20 Best Offline iPhone, iPad, and iOS Games to Play Free [Latest 2021]
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20 Best Offline iPhone, iPad, and iOS Games to Play Free [Latest 2021]

Here are some of the best and 100% working offline games for iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices that you can enjoy without an active internet connection.

Games are a great way to kill time when you are getting bored. Online games have gained popularity after the tariff rates for different connections, Wifi and otherwise, went down.

Games that use an internet connection to run are quite common. Especially multiplayer games, these require an active internet connection to connect to a server and run. But these games are good for nothing when you have exhausted your data pack or when your router is not working.

This is where offline games come in. The internet has a lot of different offline games that you can download and install and have fun with. You can find such games under different categories like racing, action, role-play, etc.

The Apple iOS products are quite popular for using too much internet. So to help you entertain when you can’t stream songs or watch movies online, we brought some of the best, highly recommended, offline for iPhone, iPad, and every other iOS device.

You do not need an internet connection to play these games. Just download, install, and play whenever you want uninterruptedly. You can find these malware-free offline games for iOS in the coming sections of the article.

20 Best Games That You Can Play Offline on iPhones, iPads, and iOS

You can take the help of these best offline games for iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices and dive into the pool of adrenaline rush.

1. Monument Valley and Monument Valley +

Pro Tip: You will enjoy this offline game for iPad and iOS if you like to solve puzzles.

The first game to secure a position on the list of intelligent best offline games for iPhones and iOS is Monument Valley. MV is based on the story of a princess who has to pass different castles or levels to reach the Creator. In the game, you can use your skills to uncover hidden paths and mesmerizing illusions.

Monument Valley- Get it Here

Monument Valley PlusGet it Here

Monument Valley and Monument Valley +

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2. Subway Surfers

Pro Tip: If you want to race, escape the guard, and break your records, Subway Surfers is the fun and best offline game for your iPhone.

Subway Surfers is a very popular game. The story of the game is about a notorious boy who spray-paints the trains and tries to escape the guard and his dog. The game is set in different cities around the globe. You are supposed to run over the trains, get accessories and try to be as far as you can.

Get it Here

3. Shadow Fight 2

Pro Tip: Want to be a Samurai and fight off bad characters? Then, download the best offline game for iPad and iPhones, Shadow Fight 2, with high graphics.

Shadow Fight 2 is a sequel to the highly popular fighting game Shadow Fight. The game allows you to equip and accessorize from a variety of weapons, armors, shields, and more. Use these weapons to defeat different villains with your creative martial arts skills.

Reach the Boss level and finish off evil from the world. Download the completely free best offline game for iOS for more.

Shadow Fight 2

Get it Here

4. Solitaire

Pro Tip: Enjoy this best offline iOS game under 100MB with minimalist graphics.

Solitaire is a very popular game on every platform. It is one of the 100% free and best offline games for iPhone and other iOS devices. During the gameplay, you are supposed to deck the cards to four similar tiles in descending order. But that does not mean that the game is easy or uninteresting.


Get it Here

5. The Room Series

Pro Tip: A highly recommended best offline game for your iOS devices if you like to solve mysteries and puzzles.

If you are willing to spend some money, then the three editions of The Room game can provide you the worth of your penny. The game is a suspense-filled adventure and allows you to find objects around the room.

You can use these objects to unlock the room and pass them on to the next level. You need serious problem-solving skills to play this best offline game for the iPhone with high graphics.

The Room One- Get it Here

The Room Two- Get is Here

And The Room Three- Get it Here

The Room Series

6. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Pro Tip: Asphalt 8 Airborne is one of the best offline iOS racing games for all the adrenaline lovers out there.

Asphalt 8 Airborne is one of the best and most popular racing games for iOS and Android. The game has a lot of different supercars and bikes from brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Ford, and more.

The intelligent and luring graphics of the game are its core. Moreover, the realistic maps of the game based on different countries and terrains are something you do not want to miss in this editor recommended best offline iPhone game with high graphics and controller support. Mirror the game and have the best gaming experience ever!

Get it Here

Asphalt 8 Airborne

7. Vector Series

Pro Tip: You will love this awesomely best game for offline gaming on iPhone and other iOS devices if you are into parkour-inspired action games.

The creators of the series provide uninterrupted access to Vector 1 and Vector 2 with an action-packed experience for you. The game has a storyline in which our 2D character escapes the shackles of bondage.

You get to show your parkour skills on the roofs of 2D buildings with one-finger controls in this best offline game for iPhone and other iOS devices.

Vector 1- Get it Here

Vector 2- Get It Here

Vector Series

8. Dream League Soccer

Pro Tip: Download this best offline game for iPhone and every other iOS device, plan the match, and execute with precision to win.

Everyone loves soccer and if you are one, we think that Dream League Soccer will be the best alternative.

The controls of this soccer game are very simple yet responsive. You are required to use your brain, pass the football, and try to goal whilst tackling the opposite team. This best and must-have offline game for iPhones and iOS devices has high graphics and awesome gameplay.

Get it Here

Dream League Soccer

9. Badland Series

Pro Tip: Try this one of the lightweight and best offline games for iPads and other iOS devices with basic graphics and simple gameplay.

Here comes another great game for you. The Badland series consists of two games. As the name suggests, in Badland, the forest is corrupted by traps and different creatures. You, as a forest dweller, have to move across the forest to check what’s wrong, in this best offline game for iOS under 200MB. You can install the game if your phone doesn’t have storage.

Badland 1- Get it Here

Badland 2- Get it Here

Badland Series

10. Temple Run

Pro Tip: Want an action-packed best offline game for iPad? Download Temple Run to fulfill this desire.

The Temple Run series is quite popular on various platforms. The game is set on a storyline under which you have to run and protect yourself from the demon chasing you. Whilst running, swipe to apply tricks and tilt to collect coins from the track.

You can log in to different social media platforms and show off your high scores to others. The game has a lot of different tracks to make it more interesting

Temple Run 1- Get it Here

Temple Run 2- Get it Here

Temple Run

11. Fruit Ninja

Pro Tip: Fruit Ninja is the best offline game for your iPhone and other iOS devices where you can use your reflexes and win.

Fruit Ninja is a very interesting game that allows you to use your swiping or ninja reflex skills. In the game, you own a sword that you can use to slice different fruits. The more fruits you cut, the better you score.

You can unlock more blades as you play. The gameplay time, in this best offline game for iOS under 100 MB, is limited as well as there is no excuse for misses.

Get it Here

Fruit Ninja

12. Hill Climb Racing Series

Pro Tip: Play the engaging best offline racing game for iPhone, iPad, and iOS devices, earn coins and unlock new cars.

Hill Climb Racing is not a racing game per se as the first version does not include racing.

In this series, you get a wide variety of cars and maps that you can unlock by earning money during the “race”. You can also upgrade the car and make it faster and better than before. Perform tricks, race to the moon, and do a lot more with this best free offline racing game for iPhone and other iOS devices.

Hill Climb Racing 1Get it Here

Hill Climb Racing 2Get it Here

13. Jetpack Joyride Series

Pro Tip: Download this intense best free offline game for iOS under 200MB to fly cool jetpacks across the laboratory and escape.

Jetpack Joyride is another popular game with an interesting storyline. You have to fly your character out of the laboratory of a doctor with sick intentions. You can kill the guards and collect coins while you try to escape.

The maps in the game are quite interesting and loaded with deadly zappers, lasers, and more. Download Jetpack Joyride, the best offline game for iOS, and run for your freedom.

Jetpack Joyride- Get it Here

Jetpack Joyride 2- Get it Here

Hill Climb Racing Series

14. Sudoku

Pro Tip: Show your mathematical and analytical skills in this best offline game for iOS under 100MB to clear the levels.

Conventionally speaking, Sudoku is not as much of a game but a sharp brain teaser built to improve your solving skills. The game also allows you to choose difficulty levels as you want.

You can participate in seasonal events and rise by clearing levels. The interface of the game has multiple themes and provides hints to help you play this best free offline game for iPhone and iOS.

Get it Here


15. Candy Crush

Pro Tip: This best offline game for iOS has a lot of different levels and stages so that you never run out of fun.

When talking about the best offline games for iPads, iPhones, and other iOS devices, one can not skip the name of Candy Crush. Candy Crush is one of the most popular puzzle games available.

Match similar candies to break them and clear the levels. The moves are limited so decide your steps wisely. The has always been in the talk for being the game that keeps you craving more.

Get it Here

Candy Crush

16. Limbo

Pro Tip: If you are an adventure and thrill-seeker, you will love this best offline game for iPhone and every other iOS device with high graphics.

If you are willing to spend some money on games, then you will love Limbo. Your character in the game has to find his sister.

You have to save yourself from different creatures, lethal objects, and other deadly things to reach the level-end and meet your sister. Remember, the map of the game is quite dark, hence you should be responsive and active at all times.

Get it Here


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17. Smash Hit

Pro Tip: Break every glass in your way and create high scores in this exciting best free offline game for iPad and other iOS devices.

Smash Hit is a pretty basic game, you have to hit every glass object without missing it. As you hit 10 objects consecutively, the number of balls increases, making the game even more interesting.

With multiple powers during the gameplay, you can slow the time, increase the ball speed and do a lot more. The best free offline game for iOS devices has 50 different rooms, each harder than the previous one.

Smash Hit

Get it Here

18. Traffic Racer

Pro Tip: Traffic Racer is one of those few thrilling best free offline racing games for iOS with effective controller support.

If you are a racing game lover, then Traffic Racer will attract you the most. The game is quite lightweight and has basic yet intriguing graphics that keep you hooked. As the name suggests, in Traffic Racer, you have to race through the traffic within the specified time.

Skip vehicle crashes as they result in level failure. There are so many customizable cars for you to collect that you won’t uninstall the best offline game for iPhones and iPads, ever.

Traffic Racer

Get it Here

19. Highway Rider

Pro Tip: You can attach your controller to this offline game for iOS as it precisely supports the same.

No other game provides as much rush and adrenaline as a bike racing game. One such game is Highway Rider. The game is completely free and allows access to numerous bikes and maps.

One of the best features of the game is that you can also compete with other players online. You can get more and more accessories for your vehicle and customize the same. The fugitive mode of this best offline game for iPhone is its USP as it allows you to race through the highway traffic, whilst escaping the cop cars.

Highway Rider

Get it Here

20. Plants vs Zombies Series

Pro Tip: Here is one of the creative and best offline games for iPad and other iOS devices that adults, as well as kids, can play.

From the sound of Plant vs Zombies, you may think that the game is quite gruesome, but it’s not. The storyline of this tower defense game is you, as a plant, have to protect your home. With numerous different plants to attack and accessories, you keep all the zombies at the bay.

The premise of all the games under the series is the same. Plant VS Zombies also allows you to put your defense and attack strategies into action by competing with fellow players. This best free offline game for iPhone and iOS devices has numerous worlds and levels to compete on.

Plant vs Zombies 1- Get it Here

Plant vs Zombies 2- Get it Here

Plants vs Zombies Series

Concluding on the Best Offline Games for All iOS Users Out There

Here we conclude our article on the best offline game for iPhone, iPad, and iOS. We hope that you found everything that you were looking for. Instead of focusing on one specific category, the article lists the best ones from all.

From racing games to mind teasing puzzles, you will find everything you like in this article. If you want some exciting best free offline games for iOS with high graphics, we recommend The Room, Asphalt 8, and Shadow Fight.

For those who want to connect the controller with the iOS device and play the thrilling best offline games, we recommend Highway Rider, Traffic Racer, and Asphalt Airborne. Some of these games are free to download, while others provide the worth for every penny.

For more information and queries, write to us in the comment section below. Before you go, subscribe to the newsletter from the Innovana Thinklabs Blog and get the latest articles, tech updates and more, delivered to your inbox.

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