


  • With its search functionality, you can easily find all the needed drivers.
  • Boasts the option to create driver backups so that you can restore them later if the need to do so arises.
  • It does not redirect you anywhere else to install the driver updates, allows the installation from the program itself.
  • Encompasses a huge driver database for your PC.


  • Lets you schedule the driver scans as per your wish.
  • Runs the driver scans even when your device is idle.


  • It does not allow bulk downloading of drivers.
  • The download speed of drivers is slow in comparison to the other similar Driver Genius free alternatives.

Driver-Easy free driver updater windows

The Final Words

Above we reviewed the best Driver Genius alternatives. Go through them in the light of their features, pros, and downsides. Then, select the one that you think is the perfect fit for your requirements. Lastly, before you hit that arrow to go back, don’t forget to bookmark Innovana Blog for more such interesting tech information and updates.

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