10 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Android in 2021
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10 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Android in 2021

Life would be easy if carrying the PC wherever you go could be possible, if this is what you think, then, know the best remote access apps for Android.

Android has replaced many things in life but one thing it fails to replace is the need for PC. Even now you require a PC for many of your professional and personal needs. Although the PC is not portable, still you can use your PC on the go? It may sound unbelievable. But, this is what the best remote desktop apps help you do.

These applications let you remotely access your PC from wherever you are. All that you need is an Android device and you are good to go. The best apps to remotely access PC on Android devices bring the desktop to the palm of your hand.

In your search for the best remote access apps for Android, you may stumble upon a variety of options. But, not all of these applications can be the perfect fit for your requirements.

Thus, we trawled through the Play Store to find the truly best remote desktop apps for our readers. These applications don’t trouble you with constant bugs, unfriendly interface, and tools that do not work. They provide exactly what you need, i.e., the ultimate PC experience on your Android device.

10 Best Remote Desktop Apps to use PC on the go

Here we enlist the best apps to remotely access PC on Android devices. No matter why you need the PC, these applications take the desktop wherever you go.

1. TeamViewer

Let’s meet TeamViewer, a widely used and one of the best remote desktop apps. With this application, you can easily access all the devices such as PC, tablet, or phone remotely. TeamViewer caters to all your professional needs such as managing a large team of colleagues perfectly. Below are its other striking features.

 Features of TeamViewer

  • It allows you to share the screen and control all devices such as a computer, phone, and tablets remotely.
  • Supports both way sharing, i.e., you can share files from your current as well as a remotely controlled device.
  • Uses 256 Bit AES encoding to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Boasts intuitive user-interface and control gestures.


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2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Perhaps, this is the best remote desktop connection manager to strike a balance between professional and personal life. Wherever you go, it lets you manage all your administrative tasks and gives you remote access to the entire MS Office. Below is what else you get from this app, i.e., its other remarkable features.

Features of Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Lets you access PCs running popular Windows versions such as Professional or Windows Server remotely.
  • Hosts multi-touch and gesture options for effortless control of remote devices.
  • Supports video and audio streaming in high quality.
  • Securely connects to your data and applications.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

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3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Here comes another best app to remotely access a PC on an Android device. With this app, you can securely access the PC remotely from your phone and complete all your tasks on the go. Let’s now talk about more of its prominent features.

Features of Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Lets you share files securely via your phone’s internet connection.
  • Supports multiple devices, i.e., you can simultaneously add more than one device in this app.
  • It has high compatibility with all the Windows versions and platforms such as Mac and Linux.
  • Establishes a secure connection between your desktop and the Android phone.

Chrome Remote Desktop

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4. AirDroid Remote access & File

This entrant on our list is also among the best remote desktop apps. Some users even consider it as a TeamViewer alternative because of the amazing features it provides. Here we share the central ones out of them.

Features of AirDroid Remote access & File

  • Along with controlling the PC remotely, this one of the best remote desktop client apps allows you to send messages and pick up calls from the desktop.
  • Doubles up as a screen recorder and lets you record the phone’s screen seamlessly.
  • With this app, you can effortlessly make and receive calls on your desktop.
  • Securely creates a backup and synchronizes the phone with the desktop.

AirDroid Remote access & File

5. Unified Remote

When the talk is about the best remote access apps for Android, the name of Unified Remote cannot be missed. The app comes with support for over 90 programs including media players, presentations, screen mirroring, etc. Apart from this, below are the features that set it apart from its counterparts.

Features of Unified Remote

  • The app is pretty easy to set up and install.
  • You get 18 remotes without paying even a penny.
  • There is support for both single and multi-touch voice controls.
  • It allows you to switch from light to dark mode and vice versa.
  • It provides high-grade security for passwords and other sensitive data.

Unified Remote

6.VNC Viewer

This is among the best remote desktop apps that let you access your desktop from any corner of the world. With this app, you can control keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals of the PC as if you’re sitting in front of it. Here are more of its commendable features.

Features of VNC Viewer

  • Hosts a password manager for each remotely connected desktop.
  • Lets you securely and easily connect to a remote PC via VNC Viewer’s cloud service.
  • Supports backup and sync for all your connections (sign in to VNC account on each of the devices to use this feature).
  • Encompasses complete support for Bluetooth mice and keyboard.

VNC Viewer

7. Splashtop Personal

If you are searching for the fastest and best remote desktop connection manager, this Splashtop Personal is among our topmost recommendations. It is a feature-rich app that hosts an ocean of features to delight users. Below are some of these features and the reasons for which it is a favorite of over 15 million millennials worldwide.

Features of Splashtop Personal

  • Permits you to access up to 5 PCs via your Splashtop account.
  • If you are a gamer, then this app is among the best remote desktop apps for you as it allows to play 3D and flash games.
  • Lets you indulge in the pleasure of real-time video and audio streaming.
  • With this app, you can even play videos and listen to music tracks playable only on your PC.

Splashtop Personal

8. AnyDesk Remote

As proclaimed by the developers, it is among the fastest, most affordable, and best apps to remotely access PC on Android devices. It perfectly fits all the teamwork needs and lets you access your device on all major platforms. Let’s have a look at its other attractive features.

Features of AnyDesk Remote

  • It is a freeware that can be effortlessly installed and updated.
  • Constant 60 fps gives you a smooth experience without troublesome stuttering display.
  • This intelligently coded app minimizes latency so that you don’t get troubled with delays while working on a remote desktop.
  • Uses banking-level TLS 1.2 encryption to keep your data secured.

any desk

9. AirMirror

This is not merely one of the best remote desktop apps, it is a lot more. Several breathtaking features of this user-friendly app make it the top choice of users across the globe. Let’s discuss some of these praiseworthy features.

Features of AirMirror

  • Lets you view the device’s screen in real-time with its screen-sharing options.
  • It only requires a 9 digit connection code to connect with friends or family.
  • No root or USB is needed to use this best remote desktop connection manager.
  • Doubles up as a family security camera to help you ensure your family’s safety.


10. LogMeIn

This app on our list is also among the best apps to remotely access PC on Android devices. It connects you to your work or personal computer from any part of the world so that managing tasks on the go becomes easier. Below are the features that we found unique and attractive about this app.

Features of LogMeIn

  • It gives you the full control of the connected PC and lets you access all the apps including a web browser.
  • With this app, you can even save files to your Android phone and work on them offline.
  • Comes with the facility to get remote sound alerts and notifications when you are controlling the PC remotely.
  • Lets you connect to your PC snappily and securely from wherever you are.


Above were our picks for the best remote desktop apps. Each of these applications has its unique features and characteristics. After going through the features of every app, you can easily choose the best app to remotely access the PC on Android devices. But, if you find it difficult to make a decision and need recommendations, then we would recommend TeamViewer and AnyDesk Remote for the wide range of options they offer. Lastly, before you leave, do not forget to bookmark and subscribe to Innovana Blogs for more such useful and exciting information.

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