Top 25 Best GameBoy Advance (GBA) Games of 2021
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Top 25 Best GameBoy Advance (GBA) Games of 2021

The post provides a shoutout to the best GameBoy Advance games of all time. Read on to get nostalgic and refresh the beautiful memories of playing the best GBA games on the classic handheld gaming console.

In the last few decades, we have seen a drastic evolution in the video gaming industry. It all started with Arcade Machines, and now we are playing high graphics games on our smartphones. Before smartphones, it was Nintendo’s GameBoy that started the trend of handheld gaming consoles. Sadly, the manufacturers & developers stopped the production of this portable gaming device way back in 2003. The latest successor & the most popular console of the GameBoy family is the GameBoy Advance. The reason for this is the library of classic 16-bit and new 32-bit games. Let’s get nostalgic and discuss the best GameBoy Advance games.

Today we have brought this post to help you relive the beautiful memories of playing classics such as Mario, Zelda, etc., on your favorite handheld console, i.e., GameBoy Advance. So without any delay, here we start the list of some best GBA games of all time.

Best GameBoy Advance (GBA) Games Of All Time

Here we have mentioned the best GameBoy Advance games. To make it easy for you to recall your beautiful memories, we have listed the games as per their categories. First of all, let’s check out some best GBA RPGs (Role Playing Games).

Best GameBoy Advance Role Playing Games (RPGs) Of All Time

Below we have listed the top GBA role-playing games that you must try if you are a fan of RPGs and have a GameBoy Advance console.

1. Golden Sun

We are bound to start the list with Golden Sun. It is the best GBA RPG ever. The reason for this is the complex yet engaging story, random turn-based battles, an evergreen ‘save the world’ storyline, and impactful characters. 

You have to play as Isaac, who is the protagonist of the game. He has to save Weyard from the evil forces of darkness along with a group of other adventurers. The game has quite an impressive soundtrack and visuals. After the success of Golden Sun, the developers, i.e., Camelot, has also released its sequel (second half), Golden Sun: The Lost Age, on the GBA platform

Golden Sun

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2. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is what comes to our mind when we think about the best strategy role-playing game on GameBoy Advance. There are several games of the Final Fantasy Series. But this one is the most extensive even on the overall GBA platform. You require to use a lot of tactics to win the combats in this game.

Along with the intense combats, it also has a diverse storyline. You have to build your army with the low-level soldiers and turn them into fierce warriors. Then you have to fight with monsters & mages to make a supreme reputation and earn rewards.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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3. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

If you belong to the Generation Y, then you might have fascinated about training a Pokemon. The Japanese media franchise had such a massive impact. Hence, when Nintendo released the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games on the GameBoy Advance, it broke several previous records. It is not only because of the popularity of the Pokemon series. The games indeed offered a bunch of exciting things.

Soon after its release, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire become one of the best original GameBoy games of all time. Both the games have got an engaging & addictive gameplay with a bunch of attractive Pokemons.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

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4. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

We all know that Dragon Ball has popularized the mainstream Anime in the west. It is one of the most famous Anime media franchises among the 90s kids. Hence, no wonder why the Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure became a hit on GameBoy Advance. The gameplay and the story of this GBA game revolves around the adventurous journey of Goku, the protagonist of the Dragon Ball universe.

You have to play as Goku and build him into a champion to fight the enemies. You ultimately have to save the world from the Red Ribbon Army. This epic journey makes Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure one of the best GameBoy Advance games.

Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure

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5. Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is one of the revolutions in the genre of strategy role-playing games. If you have not played it, then it is one of the best GBA games you never played. For years, the developers of Fire Emblem, i.e., Nintendo, has refused to make the game available for the western gamers. However, when they did, it became one of the major hits on the GameBoy Advance.

The game offers several fierce soldiers and weapons, along with an engaging storyline. You have to command your army and then fight grid-based battles with your enemies and crush them. However, it’s not that easy as you have to apply multiple war and leader strategies.

Fire Emblem

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6. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Here comes the game from everyone’s favorite video game series, Mario. It leaves no chance of becoming one of the best GameBoy Advance RPG games of all time. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga has got everything. It offers a beautiful cartoonish world along with the hit music of the Mario series. 

As Mario & Luigi, you have to rescue Princess Peach from the Evil Witch. In the process, you also have to seek help from Bowser. He is one of the prominent enemies of the protagonist. Hence, the game brings a major surprise for the Mario fans. You can also merge the powers of Mario & Luigi to beat the enemies.

Mario & Luig

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Now, we would like to proceed with a list of some best GBA action games.

Best GameBoy Advance Action Games Of All Time

Here we have listed the top GameBoy Advance action games capable of giving you an adrenaline rush if you like to play action games.

7. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

On the top of our list of best GBA action games, we have The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past. Do not be surprised if we tell you that this one of the highest-rated GameBoy Advance games of all time. It is because this Zelda series game offers a great adventure along with some hard-hitting action. 

However, do not underestimate The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past game as the top GBA action-adventure game only. It also requires you to solve some mind-boggling puzzles. Your ultimate aim is to protect Princess Zelda from Agahnim, who is an evil & ruthless wizard. For this, you have to travel between two worlds, i.e., the Light World and the Dark World.

The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past

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8. Advance Wars

Advance Wars is a hardcore military battle game based on quite a simple plot. You have to encounter and fight with the armies of other countries. However, it is not that simple. You have to build your army by yourself, apply war strategies and use hundreds of maps to conquer your enemy.

In contrast to the fierce nature of the plot, the graphics are quite bright and cute. If you are a fan of strategic war simulator games, then you must like this one of the best GBA games. It gives you a feel of a military commander and allows you to control the command, air, and naval forces to survive the wars. The game also has a sequel, i.e., Advance Wars 2.

Advance Wars

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9. Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion is a popular game of the famous action-adventure game franchise Metroid. One can also count it as one of the top role-playing and space games on GameBoy Advance. It is a successor & sequel of Super Metroid, which was also pretty successful. The gameplay and plot of the game revolves around Samus Aran (The Protagonist) and set on the planet SR388.

Samus Aran is a bounty hunter who has to save the planet SR388 from X parasites and space pirates. In the process, you also have to solve puzzles. It helps you to enhance the capabilities and level of the protagonist. Metroid Fusion gets harder with every level. Hence, the players never get bored while playing the game and consider it among the best original GameBoy Advance games.

Metroid Fusion

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10. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Here we have one of the best launch games on GBA. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is a part of one of the most successful and critically acclaimed action-adventure game series Castlevania. It is the successor of Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night, which is also a popular game on the GameBoy platform.

The plot of the game revolves around Nathan Graves. He is a vampire hunter belonging to the Belmont Clan. Nathan is on a mission to hunt down Dracula, who is an evil vampire. You have to play as Nathan and defeat Dracula by using your weapons, including a whip.


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11. Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace

If there is a Spiderman game, then it has to be on any list of best games. The reason is, he is one of the most popular and favorite superhero of all time. And hence, we have also included a Spiderman game on our list of best GameBoy Advance games ever. 

Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace belongs to the category of action-packed superhero games. The plot of the game revolves around Peter Parker, aka Spiderman. He has to save New York City from Mysterio (the lead antagonist). Along with Mysterio, the Master of Illusion, our superhero also has to fight with several other super-villains, including Hammerhead, Rhino, Big Wheel, Scorpion, and Electro.

Spider-Man Mysterios Menace

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After getting excited with the top GBA action games, let’s check out some best GameBoy games that lie under the sports category.

Best GameBoy Advance Sports Games Of All Time

Below are the best sports games that you can play on your GameBoy Advance console and get nostalgic.

12. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is the World’s first 3D pocket skating game. This is one of the reasons why the game has got more popularity than the predecessors of the Tony Hawk’s game series. However, it is not the only reason why it got featured in our list of best GBA sports games of all time. The game indeed offers an engaging gameplay experience and a lot of other things.

There are multiple modes that you can play in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Not just this but the skating stunts and tricks are also pretty fascinating. It provides a detailed skateboarding experience. Hence, it is surely one of the best GameBoy Color & Advance games for all the skateboarding lovers.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

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13. Madden NFL 2005

Here we have a treat for the American Football lovers. Madden NFL 2005 is the best simulation game for the sport on the GBA platform. Electronic Arts has developed and published this game. They have also developed several quality sports video games, including FIFA and Cricket 07. Hence, you can expect some quality and engaging sports action on your GBA from Madden NFL 2005 as well.

The highlight of this top sports simulation GameBoy Advance game is its defensive AI enhancements. Along with this, you have also got several eye-pleasing animations and multiple gameplay modes. It also features a Create-a-Fan tool.

Madden NFL

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14. WWE Road to WrestleMania X8

WWE (formerly known as WWF) is the most popular sports (majorly professional wrestling) and media company in the world. WWE matches and wrestlers are quite famous among the millennials. Considering this, THQ & Natsume developed and published the WWE Road to WrestleMania X8 game in 2002.

No doubt WWE Road to WrestleMania X8 is the best wrestling GBA game of all time. It features all the WWE superstars of that time, including Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Kane, Triple H, The Rock, etc. Along with the star wrestlers, the game also offers their special & finishing moves. It provides a premium WWE wrestling experience to the players on GameBoy Advance.

WWE Road to WrestleMania X8

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15. Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Mario is one of the first names that comes to mind when we talk about Nintendo or any of its platforms. Although it is not a sports game, but there is a tennis game available on GBA based on Mario’s theme. Mario Tennis: Power Tour is a follow-up game of the Mario Tennis series developed by Camelot Software Planning originally for GameBoy Color.

Like its predecessor, Mario Tennis: Power Tour is also a colorful and engaging role-playing tennis game. It is pretty fast-paced. Hence, players do not get bored while playing it. The game keeps you hooked with its arcade-style, even if you are not a fan of tennis. Hence, the title of one of the best sports GBA games suits it well. 

Mario Tennis

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16. F1 2002

Here is one of the best GBA games of all time for all the speed lovers. F1 2002 is the formula one racing game developed by Electronic Arts, based on the Formula One 2002 season. If you love the speedy F1 cars and dreamed about driving one on the race track, then this GameBoy Advance game has all the potential of becoming your favorite.

It features all the 2002 Formula One World Championship cars and tracks. Hence, no doubt why the F1 lovers considered it as one of the top racing games on GBA back in those days. Along with GameBoy Advance, it is also available for the Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and several other platforms.

F1 2019

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Now, let’s move on to those best original GameBoy games that lie under the category of platform games.

Best GameBoy Advance Platform Games Of All Time

To enhance the excitement level of the fans of platform games, below, we have listed some best GBA platform games of all time.

17. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 is a clear winner of the ‘Best platform game of all time on GameBoy Advance’ title. Despite being a remake of the Super Mario Bros. 3, the game has a fresh essence. And it is because of the entirely new elements such as Mario’s flying raccoon suit, access to slide slopes, and climb vines.

The plot & gameplay of the game is similar to the original version, i.e., Super Mario Bros 3. You can play the game as Mario or Luigi. Ultimately, you have to save the Mushroom World by defeating Bowser. In the process, you have to explore the eight kingdoms of the Mushroom World and beat the seven Koopa Kids.

Super Mario Advance 4 Super Mario Bros 3

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18. Sonic Advance

Here is another gem from the classic game library of the GBA console. Sonic Advance is more than just being a platform game. You can also consider it as a GameBoy action game. It offers 4-playable characters, including Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy. With any of these players, you have to beat Doctor Eggman (lead antagonist). 

The plot of the game revolves around an island that you have to explore. Doctor Eggman is turning the animals of that island into wicked robots. And you have to save the animal population. In this process, a lot of other action takes place that keeps the player hooked to the game. 

Sonic Advance

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19. Donkey Kong Country

Now, let’s take a nostalgic stroll and have a look at this classic gem. Donkey Kong Country is a 1994 Nintendo game that got relaunched on the GBC and GBA platform. Since then, it became one of the top GameBoy Color and Advance games of all time. It offers an engaging adventure with lots of funky elements.

The premise of the game is pretty simple. Donkey Kong, along with his nephew, has to get the banana hoard back from King K. Rool. While doing so, they have to face a lot of challenges. At their help, they have several other animals, including Ostriches, Rhinos, Apes, etc.

Donkey Kong Country

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20. Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Here is another Mario game on this list of best GBA games. Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a treat for all the Donkey Kong Country and Mario lovers. However, unlike the above game, it does not have the Donkey Kong as the protagonist. It portrays him as an antagonist who has stolen all the Mini-Mario toys of Mario Toy Co.

Mario has to get them back. And to do so, you have to make him race against time. You have to find the key as rapidly as you can to unlock Mini Marios. Along with this, you also have to solve several puzzles. The ultimate goal is to get the Mini Mario toys of Mario Toy Co. back from the Donkey Kong.

Mario vs Donkey Kong

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21. Disney’s Aladdin

Disney has made everyone’s childhood beautiful with a lot of its cartoons and iconic characters. One of the most favorite Disney character is Aladdin. If you are a fan of Aladdin, then you must have played Disney’s Aladdin by Capcom on GameBoy Advance. Or if you have never played this one of the best GBA games, then you should try it once. Being an Aladdin fan, you’ll like it a lot.

At the time of its release, the game offered some revolutionary graphics. The plot of the game is similar to Disney’s animated movie Aladdin. You have to woo Princess Jasmine and save Agrabah city from Jaffer & his evil army.

Disney’s Aladdin

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After discussing the top platform games of GBA, let’s talk about the GameBoy games of another famous category, i.e., Puzzle.

Best GameBoy Advance Puzzle Games Of All Time

Below we have listed the top GameBoy Color & Advance games that lie under the Puzzle games category.

22. ChuChu Rocket!

If you think you have a sharp mind and like to solve brain teasers, then here we have the best GameBoy Advance game for you. ChuChu Rocket! is a great puzzle game for the GBA platform. Along with the GameBoy console, you can also play it on your Android and iOS smartphones.

The plot is pretty simple. You have to make all the ChuChus (cute little mice) get into their rocket. To do this, you can place directional arrows on the board. However, you also have to avoid KapuKapus (mice-eating cats) and make sure that they do not get on to the ChuChu rocket.

ChuChu Rocket

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23. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

The title of this game sounds like an action and fighting game. But surprisingly, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is one of the best puzzle games on the GameBoy Advance. It has got the title inspired by the Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Along with the title, the game also features characters and music of the famous action games Street Fighter Alpha and Darkstalkers.

It is the first puzzle fighter game of that time. You have to manage the gems falling in the pit and eliminate all of them before the time runs out or your opponent. And while doing this, when you complete a gem combo, your character performs its special fighting move to damage the opponent’s character. It offers multiple game modes including, single-player and double-player.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

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24. Puyo Pop

Puyo Pop is another great brain-teasing game on this list of top GameBoy Advance games. It is a cute and colorful match 3-puzzle game. To score more and win against your opponent, you have to pop all the Puyos (jelly-like symbiotes). Along with Nintendo’s GBA platform, Puyo Pop is also available on Nokia’s N-Gage.

Puyo Pop keeps its players engaged by offering 18 different characters and multiple game modes. You have to help Arle and Carbuncle in finding the way to their home. It is the basic plot of the game. In the process, you have to defeat the Dark Prince and win the Puyo Puyo contest.

Puyo Pop

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25. Dr. Mario Puzzle League

Here comes one of the best original GameBoy puzzle games from the famous Mario series. The game portrays our favorite video game protagonist Mario as a doctor. Dr. Mario is not an ordinary doctor as he has to save to world from bacterias and viruses. He kills the harmful bacterias using pills. 

The pills that Dr. Mario use are multicolor. You have to match the similar color pills to explode them and vanish the bacterias and viruses. The developers have offered several unique and engaging modes to make it different from the other ‘match 3’ puzzle games. 

Dr. Mario Puzzle League

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It was great to revisit the memory lane of our childhood. Now, we like to answer some of the most common questions related to GameBoy Advance and its games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequent queries for GameBoy Advance and the console games. 

How many games got released on GameBoy Advance?

If you want to know the number of games that got released on GameBoy Advance, then the answer is 1510. However, if you are looking for the number of games playable on GBA, then the answer is 3219. It includes 1510 GBA games, 1049 GameBoy library games, and 660 GameBoy Color games.

Why GameBoy Advance is better than GameBoy Color?

There are a lot of things that make GBA a better console than the GameBoy Color (GBC). Below we have highlighted the prominent ones.

  • Being a successor of GameBoy Color, GBA allows you to play more games. In reality, the console lets you play every GameBoy game.
  • GameBoy Advance has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. On the other hand, you get non-chargeable AA batteries in the predecessor of GBA.
  • GBA has a robust system as compared to the GameBoy Color. It offers a 32-bit system, which is quite better than the 8-bit system of GBC.
  • You get L and R shoulder buttons in GBA. It is one of the things that all the predecessors of GameBoy Advance lacks.

How To Play GBA games on PC?

We all know that Nintendo has stopped producing its GameBoy consoles, including the GameBoy Advance, a long time ago. Despite this, the GBA games have a powerful impact on the millennials. Hence, a lot of us still look for ways to play those classic games. 

Do not worry. You can still play the top GameBoy Advance & Color games. All you need is some best GBA ROMs and emulators to play the console games on your PC. While the emulators allow you to play GBA games on your computer or Android phone, GBA ROMs help you play the GameBoy games online. 

Below are a few websites that provide the best GBA ROMs in 2021.

Which is the last GBA game?

The last GBA game is Samurai Deeper Kyo (Marvelous Entertainment, 2002). It got released on February 12, 2008, which is more than a decade ago.

Now, it is time to conclude this shoutout post for some best GameBoy Advance games of all time. 

Final Words On The Best GBA Games

These top GBA & GBC games will always have a special position in the hearts of Millenials. No matter how many advanced video games come, they can’t meet the craze of the best GameBoy Advance games listed here. After reading the post, do not just be nostalgic. Play these classic games on your PC or Android phone using the emulators or the best GBA ROMs. All of them are available on Amazon as well. So, get them on your system and relive that revolutionary era of video gaming.

Before changing the tab, let us know your favorite game from the above list of best GBA games in the comments section.

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