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Best QR Code and Barcode Scanner Apps for iPhone and iPad [2020]

Technology has made it easier for people to access different kinds of information. Now, most of the people have access to the internet, which itself is a huge library. People even can access the information that has been encoded in QR and barcodes. This write-up talks about some iPhone and iPad apps that can be used to decode such information. There are various barcode scanner apps for iPhone that allow us to decode such information. You just need to scan the code with your iPhone. After that, the barcode reader decodes the information and provides you with all the decoded information on your iPhone.

Along with scanning barcodes, these apps allow you to scan QR codes as well. You can get the whole information about a product by just scanning the code available on its package box with these QR code apps for iPhone. So, without any further ado, let’s move straight to some of the best free QR scanners for the iPhone.

Best Barcode and QR Code Scanners For iPhone

Here we have listed some of the best barcode scanner apps for iPhone available in 2020. You can also scan QR codes with these apps by just using your iPhone or iPad.

1. Barcode Scanner

The first name on our list is Barcode Scanner. This QR scanner for iPhone is completely free. It offers quite amazing features. Hence, it is considered as one of the best free QR readers for the iPhone. The app is so fast that it can decode the barcodes and QR codes in just a few seconds. Just take out your iPhone and scan the codes with this one of the best QR code apps for iPhone. The app supports the flashlight of your phone and even allows you to scan codes in the dark ambiance. Barcode Scanner for iPhone also offers quite an intuitive user interface. Along with that, the app allows you to share your scans with others as well. You can use it in multiple languages including, English, Russian, French, Spanish, etc. This QR code reader for your iPhone doesn’t require much time to take you to the decoded web address.

Barcode Scanner

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2. Quick Scan – QR Code Reader

Quick Scan is one of the most powerful barcode scanner apps for iPhone. As the name suggests, it can quickly scan and decode various barcodes, including QR. This QR reader app for iPhone allows you to scan multiple types of codes around you. It can decode contact details, URLs, email addresses, and many more things. You can even scan the barcodes and QR codes that you have saved in your iPhone and iPad gallery. Along with all these things, Quick Scan also allows you to save your scan history for future reference. You can even share your recent and saved scans with your friends and family in the form of mail or messages. All these features make Quick scan one of the best free barcode scanner for iPhone.

Quick Scan - QR Code Reader

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3. QR Code Reader and QR Scanner!

Here comes one of the QR code apps for the iPhone. QR Code Reader and QR Scanner is an app that provides some premium scanning features. Unlike other QR readers for iPhone, you do not require an internet connection to read codes with this app. You can scan almost all kinds of codes, whether 1D or, 2D with QR Code Reader and QR Scanner. Once you scan the QR code printed on a product package, this app provides you with the details of that product from various platforms like Google and Amazon. It allows you to scan codes in the dark environment also with the help of your phone’s flashlight. However the app is paid, but currently, it is available for free.

QR Code Reader and QR Scanner

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4. QR Code & Barcode Scanner

QR Code & Barcode Scanner is an iOS app that provides some advanced scanning features. Despite offering advanced features, the app is completely free. It doesn’t even decode the encoded information, but also provides information from various online sources, including Google, Amazon, eBay, etc. This QR scanner and the reader also allow you to create your codes and encode your information in them. The app uses the default scanning system of Apple and hence provides quicker results. You can even store your scanning history on iCloud with this one of the best barcode scanner apps for iPhone. QR Code & Barcode Scanner is also available for Apple Watch, along with iPhones and iPads.

QR Code & Barcode Scanner

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5. Barcode Reader for iPhone

We would like to end our list with Barcode Reader for iPhone. This is one of the most unique QR code apps for the iPhone. It has been solely designed particularly for shopping purposes. The app helps the users to make better purchasing decisions. Barcode Reader for iPhone provides you with such details about the product that will help you to make a rational buying decision. For that, you just have to scan the code printed on the product. It provides you with price comparisons from multiple online retailers. Along with that, it also provides you with consumer reviews and tweets related to the product. Due to its above-mentioned unique features, the app can be undoubtedly considered as one of the best barcode scanner apps for iPhone.

Barcode Reader for iPhone

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Now, we would like to conclude this write-up. All the above-mentioned barcode scanner apps for iPhone are best in their different way. It entirely depends on the requirements of the user. Select as per your requirements and keep yourself informed with the details encoded in barcodes.

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