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10 Best Mac Apps To Unarchive/Archive Files In 2021

Finding the best unrar app for Mac to unarchive the archived files? Here in this post, we have discussed some best unarchiver/archiver for Mac. Read on to know about some free unzipper apps for Mac as well. 

Sharing big files is always a challenge, as it takes more time and resources to share them. However, there is a way through which one can easily transport large files from one device to another. You only have to archive the files into a .zip, .rar, or any other archive file format before sharing it. You can use the default app of the macOS to archive files if you are not concerned about customization. It only compresses files in .zip file. Although if you want complete control over your archive files along with some other useful features, then here we have brought some of the best archiver for Mac.

Along with a compressor app, a lot of them also serve as unrar, or we can say unarchiver. So, you can also consider them as the best unrar or unarchiver app for Mac. Now, without further ado, let’s move to the list and check some free unzipper for Mac.

Best Archiver/Unarchiver Apps For Mac In 2021

Below we have listed the best archiver/unarchiver apps for Mac that you can use for compressing or unzipping/unarchiving files quite efficiently.

1. WinRAR

WinRAR is the most famous utility on this list to archive files on Mac. Not just the tool helps you to archive files quickly and easily, but also lets you unarchive the compressed ones. It also creates backups of your data and allows you to compress the email attachments. There are several other features that this free unzipper/archiver for Mac offers to its users. Here we have highlighted the prominent ones.

Prominent Features Of WinRAR

  • The app supports almost all the compressed files. So you can easily archive your files into RAR, ARJ, 7-Zip, ACE, CAB, ZIP, and many other formats.
  • You also get a 128-bit password encryption feature in WinRAR so that you can archive the files with password protection.
  • It gives you one of the most personalized experience of archiving & unarchiving files on your Mac, with multiple features to edit, open, & create the .rar files or any other compressed file.
  • Another major thing about WinRAR that makes it one of the best unrar app for Mac is the inbuilt antivirus that takes care of all the corrupted files.


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2. WinZip

You might have also heard about WinZip. It is one of the prominent utility to create and edit zip or any other compressed file on Mac. Users consider WinZip as one of the best unzipper for Mac as it supports almost all the archive file formats. The software is also quite useful for sharing files over cloud storage as it compresses them and reduces their size. After that, it becomes easier for one to upload the compressed files on the cloud storage. Here are some other beneficial features of this best archiver for Mac.

Beneficial Features Of WinZip

  • You unzip or unarchive any compressed files quite easily and snappily with this best unarchiver for Mac.
  • It allows you to share the archived files over the cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Zip Share from within the app itself.
  • Users of WinZip also get a Zip and Burn feature to back up their files over CDs and DVDs.
  • This archiver also helps you to protect your compressed files with AES-256 password protection.


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3. Better Zip

Here comes a better way to compress and decompress files on Mac. Better Zip is a great utility to archive files and manage the archived ones. One can even unzip some selective files from an archived folder using this free unzipper for Mac. You do not even need to extract a zipped folder to open it while having Better Zip on your Mac. It also offers several other handy features that make it one of the best unzipping tool on Mac. Here we have listed them below.

Handy Features Of Better Zip

  • The software provides an AES-256 password encryption feature to safeguard your compressed files from unauthorized access.
  • It allows you to compress your files in most of the archive formats, including ZIP, 7-ZIP, DMG, XAR, TXZ, etc.
  • The app also allows you to have a quick preview inside an archived file without extracting it.
  • You can even integrate the tool into your workflow. One can easily script this app with the help of AppleScript.

Better Zip

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4. Entropy

Entropy is another gem on the list of some best file archiving apps for Mac. It helps you to modify the archived files along with creating or extracting them. The tool is also known for its feature to provide a preview of the compressed folders before unzipping them. It is quite a great tool for Mac devices having OS X. The users are also quite impressed with its advanced features. Below we have highlighted some of them.

Impressive Features Of Entropy

  • One of the most impressive features of Entropy is its drag & drop functionality. The tools allows its users to archive files and extract them by just dragging & dropping them to the app.
  • Another luring thing about Entropy is its password protection. It offers AES-256 password encryption feature along with an inbuilt password manager.
  • You can also automate the archiving and unarchiving tasks on your Mac using this tool with the help of AppleScript.
  • Users can even preview the files before extracting them using this free unarchiving software for macOS.


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5. Archiver

As the name suggests, Archiver is a competent tool to archive files on your Mac device. It helps you to reduce the size of your files by compressing them. However, along with the archiving activities, the unzipping ability of the Archiver is also quite impressive. Hence, you can easily unzip the compressed files using this best unarchiver for Mac. It also provides several advanced features, including password protection, early preview, etc. Here we discuss some of the most useful features of Archiver.

Prominent Features Of Archiver

  • The tool comes with a drag and drop functionality and allows you to unarchive or extract the compressed files by just dragging and dropping them.
  • It also provides password protection for the archive files.
  • You can even sneak peek into the zipped files without extracting them as well. The tool allows you to have a preview of the archived folder.
  • Archiver also helps you to upload and transfer the archive files to the cloud storage. It supports several cloud storage services, including Google Drive, DropBox, Yandex, OneDrive, etc.


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6. iZip

If you are looking for an efficient as well as easy to use tool to compress & extract the compressed files on Mac, then iZip is a great choice. It not only helps you to archive or unarchive the files but also provides them password protection with its encryption technology. One of the major advantages of using iZip is its drag and drop functionality. Along with all these things, this tool also offers several other advanced features. Here we have enlisted them below.

Advanced Features Of iZip

  • The tool supports almost all the major archive file formats, including ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, ZIPX, TAR, etc.
  • It also allows you to play the videos and slideshows of images, even without extracting them. Due to this feature, one can easily consider it among some best unarchiver for Mac.
  • It also provides password protection to your compressed files with AES-256 encryption technology.
  • Despite so many advanced features, the UI of this free unzipping tool  on Macis quite straightforward and easy to use.


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7. Keka

Keka is another easy to use & competent unrar or unarchiver tool for Mac on this list. The app offers the drag and drop functionality to compress files. Hence, anyone can use it quite easily. Apart from this, Keka is also a customizable file compressor tool. It allows you to select the archive format in which you want to compress your files. The tool offers several other functions as well that can help you a lot in archiving and unarchiving your files swiftly. Here we list them below.

Salient Features Of Keka

  • The software offers password protection for some of the selected archive formats such as 7z and Zip.
  • It is one of the rare free unzipper for Mac that allows you to select the format of the archive files.
  • The tool supports all major archive formats, including RAR, Zip, Gzip, ISO, 7z, EXE, CAB, DMG, etc.
  • You can even use Keka to split the large archive files so that you can easily transport them to other devices or upload them over your cloud storage.


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8. The Unarchiver

You might have got an idea about the functionality of this app by its name. The Unarchiever is one of the proficient tools that helps you to unrar/unzip/unarchive the compressed files in your Mac. The functionality of this best unrar tool for Mac only focuses on extracting the archived files, and hence the app doesn’t have an option to archive files on Mac. However, if your primary requirement is only extracting the archives, then The Unarchiever is the most competent tool. Here are some of its salient features.

Impressive Features Of The Unarchiver

  • It supports almost all the archive formats, including Zip, RAR, Tar, Gzip, 7-zip, StuffIt, DiskDoubler, ARJ, ARC, ISO, BIN, etc.
  • The app even detects the filename encoding and then handles them appropriately. It helps you to extract all the files with their correct names.
  • The interface of the application is also quite simple and straightforward.
  • One does not need to spend huge amounts of money to use the full version of The Unarchiver. It is entirely free on Mac App Store.

The Unarchiver

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9. iPack

Here comes a tool that is primarily an archive manager for Mac but also has the ability to compress and extract files. iPack has all the features required for the best unrar tool for Mac. It can archive/unarchive files, provide preview of files before unarchiving them, and perform several other necessary functions. The interface of this archive manager is also quite simple and straightforward. Hence, anyone can use it. Here we have highlighted some of the other handy features of this Mac application.

Handy Features Of iPack

  • The tool provides complete support for the archive files that are password protected. You can extract them using iPack quite easily.
  • Another impactful feature of this software is its drag and drop functionality that makes it easier for everyone to use iPack for archiving and unarchiving files.
  • You can even search for a particular file in an archive folder using this advanced software.
  • It also comes with an integration with the Finder. Hence, you can archive or unarchive files in the Finder itself.


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10. RAR Extractor Lite

In the end, we have the RAR Extractor Lite, which is an entirely free utility to archive & unarchive files on Mac. However, being a free tool, it does not offer many advanced features, but it does provide several useful functions. It supports the archive files that are password protected and helps you to extract them. Along with this, the RAR Extractor Lite also performs batch extraction, which makes one of the best archiver for Mac. Here we discuss the other salient features of this unrar tool for Mac.

Salient Features Of RAR Extractor Lite

  • Despite being a free unzipper for Mac, the tool supports almost all the major archive formats, including RAR, 7-ZIP, ISO, ZIP, Gzip, Tar, EXE, DMS, etc.
  • It only requires you to double click on the archive files to extract them.
  • The interface is pretty simple. It offers a drag and drop feature, and hence anyone can use it to compress and decompress files on Mac.
  • Unlike other freeware, RAR Extractor Lite doesn’t feature any advertisements. Hence, you can use it smoothly without any disturbing ad.

RAR Extractor Lite

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Final Words On The Best Archiver/Unarchiver For Mac

So, here were some of the best archiver/unarchiver for Mac. These tools can help you to store and share your files more conveniently by compressing them. They also help in extracting the received archives. Apart from this, some of the above tools also provide protection against unauthorized access to your files. There are multiple uses of these tools, and each one of them offers different features. Now, it is upon your preferences which one you consider as best for you. Hence, we suggest you to select accordingly.

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