5 Best Windows 10 Recovery Partition Software
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5 Best Windows 10 Recovery Partition Software

Need to recover a disk partition? This post talks about the best partition recovery software to help you do it effortlessly.

Disk partitioning, as you may know, is a practice to keep system files separate from the other files. This shields the system files from all kinds of damage. But for reasons such as virus attacks, power outages, accidental deletion, partition table getting corrupt, etc. you may end up losing disk partitions. When a disk partition is lost, then this means that your valuable data is gone too. This is the reason for which creating disk backups becomes inevitable.  But, since you don’t have a backup, we have come to your rescue. Through this post, we share the best Windows 10 recovery partition software.

These partition recovery tools help you get back the lost data without any cumbersome efforts. Thus, let’s not waste even a second and take you straight to the best active partition recovery software currently available in the town.

Best Windows 10 recovery partition software to Retrieve the Lost Partitions

Below we share the best Windows 10 recovery partition software that you need to retrieve the lost partitions in just a few clicks.

1. MiniTool Partition Wizard

This is underrated but the best Windows 10 recovery partition software that you may consider using. The high-end features that it offers induced us to include it on our list. For instance, here you get the functionality to recover partitions even when the system crashes.

This is not all and MiniTool partition recovery software also allows you to retrieve the data from Recycle Bin, lost/formatted partitions, and even the damaged or inaccessible partitions. The best part is that it only scans the existing partitions so that you can effortlessly retrieve the required partitions.

MiniTool Partition Wizard

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2. Disk Drill

The list of the best free partition recovery software cannot be complete without mentioning the name of Disk Drill. This is not merely a tool to recover the lost partitions but it also doubles up as a utility to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10.

Moreover, it encompasses a plethora of methods to help you retrieve the lost data in different situations. In addition to this, it boasts support for multiple file systems. For instance, this best active partition recovery software supports FAT, HFS, NTFS, exFAT, and EXT4.

As you may also agree, not all the files are worth recovering, some files when recovered hog the device’s space. This software keeps the worries of recovering unnecessary, and good for nothing files at a bay with its preview functionality. You can view the files beforehand and decide which files you should retrieve. 

However, a major con of this software is that its free version only allows you to recover files up to 500 MB. If you desire to retrieve large size files, then pick another software from this list or get Disk Drill’s pro version.

Disk Drill
Image Source: SoftRadar

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3. Recoverit Data Recovery

No matter whether you want to retrieve documents, pictures, videos, or an audio file, from a deleted recovery partition, this software lets you do it all. Moreover, this partition recovery tool hosts a multitude of data retrieval options and an easy to use user interface.

This best Windows 10 recovery partition software lets you perform many essential functions such as recovering data from Recycle Bin, data retrieval from lost partitions, retrieving formatted disks, recovery of deleted files, and more.

Recoverit Data Recovery
Image Source: Malavida

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4. Active@Partition Recovery

As the name implies, this is among the best active partition recovery software currently available in the marketplace. This tool hosts three simple methods to recover the lost partitions. The first method is for quickly scanning, detecting, and recovering the partitions that are deleted only recently. The second one is to retrieve the partitions that got deleted a long ago. And, the last one is to recover the data in cases of system errors.

However, this is the best partition recovery software only in the cases where the partitions are not overwritten and the loss is not caused by any kind of physical damage.

Active@Partition Recovery

Image Source: Active@Partition Recovery

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5. Stellar Recovery

This best Windows 10 partition recovery software is a well-known name in the tech domain. It helps you retrieve almost all file types effortlessly. The highlight of this tool is that it scans Windows thoroughly in just a few seconds. We can say that it is one of the fastest tools on this list.

Talking about its features, it offers some of the most high-end options such as scanning for specific files, two scan modes, namely, deep and quick scan, and data recovery from optical media.

However, the ocean of features that it offers make its UI seem a bit cluttered. In our view, this should not be an issue for users who want a feature-rich data recovery software. But, if you just need a basic partition recovery tool, then a not-so-clean UI can trouble you.  

Stellar Recovery
Image Source: 7datarecovery

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In this post, we discussed the best Windows 10 recovery partition software. These tools help you retrieve the lost partitions even when you have not backed up the data and there is a situation like system crashes. You can choose any of the above utilities as per your requirements as they all are on par with each other. However, if you need suggestions, then our absolute favorites include MiniTool Partition Wizard and Disk Drill. Before bidding adieu, we invite you to subscribe to our blog so that you never miss out on any of our posts or updates.

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