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5 Best Free Calling Apps for iPhone- Stay Connected at No Extra Cost

Rising call-tariffs is no longer a barrier between you and your loved ones. Call them at no extra cost with the best free calling app for iPhone shared in this write-up.

Life is a box of uncertainties. This is what the recent worldwide happenings taught us. In such tough and uncertain situations, perhaps, staying connected with the loved ones is the only ray of hope. Communicating with the precious people in your life over a phone call helps keep your spirits high. Moreover, you require conversing with people for various personal and professional purposes. But, the only cause of worry is the price you need to pay. The question here is that is it necessary for telephonic communication to be costly? No, there are a multitude of best free calling apps for iPhone that lets you communicate without spending even a penny.

These applications use the internet to let you have phone convos. Hence, your usual internet bills are the only thing you need to pay for staying connected through the best free calling apps for iPhone.

Eager to know about such calling applications? Well, through this write-up, we shall introduce you to the same. But, before moving ahead, here’s an important note for you.

Note: The best free calling apps for iPhone are only meant for personal and professional conversations. They do not support emergency calling services such as ambulance, fire, police, etc. Hence, for all the SOS requirements, use the native iOS dialer.

5 Best Free Calling Apps for iPhone to Stay connected with Loved ones

Below are the iOS VoIP, i.e., the best internet-based free calling apps for iPhone to let you converse with people at no extra cost.

1. WhatsApp

Does this best free calling app for iPhone even need an introduction? It is among the most popular messaging applications all over the globe. With this millennial’s favorite application, you can make both domestic as well as international calls without any charges. Below are some of the highlighting features of the WhatsApp call.


  • Call Waiting- informs you about an incoming call when you are already in the middle of a phone conversation.
  • Video Calling- this best free calling app for iPhone lets you make both voices as well as video calls.
  • Conference Calls- it allows you to have a conversation with up to eight participants at a time.

How to make a WhatsApp call?

  • On your iPhone with iOS 9 or above, open the chat of the contact that you want to call.
  • Tap call icon.


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2. Skype

This offering from none other than Microsoft is undoubtedly among the best free calling apps for iPhone. Its crystal clear call quality is what makes it feature on our list. In addition to this, below are the other noteworthy points that we found attractive about this app to make free calls on iPhone.


  • Meet Now- allows you to connect with people who don’t have a Skype account.
  • View Switching- lets you switch between 3*3 grid view, multiple people’s video, and focus on the speaker while on a video call with up to 9 people.
  • Screen Sharing- with this one of the best free calling apps for iPhone, you can share your phone’s screen while making an audio or video call.
  • Call Blocking- the application has a call blocking feature so that you can block spam and troublesome callers.

How to make a Skype call?

  • Tap on contact icon.
  • Choose the contact that you want to call.
  • Select phone call icon if you want to make a voice call.
  • For making a video call, select video call icon.


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3. Google Hangouts

Google leaves no stone unturned to please its ardent users. It offers a plethora of applications to meet various user demands. Google Hangouts is also a power-packed package from the tech giant to satisfy all your communication requirements. Let’s have a look at the features that make it one of the best free calling apps for iPhone.


  • Google Voice Integration- it integrates with Google Voice so that you can send voicemails with ease.
  • Calling Non-Hangout Users- with this app to make national and international calls on iPhone, you can even call the users who don’t use Google Hangout. However, for availing this feature you need to buy calling credits.
  • Conference Video Calls- this application allows you to communicate with over 10 people through a video call.

How to make a Google Hangouts call?

  • Open the application and tap calling icon
  • From the bottom pane, select option icon
  • Tap user icon to search for the contact that you want to call.
  • Choose the desired contact and tap on calling icon to make a call.

Google Hangouts

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4. Apple FaceTime

When the talk is about the best free calling apps for iPhone, how can FaceTime be forgotten? This app from Apple’s home is one of our topmost picks as you don’t even need to download it from the App Store. It comes bundled with iOS. In addition to this, below are the other praiseworthy features that induced us to include it in our write-up.


  • Call Recorder- this app hosts an in-built call recorder for iPhone so that you can seamlessly record the calls.
  • Device Switching- with this best app to make free calls on iPhone, you can initiate a call from your device and then continue it on another iOS supported device without any hassles.

However, you must note that with this app, you can only connect with users having an iOS-enabled device.

How to make a FaceTime call?

  • Launch the application and tap on +.
  • Select the contact that you want to call.
  • Tap on phone call icon to make an audio call.
  • For making a video call, tap on video call icon.
Apple FaceTime
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5. Viber

This is among the immensely popular calling and messaging apps for iPhone used internationally. What makes it such a widely installed and one of the best free calling apps for iPhone are the features such as an end to end call encryption and more. In addition to this, below are the other noteworthy highlights of this app.


  • Call Segregation- this application separates free calls from the paid ones so that you can effortlessly identify the calls that you can make without making any payment.
  • Contact Integration- it seamlessly integrates with your phone contacts so that you can easily call the users who have Viber installed on their iPhone.

How to make a Viber call on iPhone?

  • Open Viber on your device.
  • Tap on blue call icon.
  • Select the contact that you want to connect with.


Which are your Favorite Calling Apps for the iPhone 2021

Above were our picks for the best free calling apps for iPhone to help you stay connected with your near and dear ones at no extra cost. We would be waiting to know which of these apps you like the most. In case you have your personal favorite other than the applications mentioned in this write-up, then we would love to know about it through the comment box below. Do you want to get more amazing utilities for iPhone? If yes, then keep reading Innovana Blog.

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