Top 20 Best Free Software Download Websites [2021]

Top 20 Best Free Software Download Websites [2021]

There are plenty of free software download websites that make it easy to get the full version of any app or program for free. Read on to know about the best free software download websites available in 2021.

Today, there is a software for literally everything. PC users download them to perform tasks easily and smoothly. However, not all the programs are available for free. Developers often charge an amount to provide you with the full version of a particular app. But luckily, there are a lot of sites available to download software for free in 2021. No, we are not referring to the malicious websites that offer illegal malware-infected cracks. There are several genuine free software download sites available. And they allow you to download numerous apps on your PC for free.

We do not want to waste your time looking for those free software download websites over the web. Hence, here we are with the top 20 best free sites to download software for your PC. Now, let’s move straight to the list itself.

Best Free Websites To Download Software For PC In 2021

Below are the 20 best software download sites that you can use to download the full version of programs on your PC.

1. Filehorse

Filehorse is the ultimate destination for PC users looking for the latest version of the popular programs. The website may not have the most diverse and immense software library. But it always has the most recent versions of the programs listed on it. Comparing to the other free software download sites, Filehorse is pretty new on the web. Despite this, it has managed to have quite a comprehensive software library, and it keeps increasing every other day.

The site keeps all the programs well categorized so that users do not find it difficult to find an app they want. Along with this, it also ensures that the apps listed are safe and doest have any malware. It makes Filehorse one of the most secure PC software download site.                                                                          Filehorse

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2. Softpedia

Softpedia is not just a random PC software download site. It also helps people with a lot of information on various topics. It is serving the PC users as a software encyclopedia for the last two decades. Along with allowing you to download the full version software for free, Softpedia also provides their reviews and news related to them. It helps the users to make a sound decision.

It has a wide variety of software listed on it, including games as well. And do not worry, the site ensures all the security measures. Hence, people trust it and consider it among the best software download sites even in 2021.Softpedia

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3. FileHippo

FileHippo is also one of the best sites to download freeware and other full version software for free. Along with the other popular programs, the website also offers an update checker of itself. You can download the FileHippo update checker tool to get the latest updates for your installed apps.

Not just the software updater but the software directory of FileHippo is also amazing. You can get some of the essential programs for your PC from this PC app download site for free. You do not have to hustle much as the layout is quite simple. Anyone can easily navigate and download the app they want on FileHippo. It has got all the listed programs tested for all kinds of malware. Hence, be assured about the safety while downloading software for free from the website.FileHippo

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4. CNet Download

CNet is a trusted name when it comes to news related to software and other technology. The site also offers a vast directory of programs available to download for free. And what makes it better is the comprehensive reviews of the apps listed. CNet Download offers programs along with their critical evaluation. It also keeps track of the changes made to the software in its recent update.

Even you can write a software review on this best website to download free software after getting yourself registered. And CNet offers all these things for free. In short, along with the freeware, shareware, or try-first downloads, you get all the required information of an app in one place.                                     CNet Download

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5. Softonic

Here comes one of the highest visited and oldest website to download apps for PC. Softonic got launched more than two decades ago (in 1997) and became quite popular. And the site to download free software is still the most famous. One of the core reasons for this is it provides app reviews in multiple languages so that everyone can know what they are downloading.

You can get any free software, trial app, or shareware from Softonic. The library is pretty huge & well categorized. Another feature of Softonic is that it allows you to compare similar apps. It helps in getting the software that is best of its kind without much hustle.                                                                                   Softonic

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6. Download Crew

If you want to read an honest review about software before downloading it, then Download Crew is the site that you should visit. However, it is not the only reason why we have included the Download Crew in our list of best free software download sites. It also has pretty strict safety standards to ensure that the listed programs are free from any security threat.

Along with Windows, Download Crew also offers apps for macOS, Android, Linux, & iOS. The site is also quite easy to navigate. Visitors do not have to do much to get the software they want. They can simply use the search option or the filters provided to find a program and download it.                                          Download Crew

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7. SourceForge

SourceForge is another highly visited and trusted website to download full version software for free in 2021. It is one of the greatest open-source app libraries. You can also share your review and concerns about any software on the SourceForge user forum. The website not just helps the software users but offers great help to the developers as well. Any developer can get registered on SourceForge and contribute to its library. In short, it is the best website to download premium quality open-source apps for your PC.                                                        SourceForge

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8. MajorGeeks

Tech geeks who want to know each detail about a software before downloading it consider MajorGeeks as the best free site to download software for PC. The site offers various helpful posts as well, with information related to the latest technology. Along with freeware, you can also download hardware drivers for free from this site.

The other highlight of MajorGeeks is that it allows you to rate the listed apps. You even get software tutorials on this one of the best PC software download websites. The interface & layout of MajorGeeks also seems pretty rustic and unique. And like a social media platform or a blog, you can instantly leave a comment on an app page so that other visitors can make a better call.MajorGeeks

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9. FossHub

Are you looking for a hub for freeware or open-source software? Then you must visit FossHub. The site has categorized programs into multiple popular categories on the homepage itself. Along with this, there is also a specific section for software updates & preferable downloads. You can also use FossHub as a knowledge hub for tech information. It also offers a blog with posts on multiple niches related to the latest technology.

There is also a FAQ page to resolve some common queries related to the site. All the programs that get listed on FossHub first go through a security scan. And users can even report any security issue with any app downloaded from the site. It makes FossHub one of the best free & safe software download sites of 2021.FossHub

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10. FilePuma

Let’s discuss another fast, free, and easy software download site of 2021. FilePuma is an app library by Glarysoft. And Glarysoft itself is quite popular of developing a lot of helpful and optimization utilities for PCs.Talking about FilePuma, it is a pretty impressive source to get desired programs for free.

On FilePuma, you also get a software update detector for free. It helps to get the latest version of the installed programs on your PC from the site library with ease. The interface of FilePuma is also user-friendly. One can use this one of the best free full version software download sites in multiple languages as well.FilePuma

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11. Uptodown

Whether you want to download the latest games on your PC or download useful programs, Uptodown helps you get all of them. The website to download apps for PC offers a vast software library for Windows as well as various other OS, including Android & macOS. You get all the programs sorted neatly in multiple categories. Hence, it is pretty simple to get what you need on Uptodown.

The site also has a developer zone allowing new developers to list their apps in the Uptodown library. You also get suggestions for top download on this one of the best free software download websites.Uptodown

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12. Brothersoft

Brothersoft claims to have the biggest library of freeware & shareware on the web. And the claim seems pretty valid as the software library of the website is indeed huge. Here you can get any freeware you imagine. Hence, we consider it as the best site to download freeware in 2021.

It also gets a hefty number of visits. Hence, Brothersoft is also a trusted software downloader website to download a free full version of the apps. You can use it to get the latest useful programs for your PC, smartphone, & Mac without spending a penny. The navigation is also pretty easy on the site, and categories are also well sorted. Anyone can easily visit, browse, and download the needed program from Brothersoft with ease.                Brothersoft

13. ZDNet Downloads

ZDNet Downloads is another prominent free software download site. It offers programs of multiple categories. You also get apps categorized in free, free to try, and update categories to make getting the desired software more simple. The library is quite well-arranged. Along with the updated apps, you also get the latest tech updates and news from ZDNet for free.

The site also provides a brief description of the programs listed along with the necessary specifications. It helps visitors a lot in making a sound decision for a specific software. And all the apps of the ZDNet library are secure. You do not have to worry about malware and other security issues.                          ZDNet Downloads

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14. FreewareFiles

Now, let’s discuss the website that is solely dedicated to provide freeware. FreewareFiles offers freeware and several other open-source software of multiple categories in one place. You can easily get the latest updates of the programs on this one of the best software download sites. And the best thing is that, FreewareFiles highlights those updates and provides a detailed description of them.

The app categories of the site are also quite diverse. And for the users who know what they exactly want, FreewareFiles offers a Search tool. You can use it and simply search an app with its name. You also get the changelog details of the programs. It helps to know what’s new in the latest version of an app.         FreewareFiles

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15. Full Free Software

Here comes another free software download website that can help you to get the full version of a program entirely free. The site solely focuses on freeware. Users looking for software crack downloads and shareware may get disappointed with it. However, it is one of the most trusted sources to get quality freeware.

All the apps listed on Full Free Software are secure and free of any junk or malware. Hence, one cannot deny the fact that it is one of the best websites to download free software. And not just for Windows, the site offers apps for iOS, Android, & macOS as well. It also educates you with several latest tech updates, news, and information.Full Free Software

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16. BytesIn

Unlike the above older sites to download free software, BytesIn is a pretty new website. BytesIn is formerly known as FileCluster. However, despite being a new one, the site stands solid with its immense app library and credibility. All the listed programs are secure. You can easily get the latest and popular software from it. You even get the other essential information such as publisher name and user ratings. There are various popular games listed on the site.

BytesIn offers a detailed description and review of the apps with screenshots as well. It is also one of the best software download websites for Android and iOS smartphones. And the tech-related posts are the cherry on the cake.BytesIn

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17. Soft32

Soft32 is one of the most popular free software download sites on this list. It is among the top 10 most visited websites to get programs for PC and smartphones. You can use it to evaluate an app. The site features a detailed review of software along with the pros and cons as well. It even allows you to leave a comment for any specific program.

Not just the review and comments, you also get user and editor ratings of the apps. The screenshots are also available to help you get a better insight into the interface of a program. All these benefits offered by Soft32 induces us to declare it as one of the best site to download software for PC, Mac, and Android & iOS smartphones.Soft32

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18. Software Informer

As the name suggests, Software Informer acts more like a guide and informer to help you know more about various apps and programs. However, this does not mean it does not deserves to be on this list. The site also has an impressive library of programs of multiple categories.

You can get the complete information of a program you want to download from Software Informer. It features a complete software description, review, pros, & cons. You can even know what other people are saying about the program from the site. The software download site also resolves queries related to an app. It has a dedicated question & answer section and also features software screenshots & video tutorials.              Software Informer

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19. Ninite

Ninite is the best website to download free software for people who do not want to compromise with the security at any cost. The site has a majestic collection of programs that are available for free for everyone. And none of them possess any security threat to users PC.

Ninite is pretty strict about the security concerns. Hence, you’ll never find any bloatware on it. The website even allows you to download programs in bulk. And to make it easier, it offers a combination of certain related apps. Now, you only have to make a click to download multiple programs on your PC. It also features a software updater tool to keep the downloaded software up to date with ease.                                                                     Ninite

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20. SnapFiles

At last, we have a site to get the latest freeware, shareware, and other software snappily and for free as well. SnapFiles is also one of the oldest sites on our list of top free software download websites. It got launched on the web in 1997, and earlier, it was known as WebAttack.

Now, SnapFiles has become an all-in-one stop to get any software along with its complete review, editor & user ratings, user comments, and screenshots as well. The site has organized all the freeware, shareware, latest software updates, portable programs, and popular choices in specific categories. It helps you to get the needed app with ease. SnapFiles also provide helpful suggestions.                                                                SnapFiles

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Bottom Line: Best Website To Download Free Software

So, these were our top picks for the best free software download site. You can consider all the above websites as a secure source to get the latest apps for free. We hope that the information provided here helped you to download the free full version of the software securely. And in the end, all we want to say is that do not download programs on your device from any random untrustworthy source. If you do so, then there are high chances that you mind end up downloading bloatware.

However, you can trust any of the sources that we have listed above. All of them are reliable, and hence we consider them as the best free software download websites in 2021. Furthermore, if you want more such tech updates and information, then subscribe and bookmark the Innovana blog.

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