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12 Best Social Media Blocker Apps To Enhance Your Productivity

In this writeup, we’ll discuss some social media blocker apps to limit social media usage. Now you might be wondering why do we need apps to limit social media usage. Let us tell you that social media addiction is one of the serious modern-day problems. Just like any drug or substance, people are also getting severely addicted to social media apps. People have forgotten to live the moment as they are always engaged in exploring the feeds of their social media accounts.

This problem is getting so severe that it is even impacting the work-life of people. Most of the time, social media addicts fail to meet their deadlines and whenever they start working, they end up checking their smartphones every few minutes. And that’s why we need social media blocker apps installed in our smartphones.

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What exactly a Social Media Blocker app do?

These apps basically restricts you from overusing the social media apps. Along with that, if you are working on something important, these apps can also help you in being focused on the work. They can block all social media apps and remove the offline distractions as well during that specific period. So now, as we know about these apps, let’s discuss some of the best social media blocker apps in 2020.

12 Best Social Media Blocker Apps  in 2020

Here are some of the best social media blocker apps that you can use to be focused on your work. These apps help you to be more productive.

1. AppBlock

When we talk about some best apps to limit social media usage, the first app that comes to our mind is AppBlock. The app has so much to offer. It helps you to stay focused for a particular time by blocking the distracting apps and websites. It can be used as an app blocker and a timer to stay focused for an enhanced productivity. The only major drawback of this app is that it is only available for Android phones. Although, Android users can enjoy the below-mentioned benefits of the app.


  • Along with being an app that blocks social media, it can also primarily block other apps and websites.
  • You can even block your emails and keep the email notifications off.
  • It also allows you to set a daily usage time of a particular social media app.
  • AppBlock also restricts you to make changes in the settings, after the focus timer has been activated.
  • After the completion of the timer, it shows a list of blocked notifications, so you don’t miss anything.


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Here comes another famous app to limit social media usage. OFFTIME allows you to block social media apps, mobile games, and even text messages as well. You can even limit your screen time usage with this app. It shows a detailed analysis of your phone usage and shows how much time you have spent on a particular app. Here are some of the features that makes this app unique from other apps that block social media distractions.


  • It also allows you to add the break time in your schedule. So that you can have frequent short breaks to rest.
  • The app records your daily, weekly, and monthly stats.
  • You can schedule OFFTIME in advance.
  • This one of the best social media blocker app also helps you to block calls and other notifications.


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3. Moment

Moment is not a usual app to limit social media usage. It basically tracks your daily usage of your Android or iOS device. You can measure your daily usage and even set a limit on that. Once you exceed the limit the app starts providing you with lots of notifications alarming you that you have crossed the limit. Here are some more features of Moment.


  • It allows you to track the usage of your smartphone.
  • If you want to use your smartphone less then Moment also provides a training.
  • Moment also helps you to limit the usage of social media apps by tracking the usage time of a particular app.
  • The app also tracks how many times you have picked your phone.


4. Flipd

Flipd is for those people who easily get distracted. It hides the apps that can distract you and allows you to stay focused for a particular period. The app is quite strict as once you hide the apps they are not going to come back for that certain time. Here are some of the features of this one of the best social media blocker apps.


  • Along with the usage time, it also tracks the time you have not used the app. This can motivate you to use your phone less.
  • Flipd allows you to set reminders in advance so that you’ll not get distracted.
  • It is so strict that once you have locked or hide the app, you cannot get them back until the focus time gets finished.


5. Freedom

Here comes one of the best cross-platform app that can limit the usage of social media apps. Freedom prevents you from the social media addiction. It works in one of the most unique ways to tackle the overuse of social media apps. Here are some of the features that Freedom offers to the users.


  • Along with social media apps, it also blocks multiple distracting websites such as youtube.
  • Freedom uses VPN to stop the social media apps showing the new content.
  • You can even block the internet with the help of this app.
  • Also, you can exclude the sites you want from getting blocked.



6. SelfControl

If you are a Mac user, then this app is for you. SelfControl is a free app for Mac. You can prevent yourself from being distracted with this app while working on your Mac device. The app not only blocks distracting apps but also possesses various other features. Here are some salient features of this one of the best apps to block social media distraction.


  • The app block distracting websites and even the email servers as well to keep you focused.
  • You can decide which site you want to block.
  • The duration of keeping the sites blocked is also decided by you. Hence, it provides you with full control and customization.


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7. Focus Me

Like the other apps on the list, Focus Me also allows you to block the distracting sites and apps while you work. It helps you in being focused by blocking multiple apps and sites for a certain time duration. Along with that, this is a cross-platform app that you can use in your Windows system as well. Here are some of its other features.


  • You can limit the usage time of the apps and websites.
  • The social media blocker app also allows you to limit the per day maximum launches of the apps.
  • It also provides you breaks so that you can rest.
  • Focus Me lets you choose the maximum usage time per launch as well.


8. Space

Space doesn’t only claims to break your social media addiction, but it also claims to break your smartphone addiction. You can use this app to limit your overall phone usage. It provides an 8-day course to help you finding your phone life balance. Hence, that’s the reason why we have included this app in our list of some of the best social media blocker apps.


  • It helps you to understand your phone usage habits.
  • You can even customize it as per your habits and preferences.
  • Space also allows you to exclude important apps from being blocked
  • You can even block the notifications with this app to stay more focused.
  • With the pro version of the app, you can even share your progress report with your friends and family.


9. Stay Focused

Stay Focused is one of the most ideal apps to block the distracting apps and sites. As the name suggests, the app helps you to stay focused by restricting the usage of your smartphone while working on something important. Along with staying focused, it also helps you in improving your self-control. The app offers many other important features as well. The major drawback of the app is that it is only available for Android devices.


  • You can even set limits for the usage of your phone with Stay Focused to avoid phone addiction.
  • Along with temporarily blocking the social media apps, it also allows you to set a limit of their usage.
  • Along with being an app to limit social media apps, Stay Focused also helps you with a strict mode feature if you have a low self-control.
  • You can even track your app usage history with this social media blocker.
  • It also blocks all the email notifications for a particular period.


10. RescueTime

RescueTime is another cross-platform app that can be used to effectively manage your time. It helps you to balance your digital and real-life activities. The app is quite intuitive and compact. RescueTime can be one of the best productivity apps that you’ll ever come across. It comes in both paid and free versions. Here are some of the other features that RescueTime offers to its users.


  • It allows you to measure your productivity by tracking the overall usage of your device.
  • You can even set your screen time goal to avoid smartphone addiction.
  • Along with being an app to limit social media usage, it also tracks your offline activities.
  • The app also offers FocusTime sessions, during which it blocks all the distracting sites and apps to make you focused on what you are doing.


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11. FamiSafe

The app basically functions as a parental control app, but it can also serve you as an app that blocks social media distractions. The app offers various features, including explicit content detection, screen time limit, web content filter, and app blocker. Although you might face a little difficulty using the app initially as it is designed for parental control. But once you get familiar with the app, it can serve as one of the most ideal social media blocker apps.


  • It can be used to keep a regular check on the screen time usage.
  • FamiSafe also blocks your device temporarily to help you focus on your work.
  • You can also block some specific apps and websites for a particular duration.


12. Forest: Stay Focused

At last, we have one of the most ideal app to limit social media usage. If keeping people focused is an art, then the Forest app is the Picasso of it. The app literally has everything that is required to keep you focused. It helps you with your phone addiction and to overcome your distractions also. Here are some salient features of this one of the best apps to block social media and other distracting apps.


  • It helps you to overcome your procrastination psychology.
  • Forest app enables you to even track your focused moments.
  • It offers unique rewards for your focused moments to encourage you.
  • The app provides you with detailed statistics of your phone usage.
  • You can even select the apps that you require while being focused on your work.

Forest - Stay Focused


We hope you are not going through social media addiction or smartphone addiction. But if you are going through it or any of your known is suffering from it, then we highly recommend you to install one of the above mentioned social media blocker apps in your device. These apps will surely help you to overcome your addiction and excessive using habits of social media apps.

So, that’s all for now. If you want more such useful information about different applications, subscribe to Innovana blogs.

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