15 Best and Safest ROM Sites to Download ROM Freely 2021
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15 Best and Safest ROM Sites to Download ROM Freely 2021

Download ROMs from these best and safest ROM sites if you wish to play the old-school games on your Windows PC. 

ROM (Read-Only Memory) emulation is commonly used to copy the path of games or files to the storage devices. With the help of this emulation, you can play different games and run the high-end files on your PC without using much memory.

If you are missing old-school games from different game consoles like GameBoy, Nintendo, Playstation, etc. You can take the help of the best safest ROM sites to play such games on your PC.

Use these websites, find your favorite games, download their ROMs, and run the same and enjoy uninterrupted gaming. You can take the help of any of these ROM websites and download all the high-end games required.

Top 15 Safe ROM Websites to Download ROM Games for Windows

Take the help of the below-listed safe ROM sites and download malware-free games on your Windows PC for free.

1. Retrostic

Retrostic is quite similar to its name. The website provides all kinds of realtor games for your PC. From these safest ROM sites, you can download the games from over 50 consoles for free.

The website even provides emulators for your ease of playing. You can select from a wide variety of 80000+ ROMs. From popular gaming series like Sonic and Mario Brothers to all-time favorites like Pac-Man. You will find everything you need on Retrostic.

The interface of this safest website to download ROMs is multilingual with language support for English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.


Visit Here

2. Down10.Software

Down10.Software is truly one of the safe ROM sites. Additionally, the website is quite easy to operate as well. You can search for your favorite games on the search section and download the same for free.

The website contains safe-to-download emulators for over 55 different consoles. Down10 supports ROM games from over 100 different platforms. Hence, you will likely find “the” game you are looking for.

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This is the safest place to download ROMs and contains popular games like Pokemon, Zelda, MarioKart, and whatnot. You can always take the help of the top 100 games section to find the old-time-classics.


Visit Here


Another great alternative for the safest ROM sites that you can check out is ROMULATION. Although the website does not contain emulators of any kind, it does provide ROMs from popular game consoles.

You can surf through the games according to the console category and download the ones you like. The creators of the website introduce new games regularly. From Sony Playstations to Sega and Nintendo consoles, ROMULATION provides everything you need.

Use this one of the safe ROM download sites and get back hours of fun you had when you were young.


Visit Here

4. Emuparadise

Emuparadise is like a paradise to retro game lovers. This is one of the safe ROM sites that has been in the running for years now. What contributed to the popularity of the website was its collection of arcade games.

Yes, you read that right, if you wish to download and play Arcade games, you can use Emuparadise. Although you may think is Emuparadise safe, let us clear that for you. Yes, the website is safe and does not pose malware or virus of any kind.

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Moreover, it also protects your privacy from intruders as well. Emuparadise is one of the best ROM sites for Gamecube, Atari devices, and other cell phones and consoles as well.


Visit Here

5. ROM Hustler

ROM Hustler saves you from all the hassle of finding different ROMs by providing almost all of them in a single place. The best feature of this one of the safest ROM sites is that you can download the console emulators as well.

ROM Hustler is one of those few ROM websites that allows you to download games from the popular God of War series. You can find the ROMs from over 20 different consoles.

ROM Hustler is the safest website to download ROMs and does not pose any malware or virus-infected games for download. As the website does not have any ads, you will get uninterrupted downloads at a fast speed.

ROM Hustler

Visit Here

6. Gamulator

Gamulator is another one of the safe ROM sites that provide multiple features to you. The interface of the website may not be as attractive yet it is one of the most commonly used ROM websites. You can easily access the ROMs on the website and download them as required.

The website has three sections to help you with everything you need. You can even find emulators on Gamulator and play retro games on Windows PC, Android, and other devices.

Gamulator has over 1 million different DLs to download and enjoy gaming. The interface of the website supports 4 different languages viz., English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.


Visit Here

7. CDRomance

CDRomnace is the next best safest ROM site for you. The interface of the website is quite easy to use and basic. If you love Japanese games, then you will find all-time favorites like Gundam on this website.

Just like any other viable ROM website, CDRomance also provides a wide variety of ROM games for retro lovers. On this website, you will find games from Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable, and numerous other devices.

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From mods to whole games, CDRomance is the best choice and the safest place to download ROMs.


Visit Here

8. Classic GameRoms

The next name on our list of the best safe ROM sites is the Classic GameRooms. The website has numerous games from different consoles. You can also download emulators for different devices if you do not need ROMs.

The interface of the website is quite simple and somewhat unattractive but provides games for different devices. The website has other subsidiaries as well if this one does not work out for you.

Classic GameRoms is one of the safe ROM download sites with a category-wise game download option.

Classic GameRoms

Visit Here

9. The NES Files

If you are interested in NES games in particular, then is one of the safest ROM sites. The NES Files has a wide section of popular and free Nintendo games. Why we recommend this website for Nintendo games is because all the games have properly integrated tools that allow smoother gameplay on PC.

As there are over 300 different NES games, you will never run out of games to play with this website. The NES Files provide high-quality games with optional graphics and features.

You can also use the best ROM sites to download different emulators as well.

The NES Files

Visit Here

10. Cool ROM

Cool ROM is indeed a “cool” and the safest website to download ROMs. The dark interface of the website is quite interesting. One of the best features of this site is that it is multilingual. You can select from a variety of languages and set the one you like.

Additionally, you can also use the Cool ROM to play games on your smartphones as well. You can download and install the emulator for Android devices for different consoles.

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This safe ROM site includes over 1,000,000 ROMs from over 50 different consoles.

Cool ROM

Visit Here

11. ROMspedia

If you want to play retro games on Mac, Android, iOS, or Windows, then you can take the help of ROMspedia. You can access the ROMs according to console, alphabetically, or through popularity.

The website provides regular updates for different emulators. You will find all the new emulators on ROMspedia. Whether it is NDS, MAME, GBA, SNES, GameCube, PSX, or any other console. ROMspedia has popular games from all the consoles.


Visit Here

12. ROMNation

ROMNation has the ROMs of the most popular games ever. You can access these safe ROM sites on mobile devices as well. As the website accepts user comments, you will always get honest reviews of different games.

You can also share all the ROM files with others as well and flaunt your collection. Just like any other best ROM website, you will find ROMs from over 30 different consoles for your PC.

To remove ads and use all the features of the website, you should register on the same and get the best experience.


Visit Here

13. ROMsWorld

ROMsWorld has the whole world of ROMs from different consoles exclusively created for retro game lovers. The website may not support games from as many devices as other similar tools. But it does provide top-notch games for some.

You can use the website to find ROMs of popular series like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Sonic, etc. One of the best features of the portal is that you can download the games with a couple of clicks.

ROMsWorld is the safest place to download ROMs and it does not contain any obstructive ads.


Visit Here

14. FreeROMs

Another name on this list of the best and safest ROM sites is FreeROMs. Just like its name, FreeROMs provides the most popular realtor games for Windows for free. As you get the games from over 30 different consoles, you can live your childhood days on your PC.

The website provides an option to find and download ROMs according to the consoles. On this safe ROM download site, you will find games according to votes, ratings, and popularity.


Visit Here

15. Vimm’s Lair

Vimm’s Lair is the last name on our list of the best and safest ROM sites. The website has five parts namely, Emulation, Vault, Manual, Message Board, and FFA Links. In the Emulation section, you will find all the emulators for the consoles.

The Vault contains all the old-time classic games for different devices. Manual contains manuals to help you have a better gaming experience. The Message Board is a place where you can ask your queries and provide suggestions as well. And lastly, FFA Links contains the websites of all the emulator developers for ease.

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You can use this one of the best ROM sites for Gamecube to enter the world of realtor games with a mobile-friendly design.

Vimm’s Lair

Visit Here

Conclusion: Best and Safest ROM Sites in 2021 for Windows

So, these were some of the best and safe ROM sites for you. With the help of these websites, you can find the emulators as well as ROM files to play retro games on your Windows PC for free.

You can take the help of any website you like and download the ROM. Once the download is complete, just click it to play an old-school game on your PC. Some of the websites listed above also allow you to download the emulators for Android and iOS devices.

You can then use the emulators to play console games on your smartphone with ease. All of these websites are user-friendly and safe to use. None of these safe ROM download sites contain virus or malware-ridden ROM files that can infect your computer.

We hope that this write-up helped you find everything that you were looking for. For queries write to us in the comments. Subscribe to the Innovana Thinklabs Blog for more interesting blogs and tech solutions.

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