6 Best iOS App Cloners to Duplicate Apps on iPhone Without Jailbreak
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8 Best iOS App Cloners to Duplicate Apps on iPhone Without Jailbreak

“I want to duplicate the apps on the iPhone without jailbreaking, but where to find the best iOS app cloners?” If you have this question on your mind, then we have its answer. Here, in this post, we share the top-rated apps that let you clone apps on your iPhone without jailbreak.

Keeping work and private life separate is essential for living a peaceful life. Android users can do it with ease as they can use multiple accounts of the same app on a single phone. But, what about the iPhone users that are burdened with so many restrictions? Is there any option other than to jailbreak for bypassing the limitations? Well, yes, there is a ray of hope in the form of the best iOS app cloners to duplicate apps on the iPhone without jailbreak.

With the best iOS app cloners, you can enjoy multiple accounts of the same app on your iPhone and clone apps like the Android users, even without jailbreak. So now, without any delay, let’s check them below.

Best iOS App Cloners to Duplicate Apps on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Below we have described some best iOS app cloners that do not require you to perform Jailbreak to duplicate an app.

1. Parallel Space

The first name on our list of some best iOS app cloners is Parallel Space. Along with iOS, this cloning application is famous for duplicating apps on Android as well. By using Parallel Space, you can clone and manage all your cloned apps by just following a few easy steps. It is one of the most trusted clone apps for iOS and Android. The other major feature of this cloner app is that it is very compact and hence utilizes a very small amount of your memory.


  • It supports game cloning.
  • Parallel Space also boasts a clean and easy to use interface.
  • It is quite compact and does not hog up the device’s memory, which makes it one of the best app cloner for iPhone.
  • You can also customize and categorize the duplicate applications into the personal & professional categories and use multiple user account on iPhone with ease.

However, the features are not enough to describe this app duplicator application of iOS. Hence, we have also mentioned the pros and cons.



  • Multi-lingual support for over 24 languages
  • Customizable iPhone clone app
  • Most compact cloner for iOS
  • Protects privacy with its passcode security feature


  • Offers very few features for free
  • Fails to duplicate many of your iOS apps 
  • Constant subscription ads


Parallel Space Multi

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2. Dual Space Social Manager

Dual Space Social Manager comes with a feature of managing multiple social media accounts in one place. And it also allows you to name your multiple accounts. It supports several major social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Along with this, you get various other lucrative & useful features as well in this dual app iOS application. Hence, we consider it as one of the best utility to clone an app on iOS. 


  • One of the prominent features of this cloner app is that it helps you to manage your social media usage on your iOS smartphone. It offers a time manager that shows & limits the number of hours you spend on a particular social media account.
  • You also get a passcode lock to protect your privacy.
  • It helps to distinguish the personal and professional social contacts by cloning the social media apps on your iOS smartphone.

We have also evaluated the pros and cons of this iPhone app cloning application. Here they are.



  • Protects privacy
  • Easy interface
  • Supports major social media apps
  • Helpful time manager


  • Constant ads
  • Less functionality as compared to other iOS app cloners
  • Sometimes crashes

dual Space Social Manager

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3. Dual Accounts Multi Space App

Dual Accounts Multi Space App is a multi-feature iOS cloner app. It allows you to clone apps for iPhone. Along with cloning apps, it also provides several other features such as a private browser, photo/video locker, etc. This app can also hide your private photos and videos. It also comes with an inbuilt video player. Hence, this iOS cloner app can be a one-stop solution for your many requirements. Although it can only clone social media apps.


  • With this iPhone cloner, you also get a private browser. 
  • Along with keeping dual apps on the iPhone, it can also keep your private photos and videos locked. 
  • The UI of this iOS app duplicator is simple enough for a novice user to understand and use.
  • It also boasts a built-in music player for playing your favorite soundtracks.

Along with these multiple features, you must also know the pros and cons of the Dual Accounts Multi Space App before using it to clone social media apps on your iOS smartphone. Hence, we have mentioned them below.



  • Multiple features
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Passcode to protect private videos and photos
  • In-built media player


  • Clones only social media apps
  • Quite less app cloning features
  • Spammy pop-up ads

Dual Accounts Multi Space App

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4. Slices

Here is another great cloner to duplicate apps on your iPhone. People consider it as one of the best app cloner for iOS because of the unique features. You can even clone games along with the social media apps by using Slices. It also offers a quite simple user interface. One can clone apps using this application through the system settings of his/her iPhone. You can then even rename, create or, delete the slices. If you are obsessed and possessive for your game high score, then this app can help you to prevent it from being overwritten.


  • Unlike most of the other applications to make dual social media apps, Slices has the availability of game cloning.
  • It has a straightforward & user-friendly interface.
  • The app also lets you clone the apps using system settings.
  • It does not overwrite your game high scores and prevent it as well by creating a clone for the game on your iPhone.

However, before using any of the best iOS app cloners to duplicate apps on your iPhone, you must be aware of its pros and cons. Hence, below we have provided the pros and cons of Slices.



  • Suitable for professionals and businessmen
  • Simple interface
  • Clones games as well
  • Easily customizable from system settings of iPhone


  • Not available on the Apple App Store
  • Difficult to install as compared to other alternatives
  • Lacks additional features


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5. TutuApp

TutuApp is not a regular cloner app that you can simply use to clone apps for iPhone. It can be considered as an app store that provides various multiple versions of apps installing which you can use your multiple user accounts. However, it requires a bit more effort to download and install apps from TutuApp. But, if you want to use various versions of the same app, then you can go for this one of the best app cloners for iOS. It comes with both free and paid versions.


  • It lets you use different app versions simultaneously. 
  • This utility to clone apps on iOS is available in both paid and free forms.
  • TutuApp hosts an app store from where you can download and install different versions of applications. 
  • You are not required to Jailbreak or log in from your Apple ID to use this iPhone app cloner.

While evaluating TutuApp, we have also noted some of its pros and cons. Below we have mentioned them.



  • Quite effective in cloning apps
  • Allows to install different versions of an app
  • Do not require Jailbreak


  • Complex process to download and install apps
  • Not available on Apple App Store


6. Phone Clone

Do you want to create a duplicate of your iPhone? If yes, then perhaps this is the best app cloner for iOS to do it. As the name of the app suggests, it allows you to form a replica of all the applications on your device without jailbreak. In addition to cloning apps, you can also use it to clone your contacts, photos, and videos. Moreover, the app can also be used to transfer data from one phone to another with ease. 


  • The app hosts a clean, smooth, and easy to use UI.
  • Along with making app duplicates on your iPhone, you can also use Phone Clone to migrate your data from one phone to another. 
  • It is among the fastest app cloners available in the town for iPhone. 

Phone Clone also has its pros and cons. Here we have discussed them below.



  • Simplistic interface
  • Fast cloning speed
  • Able to clone the entire iPhone even without Jailbreak


  • Limited features
  • May fail sometimes
  • Issues in transferring the contacts

Phone Clone

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7. Multi Social

Nowadays, users have multiple accounts on the same social media application. If you are also one of them, then you can keep all these accounts securely on a single phone with this best app cloner for iOS. It supports a plethora of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and more. Further, this app does not limit the number of accounts that you can log in using it. 


  • You can use unlimited social media apps and accounts on this iPhone social media application cloning app.
  • The application boasts a fairly easy to use interface.
  • It has a tremendous app cloning speed. 

For a better understanding of this iPhone social media app cloner, we have mentioned its pros and cons below.



  • Allows to use multiple social media apps and accounts
  • Security passcode
  • Easy to use
  • Also allows to add social networks that are not included in this iPhone application cloner


  • Limited functionality
  • Constant annoying ads
  • May not allow you to post on some of the social networks 

Multi Social

8. Duplicator Store

Just like the TutuApp, Duplicate Store is also not a usual iOS app cloner. Instead of cloning apps, it provides duplicate apps for your iPhone. With this best tool to keep dual apps on the iOS smartphone, you can install the previous versions of the apps you want. In this way, you can use your multiple accounts of a particular application on an iPhone. Duplicate Store allows you to use the dual version of the major social media apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, etc.


  • It lets you get the earlier versions of major social media applications.
  • With this tool, you can use more than two accounts of a particular app. 
  • The UI is straightforward, and the app supports almost all the major social media platforms, which makes it one of the best iOS app cloners to duplicate apps.

Duplicate Store also possesses a few pros and cons that you must know before trying it. Here we have listed them below.



  • Supports major and widely used social media apps
  • Easy & simplistic UI
  • Helps to install multiple versions of an app


  • Limited functionality
  • Requires to download different app versions to clone it
  • No advanced and additional features

However, you can still clone the apps on iPhone without jailbreak even if you don’t want to use any of the apps from our list of some best iOS app cloners to duplicate Apps.

A Quick Look at the Best iOS App Cloners

Product Specifications  Top Features  Rating (out of 5)
Parallel Space Compatible with: iOS 11.0 or later
Size: 21.4 MB
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Clones games
Categorization of apps
Dual Space Social Manager Compatible with: iOS 9.0 or later
Size: 8.5 MB
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Social media usage management
Passcode lock
All major social media apps supported
Dual Accounts Multi Space App Compatible with: iOS 9.0 or later
Size: 40 MB
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Vault to hide private photos and videos
Availability of a private browser
In-built video and music player
Slices Compatible with: iOS 7, 8 and 9
Size: 764 KB
Price: Free
Availability of game cloning
Clones apps through phone’s system settings
It does not overwrite game high scores
 TutuApp Compatible with: iOS 6 or later
Size: 24 MB
Price: $12.99/year (free version also available)
Allows simultaneous use of different app versions
App store to download and install apps
No need to log in from the Apple ID
Phone Clone Compatible with: iOS 8.0 or later
Size: 15.5 MB
Price: Free
Cloning of contacts, photos, and videos
Easy data transfering from one phone to another
Clean and straightforward UI
 Multi Social Compatible with: iOS 9.0 or later
Size: 6.9 MB
Price: Free (free with in-app purchases)
No limits on the no. of accounts
Supports all major social media platforms
Beginner-friendly UI
Duplicator Store Compatible with: iOS 10 or later
Size: –
Price: Free
Lets you install previous app versions
Provides duplicate apps
Lets you use more than two accounts of an app

How to Duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak?

If you don’t want to use any cloning app, you can still clone apps for iPhone by following the below-mentioned steps. However, you are required to have Mac with Xcode, iTunes, and Cydia Impactor to follow these steps. Here are the steps:

Step1: You are required to have a hacked IPA of the app you want to duplicate, hence locate it over the web.

Step2: Move the app you want to duplicate to the desktop and rename it from .ipa file to .zip file.

How to Duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak

Step3: Now double-click the .zip file.

Step4: After clicking on .zip file you are taken to an extracted file, select the payload folder from there and drag it to your desktop

Step5: Open that folder and select the application file.

Step6:Now right click on the application file and select “Show Package Content”.

How to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak-1

Step7: Look for the “info.plist” file and open it in Xcode.

How to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak-2

Step8: Search for “Bundle identifier” and edit its value in the form of com.company.appname.

How to Duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak

Step9: Now go to “File” and click on “save” to submit the changes you have made.

Step10: After that close Xcode and compress the payload folder.

How to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak-3

Step11: Change the compressed .zip file to .ipa file again, you can rename it whatever you want.

How to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak0

Step12: Launch the Cydia Impactor with your iPhone plugged in and sideload the .ipa file that you have just renamed.

Step13: After the app is sideloaded on your iPhone, open the system settings of your iPhone.

Step14: Then select General > Device Management and select your Apple ID.

Step15: Now tap on the app you have just sideloaded.

Step16: At last, tap on Trust and after that Trust Again to verify the certificates.

How to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak-5

Hurray! Now you have two versions of the same app. You can use both of them without impacting either of them.

However, some of you may still have some queries for cloning apps on iPhone. Don’t worry. Here we’ll resolve all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answered some of the most common and frequently asked questions about cloning apps.

What is cloning?

In simple terms, cloning means using more than one account of an app on the same phone. Users prefer cloning over duplicate and virtual apps as it consumes fewer resources. However, it does not allow you to use more than two accounts of any application. 

What is Jailbreaking?

As per the name, it seems that the term refers to breaking or escaping some prison or jail and getting free from it. But in the context of Apple devices, Jailbreaking means the getting privilege escalation from the app restrictions imposed by the company. For example, Apple does not allow to clone apps on its iPhone. But after Jailbreaking, one can easily avoid this restriction.

Why do you use clone apps on the iPhone?

Unlike Android or Windows users that are privileged enough to use more than one account of any application on their phone, iPhone users cannot use more than a single account. They need to jailbreak the phone for doing that. But, jailbreaking exposes the device to various security threats. Therefore, clone apps are used to duplicate an application so that you can use them with multiple accounts on a single device without performing a jailbreak.

Is it safe to clone apps on iPhone?

It depends on the way through which you clone or duplicate apps on your iOS device. If you do it with Jailbreak, then it may bring some risk to your device. However, it is pretty safe if you do it with some best iOS app cloners.

Is there any other way of cloning applications on the iPhone apart from the Jailbreak and using the iOS cloner app?

Yes, you can clone and create dual iOS apps even without using the Jailbreak or any iPhone cloner app. But, you have to do it manually, and that method requires you to follow several steps. First of all, you need to have a Mac with Xcode, iTunes, and Cydia Impactor. Then after that, follow the above steps to duplicate the iPhone apps manually.

Which is the best way to clone iOS apps?

As per our observation, using some best iOS cloner apps is the best way to duplicate apps on iPhone. It is quite effortless and safer as compared to the manual method to clone iPhone apps and Jailbreaking. It also quite effective as well.

Final Words On Top 8 iOS App Cloners For Multiple User Accounts On iPhone

Above, we have discussed multiple ways to clone apps for iPhone. If you are a tech-savvy person and have enough time to follow the manual method, then you can go for it. But, if not, then you can simply use any of the best iOS app cloners to duplicate apps that we have suggested above. Each of them possesses some unique features and has different functionality. So, choose wisely after evaluating the pros and cons that we have noted.

We hope that we have successfully answered the question ‘How to duplicate apps on the iPhone without Jailbreak?’ in this post. And if it helped you to manage your multiple accounts on different apps for the iPhone, then subscribe to Innovana blogs for more such posts.

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