10 Best Free Heatmap Software to Improve Website’s User Interactions
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10 Best Free Heatmap Software to Improve Website’s User Interactions

Looking for the best heatmap software for your PC for free heat mapping services? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

The user’s interaction with any website plays a very important role in determining the worth of the website. If there is no or improper user interaction, then the website will most likely fail. Heat Mapping software is the best way to improve the conversions for your website.

You will find a lot of different heatmap tools on the internet. But in this article, we will list the best free heatmap software to save your effort. But before listing them, let us explain what heatmap software is.

What is Heatmap Software

The heatmap software helps you in monitoring the clicks and scrolls of the user over your website. The tool shows the user’s interaction with your website in the form of a color bar. It covers the area with red as the most frequently visited area and white as the least. However, some software may opt for other ways to do that.

The software shows which area of a webpage gets the most clicks and scrolls. It also tells you how many clicks any link is getting. The software can help you decide the layout of the page in a way that gets you the most interactions. Here are some of the advanced best free wifi heatmap software for your ease.

10 Best Heatmap Software to Improve User Interactions

The coming sections of the article will include some of the best heatmap software. Download and install any of these tools and analyze the status of your website very easily.

1. Crazy Egg

The first software on our list of the best free and dedicated heatmap software is the Crazy Egg. Don’t worry, the software is not at all ‘crazy’ like its name.

Crazy Egg is one of those few tools that allow you to analyze user behavior through heatmaps, snapshots, and recordings. The features of Crazy Egg, the best heat mapping tool, listed below will enlighten you more about the tool.

Features of Crazy Egg:

  • The software provides information about how the user is stopping and skipping the content of the website.
  • You can make changes in the structure of the website as per the results shown by the tool.
  • The A/B testing facilities of the software allow you to place the images and content on the website to get the best results.
  • With the help of integrated editing tools, you can make the required changes on the website without any developer.
  • What makes Crazy Egg the first choice of users is that it is very easy to set up and use.

Crazy Egg

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2. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is an extensive and best free heat mapping tool for Windows and Mac. Apart from heat mapping, the tool also provides a lot of other functionalities. It is one of the few effective tools that actually help in improving traffic for your website. Let’s have a look at the features of Lucky Orange for more information.

Features of Lucky Orange

  • The tool allows you to record the behavior of the users so that you can analyze the same and make the required changes.
  • The Dashboard of the tool provides you deep insights into the performance of your website.
  • With lucky Orange, you can get the heatmap details according to location, browser, etc.
  • The subscription of Lucky orange provides an effective chat solution to connect with visitors.
  • With the help of conversion funnels, you can ascertain the point at which the users are quitting the website.
  • You also get to collect data with polls and forms for better understanding.

Lucky Orange

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3. Mouseflow

If you are a beginner and do not have much information about websites, then the simple interface of Mouse flow may attract you. Mouseflow is one of the most trusted and popular best free wifi heatmap software. Just like its name, Mouseflow allows you to record the clicks, mouse flows, edit content, and a lot more. Here are some features of Mouseflow for ease.

Features of Mouseflow

  • Mouseflow is affiliated with multiple privacy ensuring institutions and does not share your data anywhere.
  • With the help of the tool, you can revisit the sessions of user behavior and optimize the page.
  • Unlike other heatmap tools, Mouseflow provides information about clicks, cursor movements, read time, etc.
  • The tool allows you to connect with the visitors and get their feedback.
  • Mouseflow is quite easy to set up and use over different platforms and OS.


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4. Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the finest and fastest best free heat mapping tools on the internet. What brought this product to our attention was its intuitive user interface. The display of results and everything else is so sleek that it’ll make you fall for the tool. Here are some features of Hotjar that will speak to you even more.

Features of Hotjar

  • The tool allows you to analyze the places of attractions and otherwise.
  • You can run A/B tests with Hotjar and get accurate results very quickly.
  • One of the best features of Hotjar is that you can see which devices are bringing the most visitors to your website.
  • You can also download and use the recordings of user behavior for in-depth analysis.
  • The platform allows you to conduct surveys and get real-time feedback from active visitors.
  • You can use the Hotjar tool from your mobiles and tablets too.


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5. NotifyVisitors

The next name on our list of the best and top-rated free heatmap software is NotifyVisitors. Whether it is the read time, mouse clicks, link responses, or scrolls. The tool records everything. Let’s dive into the extensive features of NotifyVisitors for complete information.

Features of NotifyVisitors

  • The tool provides real-time reports on every heatmap aspect of your website.
  • The graph and visual representations of the software are quite attractive and easy to understand.
  • You can use the software on multiple domains at once with a single code.
  • The tool allows you to play the recordings of the user behavior as many times as you want until satisfied.
  • If you put a form, the tool also shows how many users tried to use the form.
  • The dashboard of NotifyVisitors is quite flexible, easy to understand, and provides detailed results.
  • The tool also works with a huge number of visitors.


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6. Inspectlet

Inspectlet is another top-rated and best free heatmap software for your website. The software allows you to get every little detail about how a user is responding to your website in real-time. Here are some features of Inspectlet that will attract you to download and use the tool.

Features of Inspectlet

  • What makes Inspectlet better than others is the Javascript error tracking and resolutions.
  • The tool allows you to record any user’s responses and analyze them whenever you want.
  • You can analyze where the user is topping the scroll, where he is reading, and more with Inspectlet.
  • The tool allows you to get the best conversion rates through A/B testing.
  • One of the convenient functions of Inspectlet is the composite feedback option for the website.


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7. VWO

VWO is a new introduction to the must-have best free heatmap software for your website. The tool is new but is very versatile. VWO offers more features than any other heat mapping tool available. Let’s have a look at some of the best features provided by VWO.

Features of VWO

  • One of the unique features of VWO is the Multivariate testing that allows you to test hundreds of changes on the website at once.
  • The tool contains a set of auto-combined changes that can help you generate more visitors.
  • You can make the observations and generate hypotheses that will help to gain stable visitors.
  • The tool allows you to generate the number of visitors to any particular section of the web page easily.
  • Whether it is the visible or hidden elements, VWO allows you to monitor all of them.


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8. Fullstory

The next best free and intelligent heat mapping tool for different platforms is Fullstory. What makes Fullstory different from others is that the tool provides device-specific details for errors. You can also analyze if some popup or advertisement is affecting the conversion funnel of your website. Here are some features of Fullstory to help you make a decision.

Features of Fullstory

  • The software has some attractive tools for developers to provide the best information.
  • With the help of Fullstory, you can get the full story of the clicks, scrolls, and more.
  • The tool provides real-time results for different issues and prioritizes them as per their impact.
  • One of the most compatible features of the tool is Custom Conversion Analysis
 allows you to apply various changes and check their integrity.
  • With Fullstory, you can uncover the bugs and take your webpage to the next level.


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9. Attention Insight

The sole purpose of Attention Insight is to provide the percentage of attention on your website. This intelligent best free heatmap software allows you to check any particular area of the webpage for clicks, scrolls, and reading time. Get through the features of Attention insight for better information.

Features of Attention Insight

  • One of the best features of Attention Insight is that you can use it on different devices.
  • The tool shows the heatmap of different pages with a warm to cold-colored interface.
  • You can add and remove objects from the webpage to test the authenticity and performance of the element.
  • The Attention Insight tool automatically searches for critical and non-performing areas to make the webpage better.
  • The unique clarity score or the tool helps you in comparing your interface with that of the competitor for analysis.

Attention Insight

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10. Clicky

The last and the most lightweight platform and the best free heatmap software is Clicky. The platform is best suited for beginners and is not at all complex. Clicky has limited but necessary features that help you in ascertaining the heatmap of your website easily. Here are some of the smooth features of Clicky.

Features of Clicky

  • The tool provides real-time results and data analysis up to the last second.
  • Clicky provides even the smallest of details for the best results.
  • You can analyze the behavior of users from different locations on your webpage with this tool.
  • One of the best features of Clicky is that it provides real-time notifications if the website goes offline.
  • The software provides one of the best spam and adblocking services on the internet.


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Summing Up on the Most Recommended Best Free Heatmap Software

If you want to get the best results out of your website, we recommend that you get the help of this best free wifi heatmap software. With the help of the heatmap software, you can ascertain the lowest and highest interacted areas of your website.

After the assessment, you can make the required changes so that more and more potential users stay at your website for a longer period. All of the above listed best free heat mapping tools are not mere products but excellent ones based on extensive research.

Download and install any of the tools and get your website straight within a couple of minutes.

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