Top 7 Best SNES Emulators for Windows PC, Mac and Android in 2021
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Top 7 Best SNES Emulators for Windows PC, Mac and Android in 2021

Want to play some of the cult classic games on your Android and Windows service? Download and install the best Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems (SNES) emulator for PC. 

Today, we are going to talk about some best SNES emulators available for PC and Android devices in 2020. Most of the 90’s kids or we can say millennials are familiar with the cult classic games like Super Mario, Tetris, etc. We all used to play these games on our Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems (SNES). Those are some golden days of our lives. No matter how many latest and advanced games come, none of them can take the place of those classic games.

As the technology has evolved, manufacturers have stopped making SNES consoles. Hence, it is quite difficult to relive that experience again. But do not worry, we have something great for you coming in this write-up. Here we have brought some of the best SNES emulators for you. You can relive your childhood memories with these emulators. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the list of some best SNES emulators for Android and Windows systems.

List of 7 Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC, Mac, and Android in 2021

Here we have mentioned some of the best SNES emulators for Windows 10 and Android. We have handpicked all these emulators. Hence, all of these are reliable.

1. ZSNES- The Best SNES Emulator

In the first place, we have ZSNES on our list. The emulator offers all the required features. It allows you to load the games in real-time. The user interface seems quite old as the development of this game was stopped way back in 2007. However, it is because of its old user interface that the emulator provides a retro feel. This one of the best SNES emulators for Windows 10 also helps you to search for cheats of the games. ZSNES also helps in improving the video output of games. It is even compatible with the older version of Windows. Despite so many features, the emulator is quite compact. Sometimes you may experience some glitches, and that is the only major drawback of this emulator. Along with Windows, ZSNES is also compatible with Linux and macOS.

Features of ZSNES

  • The software is built on an open-sourced platform that allows you to run it on any OS and device.
  • ZSNES is a lightweight program with an interactive user interface.
  • The brand-new BRR decoding method allows you to access the best sound quality on your device.
  • You can save, restore, and load the saved games on your device with a simple click.
  • The offset mode of the software allows it to stop the device from toggling to an 8-bit new gfx engine.

ZSNES- The Best SNES Emulator

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2. RetroArch- SNES Emulator for Windows 10

The second name on our list is RetroArch. It is quite a popular SNES emulator. It provides a library of games which is known as Liberto. This is one of the best super Nintendo emulators available in 2020. It offers many advanced features including, netplay, rewinding, etc. Just like various modern emulators, it also allows you to stream your gameplay. So, if you are a professional gamer, then we highly recommend RetroArch for you. Unlike ZSNES, it provides a clean user interface. Along with all these features, you can use this emulator on any platform. RetroArch is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android as well. This emulator even allows you to play games that were released on platforms other than SNES. It allows you to play games from the SEGA Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii, etc.

Features of RetroArch

  • The RetroArch software has a cross-platform structure for better use.
  • You can play the games from PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, and other consoles through this app.
  • There are two builds made for your preferences.
  • The software has a lot of additional settings to configure it as you want.
  • RetroArch supports all kinds of joypads and controllers for better gaming.

RetroArch- SNES Emulator for Windows 10

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3. SNES9X- The Best SNES Emulator for Android, Windows, and Mac

Here comes the most simple emulator. SNES9X is one of the best SNES emulators for PC if you are looking for a simple solution to play SNES games. It offers an intuitive user interface. Hence, you do not require to make many configurations to play games. It helps you to easily launch the classic SNES games. It doesn’t matter if your system supports high-quality graphics or not. SNES9X comes with a feature of output image processing, which enhances the graphic compatibility of your Windows system. You can even record your gameplay with this SNES emulator. Along with Windows, SNES9X is also highly compatible with all other major platforms including Android, macOS, and Linux.

Features of SNES9X

  • The software is portable and very easy to use.
  • You can play all the games available on SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo.
  • The strong C++ coding of the software for a better gaming experience.
  • The interface of the software is quite straightforward.
  • Multiple ports of the SNES9X software allow you easy access to the games and more.

SNES9X- The Best SNES Emulator for Android, Windows, and Mac

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4. Higan- SNES Emulator for PC

Higan is also a multi-feature emulator, just like RetroArch and SNES9x. The emulator was previously known as BSNES. It works more accurately than other emulators. Hence, it requires high-end systems to work properly. If you are the one who is having a high-end system, then we would recommend it to you. Higan can help you to play any game that has been ever launched on the SNES console. Apart from SNES, it can also help you to play games on other consoles such as Game Boy, Sega Master System, etc. It is one of the most complete emulators that has ever been developed. You can use it to play retro games on your Windows PC, Mac device, and Linux system.

Features of Higan

  • The software has a Native multi-platform UI for different devices.
  • You can sync the game data and other data through the software.
  • The built-in games database provides the best gaming experience for you.
  • Higan has a 6th-order IIR audio filtering for better audio clarity.
  • Pixel shaders and Color correction provide the best graphics on your device.

Higan- SNES Emulator for PC, Mac, and Android

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5. BizHawk- Best SNES Emulator for Android and PC

The last name on our list is BizHawk. The emulator is best known for its speed. It can help you to enhance the speed of your game. This SNES emulator has been developed based on TAS (Tool Assisted Speedruns). Just like most of the above-mentioned SNES emulators, BizHawk also supports games of many other consoles along with SNES. It can help you play games on Game Boy, Virtual Boy, Nintendo 64, etc. However, the emulator is only compatible with Windows, and you can not play games on Android or any other platform with this emulator.

Features of BizHawk

  • The software has different types of arcade, racing, combat, and other game categories.
  • You can run the software on different platforms easily.
  • Games of Nintendo, Wii, Playstation, and various other consoles are supported by the software.
  • You can access the SNES software in different languages.
  • The software also allows you to save the games and access the saved state quickly.

BizHawk- Best SNES Emulator for Android and PC

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6. OpenEmu- Best SNES Emulator for Android, Windows PC, and Mac

OpenEmu is one of the best and fastest SNES emulators for Windows and Android devices. You can easily add and remove the games through this software and play old age games on your computer. You can save the state of the games and access them later so that your game data is not lost even if you close the software. You can play the games from different gaming consoles through this software.

Features of OpenEmu

  • The software allows you to play the games of different consoles including GameBoy, Nintendo, Atari, WII, and many more.
  • If you want, you can also connect controllers and joysticks to your device to play games.
  • You can just drag and drop the game files to organize them.
  • The software automatically maps the keys of the controllers to the software and games.
  • You can create an easy backup of the games, within a couple of minutes.

OpenEmu- Best SNES Emulator for Android, Windows PC and Mac

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7. Nestopia UE- SNES Emulator for Windows

The name in our list of the best SNES emulator for Android and Windows is Nestopia UE. Nestopia is one of the smoothest SNES emulators that allows you to play games as you want. The strong customization options of the game emulator provide you the best gaming experience in low storage space. Nestopia will take you to the ’90s and cheer you up. The software provides the best audio and gaming quality on your PC.

Features of Nestopia UE

  • The simple interface of the software allows even beginners to play the games easily.
  • You can play the games through the software on Linux, BSD, and Windows.
  • Games of different categories like Arcade, shooting, racing, role-play, and others can be played on the software.
  • The app maps the controller keys and provides the best gaming user experience.
  • You can save and load the game at any time and play it later on whenever you want.

Nestopia UE- SNES Emulator for Windows

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Well, these are some of the best SNES emulators for Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux. You can experience your childhood memories again with the help of these emulators. There are also many other emulators available on the web. But these are some of the best and reliable ones. So what are you waiting for? Just install any of these emulators on your device and start playing those classic games again.

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