Best Google Chrome Security Extensions that You Must Have
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18 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions that You Must Have 2021

Google Chrome has become the most preferred browser for all personal and official browsing requirements. What makes it popular are its built-in security options such as Incognito Mode, data control features, etc. Although all these features are available, still people search for the best Google Chrome security extensions to keep their data protected from the prying eyes of hackers.

These must-have Chrome extensions take your privacy and security a notch up by adding an extra security layer. But, out of the plethora of Chrome security plugins available online, you must choose the most reliable one for your browser. Using the unreliable security extensions for Chrome puts your system at risk and makes it buggy.

Therefore, we’ve handpicked the most trusted and authentic Chrome security plugins to make Google Chrome safer for you. Through this blog, we share the same.

18 Must-have Security Extensions for Google Chrome 2021

As said earlier, it is crucial to use the certified security extensions for Chrome. Therefore, here are our best picks to help you choose one for your browser.

1. Web Guard Plus

When talking about security on Google Chrome, skipping the name of this extension is not an option. It is among our top recommendations to browse safely. The reason is that it provides incredible features such as instant identification of the risk level of a website that you are visiting, easy to use interface, comprehensive and safer search with Bing, attractive new tab design, and a whole lot more. You can experience the power of this browser extension by clicking on the below link to add it. 

Web Guard Plus

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2. Web Assist Plus

As you already know, the internet is an open door through which hackers can enter your computer and harm it effortlessly. But, you now have a powerful shield with you in the form of Web Assist Plus to protect your device. This security extension is among our favorites for its ability to detect the risk level of a website in real-time, safe, and secure search with Bing, and ease of use. With this extension at your disposal, you can know whether a particular website is safe or not with ease, as it shows red warning signs for unsafe websites. Click on the below link to have a safer internet experience with Web Assist Plus. 

Web Assist Plus

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3. Ad-Blocker Pro

Online safety is not only about blocking advertisements. It involves a lot more such as blocking malicious websites and harmful downloads. Therefore, we have Ad-Blocker Pro on our list of the best Google Chrome Security extensions. It blocks not only intrusive ads but also blocks infected websites and suspicious downloads. Moreover, this extension also prevents trackers from tracking your online habits and doubles your browsing speed. It is not all, and with Ad-Blocker Pro, you can even block a particular webpage section and view the rest of the page without any interruptions. 

Ad-Blocker Pro

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4. StopAll Ads

Ads are the major source of malware attacks. With this tool, you can disable all the unwanted ads and enjoy ad-free browsing. In addition to blocking the irrelevant ads, StopAll Ads detects malware domains, deactivates social media buttons, and optimizes the browser to make your browsing experience snappier.

StopAll Ads - Best Google Chrome Security Extension

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5. Ghostery

This is one of the most powerful Chrome security plugins that block the irrelevant ads so that they do not distract you. It functions in the background and notifies you whenever an ad is blocked. Further, it also keeps a track of all the blocked ads and lets you view the blocked trackers.

Ghostery - Google Chrome Security Extension

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6. Adblock Plus

With this one of the best Google Chrome security extensions you can browse without any intrusive ads. This extension blocks intrusive ads, malware, and trackers hampering your system’s security. Further, it has a filter list that allows you to block ads quickly and prevents companies from tracking what you browse online. The only downside is, this ad blocker does not block non-intrusive ads.

Adblock Plus - Chrome Security Extension

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7. PureVPN

This is one of those Google Chrome security extensions that take security to the next level with high-level encryption. It prevents hackers from accessing your real identity by masking your IP. Further, PureVPN also blocks unwanted ads and protects from malware attacks.

PureVPN - Google Chrome Security

8. Blur

It is one of those security extensions for Chrome that ease password management. It helps you create robust passwords and secures them with high-level encryption. Moreover, it also prevents companies and social networks such as Facebook from tracking you.

BLUR - Best Google Chrome Security Extensions

9. TeamPassword

This is one of the most preferred and must have Chrome apps for managing passwords of a team. It is a cloud-based Chrome security extension that lets your team access apps and services as and when needed. Further, it also helps you generate strong and hard to crack passwords.

TeamPassword - best Chrome Security Extension

10. Click&Clean

The ability to clean data even in the Incognito Mode sets Click&Clean apart from the other best Google Chrome security extensions featuring in this list. Along with this, it also deletes temporary files, cookies, cache, and client-side web database. Above all, you get all these features for free.

clickclean - top Google Chrome Security Extension

11. Sneekr

This is among those must-have Chrome apps that let you know which websites someone has visited while using your computer. It saves the whole history in a password-protected dashboard and you can access it from anywhere. Apart from this, Sneekr is also compatible with Incognito Mode.

sneekr - Best Google Chrome Security Extension 2020

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12. LastPass

This one of the best and must-have Chrome extensions keeps your passwords safe by locking them in a secure vault. It also saves you from the trouble of remembering the passwords as all that you need to remember is the Master Password to open the vault. Further, it also remembers your credentials and fills them for you whenever you’re required to do so.

lastpass - Google Chrome Security Extension 2020

13. DuckDuckGo

This is completely free and one of the best security extensions for Chrome that prevents trackers from tracking your activities. In addition to this, it also lets you search privately and encrypts connections to protect your data from hackers.


14. PerspectiveGuard

This is one of those rare and the best Google Chrome security extensions that uses AI to safeguard you from manipulation on social networks. It analyzes posts, tweets, comments, targeted ads, and sponsored content to alert you when you’re being targeted by any negative campaign. It keeps you away from fake news, cyberbullying, and all the other negative content on social media.


15. Privacy Badger

This Internet security extension for Google Chrome features on our list of the best Chrome security extensions for its ability to learn from your browsing habits. It watches your history and blocks the tracker found on three different websites. In addition to this, it also removes the outgoing links.

Privacy Badger

16. Windows Defender

This one of the most trusted and must-have Chrome extensions alerts you with a red signal whenever you unknowingly access any malicious website. Further, it also keeps you safe from phishing emails and other online attacks.

Windows Defender

17. HTTPS Everywhere

This one of the best Chrome security plugins created by EFF converts all the unsecured sites into secure websites. It protects you from various online attacks and your accounts from the prying eyes of hackers.

HTTPS Everywhere

18. UltraSurf VPN

This one of the must-have apps for Chrome lets you access even the blocked websites effortlessly. It prevents advertisers from tracking you online. Along with this,UltraSurf VPN also protects your data from hackers.


19. DotVPN

This powerful and the best Internet security extension for Google Chrome allows you to access sites such as BBC, Netflix, etc. that might not be accessible in your region. Apart from this, it secures your connection when you connect to public wifi.


20. uMatrix

This one of the best security extensions for Chrome lets you have complete control over which networks your browser can connect to, what data it can download from the web, and the tasks it can execute. Apart from this, several other security tools make it stand out from the rest of the extensions.


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21. Web of Trust

What makes this one of the best Google Chrome security extensions unique is its review feature. Here, the user rates and comments about a website’s level of safety. These comments help the other users to stay safe. Further, it also warns you of scammy and malicious website

Web of Trust

These were our picks for the must-have and best Google Chrome security extensions. Do add one of these on your browser and stay protected from all online threats. Lastly, before hitting that arrow to go back, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter and get all the latest updates from the tech world delivered straight to your mailbox.

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