Best Free PC Cleaning Software For Windows 10, 8, 7
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13 Best Free PC Cleaning Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2020

Read on to know the best PC cleaner software to clear disk space and take the PC’s performance to another level.

Clutter has a close relationship with how we perform. Untidiness makes our minds process things slowly. And the same is true for computer machines. The processors perform at a slower pace if your device is cluttered. Therefore, you need to declutter it with the best cleaner available in town.

These utilities scrape away every trace of junk, such as cache and duplicate files, from your device. This makes your PC’s performance buttery smooth and fast.

Though it is possible to clean junk manually, manual cleaning is a time-consuming and daunting activity. Therefore, the paid and best free PC cleaners are needed to get rid of these unneeded files with ease. Further, this computer cleaning software not only scrapes away the junk but also elevate and optimize the PC’s performance as a whole.

There is an ocean of apps to free up disk space on Windows 10 but not all of them are ideal PC cleaner software. Therefore, to help you choose the correct utility, we enlist a few disk cleaners that are the perfect fit for your requirements.

The Best Free PC Cleaner Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2020

Below is the best PC cleaning software that you need to make your PC spanking clean and faster than ever

1. CleanMyPC

This utility finds its place in our list of the best cleaning software for the reason that it is an all-in-one tool to care for your PC. With this tool, you can perform multiple tasks such as managing the startup programs, removing invalid registry entries, and more. In addition to these tools, below are some of its other noteworthy features.

  • It uninstalls the unneeded programs as well as their residual files
  • Scans even the recycle bin to detect the partially uninstalled files
  • Lets you hibernate the unrequired applications
  • Runs quietly in the background to automatically clean up the junk files.

Along with the above features, this best program to clean up PC also has a few worth mentioning pros. We talk about the same below.


  • Help keep your privacy intact by deleting the browsing traces
  • Lets you effortlessly manage the extensions and browser plugins
  • It allows you to remove a file permanently with its shredder functionality.

Further, this cleaner app for PC also has some downsides that cannot be ignored. We share them below.


  • Doesn’t reduce the boot time significantly
  • Its counterparts offer more value for the price paid.

In our view, it is among the best programs to clear disk space if you want a decent utility and reducing the startup time is not one of your topmost priorities.


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2. Piriform CCleaner

If you ask someone which PC cleaning utilities they would like to recommend, then CCleaner will surely be one of the answers. It is one of those brands that are immensely popular among millennials for there efficient cleaning abilities. There is no corner in your device where CCleaner cannot reach to drive the junk away. Apart from this, below are its other prominent features that induced us to include it in this list of the best free PC cleaners.

  • It boasts a registry cleaner to solve Windows registry related problems
  • Comes with a built-in startup manager to significantly reduce the system’s boot time
  • Encompasses a duplicate photo finder to delete similar pictures and other files
  • Has the functionality to schedule junk scans.

Apart from the above features, we also noticed a few pros of this best system cleaner for Windows 10. Here they are.


  • The interface is fairly easy to use
  • It is compatible with all Windows versions
  • Gets installed on the PC in a blink of an eye.

The above pros sound tempting, but this best cleaner for Windows 10 also has some noteworthy shortcomings. We share them below.


  • The standard download page seems a bit confusing
  • It sometimes tries to install other programs on your PC

The bottom line is, if the above cons do not trouble you, then this is among the best PC cleaning utilities that you may try.

Piriform CCleaner

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3. Avast Clean Up

This PC cleaner for Windows 10 is also widely used by the users who search “how to clean my computer?” The software boasts a clutter-free and easy to use interface. Apart from this, below are a few of its features that make it one of the best PC cleaner software currently available.

  • Functions as a disk, registry, and browser cleaner
  • Lets you put the unneeded apps to sleep and prevent them from running in the background
  • Comes with a shortcut cleaner for apps
  • Removes bloatware from the PC.

Along with the above features, we also noticed some mentionable pros of this best PC cleaner for Windows 10. Here, we share the same.


  • Gives you a detailed overview of the PC’s health and a multitude of tools to optimize its performance
  • Automatically updates outdated applications and programs
  • It lets you undo the changes so that you may recover the accidentally deleted files
  • Displays the information such as how much space is available after scanning, the issues it has fixed, etc.

Although this utility is among the best PC repair software, still it has some worth mentioning downsides. We share the same below.


  • The software sometimes tries to install other utilities from Avast
  • Its free version has limited features, to unlock all the functionalities, you need to pay a higher price.

The final verdict is, if we do not consider the above two cons, then this is among the must-try software to clean up Windows 10.

Avast Clean Up

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4. Win Magician

Here comes another best PC cleaner software. This utility magically removes every trace of junk from your PC. Below are a few of the prominent characteristics that set it apart from the other utilities in this list.

  • Comes with an in-built malware scanner
  • Has ad-blocking and other tools to protect you from online threats
  • Hosts an ocean of tools to clean junk and registry.

Apart from the above features, several pros also make it a tough contender for its counterparts. Below are a few of them.


  • Shield the PC from prying eyes of hackers
  • It comes with the most straightforward and uncluttered user-interface.

Talking about the downsides, it only has a single known con. We share the same below.


  • It is available only for Windows operating system.

Win Magician

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We think the above con holds no value for Windows users. Hence, this is among the best tools that you may use to remove junk and free up space on PC.

5. Norton Utilities Premium

Norton is a well-known name in the antivirus domain. The developer also boasts of offering the best cleaning software for PC. It uses state of the art technology to give your PC’s performance a boost. Below are some of its central features that instigated us to include this offering from Norton on our list.

  • Comes with a built-in uninstaller to remove the unwanted apps
  • Lets you scan and fix the system issues such as slowdowns and crashes
  • It also hosts a disk defragmenter
  • Comes with an in-built tool to detect malware

Apart from the above-listed features, it also has a few noteworthy pros. Here they are.


  • The installation process is simple and fast
  • Lets you monitor the disk health
  • Significantly reduces the PC’s startup speed.

Like every other best free PC cleaner, this tool to clear disk space also has some downsides. We share them below.


  • Sometimes, deteriorates the PC’s word and data processing performance
  • It is slightly overpriced.

In our view, if the above cons do not bother you, then it is certainly among the best PC cleaner software that you may use.

Norton Utilities Premium

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6. Clean Master for PC

Here comes another best PC cleaning software. Several unique features set this tool apart from the other disk cleaning utilities on this list. Below we share the key ones out of them.

  • Lets you stop unneeded startup applications
  • Optimizes the PC’s network settings
  • Scans and fixes the worn-out drivers
  • Its anti-tracking functionality helps keep your privacy intact

In addition to the above features, this best free PC cleaner also has some praiseworthy pros. We share them below.


  • It has a file shredder to remove files permanently
  • Classifies the junk in categories and lets you clean a category individually
  • Sends you reminders to run the disk cleaner when junk accumulates in the PC.

However, it also has some worth mentioning downsides. Here they are.


  • The user-interface seems a bit clutters
  • Novice users might find it a tough tool to use.

In our view, if we don’t consider the above shortcomings, then this is undoubtedly among the best cleaning software to keep your PC junk-free.

Clean Master for PC

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7. ITL Windows Optimizer

The best computer cleaning software that we are now discussing is the highest-rated utility on this list. It is a complete package for all your junk cleaning, security, and other requirements. Below are its central features that segregate it from the other apps in the lot and make it the best PC cleaner software. 

  • Helps you get rid of redundant app files and other data that is not needed on your PC. 
  • Blocks suspicious-looking ads and websites to keep your privacy unviolated and make your browsing experience pleasing.
  • Boasts a cleaner for the Windows registry to remove all the invalid entries and make your PC boot faster than ever.

In addition to the above features, it also boasts some noteworthy pros. Here, we talk about the same.


  • It has high compatibility with all Windows versions ranging from XP to Windows 10
  • The interface is user-friendly, even the novice users can use this disk cleaner effortlessly
  • Offers all the essential PC maintenance, cleaning, and security tools under one roof.

Even after the best efforts from developers, some cons always creep in. Below is the downside of ITL Windows Optimizer.


  • To unlock all the features, you need to shell out some bucks.

Apart from the one above, we failed to find any shortcomings with this best program to clean up PC. In our view, this con does not weigh much as the price you need to pay is much less in comparison to its counterparts. You get an ocean of features at peanut’s price. You may use this tool to remove junk and take the PC’s performance to the next level at the same time.

ITL Windows Optimizer

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8. Glary Utilities

This is another simple, easy to use, and the best cleaning software for PC. It hosts an ocean of vital features. Here, we enlist the prominent ones out of them below.

  • Has cleanup and repair modules to effectively clean and fix PC performance issues
  • Comes with a plethora of tool to enhance the PC’s overall performance
  • It helps you prevent spyware and manage the browser add-ons. \

Apart from the above pros, here are the pros that brought this PC cleaning utility to this list.


  • Effectively cleans and optimizes the PC
  • Speeds up and fine-tunes every nook and corner of the PC
  • Has one of the most straightforward interfaces

However, the software also has some downsides. Here they are.


  • The installation takes a bit longer than the other similar tools
  • Some of its functionalities work slowly
  • Frees up only a bit of the hogged up disk space.

In our view, you may give this best program to clean up PC a try if the above cons do not seem troublesome.

Glary Utilities

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9. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo is known for its various PC optimization tools for ages. WinOptimizer is another best cleaning software from the developer. It offers a plethora of features to remove junk from the PC and tweak its performance. Below are some of the prominent features that caught our attention and instigated us to include it in this list of the best free PC cleaner tools.

  • Has a variety of system setting functionalities such as File Associator and Font Manager
  • Boasts service and process managers to keep a track of the Windows services and processes
  • It comes with a multitude of essential tools such as drive cleaner, registry optimizer, context menu, and more.

In addition to the above features, a few praiseworthy pros also make it one of the best utilities to clear disk space. We share the same below.


  • It lets you get rid of the junk files in a single click
  • The user interface is newbie-friendly
  • It’s one of those rare and the best free PC cleaning software that scrapes away the web browsing traces.

However, like every other thing on the planet, this best utility to clear disk space is also not free from downsides. Below are some of its noteworthy shortcomings.


  • The tool sometimes even erases the system restore points that you have created
  • It unnecessarily adds a store link to the PC’s desktop.

Thus, in our view, this is an ideal PC cleaner software for users who need extra functionalities such as internet traces removal.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

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10. Wise Care 365

This is not merely the best free PC cleaner. It is much more than that. It an all-in-one tool for your PC care needs. Below are some of its striking features.

  • Shows you the temperature
  • Lets you generate passwords and recover the lost data
  • Has multilingual support
  • Boasts an effective context menu.

Apart from the above features, here are its noteworthy pros.


  • Comes with a portable version
  • Allows you to be in charge of the cleaning and boosting procedures
  • Has a lot of useful functionalities

This best cleaning software is also not free from downsides. Below are a few of its prominent shortcomings.


  • Does not support older Windows versions
  • There is no antivirus included in this cleaner app for PC.

The final verdict is, you may give this utility a try if you want some extra features along with cleaning tools.

Wise Care 365

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11. PC Booster

Another entrant on our list of the best cleaning software is PC Booster. It contains a multitude of tools to remove junk, optimize, and speed up the PC’s performance. Below are a few of its prominent elements.

  • Comes with a duplicate file finder, startup manager, and system restore point
  • Lets you schedule the scans
  • It allows you to exclude files and folders from the scan.

Along with the above features, it also has some noteworthy pros. Here they are.


  • Has an ocean of PC optimization tools
  • Snappily scans and removes all the junk files

This best system cleaner for Windows 10 is also not free from shortcomings. Below are its cons.


  • The free version has limited features
  • The speed at which this PC cleaner for Windows performs is a bit slow in comparison to its competitors.

In our views, you may give this cleaning utility a try if you want a decent PC cleaner.

PC Booster

Download Now

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12. Disk Cleanup

This is another in-built and the best free PC cleaner from Windows. If you do not want to use any third-party software, then Disk Cleanup may be used as a tool to free up space on the PC’s hard disk. Here is how to use it.

  • Press Windows and S keys together to open the search box and type Disk Cleanup
  • Once the Disk Cleanup window opens, choose the drive you need to clean up and then click on OK
  • Select the file to get its description and then choose the files types you want to delete
  • Lastly, click on OK.

Disk Cleanup

Using Disk Cleanup seems like a quick fix for the files hogging up the hard disk. But, we still suggest you use the third-party best cleaning software to free up the PC space automatically without any cumbersome efforts.

13. Storage Sense

This not the third-party best cleaning software. It is an in-built disk cleaner in Windows. You may also use it to remove junk and tweak the PC’s performance. Below are the easy steps to use it.

  • Press Windows and S keys simultaneously and type storage in the search box that comes up on the screen
  • Select the topmost result to open the Storage settings
  • Turn on the Storage Sense toggle and click on “Choose how we free up space”
  • Click on “free space now” to remove all temporary files instantly.

Using this in-built utility to free up disk space on Windows 10 seems easy, but it does not let you delete files older than 30 days. These files still hog up space on your PC and slow it down.

The above was our review of the best cleaner software for PC. Now, we answer the questions our readers frequently ask us about cleaning the PC.

Addressing the Frequent Queries about Cleaning the PC

Q1. How to free up space on Windows 10?

As said earlier, you may free up the disk space both manually and automatically. To clean up the disk manually, you are required to detect and remove the following items.

  • Delete duplicate files and folders
  • Uninstall the unwanted applications and programs
  • Remove the residuals of the deleted applications.

Q2. What is the best free PC tune-up software?

As it is evident from the above review of the cleaning software, ITL Windows Optimizer is undoubtedly the best free PC tune-up software. Apart from this, our other preferences include CleanMyPC and CCleaner.

Q3. Why is PC cleaner software required?

Manual cleaning is both tedious and impractical. Hence, the use of PC cleaning software becomes inevitable. Apart from this, below are the other reasons for which you need it.

  • To organize the space on your PC better
  • Helps maintain the system’s stability
  • Gives your PC’s speed the much-needed boost
  • Shields your PC from viruses and other attacks.
  • They help declutter your PC and give it a fresh look and feel. 

Q4. How computer cleaning software is beneficial?

The best and ideal cleaner for PC must have the below-mentioned characteristics.

  • It must be an all-in-one tool to clean and repair the PC
  • Comes with functionalities to keep your privacy intact and protect the PC from virus attacks
  • The software should let you clean junk instantly with just a click
  • It must be fast and easy to use.

Only a few software such as ITL Windows Optimizer has all of the above qualities.

Q5. How to declutter the PC manually?

Manually removing junk from PC is not an intelligent decision as it may make you have a devil of a job. Still, if you want to try it out, then below is what you can do to declutter the PC on your own. 

  • Uninstall the space-hogging programs that you don’t need.
  • Remove unnecessary program shortcuts.  
  • Clean and defrag the disk drive. 
  • Remove invalid entries from the Windows registry. 

Q6. What are the benefits of using computer cleaning software?

Computer cleaning software has numerous benefits. Here, we enlist the key ones out of them.

  • Saves your time and energy from manual junk cleaning
  • Helps you snappily fix the system errors
  • Protects your PC from malware and other attacks
  • Lets you keep a track of the outdated apps so that they can be timely updated.

The above list is not exhaustive and many other advantages of using the best cleaning software for PC can also be added to it.

Now that you know the answer to every question about the best free PC cleaners, do not wait. Choose an ideal tool like ITL Windows Optimizer to reclaim the lost space on your PC and give the hard disk much-needed breathing space. Lastly, before you leave, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and for more such useful information keep reading Innovana Blogs.

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