Dell Network Driver Download for Windows 7

Dell Network Driver Download for Windows 7

A network driver ensures that you face no glitches or errors while accessing the internet on your computer. Therefore, through this post, learn how to download the network driver on a Dell device and install it effortlessly. 

The internet has become a part and parcel of our life. Whether we need to study, work, or binge-watch, the internet is an essential prerequisite for all the tasks. And for smooth internet connectivity, a network driver is what we require. Now, before we take this article further and discuss how to download the network driver for the Dell computer, let’s talk a bit about what it is and why it is required in the first place. 

Why download Dell network driver?

To access the internet on the computer, you need a network adapter. The network adapter connects your computer to the internet or other computers over the Local Area Network. But, the network adapter cannot communicate with the computer if there is no network driver. The network driver acts as a bridge between the network driver and the computer for a smooth internet connection. 

Now that you know how crucial it is to have a network driver, let’s move on to answering your question, i.e., “How do I download Dell network drivers?” In the next section of this article, we share the easiest ways to download and install it. 

A quick glimpse of the best way to download the Dell network driver

When the question is what is the best way to download, install, and update drivers, our answer is always Bit Driver Updater. This software lets you perform driver downloads, installation, and update instantly with a single click. And it also significantly improves the performance of your computer. Here is its download link.

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How to download the network driver on a Dell laptop and install it

Below are the methods tech experts, including us, prefer to download the network driver on a Dell device and install it. 

Method 1: Use the official website

You can use the official website of Dell to download the network driver on your Dell computer. Here are the steps that you need to follow to do it. 

Step 1: First, you are required to visit the Dell Drivers & Downloads page from here

Step 2: After you get the Drivers & Downloads page on your screen, enter the Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID, or Model in the given box to identify your product. 

Step 3: Once the product page opens, input “Network driver” in the Keyword box, select “Network” as the category, choose your operating system, and hit Enter. 

Step 4: Now, the network driver download file will appear on your screen. Click on the “Download” button to begin its download process. 

Step 5: After the download is complete, open the file.

Step 6: A wizard will appear asking for your permission to make changes. Click on “Yes” to give your assent. 

Step 7: Lastly, follow the directions you get on your screen to complete the driver download installation. 

Method 2: Make use of the Device Manager

Windows encompasses a driver management utility named Device Manager to download, install, and update drivers. You can use it to download and install the network driver on the Dell computer. Below are the steps that you need to follow for the same. 

 Step 1: Firstly, you need to evoke the Run dialog box. Press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard in unison to do it. 

Step 2: After the Run box comes on the screen, input the “devmgmt.msc” command and select “OK.”

Make use of the Device Manager

Step 3: Wait for the Device Manager to pop up and after it appears, click on the arrow to expand the “Network Adapters” category. 

Step 4: Right-click on the Ethernet Controller and choose “Update driver” from the on-screen menu. 

Step 5: Now, begin the search for network driver by clicking “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

Make use of the Device Manager

Step 6: After Windows finds the network driver for your computer, tread on the heels of on-screen instructions to download the driver and install it. 

Step 7: Restart your computer after the network driver is downloaded and installed. 

Method 3: Update your operating system:

Updating the operating system is another way to download the network drivers on your Dell computer and install it. Below are the steps for performing the Windows update. 

Step 1: Open the Run box on your computer and type “ms-settings:windowsupdate” in that box.

Step 2: Click on the “OK” button to launch the Windows Update settings. 

Step 3: After the Windows Update settings window opens, click on the “Check for updates” option so that Windows can find an update for the currently installed operating system. 

Update your operating system:

Step 4: Click on the “Download” option to download the available Windows update.

Step 5: Once you have downloaded and installed the update, restart your computer. 

Above were the most widely used methods to download network driver on a Dell computer and install it. After you download the driver and install the same, we suggest that you also update it regularly. Outdated drivers cause a multitude of problems, such as internet connection errors and fatal system crashes. Therefore, below is a bonus tip for our readers so that they can update the driver with ease. 

Bonus Tip: Keep the network driver updated

Updating the network driver ensures that you can access the internet smoothly without facing any annoying glitch. Along with this, it also ensures that your computer remains free from errors. Therefore, keep the network driver on your device updated. There are many ways through which you can perform the update. 

However, the one that we recommend is an automatic driver update using Bit Driver Updater, i.e., the best driver updater available in the marketplace. In addition to letting you update the drivers in one shot, this software also makes the computer jet fast, error-free, and a lot well-performing. Further, it boasts a plethora of incredible features, such as driver backup and restores, scan scheduling, driver download speed acceleration, the option to exclude any driver from the scan, one-click driver updates, an enormous driver database, and a lot more. 

Here is how to use this amazing software to update drivers and boost computer performance. 

How to use Bit Driver Updater?

It is a cakewalk to update drivers with Bit Driver Updater. An implementation of the steps shared below is the only thing that you need to do it. 

Step 1: Download Bit Driver Updater and install it from the link shared here. 

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Step 2: Let the software scan your computer on its own, i.e., automatically. If you want, then you can run a manual scan by selecting the Scan option. 

Step 3: After the scan is complete (it takes only a few couples of seconds), click on the “Update Now” button present alongside the driver that you wish to update. For updating all the drivers in a single shot and improve the performance of your computer, click on “Update All.”

Bit Driver Updater

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Above we shared how to keep the drivers updated, download missing drivers, and fix corrupt drivers with Bit Driver Updater, i.e., the best driver updater in the town. Click on the below link to get it and add years to the life of your computer. 

Dell Network Driver Download: Concluding thoughts

A network driver is essential for connecting to the internet without any glitches or errors. Therefore, this article discussed how to download the network driver on a Dell computer, install, and keep it up to date. In our opinion, the best way to do it is through Bit Driver Updater, as this software also improves the performance of your device as a whole. If you think our post is helpful, then stay tuned with us for more such how-to guides. 

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