10 Best Free Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows 10
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10 Best Free Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows 10

Gain back all the deleted data and files which you’d ever deleted accidentally.

Have you ever deleted a file by mistake that is so important for your work but you have just lost all your progress by a small mistake? To solve your mistakenly deleted file problems we present you some of the best free hard drive recovery software that can help you to recover your deleted files. Recovering a file is not an easy task you have to hire a computer specialist to get the job done. But, they take a lot of fees so to get rid of this problem you can use this software to recover your deleted files.

Top 10 Best Free Hard Drive Recovery Software

Deleted some files mistakenly? Here, we’ve listed some of the best free hard drive recovery software that can help you to recover them. Hence, keep involved with us to know more in detail!

1. Recuva

Recuva performs your work to recover deleted files from your PC. It makes recovering files a piece of cake. If you’ve mistakenly deleted some of your important files whether it is in form of audio, video, or photo. Recuva is here to correct your mistake and recover your deleted files. Recuva is one of the most prominent and trusted software to recover deleted files. It can recover files even from a crashed or corrupted drive.


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2. Disk Drill Basic

Protect your data and recover all the lost files by installing the best hard drive recovery software which is – Disk Drill Basic. Professionals always opted Disk Drill Basic to get back all the deleted and lost files. Disk Drill Basic is completely a freeware hard drive recovery software. Its deep and fast scan feature searches for files and recovers the file in just a few seconds. Disk Drill Basic uses multiple algorithms and parameters for quick searching and rebuilding.

Disk Drill Basic

3. Wise Data Recovery

The top-notch best hard drive recovery software on our list is – Wise Recovery Software. Basically, it is a professional data recovery kit. Interestingly, it quickly recovers all the deleted photos, audio files, video files, documents, emails and etc,. With this recovery software, you can also recover the deleted files from the local drives, SD card, USB drive, or other removable drives. It has the quickest data scanning speed than others. Compatible with all the versions of Windows.

Wise Data Recovery

4. Stellar Data Recovery Software

Stellar is the most promising data recovery software. Best in recovering deleted files from laptops, PCs, hard drives, etc,. Highly-capable in recovering all types of files including photos, videos, documents, graphics, emails, and so forth. When your system gets crashed and you feel sad that you’ve lost all your important files. At that time, this recovery software comes like a superhero to save you. That means Stellar recovers deleted files or data even from the crashed or unbootable drives.

Stellar Data Recovery Software

5. EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Recovery Software is the complete solution to all the data loss problems. It claims to recover a 100% safe data recovery.  EaseUS Recovery Software is the complete solution to all the data loss problems. It claims to recover a 100% safe data recovery. EaseUs also allows you to move files automatically from one folder to another or from one device to another via the EaseUS ToDo Backup tool. If your system crashes EaseUS doesn’t even care about this problem. EaseUS recover all the deleted and lost files even from the crashed system. This recovery software gets all the deleted files back from flash drives, memory cards, and other removable drivers. It is the best free hard drive recovery software for Windows.

EaseUS Data Recovery

6. PhotoRec

Another top-rated hard disk recovery software for windows is – PhotoRec. Photo Recovery Software is specially designed to recover the permanently deleted files including videos, photos, documents, from the hard disks. Photo Recovery strictly focuses on the underlying data, so it recovers all the files even your system has crashed. PhotoRec runs on the Windows, macOS, Linux platforms. It is the freeware and multi open-source platform software. So far security concerns, PhotoRec uses read-only file access to recover files from the memory card or drives.

It supports more than 380 file extensions to get all the mistakenly files back.


7. Data Rescue

Data Rescue performs work just like by its name indicates to rescue all your deleted files. Uniquely designed Data Rescue hard disk data recovery software is only compatible with Windows platforms. This software allows you to scan all the deleted files and displays you the preview list of the deleted files that you want to recover. Afterward, you can select the files and recover them safely. It lets you make a clone of the files in case if your hard drive facing some hardware problems.

Data Rescue

8. Recovery Toolbox

Recovery Toolbox is the best choice to get back all the accidentally deleted files in a very few mouse clicks. It is not just a file recovery software but it is more than enough. Recovery Toolbox recovers files including graphics, flash drive, and all types of documents. Apart from recovering deleted data, it is also good in recovering the password. Available for all the versions of windows. Cloud Integration support helps you to keep all the data and files safe all the time.

Recovery Toolbox

9. TestDisk

TestDisk recovery software is a well-programmed tool that recovers all the deleted files in just a few steps. Fundamentally it was programmed to recover the portion devices and non-bootable disks into the bootable. TestDisk is good for both experts as well as learners. It fixes the partition table and recouped all the deleted partitions. Re-creates the NTFS boot sector to get the files back even from the crashed system. It doesn’t know any limitation as it recover files from the formatted hard drive free. It also recovers the password via its password recovery utility.


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10. R-Studio Recovery Software

R-Studio is the best hard drive recovery software that gains back all the deleted files in just a single go. Designed with the latest recovery technologies R-Studio scans for the files and quickly recovers all the important files. R-Studio is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. It is the most impressive recovery tool that recoups the extremely damaged files. Finding the unknown files is not an easy task but for R-Studio it is a very easier task. Flexible algorithms and parameters help you to get more control over your files.

R-Studio Recovery Software

Get Back your Deleted Files via Best Free Hard Drive Recovery Software

Here, we may like to conclude our list of best free hard drive recovery software that can help you to recover your deleted files, and these programs are all trusted and tested. Recovering a deleted file is not an easy task to do by yourself. But, you can make it easy by using programs that we’ve mentioned above. A deleted file can be brought back through its traces. So, don’t format your computer if you ever want to recover your files. Do subscribe Innovana Blogs for more such encouraging tech updates!

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