10 Best Equalizer Apps for Android to Boost Sound Bass
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18 Best Equalizer Apps for Android in 2021 (Improve Sound Quality)

Are you a Musicophile ? Then, you must be listening to music on your phone. But most Android phones lack proper bass booster in their music players, and hence you will be in need of best equalizer apps for Android. The bass plays an important role in music as it refers to the tones of low pitch and ranges from 16 to 256 Hz. The bass plays a variety of musical roles.

Android phones with Android 5.0 and above do come with a built-in five-band equalizer that can be adjusted for achieving the right bass impact on music & sound, yet it often doesn’t yield satisfactory results. Therefore, equalizer apps come into the picture. In this blog, we will take a look at such apps in detail.

What are the Best Equalizer Apps for Android in 2021 

Below described in this article are the pros and cons of top 13 equalizer apps available to boost the bass of your Android phone’s sound system and normalize its sound as well.

1. Equalizer FX

One of the best Android equalizers with widget function

This equalizer app has a simply designed user interface. It has three main sections, namely – Equalizer, Effects, and Profiles. Apart from this, it is easy as pie to adjust configurations with the widget function of this software. It is not all and it boasts several other features as well. Let’s discuss all of them. 


  • This bass booster app is capable of improving the overall sound quality of your system and thereby enhances your music listening experience over any medium.
  • The widget function on your home screen, making it easy to adjust configurations.
  • There are twelve presets with customization options available.
  • It comes into effect instantaneously when you start playing music and also switches off with the music.
  • This app can act as an Equalizer and Bass booster.
  • What it also does is virtualize the audio channels to improve the stereo effect. 
  • It is among the best equalizer apps to work with applications such as Pandora, Spotify, and more. 
  • There is a loudness enhancer to increase the music’s loudness according to your requirements effortlessly. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Effortlessly configurable.
  • Boasts a plethora of advanced features.
  • Contains little annoying advertisements.
  • It does not support FM radio.
  • No features to change pitch or playback speed.
Equalizer FX - Best Equalizer app

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2. Neutralize

An equalizer for Android made especially for users with hearing difficulties

This is an excellent app for people who have a hearing impairment. This kind of app is an equalizer in a conventional manner. What it actually does is restore the sound of the system rather than distorting it.

The parameters which actually come into account for better sound quality are digital to conversion, signal frequency range, amplification path, speakers frequency response, and psychoacoustics. Therefore, a neutralizer tests the hearing ability in the main frequency ranges to tune in the system equalizer accordingly. Another plus point of this app that made it feature in this list of the best equalizers for Android is that it does not require many phone permissions. 


  • It tests the hearing ability in the main frequency ranges to tune in the system equalizer accordingly.
  • Not many phone permissions are needed to use this application. 
  • With this app, you can save presets for almost any environment like home speakers, the music system of your car, and more. 
  • Improves the sound quality of both speakers and headphones.
  • Not many phone permissions are needed to use this application.
  • This app isn’t completely free, as there are in-app purchases.
  • It may not function in its entirety on all devices as some phones impose restrictions on third-party applications.
Neutralize - Equalizer app

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3. Music Volume EQ – Equalizer & Booster

Best equalizer for Android with two interesting themes

This is perhaps one of the best equalizers and boosters available in the town. Unlike other random equalizer apps for Android, this application performs perfectly with almost all video and audio players. Moreover, it also boasts several other praiseworthy features that are enough to delight any music enthusiast. We share them below. 


  • It is inclusive of the standard five-band EQ together with the nine EQ presets.
  • The volume control, bass boost, and loudness enhancement features are incredible.
  • The app performs well with most of the video and audio players.
  • If app themes are also your priority, then you won’t be disappointed as this Android 10 equalizer offers you two exciting themes. 
  • It also boasts a 3D virtualizer effect and stereo-led VU meter. 
  • There is a home screen widget and option to use the system equalizer.
  • Compatibility with all video and audio players.
  • Availability of two enticing themes.
  • It does not drain the battery of your phone.
  • It won’t work with everything you wish to use.
  • You cannot remove the ads.

Music Volume EQ - Equalizer & Booster

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4. Bass Booster & Equalizer

The easiest to install equalizer for Android 

This is one of the most trusted equalizer apps by music lovers across the globe. What attracted us to this application is it is as simple as ABC to install and use this app. Apart from this, it boasts almost all the features that any music enthusiast would need. Below is a glimpse of them all. 


  • Here you get ten preset equalizations.
  • There are 16 exciting and colorful themes to choose from.
  • Installing and using the app is an easy-breezy thing.
  • Works with almost all music and video players.
  • It is among the best Android equalizers to get a stereo surround sound effect on your phone. 
  • You also get a Cool Spectrum, notification control, and three widgets. 
  • It boasts the availability of a customizable preset. 
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Improves sound quality.
  • Contains small ads that might bother you.
  • Does not have all the high-end features available with most of the other apps.

Bass Booster Equalizer

5. Equalizer Music Player Booster

One of the best headphone app for Android with background play mode

This app markets itself as the best all- in- one music player. And we are pleased to share that it is somewhat correct in its claims. One thing that we like the most about this software is that it allows us to use other applications while listening to music. Apart from this, here’re the other top features, upsides, and downsides of using it.


  • It has ten genre-based pro sound presets
  • Here you can save and edit your custom presets
  • It has a queue system that enables you to prepare your checklist in advance
  • Contains a background play mode so that you can listen to your favorite tracks while using other apps
  • It is one of those rare and the best music player for Android with an equalizer that allows you to edit the metadata of the soundtracks from the app itself. 
  • There is a DJ mode that handles the transitions automatically.
  • You can play the songs in random mode with its shuffle function.
  • Its music progression bar allows you to navigate within your sound effortlessly.
  • The 3 status repeat function lets you repeat one song, repeat a playlist, or perform no repetition at all. 
  • You can control music’s depth.
  • It lets you be in charge of the booster level.
  • Sometimes plays tracks super-fast and sounds scrambled.

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Equalizer music player booster

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6. Beans Mobile Music Equalizer

One of the free apps with the best equalizer settings for Android 

Here comes another music equalizer app to make your favorite soundtracks sound even better. From a highly useful virtualizer mode to notification shortcuts, it has almost all settings that you may need to get the best music experience on your phone. Below we look at the detailed features,  pros, and cons of this app. 


  • Hosts 10 presets and 5 Band EQ controllers.
  • Boasts a bass booster and virtualizer mode for better sound quality through headphones.
  • It comes with notification shortcuts and an option to save custom presets.
  • This phone equalizer offers a 4*4 widget and is free to use. 
  • Friendly interface.
  • Free with more features than other similar apps.
  • It is an ad-supported application and may annoy you with ads.

Beans Mobile Music Equalizer

7. Wavelet

Best headphone app for Android with highly useful reverberation tool

Are you fond of listening to music through headphones? If yes, then this is among the best headphone-special phone equalizers that you can use. It offers some top-grade features like a reverberation option that simulates reverb in your sound. Let’s discuss its features, pros, and cons. 


  • Boasts a 9 band graphic equalizer that improves the sound quality.
  • Hosts a bass booster for the beats that you love.
  • It comes with the much-needed reverberation and virtualizer options.
  • This music equalizer app lets you remove unneeded resonance with its bass tuner.
  • It offers excellent channel balance to keep the left and right channels balanced.
  • With its limiter, you can eliminate unwanted volume peaks. 
  • Boosts the audio quality.
  • Its auto eq is better than many other applications.
  • Distortion in music when the volume is increased beyond 50% in the loudness equalizer.

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8. Music Player

One of the best eq app for Android with multiple language support 

This is also among the best music players and Android 10 equalizer. We have many reasons to include it in our list. For example, it comes with the option to share your songs on different social media applications and supports many languages. In addition to this, below is what more you can expect from it. 


  • Lets you browse as per the music genre.
  • Boasts a collection of elegant themes.
  • It comes with a 5 band equalizer.
  • In the application, you also get virtualizer and reverb settings.
  • The app supports multiple languages and lets you share songs on all major social media platforms. 
  • It boasts full support for widgets.
  • There is an add to queue option to play songs in a selective order.
  • It comes with support for audiobooks.
  • Music Player also has in-built voice assistance and a ringtone cutter. 
  • Anyone can use it easily.
  • Song sharing on social media.
  • Support for over 40 languages.
  • It shows too many ads and this irritates many users.
  • Sometimes, you may experience a few minor glitches while using this app.

Music Player

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9. Viper4Android (Root Only)

Bluetooth equalizer for Android that requires a rooted device

This is also one of the best equalizer apps for Android that you can use if your device is rooted. It boasts many features to give you a top-notch sound experience. For instance, you get a ten-band equalizer, with lots of presets, and settings. Along with this, below are its other features. 


  • Improves the quality of sound significantly.
  • Compatible with many rooted phones.
  • It does not work on non-rooted devices.

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10. Music Equalizer

One of the best eq apps for Android with notification shortcut 

This app takes your equalizing experience a notch up with its amazing features. It is among the top choices of users who are looking for an easy-to-use equalizer for their Android device. Below are its features for which we have it on our list. 


  • Has virtualizer mode for improved results with headphones.
  • Contains a notification shortcut so that you can get quick access.
  • Works perfectly with all screen resolutions.
  • There are 10 presets equalizations and 18 colorful themes. 
  • It boasts effects like bass boost and stereo surround sound.
  • There is a 5 band equalizer and a 10 band equalizer for Android 10.x. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Notification shortcut for fast access.
  • Sometimes struggles a bit with Samsung tab and streaming services

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Music Equalizer

11. Equalizer – Bass Boost

One of the best equalizer apps for Android with over ten customizable presets

This is another choice among the best equalizer apps as the user interface is simple and appealing enough for users to find it convenient to use. This app is capable of enhancing the overall listening experience by customizing the sound effect as per the genre of music.


  • It has a five-band equalizer with bass boosting ability.
  • This is not just a bass booster app for Android as it can enhance the overall loudness in Android 4.4+ devices.
  • This app can also add visual effects, 3D surround sound effects, and a lot more.
  • There are ten predefined presets with customization capability.
  • Easy to use.
  • High customization.
  • This app contains ads.
  • This app also has some in-app purchase offers to access all features.
  • Sometimes, the bass boost option is grayed out.

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Equalizer – Bass Boost

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12. Poweramp Equalizer

Among the best equalizer settings for Android with configurable bands

This app again makes a superb choice as a bass booster Android app because of the impressive features like configurable bands, preamp, support for third-party players, and more. Let’s discuss all its features, pros, and cons, so you can judge it is the best application for you or not. 


  • It boasts an equalizer based on the Poweramp player.
  • You can configure the number of bands.
  • This application has power-packed bass and treble tone controls.
  • The presets are assignable as per specific devices.
  • It autosaves presets.
  • There is a DVC mode for the highest possible equalization range. 
  • It supports almost all 3rd party players and streaming applications. 
  • With its advanced player tracking mode, you can use it in almost any player. 
  • Bands can be configured.
  • You can use it easily.
  • After the 30-day trial, you get only a default 10-band EQ.
  • The preamp is not as strong as you may expect.

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Poweramp Equalizer

13. 10-Band Equalizer

Best headphone app for Android with an in-built music player

This bass booster app is capable of enhancing the complete sound quality of your device and gives you the freedom to adjust and modify sound as per your likes. This app can be downloaded free of cost and is even applicable to headphones as well as speakers.


  • It has a built-in music player which can be played in the background.
  • 10-Band equalizers are available along with custom presets.
  • It allows you to customize the volume, bass, treble, and also the left/right volume balance of the speakers.
  • The frequency of sound can be adjusted from 31Hz to 16kHz.
  • Friendly enough for beginners.
  • Availability of a music player.
  • There are ad interferences that can’t be removed.
  • Unlabeled frequency bands.

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Band Equalizer

14. SoundID

One of the most unique equalizer apps for both headphones and speakers 

Our next pick for the best equalizer apps for headphones and speakers is SoundID. As the name suggests, it lets you create your ID to help you discover the sound that fits your needs perfectly. This application is one of a kind and offers many features to please audiophiles worldwide. For instance, it supports numerous apps ranging from Spotify to Podcast Addict. In addition to this, below are its other interesting offerings. 


  • It works well with almost all local music players.
  • You can adjust the sound in whatever way you like.
  • Better sound personalization than many other apps.
  • Compatibility with all popular apps.
  • Difficult to use.
  • A bit buggy

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15. Many Music Player Apps

Best music apps with equalizers for Android 

A lot of music player apps come with in-built equalizers to boost sound quality. For example, BlackPlayer EX Music Player is one such application with a powerful equalizer, customizable visualizer, and many other features. Let’s take a look at the top features of this app. 


  • It offers a lot of themes.
  • You can make Widget and Notification customizations.
  • There is a floating window control widget.
  • It offers Chromecast support. 
  • It boasts an ID3 tag editor.
  • Highly customizable.
  • You can shuffle the playlist.
  • It is not free.
  • Crossfading causes trouble with the background equalizers.

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Many Music Player Apps

16. Equalizer by Smart Android Apps

Best Bluetooth equalizer for Android to backup and restore presets 

One of the features of this application for which it deserves to be on this list is that it lets you create and restore presets from SD cards. Moreover, it also boasts many other features that brought it to this position in our post listing the best headphone apps for Android. We share them below. 


  • You get a five-band equalizer.
  • There is a bass booster, virtualizer, and reverb.
  • It has 11 presets and you can also make your own preset.
  • You can integrate it with your music player.
  • It allows you to customize widgets, notifications, and home screen shortcuts. 
  • This application works well with almost every music app. 
  • A plethora of features.
  • Easy to use.
  • A bit more expensive than similar apps.
  • Sometimes, you face annoying glitches.

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Equalizer by Smart Android Apps

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17. VLC for Android 

One of the most popular equalizers for Android 

VLC is a name that most of us are familiar with. It is among the widely known and used media players in the world. It also offers several options to enhance the sound quality such as a ten-band equalizer and over eighteen presets. Let’s discuss all its incredible features. 


  • It supports almost all audio formats.
  • This application boasts support for disk shares.
  • There is support for multi-track audio, subtitles, auto-rotation, and aspect-ratio adjustments. 
  • You also get an audio control widget. 
  • Easy to use.
  • One of the most trusted media players.
  • 10 band equalizer.
  • You can see only 4 bands at a time.

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17. Headphones Equalizer

Best headphone app for Android with easy integration with music players

If you are looking for an Android equalizer to use with a headphone, then this app is among the best choices you can make. It offers effortless integration with almost all your favorite music players and many outstanding features. Let’s take a look at them. 


  • You can add as many headphones as you want.
  • With its headphone correction feature, you can apply the profile equalization automatically.
  • It comes with a bass boost, Correction attenuation, and Virtualizer.
  • This app integrates well with all music players.
  • It provides quick notification access.
  • You can add your equalization to the headphone list.
  • It allows you to backup and restore your headphone collection. 
  • Simple to use.
  • No ads.
  • Integration with all music players.
  • There are only a few presets.
  • It offers only a five-band EQ.

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Conclusion- Top 18  Best Equalizer Apps

This article has briefed you about the best equalizer apps available for Android devices with its best features and demerits. There are millions of apps in the Play Store which claim to be a thousand things, but when it comes to actual action, many of these turn out to be fake apps, or some may even contain malicious viruses.

Thus, this article can hopefully help you find the app which suits you best.

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