9 Best Windows Driver Backup Software to Restore Deleted Drivers

9 Best Windows Driver Backup Software to Restore Deleted Drivers

Sometimes, you may find yourself stuck in a situation where the latest driver update does not work, or you have deleted the drivers accidentally. In such a scenario, driver backups rescue you. If you have backed up the drivers in advance using the best Windows driver backup software, then you can restore them on the PC.

It is quite necessary to have a driver backup as, without a driver, hardware fails to comply with your commands, and you experience errors such as Blue Screen of Death. Therefore, you need to backup drivers on Windows 10 for the times when you lose the existing driver for your hardware. But talking about the software to backup and restore Windows drivers, the market place is full of them. However, not all of these utilities is the best. Therefore, we curated the top utilities.

Recommended Utility To Backup And Restore Windows Drivers

Before starting the evaluation of some best driver backup tools, we would like to share our recommendations. In our opinion, it is Bit Driver Updater that tops the chart here. We have also described the software below. But, if you are looking for a quick solution to backup & restore your Windows drivers, then we suggest you go for Bit Driver Updater. You can download it right from here.

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Top 9  Best  Software to Backup and Restore Drivers on Windows 10

Below we enlist the best Windows drivers backup software that lets you get the drivers back when you lose or accidentally delete them.

1. Bit Driver Updater (Recommended Tool To Backup & Restore Drivers)

This is not merely the best software to backup and restore drivers on Windows 10, but also a complete solution for PC issues. Bit driver updater automatically identifies outdated, corrupt, and missing drivers on your PC and installs them.That’s the reason why we have named it as the most recommended tool to backup and restore device drivers. Apart from this, below are more of its commendable features.

Remarkable features of Bit Driver Updater

  • Tweaks and speeds up the performance of your PC.
  • Saves your time from manual driver hunt on the web.
  • Updates all the drivers without any cumbersome efforts on your end.
  • This free driver backup and restore software has high compatibility with all Windows versions.

bit driver updater

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2. Quick Driver Updater

The next on our list of the best software to backup and restore drivers on Windows 10 is the Quick Driver Updater. What brought this product to light was its user-friendly interface. Whether you are a professional or a novice user, you can easily restore the drivers through this tool. Let’s have a look at some of the best features of the software.

Commendable Features of Quick Driver Updater:

  • The software allows you to restore the drivers to the previous version with a single click.
  • Quick Driver Updater is one of the best and most reliable tools to restore drivers in real-time.
  • You can access the interface of the software in multiple languages.
  • What makes the software quite different from others is that you can also update as well as restore the drivers.

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3. DriverMax

Here comes another best software to backup and restore drivers on Windows 10. In addition to creating backups, it also helps you update all the outdated drivers effortlessly. It hosts a wide range of drivers for all the Windows versions. Below are more of its features.

Commendable features of DriverMax

  • Supports unlimited driver downloads for pro users.
  • Adds an extra layer of security to shield driver backups from threats.
  • Automatically updates all the outdated, corrupt, and missing drivers on your PC.
  • Speeds up and takes the PC’s performance to another level.


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4. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Here comes another best driver backup tool for Windows named Ashampoo Driver Updater. The software is very easy to use as well as easily restores the drivers with a single click. You can create the backup of drivers any time you want and easily restore it. The features of this restoring tool provided below will provide some more insight into the tool.

Notifiable Features of Ashampoo Driver Updater

  • One of the best features of the Ashampoo Driver Updater is that it provides automatic driver updates for you.
  • The simple interface of Ashampoo makes it easy to use for all.
  • Despite the version of Windows you are using, you can install and use the software on all.
  • One of the strongest features of the utility is that you can also exclude drivers from restore and update.

Ashampoo Driver Updater

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5. Driver Easy

If you are looking for an award-winning free driver backup and restore software, Driver easy is the tool for you. Driver Easy, just like its name, makes the whole process of updating and restoring drivers quite easy. Have a look at the features of Driver Easy to get more information about the product.

Incredible Features of Driver Easy

  • If you are looking for some specific drivers, you can use the search button to do so.
  • The software supports the update and restoration of over 7 million different drivers.
  • With a single click, you can restore as many backups as you want with Driver Easy.
  • What makes the tool better is that it provides a description of every driver.

Driver Easy

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6. Auslogics Driver Updater

Auslogics Driver Updater, previously known as TweakBit Driver Updater, is the best free driver backup software. With the help of the software, you can download and update the drivers according to your device’s compatibility. The following features of Auslogics Driver Updater will let you know about the rest.

Outstanding Features of Auslogics Driver Updater

  • Just like any other effective software, you can use this one to restore the old versions of drivers quickly.
  • The software brings the latest updates and old ones from the registered websites.
  • If you are facing specific problems related to drivers, you can take the help of the tool to eliminate them.
  • Even the free version of the software provides some good features for ease of access.

Auslogics Driver Updater

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7. Driver Genius

Driver Genius is a great tool to restore drivers on Windows 10. If you are a beginner and face problems with driver updaters and restoring, you can use the Driver Genius tool. The simple and straightforward interface of the software provides you multiple features as listed below.

Unique Features of Driver Genius

  • Just like any effective driver updater, Driver Genius also has a huge database of drivers.
  • The software scans for outdated drivers and backups on the computer quite thoroughly.
  • The software provides multiple options to restore drivers to a particular period.
  • Here comes the best part, if you don’t want a driver. You can also uninstall the same with Driver Genius.

Driver Genius

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8. Avg Driver Updater

Here we are at the last product on our list of best Windows driver backup software. AVG Driver Updater is a lightweight tool that provides multiple and strong functions related to driver update. You can create easy backups through AVG Driver Updater and restore them anytime you want. Check out the features of AVG’s driver updating utility for more information.

Praiseworthy Features of AVG Driver Updater

  • AVG Driver Updater provides real-time scan functions for the best results.
  • If you are facing any errors related to PC drivers, you can use the tool to fix them all.
  • With a single click, restore as many drivers as you want on your PC.
  • Just like any other effective updater tool, AVG also provides an option to schedule the update and restore for a later period.

AVG Driver Updater

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9. Driver Backup 2

What makes this one of the best free driver backup software is its user-friendliness. This easy-to-use software identifies drivers, creates their backup, and restore them without any cumbersome efforts on your part. Moreover, below are a few of its other features.

Praiseworthy Features of Driver Backup 2!

  • It is a portable software to create driver backup and restore them, there is no need to install the tool.
  • In addition to Windows, it also creates third party driver backups.
  • Boasts an integrated command line builder.
  • This tool to backup drivers on Windows 10 does not consume much of the system’s resources.

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How to Back up and Restore Drivers Manually

As said earlier, it is a tedious process. Still, if you wish to do it, then here are the steps.

Backup Windows 10 Drivers Manually

  • Locate or create a folder to store driver backups.
  • In the Windows search box, type cmd and select the first result that comes up.
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Type “dism /online /export-driver /destination:C:\drivers-backup” and hit enter.
  • Once you press enter, drivers get backed up automatically.

Restore Drivers on Windows 10  Manually

  • Press the Windows logo and R key together to launch the Run box.
  • In the Run box, type devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager.
  • Locate and right-click on the device for which you want to restore the drivers.
  • Select Update Driver from the menu that comes up.
  • On the next screen, select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  • Lastly, select the location where you have the driver backup and click on Next.

Save your Time & Efforts: Pick the Best Windows Driver Backup Software

As you can see, how cumbersome the manual backup and restore process is. We would suggest you use the best software to backup and restore drivers on Windows 10 to save your energy, time, and efforts. All the tools listed above have their unique features so it may become difficult for you to choose one. Lastly, before you leave, don’t forget to bookmark and subscribe to Innovana Blogs for more such information and updates.

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