19 Best Windows 10 Apps that You Must Have in 2021
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19 Best Windows 10 Apps that You Must Have in 2021

Which is the best must-have software for Windows 10? Every new thing has something fascinating about it. We want to try new things as soon as possible. Be it a newly purchased PC or recently updated Windows version, we are sure you must be eager to indulge in them. But, you know what having some of the Best Windows 10 Apps can make your experience even more pleasing.

Yes, the best must-have PC software listed here not only lets you accomplish various chores effortlessly but also takes your computing experience a notch up. You would never think about uninstalling them.

They help you make the most of your PC. Further, knowing about the top programs to complete various tasks saves you from installing unnecessary applications that only eat up RAM space.

Thus, without beating around the bushes, let’s straight away move on to the must-have Windows 10 apps. To begin with, here is our top recommendation for the best software to update outdated drivers.

Most recommended driver updater that everyone should have

A driver, i.e., the communication channel between the connected hardware and computer, hamper the PC performance if outdated. Therefore, you must have a driver update utility to keep them up-to-date. One of the best and highly recommended programs you can get is Bit Driver Updater. It updates all the out-of-date drivers with a single click and also offers many useful features, like driver backup and restore, driver download speed acceleration, and a lot more. You can get it by clicking the below download link.

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19 Best Windows 10 Apps in 2021 | Must-have Software for Windows 10

Below are a few must-have apps for Windows 10 that you cannot afford to miss. For your convenience, we have categorized them on the basis of the function they perform.

The Best PC software for Windows optimization and Maintenance

Below we share some of the best software to optimize the PC, clean junk, and elevate its performance.

1. CCleaner- A must-have app for Windows 10

Over time, junk files such as unneeded applications get accumulated on the PC. This junk deteriorates the PC’s performance and speed. Thus, you need a power-packed junk cleaner to scrape away these files and their traces from your computer.

The marketplace has an ocean of cleaning applications but, in our view, CCleaner is the best of them all. It perfectly blends cleaning and optimization functionalities into a single package.

It efficiently scans and deletes cache, unneeded log files, temporary files, and broken registry records. Moreover, it also doubles up as a software uninstaller. Thus, with this utility at your disposal, you can effortlessly bid adieu to redundant junk files and say hello to a faster PC.

Features of CCleaner
  • Thoroughly checks the PC’s health
  • Cleans the files completely
  • Keeps the browser history inaccessible
  • Removes all the internet trackers
  • Provides customer support to you

CCleaner- A must-have app for Windows 10

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2. AVG PC TuneUp- A must-have program for Windows 10

Now, who does not know about AVG? It is among the top brands in the tech domain. Many users are already well aware of AVG’s antivirus but not everyone knows about the wonderful optimization tool from the developer. AVG PC TuneUp cleans junk from every corner of the computer and tweaks its performance.

Talking about the features, it hosts some of the essential functionalities such as software uninstaller, bloatware remover, registry cleaner, and more. With this utility, you can enjoy a faster PC.

However, a noticeable shortcoming of this tool is that its price is a bit on the higher side in comparison to its counterparts.

Features of AVG PC TuneUp
  • All-rounder protection of your PC
  • Uninstall all the software you no longer need
  • Updates the required programs regularly
  • Speed up  the overall work and performance of your computer
  • Cleans the system’s registry automatically

AVG PC Tuneup-A must-have program for Windows 10

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3. Win Magician- A must-have app for PC

If you want to see a magical improvement in your PC’s performance, then get Win Magician. This one of the best must-have software for Windows 10. This utility magically takes the speed of the PC to another level. It is an amalgamation of three tools in a single powerful software.

The first component of this software is junk and registry cleaner. It effectively cleans all the junk files that hog PC’s space and also removes the invalid registry entries. This, in turn, reduces the system’s response time.

The second vital feature of this utility is malware removal. It detects and removes malware from your PC to keep it secure and protect your data.

Last but not least, it has a web protection feature so that you can securely browse the web. It shields you from online threats on all major Windows browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

Features of Win Magician
  • Scans and protects the whole PC from malware
  • Protects your computer from internet attacks
  • Regularly clean the junk and registry of your computer
  • Maintains the total security of your privacy
  • Works with different versions of Windows
  • Single-handedly manages the startup programs of your PC
  • Very easy to activate

Win magician- A must-have app for PC

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The Must-Have Windows 10 Apps for Video Calling

In the present world, where work from home is the new trend, having the Windows 10 must-have software for video calling is inevitable. Thus, below are the best video calling apps for work-from-home meetings or catching up with a dear friend.

4. Skype- The best software for Windows 10

This is among the world-famous apps for video calling. Even when you and your colleagues or loved ones are miles away, staying connecting is easy as pie with Skype.

You must be thinking that there is plenty of video calling applications and you can make video calls via social networks. Then, why are we recommending Skype? Well, the answer is simple. It offers some of the high-end features that none of the other utilities provide.

For instance, here you get the functionality to call landline and mobile phones, make HD video calls, view live subtitles during the call, and share the screen. Moreover, you also get a free Skype number and call recorder. What more can anyone ask for? Most probably, nothing.

Features of Skype
  • Connects you with users around the globe
  • Supports up to 100 participants on a video call
  • The app can be used to call phones too
  • Provides live subtitles for the words said during a call
  • Allows you to share the screen with others

Skype-The best software for Windows 10

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5. Zoom Meetings- An essential app for Windows 10

This one of the must-have programs for Windows 10 is especially for users who need to connect with a wide section of people. With this software, you can even conduct a whole town hall meeting from the comfort of your living room.

Apart from this, it has several tools to seamlessly conduct online meetings, video webinars, and conference rooms.

Moreover, it has a phone system functionality that lets you record the calls and modernize the employee-customer relationship. With this application, you also get the benefits of a centralized and secure phone system.

In addition to this, it also has an in-built chat functionality to share files and engage in cross-platform messaging. Thus, in a nutshell, we can say that this is among the best Windows apps for video calling particularly for business houses.

Features of Zoom Meetings
  • Very easy to use
  • Built on a cross platformed structure
  • You can join or conduct the meet anywhere from the world
  • Encrypted passcode protection for safety
  • Helps in creating waiting rooms

Zoom Meetings - An essential app for Windows 10

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6. Google Meet- A must-have app for Windows 10

Who could have better qualifications than Google to build perfect software for the user’s needs? With Google Meet, previously know as Google Hangouts Meetings, the tech giant has left no stone unturned to meet the user’s expectations. It has almost every tool that you need for seamlessly conducting a meeting over video calls.

This globally popular video calling app has all the functionalities to help you connect with colleagues and office administration with ease. For instance, it lets you join meetings with just an invitation link and encrypt the meetings for added security.  Moreover, you can even attend meetings without an internet connection with its Enterprise Mode.

It seems like this one of the must-have apps for Windows 10 is designed exclusively for business users. However, this is not the case. The application can also be used to connect with friends and family effortlessly.

Features of Google Meet
  • Helps in hosting HD meetings
  • Encrypted for security
  • Allows to host and join just from a link
  • Efficient Screen-sharing slides and many more
  • Best performance through the text-to-speech technology from Google

Google Meet- A must-have app for Windows 10

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The Best Windows Software for office (Free)

For accomplishing the tasks such as the creation of presentations and official documents, you need specialized software. Thus, here we have got the must-have Windows 10 apps for official purposes.

7. Office 365- A must-have program for Windows 10

The former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates once said: “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” It seems like this saying is indeed true as Microsoft’s Office 365 has become an indispensable part of professional’s lives.

The software encompasses all the essential tools to cater to your professional requirements. For example, there is Word to create documents, Excel for creating spreadsheets, and PowerPoint to come up with exciting presentations. Moreover, there are additional functionalities such as OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint.

Further, it is cloud-based software. Hence, with this must-have software for windows 10, it becomes easy for you to share and store the official documents.

Features of Office 365
  • Helps in creating and runningPPTs, Docs, and many more files
  • Cloud services to save file online
  • Built for you, your business, your institute, and everything else
  • Integrated Skype to connect
  • Products under Office 365 include OneDrive, MS Word, Powerpoint, and more

Office 365 -A must-have program for Windows 10

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8. Zoho Workplace- A must-have app for PC

This one of the must-have software for Windows 10 is a level ahead of Microsoft’s Office 365. It has some of the premium features to enhance your workplace productivity and team collaboration.

With this software, you can perform all the regular tasks such as presentation creation, seamlessly create and share documents, and more. The highlight of this utility is that it even lets you conduct online conferences and meetings, and communicate through chat and mail.

Moreover, there is cloud support for effortless sharing and storage of all your official documents.

Features of Zoho Workplace
  • Easily opens files, documents, and many more.
  • Easy email checking options
  • Apps in Zoho include Chat, Spreadsheet, Word Processor, and 6 others
  • Allows you to work from anywhere in the world
  • Multitasking and convenient dashboard to work on

Zoho Workplace- A must-have app for PC

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9. Polaris Office- The Best software for Windows 10

It would not be incorrect to call this best Windows 10 software the perfect alternative to Microsoft Office. If you are searching for software to work with documents on the go, then there can be no better choice than Polaris Office.

With this software, you can perform all the usual tasks such as creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Apart from this, it also allows you to sync your work across three devices.

Talking about cloud support, it supports all major cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

Features of Polaris Office
  • Allows you to select products according to your needs
  • You can operate the office through your smartphone also
  • Light in weight and faster performance
  • Opens and processes different kinds of files and documents
  • Effective PDF editing features are also available

Polaris office- The Best software for Windows 10

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The Must-Have Driver Updater Apps for Windows 10

Updating drivers is essential to keep the PC in pink condition. Thus, below are the best driver updaters that you must have on your device for updating the drivers effortlessly.

10. Quick Driver Updater- An essential app for Windows 10

When the talk is about hassle-free driver updating, the name of Quick Driver Updater is bound to come. With this utility, you can update all the outdated drivers with just a click.

Not only updating drivers but it also tweaks the PC’s performance and takes it to a whole new level. Once you install and use it, you’ll notice that your PC’s boot time has decreased by up to 50% and works faster than ever. Moreover, after using this driver updater, you will notice that all the high-end games and videos run smoothly without any kind of error.

Features of Quick Driver Updater
  • Helps in downloading the latest driver updates
  • Complete scans of the PC for damaged or outdated drivers
  • It also boosts the performance of your PC
  • Helps in saving time by providing and updating drivers automatically
  • You get a 24 hr support for all your issues

Quick Driver Updater- An essential app for Windows 10

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11. Driver Easy- A must-have app for Windows 10

Another easiest way to update drivers is Driver Easy. With this easy-to-use software, you can update all the worn-out drivers effortlessly. It comes with many advanced tools such as driver backup, recovery, and more.

Although it does not improve the PC’s performance, still it is a must-have software for windows 10 software as far as updating drivers is concerned.

Features of DriverEasy
  • You can install it on different versions of Windows
  • Easily find audio drivers, graphic drivers, video driver, and many more from a single platform
  • Installs on your system very quickly
  • Easily creates a backup of existing drivers and restores as and when required
  • Improves the performance of the computer
  • Allow you to schedule the update scan

Driver Easy- A must-have app for Windows 10

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The Best Windows 10 Apps to Find & Delete Duplicate Files

Accumulation of duplicate files harms the PC’s speed and performance. Since manually finding and deleting files is a cumbersome task, you need the best duplicate file cleaners to do the needful. Here are our recommendations.

12. Wise Duplicate Finder- A must-have program for Windows 10

One thing you cannot deny that sorting the folders is a tiring task. But, now you don’t need to worry as this software, along with deleting duplicates, also sorts the folders.

It thoroughly scans the PC for dupes and removes them, Moreover, it also lets you restore the deleted duplicates whenever required. And, it allows you to delete the duplicate files manually if you want.

Features of Wise Duplicate Finder
  • Helps in finding duplicate, video, images, documents, and other files
  • It scans for empty folders for you to save space
  • Deletes every duplicate file automatically or manually as you want
  • Backs up and restores data
  • Provides a 24 hr support to every user

Wise Duplicate Finder- A must-have program for Windows 10

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13. Easy Duplicate File Finder- A must-have app for PC

This software is aptly named as it makes it easy as pie to delete duplicate files. It detects and deletes all the dupes in a snap of fingers. Not only deleting the files but it also lets you recover the accidentally deleted file.

Moreover, it has two easy tools namely Wizard and Assistant to help you use the software and delete duplicates with ease.

Features of Easy Duplicate File Finder
  • Helps in finding and removing duplicate files, documents, images, and more
  • Offers a high range of accuracy of the scan
  • Safe to use and very effective
  • Removes duplicate files from Dropbox, OneDrvie, and other cloud platforms
  • Provides an undo button for recovering the files

Easy Duplicate File Finder- A must-have app for PC

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The Best PC Software to Protect from Malware & Viruses

Hackers are always on the lookout for opportunities to invade your device. They intend to steal your data and use it for illegitimate purposes. Thus, you need a power-packed antivirus to protect your PC and data. Here are our top recommendations.

14. McAfee- The best software for Windows 10

This is another renowned name in the tech world. McAfee is a powerful shield to protect your data and PC from viruses and other attacks. It includes some high-end features that make it one of the most popular antiviruses.

Some of these incredible features include a password manager, VPN, and file shredder. Apart from this, it lets you protect up to 10 devices at the same time.

Features of McAfee
  • Protects your system from virus, malware, and provides internet security
  • Protects your bank details and other data from breach
  • Integrated password manager for better control
  • Helps in encrypting the storage drives
  • Allows safe internet browsing

McAfee- The best software for Windows 10

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The Must-Have Apps for Windows 10 to Recover Deleted Files

Sometimes, you end up deleting even the crucial files. In such a scenario, the only way to recover them easily is through the best file recovery software. Here we share the best ones.

15. Disk Drill- An essential app for Windows 10

If you are short on time and need to recover the deleted files in a fraction of a second, then we would recommend Disk Drill. This software snappily scans and recovers the deleted files. Moreover, it also lets you recover the RAW driver.

It has one of the most minimalistic and easy-to-use interfaces that we have seen. However, we would not recommend this tool if you are an advanced user and need more high-end features.

Features of Disk Drill
  • Easy recovery of data from different types of drives
  • Recovers data from your drive that was deleted or lost due to any other reason
  • Supports recovery of images, videos, audio, and other documents.
  • Recovers data from encrypted drives
  • Recover files from drives, computers, memory cards, flash drives, etc

Disk Drill- An essential app for Windows 10

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16. Recuva- A must-have app for Windows 10

Most of the users know about Piriform’s CCleaner which is a must-have software for windows 10 to clean junk files. But, only a few of them are aware of Recuva, i.e., a tool from Piriform to recover deleted files. This software with an intuitive interface lets you retrieve all the files effortlessly.

In addition to recovering deleted files, you can also use this software to recover deleted emails.  The cherry on top of the cake is that you don’t even need to install the software as it boasts a portable version of itself.

Features of Recuva
  • Recovers data from damaged drives and storage disks
  • Scans the system deeply for best recovery results
  • Completely fleets unnecessary files
  • Provides automatic updates for the software
  • Offers advanced options for recovery

Recuva- A must-have app for Windows 10

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The Must-Have VPN Apps for Windows

Like most users, privacy is among your topmost priorities, right? Well, your privacy might get compromised as the internet service providers and the websites that you visit may track your activities. Therefore, you need a VPN to mask your IP address and browse securely. Here we share some of the best VPNs.

17. NordVPN- A must-have program for Windows 10

Nord is among the well-known VPNs in the world. This easy-to-use VPN employs end-to-end security to keep your privacy intact. Apart from this, it uses high-grade AES encryption to keep your data safe and secure.

Moreover, it has some advanced features such as an ad-blocker for added security. Thus,  You can rely on this VPN and put all your worries aside.

Features of NordVPN
  • Secured connection to distant locations
  • Does not keeps any log of your browser or any other software
  • Uninterrupted streaming from anywhere in the world
  • You can connect it with one or more devices
  • Protects your location and data through a dedicated IP

NordVPN- A must-have program for Windows 10

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18. ExpressVPN- The best software for Windows 10

This is another best VPN that you may consider. It uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your privacy intact. Apart from this, it is also among the speediest VPNs known to us.

Moreover, it has a wide range of servers across multiple locations such as the US, UK, Australia, and more. Thus, with this software, you can use the internet through any of the available servers and even access the websites that are unavailable in your region.

Features of ExpressVPN
  • Based on a cross-platform structure
  • Browser to any server in any country easily
  • Protects your data at every time
  • Easily connects to the desired location
  • 160 locations, 94 countries, and unlimited bandwidth to connect
Express VPN- The best software for Windows 10
Image Source: ExpressVPN

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs): Best Windows 10 Apps

Q.1 Is it harmful to install an external program in Windows?

No, it is not harmful to install external programs of Windows. A lot of users do that to ease up the flow and take advantage of different functions and services provided in WIndows. However, you should be aware and not install any malware software as it can harm the integrity of your system and procure personal data. Always install a trusted program only.

Q. What precautions will you take while installing the program in Windows?

Well, the first thing which comes while installing the program is you should ensure that the program is downloaded from a trusted source, should not be malware, and should not provide access to read or collect unnecessary data. You can protect your PC from such threats by installing any security software, like antiviruses, for better protection.

Q.3 Why use an external program when Windows have the same application in-build?

Sometimes, the built-in program fails to provide some advanced or even some basic features to you. In such cases, it becomes very important to install the required program from different external sources.

Q.4 What Apps Can You Get on Windows 10?

There are a lot of apps that are already available on Windows 10. Some of the best must-have software for windows 10 are listed above. Install these programs to execute different repetitive tasks on your PC.

Q.5 What Apps Should I Put on My New Laptop?

We have listed some of the best must-have software for windows 10 in the article above. We recommend that you install these programs on your laptop and ease the flow of work.

Final Words: Must-Have Software for Windows 10

Above were some of the best must-have windows 10 apps. If you install them, then your computing experience becomes a whole lot better. Lastly, before you leave, do let us know your views about this post and also subscribe to Innovana Blog for more useful information and updates.

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