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14 Best Mac Cleaner Apps to Optimize and Speed up your Mac 2020

Mac is losing a significant chunk of the market because of its inefficient storage management. Although it has come up with Optimized Storage, i.e., a memory cleaner and optimizer feature, still regaining the lost market share seems a far-fetched dream for Apple. One of the key reasons for this and people requiring a third- party best Mac cleaner is Optimized Storage only moves your junk files to iCloud storage.

The free space on iCloud is already limited to 5 GBs and after the junk files are transferred to it, you need to shell out some bugs and pay Apple for increasing the space. Who would pay to keep junk on the iCloud? Most probably, only a few people. This is the reason the best free Mac cleaning software is highly demanded these days.

There is a multitude of software to clean Mac system storage available on the web but not all of them are the best app to clean Mac that is safe from malware, adware, Trojans, and spyware. Therefore, we’ve tested these apps and curated the best software for disk cleanup to make your Mac run smooth. We share the same through this post.

14 Best Mac Cleaner and Optimizer Software in 2020

As said earlier, not every software is the best way to clean the Mac screen, RAM, and optimize memory. Thus, below are the paid as well as best free Mac cleaning software including junk and temp files remover to make your device free from junk.

1. CleanMyMac X

Its simple drag and drop functionality makes it the best program to clean up Mac. Apart from this, you can also select an app and view its detailed information so that you know what is hogging up your device’s space. Moreover, it lets you clean the cache and rebuild the database regardless of the OS version you are using. Other than this, it also has some premium features such as software uninstaller and updater to optimize and give your Mac’s hard disk the much-needed breathing space.

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CleanMyMac X -Best Mac Cleaner
Image Source: techsviewer

2. CCleaner

It is one of the most preferred free Mac cleaners by people who search “which is the best free software to clean my Mac?” What makes it feature in this list of the best Mac cleaners is its ease of use and quick disk cleanup to make your Mac run smooth. In addition to this, it speeds up your Mac, optimizes its performance, and secures it with features such as faster computer and privacy protection. It’s also a popular free cache cleaner for Mac as it removes junk files, unused data, cookies, saved passwords, and browsing history. Along with the free version, CCleaner also comes in a pro version with some advanced features.

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CCleaner for Mac - Mac Cleaner
Image Source: Bleeping Computer

3. AVG Cleaner for Mac

This best free Mac cleaning software comes with a clean user-interface and features such as Disk Cleaner and View & Clean to scan and remove junk files, log files, and hidden cache to make your device uncluttered. Apart from this, it also has a functionality to detect and delete duplicate files and get rid of the digital junk hogging up space in your Mac.

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AVG Cleaner for Mac
Image Source: osxuninstaller

4. Drive Genius

This best app to clean Mac is correctly named as “genius”. It’s an intelligent memory cleaner and optimizer that ensures that no valuable data is lost during the cleaning process. Apart from this, it also has a virus scan feature that actively scans for potential threats to your Mac. This is not where its features end, and it also has a partitioning feature that allows you to resize, rename, relocate, hide, or reveal the disk partitions with ease.

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Drive Genius -Best Mac Cleaner apps
Image Source: techsviewer

5. ITL Mac Optimizer

This is the best all-in-one Mac cleaning utility that not only does a disk cleanup to make your Mac run smooth but also ensures its security by creating a protective shield to protect it from adware, ransomware, Trojans, phishing codes, and many other threats. In addition to this, ITL Mac Optimizer, i.e., the best Mac cleaner smartly cleans all the cache and leftover files to free up the space on Mac and make it snappier. Not only this, but ITL Mac Optimizer also scans for malicious websites and prevents them from infecting your system and this what makes it one of the best virus cleaner for Mac.

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ITL Mac Optimizer

6. Data Rescue

This cleaner free for Mac not only removes the junk and unwanted files but also helps you recover a file if you have accidentally deleted it and this is why it’s one of the best Mac cleanup software available currently. No matter whether you need to recover deleted files from trash, disk partition, encrypted hard drive, or formatted drive, this best free Mac cleaning software lets you clean and recover them all without any hassles.

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Data Rescue

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7. Disk Doctor

If you want to not just declutter your Mac but also keep the disk in the pink of the condition, then this is among the best utilities that you can use. It detects the junk, scrapes it away, and makes your device speedier than ever. One feature that attracted us the most is “Clean my disk”. It helps you remove all the space-hogging elements such as cache, logs, unneeded language files, and more in twinkling of an eye. Thus, don’t think twice before clicking on the download link to get this mind-blowing Mac cleaner.

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Disk Doctor
Image Source: FIPLAB

8. Daisy Disk

This is another best Mac cleaning software with a beautiful user-interface. It intelligently scans the files on your device, showcases them on a pinwheel-shaped disk, and gives you an idea of what is hogging up your Mac’s memory so that you can easily remove it. It lets you have a quick look at the files you are deleting, but the only downside is that it does not give a warning if you delete any file necessary to run an application or your system. Thus, use it a bit cautiously.

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Daisy Disk
Image Source: techsviewer

9. AppCleaner – App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro

The popular best way to clean Mac is to move the unwanted files to the trash. But, moving to trash leaves behind the traces of some extra files. Thus, if you want to delete all the associated files while uninstalling an app, then this best free Mac cleaner app is what you need to do it with ease. You just need to drag and drop the unneeded apps to the AppCleaner and it makes sure that none of the app’s file is left to hog up your hard disk.

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AppCleaner - App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro
Image Source: CNET

10. Disk Inventory X

This app with the most straightforward and easy to use interface is undoubtedly one of the best free Mac cleaners. It gives you a visual and textual description of the disk usage. This best free Mac cleaning software lets you view the size of files in hierarchical order, colorful graphical presentation of file types, and detailed file information with just a click so that you know what is taking up space on your Mac and get rid of it easily.

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Disk Inventory X
Image Source: techsviewer

11. OnyX

This list of the best utilities to clean Mac system storage cannot miss this feature-rich app. The options to free up disk space on Mac are endless in this best free Mac disk cleaner. OnyX, i.e., one of the most popular and best app to clean Mac verifies the startup disk to structure the system files, works as memory cleaner and optimizer, delete cache, rebuild databases, and perform many other disk cleanup functions to make your Mac run smoothly.

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Image Source: Apple Gazette

12. MacFly Pro

This is one of the most simple, power-packed, and best memory cleaner for Mac available in the town. The fantastic tools such as duplicates, apps, big files, shredder, and privacy allow you to not only clean up your hard drive but also ensure your safety by deleting the confidential information from your web browser. It is worth trying and the best app to clean Mac that saves hours of manual storage cleaning on your Mac.

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MacFly Pro
Image Source: MacFly Pro

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13. OmniDiskSweeper

This best Mac cleaning utility helps you reclaim the lost disk space with ease. It ranks and displays all the files present on your system hierarchically by their size so that you know what is eating your device’s memory and delete or move it to some other place. The only con with this best free Mac cleaner is that it asks for permissions such as accessing your contacts.

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Image Source: The Omni Blog

14. MacBooster 8

This is our last but not least pick for the list of the best cleaner for MacBook Pro. It not only removes junk from your device and gives the hard disk the much-needed space to breathe but also enhances the device’s performance as a whole. Moreover, it has tools to clean up approximately 20 types of junk files and protect your system from virus attacks.

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MacBooster 8
Image Source: MacBooster

The software listed above were the best Mac cleaners handpicked especially for you.  Now, to make the selection easier and to resolve the persisting doubts that you may have, we answer the questions users often ask us about the RAM cleaner apps for Mac.

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Answering the frequently asked questions about the best Mac cleaners.

Below is the answer to almost every question that you may have about disk cleanup to make your Mac run smooth.

Q1. Do Mac cleaners correctly work?

Yes, not every random and the so-called best free Mac cleaner but some of the reliable cleaners such as ITL Mac Optimizer effectively work and help you get rid of the junk and unwanted files hogging up the memory on your device without any hassle. In addition to this, they also provide you the much-needed protection from malware, Trojans, adware, spyware, and other virus attacks.

Q2. Is it safe to use Mac cleaners?

Other than the cases where you install a free Mac cleaner from some unauthenticated source, using Mac cleaners are completely safe. The best Mac cleaning software like ITL Mac Optimizer doesn’t make unnecessary alterations to your device and only detect and remove the junk to tune up the device’s performance.

Q3. Is there a fixed time interval for cleaning Mac?

No, you can clean your Mac anytime using the best Mac cleaning software whenever you feel that there is no space left on your device’s hard disk. However, it is suggested that you must clean your Mac at least once in every month.

Q4. Why should you use the best app to clean Mac?

As said in the earlier sections of this blog, the best free Mac cleaners not only help you get rid of the junk but also safeguard your device from virus attacks and take its performance to another level.

Q5. How cleaner apps improve Mac’s performance?

Accumulation of junk files makes the system slower with time. The best program to clean Mac such as ITL Mac Optimizer detects cache, unused, temporary, and unwanted files, and helps you get rid of them. Deleting such useless data results in a faster and smooth functioning Mac

Q6. How to manually remove junk from Mac?

Although the process to remove junk from Mac manually is tedious and time-consuming, still, if you want to try doing it, then here are the best ways to clean Mac screen yourself.

  • Delete files from the trash bin
  • Locate and delete the login items
  • Find and remove the accumulated disk images.
  • Uninstall the apps that you do not need
  • Empty Safari cache

Q7. Which is the best Mac cleaner?

All the Mac cleaning utilities enlisted here are on par with each other. However, ITL Mac Optimizer is our absolute favorite. In addition to ITL Mac Optimizer, our top recommendations include:

  • CCleaner
  • CleanMyMac X

We hope after knowing about the paid as well as best free Mac cleaners and the answers to the frequently asked questions, no doubt persists in your mind and you can easily get rid of the accumulated junk in your device. Remove it and see your device performing like a brand spanking new model. Lastly, before leaving, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get information about all the best free Mac cleaning software making their way into the market and latest tech updates delivered straight to your mailbox. Do not worry, we are not spammers and won’t bombard your mailbox with spam mails.

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