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5 Best Photo Recovery App for Android and iPhone 2020

Retrieving deleted pictures is not tough, you can do it effortlessly with the best photo recovery apps shared in this post.

A moment once gone does not come back, and the only thing that remains with us is the memories. And, what’s the modern-day way to store memories? We are sure every millennial will agree that pictures are the best way to cherish a life moment throughout life. After all, our phones have now become a mini DSLR. Wore a new stunning outfit, click a picture, went on an outing, take a snap, this is what you do to keep the moments fresh forever, right? But, what if you lose these precious clicks someday? Yes, losing a photo is like parting ways with life’s most beautiful life memory, and it seems as if something terrible has happened to you. But, the good news is that the best photo recovery apps let you retrieve the lost clicks effortlessly.

With the best app to recover deleted photos, you can undelete all your valuable clicks without any hassles. Thus, without beating around the bushes, let’s straight away take you to the apps that you need to get back the deleted pictures on both Android and iPhone.

Retrieve the Deleted Clicks with the Best Photo Recovery Apps

As of now, phones have only become smart and not smarter enough to incorporate an undelete option. Thus, the best photo recovery apps for iPhone and Android mobiles shared here are your go-to place if you end up accidentally deleting pictures.

1. Dr. Fone

This is one of the best photo recovery apps that you need to bring back the lost pictures, documents, contacts, and videos. No matter whether an image got deleted from the internal memory or SD card, this tool lets you recover them all. This application is specifically designed for both Android and iPhone users to undelete their snaps.

Talking about the features that it offers, here you get two scan modes. One scan mode is for the gallery and the other mode is for the SD card. This is not all and both the modes have two scanning options, namely standard and advanced to thoroughly search for the deleted clicks. Above all, with this best app to recover deleted photos, you can even retrieve pictures from the phones that have stopped working.

Dr. Fone

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2. DiskDigger

When the topic of discussion is about the best-deleted photo recovery apps, we cannot skip the name of DiskDigger. This utility can not only help you recover the photos from your phone but it also allows photo retrieval from SD cards, digital cameras, and external drives.

Coming to the recovery modes, it offers two ways to recover the deleted pictures, namely advanced and basic. If you want the best recovery app for Android without root, then this is among the topmost choices that you can make. Its basic mode lets you retrieve the lost snaps even if your device is unrooted. Moreover, it has several premium features such as preview and cloud sharing.


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3. Undeleter

As the name shows this is among the best photo recovery apps to undelete photos from the phone’s gallery or SD card. With this software at your disposal, you can even retrieve the lost messages and data from other applications. It offers a few high-end features to please users worldwide.

For instance, this best-deleted photo recovery app encompasses preview functionality, backup creation, and sharing pictures via Google Drive and Dropbox. However, to make the app work efficiently, you need to root the device.


Download for Android

4. DigDeep

This application on our list is also the best photo recovery app for Android mobile. It lets you recover the deleted pictures from both the phone’s internal memory as well as SD card. In addition to this, it supports multiple file formats such as JPG, PNG, and more. It analyzes the root folders to help you retrieve the lost photos.

This is not all and it also offers some absolutely incredible features. For instance, this best photo recovery app apk comes with an intuitive UI and powerful algorithms to scan the device snappily.


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5. Enigma Recovery

Recovering deleted pictures from iPhone, iCloud, and iTunes is a cakewalk with this one of the best photo recovery apps. The process to use this application is also fairly straightforward. All that you are required to do is, connect the device to your PC or Mac, launch the app, and then run the scan.

After the image scan completes, you get the list of results on your screen so that you can analyze them and decide whether you want to save the pictures locally or export them somewhere else.

Enigma Recovery
Image Source: Softpedia

We talked about the best photo recovery apps for Android and iPhone. We believe that clicking pictures is not merely another feature of your smartphone, in our view; it is a way to relive the memories. Thus, photos are something that you should never lose. Recover all your lost photos with any of the above applications. But, before you do that, it would be great if you subscribe to Innovana Blog for more such information and updates. See you soon with another post.

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