10 Best Overclocking Software for Windows 2020 (GPU / CPU)
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10 Best Overclocking Software for Windows 2020 (GPU / CPU)

If you are reading this piece of writing, then you must be a victim of slow PC speed. Do you know why the performance of your PC is downgrading day by day? Well, the culprit behind such a slow computer is an inadequately clocked processor. Thus, the simplest way to squeeze some speed out of the PC’s processors is to tweak the clock speed with the best overclocking software available on the web.

With the best overclocking tool at your disposal, you can speed up the clock rate of even an age-old PC and make it a whole lot better than the present.

Moreover, if you want to experience the speed of a new PC on your old machine, then overclocking the processors using the best GPU/CPU overclocking software is a smart idea. It makes your PC work the way it used to work when you unboxed it.

However, using the wrong tool to overclock the processors may result in heating of the CPU. Therefore, we have curated the best overclocking software for GPU and CPU that let you enhance the PC’s speed without causing any damage. We talk about the same in the next segment of this post.

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As said earlier, using incorrect software to overclock the processors may result in heating and various other damages to your system. Thus, below are the best overclocking software for NVIDIA, GPU, and CPU that help you speed up the PC without damaging it in any way.

1. MSI Afterburner

A popular name in the field of graphics card benchmarking, MSI Afterburner is our topmost choice for the list of the best GPU overclocking software available currently. This overclocking software for Windows 10 lets you enhance the gaming performance, create a custom fan profiles, and record game videos without any hassles. Above all, you get all this for free without paying even a penny.

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MSI Afterburner
Image Source: MSI

2. CPU-Z & GPU-Z

This is the must-have and best overclocking software of all time. The software package has two products bundled in it.

The first one, i.e., CPU-Z specifically aims at enhancing the performance of the CPU by keeping the motherboard, cache, and voltage levels in check.

Hence, we can call it one of the best CPU overclocking software.

Whereas, the second one, i.e., GPU-Z aims to enhance the gaming performance by keeping the details like GPU temperature, memory size, and memory clock in check. Thus, it can be called the best GPU overclocking software.

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 3. EVGA Precision X

This best GPU overclocking software is the go-to place for every gaming enthusiast to resolve gaming performance issues. It has high compatibility with GeForce GTX TITAN and the other NVIDIA graphic cards. Apart from this, with its simple and easy-to-use interface you can edit the system’s memory clock and create 10 user profiles with ease.

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EVGA Precision X
Image Source: eteknix

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4. HWMonitor

When the talk is about the best CPU overclocking software, the name of HWMonitor is bound to come. This best overclocking software monitors the temperature and fan speed of every component of your PC. In addition to this, it has one of the most user-friendly interfaces that even non-techies can use with ease.

Image Source: Softpedia

5. AMD Ryzen Master

After discontinuing AMD Overdrive, the processor developer AMD came up with another best CPU overclocking software, known as AMD Ryzen Master. With this tool to overclock processors, you can effortlessly change factory settings, customize the processor clock, and voltage settings. In addition to this, AMD Ryzen Master comes bundled with some highly advanced features to get an insight into the PC’s real-time performance and make it work as a brand spanking new model.

AMD Ryzen Master

6. Desktop Control Center

This best CPU overclocking software from the house of Intel lets you overclock the processor and speed up the PC in a single click. With this overclocking software, the user having the latest socket 1156 and 1366 motherboards can effortlessly overclock the CPU and make the PC perform snappily. It is one of the must-have tools for users who have motherboards with DX58SO, DP55KG, and DP55SB chipsets.

Desktop Control Center
Image Source: MajorGeeks

7. ATI Tray Tools

This easy-to-use and the best GPU overclocking software designed exclusively for the ATI cards sits quietly in the system tray and lets you overclock the graphics card without hogging up space on your PC. In addition to this, with ATI Tray Tools you can test for artifacts using the 3D output and enhance the performance of your card in a snap of fingers. Above all, it also has the fantastic pre-application feature to overclock from preset profiles.

ATI Tray Tools

8. GMA Booster

Here comes another best GPU overclocking software. This software to overclock the processors claims to enhance the performance of your graphics card by up to 200 percent. However, there’s a minor con with this easy-to-use software that presently it only supports GMA 900 and GMA 950 chipsets. As per the reports, Intel is planning to make it compatible with GMA X3100 and GMA X4500 chipsets in the time to come.

GMA Booster
Image Source: HubPages

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9. CPU Tweaker 2.0

This is our last but not least pick for the best CPU overclocking software available in the town currently. CPU Tweaker 2.0 is a lightweight but power-packed utility that overclocks and optimizes the performance of your processor. Further, the features such as the integrated memory controller help you adjust the memory timings and monitor the performance of the processor.

CPU Tweaker 2.0
Image Source: Freeware Files

10. NVIDIA Inspector

This is undoubtedly one of the best overclocking software for NVIDIA. It helps you take your gaming experience to another level by analyzing and informing you about the graphic card status, GPU clocks, memory clock, temperature, and other vital factors that affect the gaming performance of your Windows PC. It would be great if you give this fantastic overclocking tool with the most straightforward and user-friendly interface a try.

NVIDIA Inspector

Image Source: hw-lab

These were our picks for the best overclocking software for GPU and CPU. You can use any one of the best CPU/GPU overclocking software listed above to give your PC’s performance a boost and take the gaming experience to another level. Lastly, before you go, do not forget to let us know in the comment box below whether you found this post helpful or not. Also, subscribe to our newsletter and get all the latest tech updates delivered to your mailbox.

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