Best Free Typing Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC
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Best Free Typing Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

Typing has become an essential skill in every field. Hence, it is quite necessary to have some best free typing software installed on your computer.

Nowadays, typing has become a vital part of our lives. As computers have evolved, people started shifting their work over computers. When you work on computers, you must have to type something. Even school-going kids are also using computers to complete their presentations and assignments. Instead of writing, they type their homework and assignments, because people consider writing as quite outdated these days. In offices, your typing speed and efficiency play a significant role in your overall productivity. However, you don’t have to worry if you do not type that well. We have brought a list of some best free typing software available for Windows 10, 8, and 7.

You can enhance your typing skills and productivity as well with these free typing software for PC. So, without any further ado, let’s check the list of some best typing software for PC.5

Best Free Typing Software For Windows PC

Below are some of the best free typing software for almost all the latest versions of Windows. We have handpicked all these typing utilities for you, so have a look at them.

1. KeyBlaze

The list starts with one of the best free typing software KeyBlaze. If you want to enhance your typing skills in a shorter period, then we highly recommend you to download this free typing utility. The graphic user interface of KeyBlaze is one of its most attractive features. You can improve your word per second speed quite easily with the help of this software. It offers a 10-Key number pad as well. KeyBlaze can make learning fun with its cool typing games. The software also provides audio dictation exercises to help you to be a better transcriptor. Hence, if you are the one who wants to learn typing with some fun, then you can try KeyBlaze.

Features of KeyBlaze

  • KeyBlaze is the best typing program that allows you to improve the typing speed and accuracy.
  • The software has a lot of different practice exercises and sets to choose from.
  • You can keep an eye on the daily words per minute and see the improvement.
  • To make typing even more fun and interactive, the software has an integrated typing game.
  • The keyboard highlight feature of the software shows the key-presses all at times for better accuracy.

KeyBlaze- the best free typing software

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2. Typing Fingers

The second name on our list is Typing Fingers. It is one of the best touch typing software available for Windows PCs. You can enhance your typing efficiency and speed with the help of the touch typing method of this software. Typing Fingers prevents you from looking at your keyboard while typing. The most important thing about this typing program is that its intuitive user interface is suitable for everyone. Typing Fingers also features various typing games and background music to make the typing exercises more fun. However, most of the advanced features are only available in its paid version.

Features of Typing Fingers

  • Typing Fingers is one of the best typing tutor software with an attractive interface.
  • The software provides a Foriero’s Typing Fingers diploma if you clear all the levels of typing.
  • The software has a lot of games and exercises to make typing learning fun.
  • The app has two parts at all levels, first meaning and second execution.
  • 32 different levels to learn, type, and conquer.

Typing Fingers- best touch typing software available for Windows PC

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3. Typing Trainer

Here comes another best typing software for Windows 10. Typing Trainer initially provides you with some shorter typing courses. Then as per your performance, it provides you with suggestions and further typing courses. Typing Trainer is one of the most personalized typing utilities ever developed. This best free typing software provides you with an on-screen keyboard to help you with your bad habit of looking at your keyboard again and again while typing. We would highly recommend you to download this best typing software for pc for free if you are looking for an advanced and personalized typing utility.

Features of Typing Trainer

  • This free typing program is 100% free to use for all kinds of users.
  • The software provides a step-by-step approach for learning and execution.
  • It becomes very easy to monitor keypresses through the on-screen keyboard,
  • The software conducts regular tests and exercises to test your typing speed and accuracy,
  • The interface of the software is quite simple and intuitive.

Typing Trainer- best typing software for Windows 10

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4. 10FastFingers

If you are looking for one of the best online typing tutors, then 10FastFingers.Com is for you. It is one of the most popular and oldest online typing utilities. You can improve your typing skills quite fast with the touch typing feature of 10FastFIngers.Com. It also provides various typing games, including both single-player and multiplayer games. Along with all these things, the online utility allows you to improve your typing in multiple languages. It supports around 40+ languages, including Hindi as well. Hence, you can consider it as one of the best Hindi typing software as well. 10FastFIngers.Com also conducts an online typing competition and lets you compete with many people across the globe.

Features of 10FastFingers

  • 10FastFingers is a typing program for free that helps in improving your typing speed and accuracy.
  • The software has sets of advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels to practice.
  • With the help of the recorded login data, the software reveals the top 1000 typists all over the world.
  • The interactive practice modes help in improving your current state of typing tactics.
  • You can customize and create your typing test series as you want.

10Fast Fingers- best online typing tutors

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5. Rapid Typing Tutor

The last name on our list of some best free typing software is Rapid Typing Tutor. This typing utility comes with one of the most intuitive user interfaces as compared to other alternatives. Rapid Typing Tutor also helps you learn typing skills with its easy and effective typing lessons. It even provides you with a virtual keyboard to easily control your fingers while typing on the keyboard. Along with QWERTY, the utility also provides all other major keyboard layouts, including AZERTY, QWERTZ, etc. Rapid Typing Tutor even guides you with using your particular fingers for a particular key.

Features of Rapid Typing Tutor

  • This free typing practice software has lots of typing games and modes to make learning fun for you.
  • The software is available for free to download, install and use.
  • An interactive interface and a strong teaching mechanism are the base of the software.
  • You can also use the software on touch devices and keyboards to implore typing speed on those devices.
  • The software provides a detailed analysis at the end of every session for a better grip over learning.

Rapid Typing Tutor- best free typing software

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best Typing Program for Free

The following are the main frequently asked questions related to the typing software, take a helps of these for further assistance:

Q.1 What is the best typing program for free?

Analyzing the best typing program for free can be a tiring and time-consuming process for you. The process will force you to try 1000s of different software and select the best for you. So to save you from these, we have listed the 5 best typing programs for your computer. You can select any one of the above-listed utilities, download it, and use it to test and improve your typing speed and accuracy in less time. 

Q.2 How can I learn to type at home for free?

You can easily learn to type at home with the help of free typing programs. But it is very hard to find the best and suitable one for you, so we have provided the top 5 typing programs above. You can download, install and use any of these to improve your typing performance.

Q.3 How can I improve my typing skills for free?

Typing skills are an important part of academics and have been growing over the past few years. You can also improve your typing skills in no time with the help of the above listed best typing tutor software for free. Download and use these programs to make typing learning fun and easy. These programs help in improving your typing performance as well as provide real-time reports about your overall growth.

Final Thoughts: Best Free Typing Software for PC

So, here we would like to end our list of some of the best free typing software. You can excel in the skill of typing by using any of the above-mentioned software. However, each of them has its respective unique characteristics. Hence, we can not choose any particular software as the best one for you. It entirely depends on the requirements of users. So, select any one of the above-mentioned typing utilities and enhance your typing skills.

Furthermore, if you want more information about various other utilities for Windows 10, 8, and 7, then subscribe to Innovana blogs. There you’ll get a lot of useful information related to software and technology.

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