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Dell Monitor Driver Download & Update | Dell Display Manager Download

This article provides multiple ways to download the Dell monitor driver and Display Manager effortlessly. 

Dell is among the leading companies in the computer world. The reason is that it always strives hard to meet user requirements. It identified the users’ need for a stunning display to perform various tasks such as playing games with amazing visuals, binge-watching, doing some official work, or such other purposes. Hence, it came up with a software called Dell Display Manager to take care of the display resolution, brightness, and more such settings. However, many users still do not know how to download the Dell Display Manager. If you are also one of them, then keep on reading this article. 

Here we share the method to download the Dell Display Manager as well as download Dell monitor driver and update it. It brings us to a question that users often ask, i.e., Do Dell monitor need drivers? If yes, then why are they needed. Well, yes, even if you have the Display Manager, the Dell monitor requires drivers. Here’s the simplest possible explanation for the same. 

What is the need to Download the Dell Monitor Driver and Update it

You need to download the Dell monitor driver correctly and also update it regularly because of these reasons. 

  • You won’t face annoying display problems if you have a compatible and updated monitor driver.  
  • The drivers improve display resolution, refresh rates, and color quality. 
  • It makes sure that the screen does not become blurry even while playing HD videos and games. 

Now we know why the Dell display driver is needed. But, before downloading and updating that, first it is important to understand the way to get Dell’s own display management software. 

Part I: How to Download Dell Display Manager

It is a simple process to download the Dell Display Manager on your computer. Below we share it. Before you proceeded to get this application, please note that it works only if you have Display Data Channel Command Interface (DDC/CI). 

Step 1: Visit the Dell Support page.

Step 2: In the “What can we help you find?” box, input “Dell Display Manager” and click on “Search.”

How to Download Dell Display Manager

Step 3: Select Dell Display Manager Application from the results that appear on the screen. 

How to download Dell Display Manager-1

Step 4: Click on the “Enter Details” button to enter the Service Tag or Model of your device. 

How to download Dell Display Manager-2

Step 5: Click on the “Download File” option to download the application installation file. 

Step 6: Once the file gets downloaded, click on it, and be guided by the instructions displayed on your screen to install the Dell Display Manager. 

Now, after learning how to download the Dell Display Manager, let’s learn how to download the Dell monitor driver and update it to get a super stunning display. 

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Part II: How to Download Dell Monitor Driver and Update it

Below are the methods to download the Dell screen drivers and update the same on Windows 10. 

Method 1: Download the Dell monitor driver & update it via Device Manager

You can use the built-in Windows tool, i.e., Device Manager to download the Dell display driver and update it on Windows 10. Follow the directions shared here to do the same. 

Step 1: Put to use the “Windows+R” shortcut command to open the Run box. 

Step 2: When the Run box opens, type “devmgmt.msc” and click “OK” to launch the Device Manager. 

Download the Dell monitor driver & update it via Device Manager

Step 3: After the Device Manager launches, click on the “Monitors” section to expand it. 

Step 4: Right-click on your Dell monitor and choose “Update driver” from the available options. 

Download the Dell monitor driver & update it via Device Manager-1

Step 5: From the options that you get on the screen, select “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

Download the Dell monitor driver & update it via Device Manager-2

Step 6: Now, wait for some time (usually an hour or two) so that Windows can download the latest Dell monitor driver for Windows 10. 

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Method 2: Use Bit Driver Updater to download Dell Monitor driver and update it (Recommended):

We have shared multiple ways to download and update the driver for Dell monitor in this article. But, the most recommended way to do it is through Bit Driver Updater. This utility automatically downloads, installs and updates the drivers with a single click in no time. And it also makes the computer fast performing and error-free. 

Apart from this, it is the most reliable way to get the required drivers as it downloads only those driver versions that have WHQL authentication. Below is how to use this program. 

  • Download Bit Driver Updater and install it from this link.
  • Let it scan your computer automatically or click on Scan to perform a manual PC scan.
  • Wait for two to three seconds for the scan results to come up.
  • After you get the scan results, click “Update Now” present next to Dell monitor driver for downloading and updating it. 

You can also download and update all the other drivers in a single go by choosing to “Update All” drivers. If you select the Update All option, then you get incredible features like driver backup and restore, driver exclusion, driver download speed acceleration, and more. 

Bit Driver Updater


Method 3: Update Windows to Download Dell Screen Drivers

Another way to download the driver for Dell monitor and update it is by updating the operating system. You can follow the steps given below to do it. 

Step 1: Open the Run box, type “ms-settings:windowsupdate” and click “OK.”

Step 2: After the Windows Update settings appear in front of you, click on the “Check for updates” option. 

Step 3: Click “Download” to download the operating system update. After it gets downloaded and installed (Windows takes a few couples of hours to get updated), restart the PC. 

Dell monitor driver & Dell Display Manager Download: Final words

Through this article, we learned the ways to download the Dell monitor driver and update it. Along with this, we also talked about how to download the Dell Display Manager. Moreover, we also suggest you update the display driver to make sure that you always have a crisp, clear, and stunning computer screen. In our opinion, the best way to download and update the monitor driver on a Dell computer is through Bit Driver Updater as this software downloads and updates the driver automatically. And takes the performance of the computer to a whole new height. Lastly, if you think that we have helped you, then subscribe to our blog and keep reading it. 

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