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9 Best Free Anime Apps for Online Streaming (Android/ iPhone)

Anime is not regular animation. It is a depiction of the Japanese culture from where it originated. Soon this style of animation spread like a fire all over the world and gained immense popularity. There are a lot of Anime-lovers on the planet. If you are also one of them and searching for the best free anime apps for Android or iPhone, then we got you covered. Through the next segment of this blog post, we will list down a few fantastic apps that you can use to stream great anime content for free on both of these platforms.

What is the Best Free Anime Apps

Now you need not pay for streaming your favorite anime shows and movies. The anime apps curated by me will let you watch fantastic and high-quality content without digging a hole in your pocket. Here they are.

1. Crunchyroll

Price: $79.99/year

Free trial: Available for 14 days

Availability: Android, iOS 11.2, and up

This is one of those anime streaming apps that offers you a massive collection of new and popular series for free. Along with this, here, you also get subtitles in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. This application gives you access to approximately 25000 anime series of the highest possible quality. Here’re we summarize its highlighting features and share the link to dive into the anime world.

Features of Crunchyroll

  • Along with anime, you can also watch manga and Asian dramas with Crunchyroll.
  • It is among the best anime apps to watch newly released shows as it makes the show available to you in not more than an hour of its release in Japan. 
  • Crunchyroll keeps you informed about the upcoming anime movies and shows. 
  • Let’s view subtitles in a multitude of languages ranging from English to Portuguese. 


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2. Netflix

Price: $8.99 per month 

Free trial: Available for 30 days 

Availability: Android, iOS 12.0 and above

Netflix has recently emerged as a worldwide synonym for binge-watching. It not only has different movies and series, but also multiple anime shows for you to enjoy. Although it is priced on a bit higher side, still it makes it to this list because of the incredible features that it offers. For instance, it lets you view shows without any ads even during the trial period. In addition to this, here are the other reasons for which we included it in our typewritten note and the Netflix download link to dive into the anime world. 

Features of Netflix

  • Boasts top-notch original programming. 
  • Let’s you download and view shows offline. 
  • Boasts an enormous catalog of shows and movies.
  • Hosts a few amazing original shows that you will surely enjoy. 
  • It offers both subtitles and English dubs. 


Download for Android 

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3. YouTube

Price: $15.99 per month

Free trial: Available

Availability: Android

iOS 11.0 and up

Do we even need to introduce this app? YouTube is the world’s biggest video-sharing community. It is the hub of endless video content including shows, movies, musical videos, and the much-loved anime. This single app offers you all the things that you need. Here you can go through the show reviews before watching it, get the latest news about your favorite shows and characters, and do a lot more. Further, its premium version offers many other amazing features such as background play without any ads. Below are its highlighting features and the key to an enormous library of anime shows. 

Features of YouTube

  • You can like, comment, and share the shows that you love. 
  • It allows you to view videos offline. 
  • Let’s you share your own videos as well. 


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4. Amazon Prime Video

Price: $8.99 per month

Free trial: Available for 30 days

Availability: Android

iOS 12.1 and up

Amazon is a popular name in the eCommerce world. The company has now made a place in the domain dedicated to binge-watchers. Amazon Prime Video is the best app to watch anime, movies, and original shows. It lets you view a wide range of anime shows in crisp and clear picture quality. Moreover, it also encompasses features such as downloading and saving the shows over WiFi for offline viewing. Below are more of its features and the gateway to your favorite anime shows. 

Features of Amazon Prime Video

  • Encompasses unlimited anime titles for you to view.
  • Supports video download for offline viewing. 
  • Chromecast is supported on Amazon Prime Video.
  • In addition to anime, it offers movies and incredible originals. 

amazon prime

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5. Funimation Now

Price: $5.99 per month

Free trial: Available for 14 days

Availability: Android 6.0 and above | iOS 11.0 and up

If a simple user interface is your topmost priority, then the best free anime app for Android is Funimation Now. In addition to the clutter-free interface, here you get the facility to search for the series titles, add shows to favorites, and many other functionalities. This is not the end, and the app also gives you the freedom to look for the shows based on their genre. On top of all, the content here is viewable in HD quality. What more can you ask for? Click on the link below to enter the anime world. But, before you do that, do not forget to have a look at these exciting highlighting features of this app. 

Features of Funimation Now

  • It has a huge collection of both old and new shows for you to watch. 
  • With Funimation Now, you can search for your favorite anime shows in a flash. 
  • It even allows you to download the shows for offline viewing. 
  • The web player lets you turn the lights off for a pleasing viewing experience.
  • Boasts a fairly stylish user interface. 

Funimation Now

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6. AnimeLab

Price: Free

Availability: Android 5.0 and above

iOS 10.0 and above

Here comes one of our top choices and best free anime streaming apps to view anime shows fast-tracked from Japan. In case you are wondering that you do not understand Japanese, then also there is no need to worry. This app shows subtitles or English dubs (where available). Moreover, internet charges are also not a cause of concern as this app lets you download the shows for watching them offline. Apart from this, below are its other offerings and the link to enter the lab of pure Japanese anime shows. 

Features of AnimeLab

  • It has a much-needed picture-in-picture functionality. 
  • AnimeLab lets you cast directly from Chromecast. 
  • With this app, you can stream in multiple bitrates and resolutions. 
  • Adds new shows regularly. 


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7. Hulu

Price: $5.99 per month

Free trial: Available for 30 days

Availability: Android 5.0 and above

iOS 12.0 and up

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and low-priced application to stream anime shows, then this is among the best anime streaming apps that you can try. In addition to anime, it also lets you watch live TV, sports, news, and more. We can say that it offers a complete video streaming experience where you can watch all kinds of content ranging from anime shows to exclusive originals. Moreover, below are the other specialties of this app and the link to get it. 

Features of Hulu

  • It allows you to create 6 personalized profiles.
  • You can add shows and movies to favorites and view them from any device. 
  • It is among the best apps to watch anime for the fans of Gundam. 
  • Boasts cloud DVR. 


Download for android 

Download for iPhone

8. Kitsu

Price: Free

Availability: Android | iOS 9.0 and above

This app is included in the list of the top anime streaming apps due to its minimalistic interface. In addition to the user-friendly interface, here you get high-quality content that is updated regularly. Moreover, the app displays a show’s release date, cover picture, and a short description. This is something not all apps do. Further, here you can also see the ratings of a particular show. The cherry on top of the cake is its amazing genre tab. This tab lets you access shows based on the genre to which they belong. Here’s the link to get this fabulous app that even enables you to keep track of the shows you’re watching. Here’re the app highlights and the link to get this fabulous app that even enables you to keep track of the shows you’re watching.

Features of Kitsu

  • Shows you the release date, cover picture, and a short description of the show. 
  • Lets you organize the library in three categories, namely, anime that you’re watching, want to watch, and completely. 
  • Its genre tab lets you perform a genre-based show search. 
  • Boasts a friendly and user-friendly interface. 
  • You can get show recommendations from the viewer community and also discuss the shows. 


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9. Viewster

Price: Free

Availability: Android 5.0 and above | iOS 10.0 and above

Viewster shut down in 2019, and all its traffic is now redirected to CONtv. This app offers you multiple options to binge watch and kills time. Here not only you can watch fantastic anime shows, but also sit on the couch like a potato and watch movies the whole day. The app offers a massive catalog of both anime series and movies for you. Further, you can also view the subtitles if you want. All that you’re required to do is get the app from the link below, create an account, and indulge in the best anime and movie-watching experience. But, first, have a look at the highlighting features of this app. 

Features of Viewster

  • It offers both anime shows and movies for you to binge-watch. 
  • Let’s view the subtitles if you like. 
  • Apart from movies and shows, it also hosts a lot of comic content for you to read.


Download for android 

10 4anime

Price: Free 

Availability: iOS 13.6 and above, Android 4.1 and up 

Here comes yet another noteworthy addition to the list of the best free anime apps to stream online on Android/iPhone. With this app, you can download and watch unlimited anime shows. Although it is not as popular as some other apps in this post, still we can call it one of the must-have anime apps for all Otaku fans. The reason is that it boasts many outstanding features, such as notifications for new episodes, watchlists, and more. Let’s take a look at all its wonderful features. 

Features of 4anime

  • You can track your favorite anime shows.
  • It allows you to create a watchlist.
  • There is support for English subtitles. 
  • With this app, you can check the new episode schedules.
  • It notifies you when the new episode of an anime show comes up. 
  • This application boasts a beautiful dark mode.
  • It lets you browse shows by genre, trending, and new season.


Download for android 

Download for iPhone

11. VRV

Price: $9.99 per month 

Free Trial: Available 

Availability: Android 5.0 and above, iOS 10.0 and up 

Here is our next choice when it comes to watching anime for free legally. The best thing about this application is that it supports offline downloads. Hence, we need not worry about data charges while watching our favorite anime content. Moreover, with this single app, you get 9 platforms to view anime, such as Crunchyroll, Mondo, Cartoon Hangover, Rooster Teeth, and more. Below are the other fascinating features of this app. 

Features of VRV

  • The interface looks clean and stylish. 
  • You can browse other shows and leave comments while watching a show. 
  • It allows you to add a show to favorites or watchlist. 
  • There are many ways to sort your watchlist and favorites. 
  • You can download shows for offline viewing. 
  • It lets you choose to view or not view mature content. 
  • With this app, you can select between languages, turn auto-play off, make changes in how the subtitles and backgrounds look. 


Image Source: PCMag

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Price: $4.99/month 

Free Trial: Available 

Availability: Android 4.1 and above, iOS 11.0 and up 

Taking the list of the best free anime apps for online streaming further, let’s talk about HIDIVE. It is an application with many uncommon shows in its vast library of over 500 movies and shows. Apart from letting you view even the most lesser-known but good anime content, it also boasts many useful features, like the creation of a private chat room to let you discuss a show with your friends, and more. Let’s go through some of the interesting features that brought it to our notice. 

Features of HIDIVE

  • As said above, it boasts a vast collection of anime shows and movies.
  • It boasts support for three account profiles. 
  • You can block mature content on one profile while keeping it unblocked on the other.
  • It allows you to set custom subtitles.
  • HIDIVE lets you create a private chat room to discuss your favorite show or movie. 


Download for android 

Download for iPhone

Still, have any questions or doubts? Don’t worry. Go through the below section to find all your answers. 

Frequently asked questions about Best Free Anime Watching Apps

Q1. What is an anime website?

Anime websites are an online library of anime shows, movies, and cartoons. You can go to an anime website to watch anime content related to various genres, such as action, horror, drama, etc. Additionally, you can filter the content you want to view by applying filters based on quality, year of release, language, and other parameters. 

Q2. What are the common features of the best anime websites?

Below are the features that all good anime websites have. 

  • A massive collection of anime shows and movies in various genres. 
  • Availability of both subbed and dubbed versions of shows/movies.
  • Advanced filters based on genre, region, theme, language, etc. 
  • Timely anime library updates.
  • Support for free anime streaming and downloads. 
  • They should also let you request the video you wish to watch. 

Q3. Where can you watch anime for free?

There are a lot of applications that let you watch anime for free legally. We shared the best ones in this article. However, if you still need recommendations, then here are our favorites. 

  • Crunchyroll
  • Netflix 
  • Hulu 
  • VRV 

Q4. Is it safe to watch anime online?

Streaming anime online is safe if you use a legal website to do it. The websites and applications shared in this post are legitimate ones, and it is quite safe to use them.

Which best free anime apps did you choose

These were some of the best free anime apps for Android and IOS that we have tried and enjoyed. We hope, like us, your anime viewing experience will also be fantastic with these apps. Do let us know which app do you like the most via the below comment box. Moreover, if you like our content, then subscribe and bookmark the blog for more. 

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