How to Download AMD RX 570 Drivers for Windows 10/8/7
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How to Download AMD RX 570 Drivers for Windows 10/8/7

Download AMD RX 570 drivers, install, reinstall, and update them in no time with the most straightforward methods shared in this article. 

AMD is among the top players in the graphic card industry. It makes robust graphic cards capable of taking your gaming, designing, or such other graphic-intensive tasks a notch up. Talking about the AMD graphic cards, the name of AMD RX 570 is unskippable. It is one of the mainstream video cards equipped with a Polaris 20 chip that runs games and even 4K videos quite flawlessly. But, it may fail to perform to the best of its capabilities if you do not download AMD RX 570 drivers to support it. 

The drivers act as a translator that helps the computer and card to communicate with each other and carry out your instructions correctly. Therefore, this article shows you how to download, install, reinstall, and update AMD RX 570 drivers as keeping the drivers updated is also crucial for ensuring that the card performs well. 

Download AMD RX 570 Drivers, Install, Reinstall, and Update it in a flash

The below two segments explain methods to download AMD RX 570 drivers, install, reinstall, and update the same. In the first section, we talk about downloading, installing, and reinstalling the driver. After that, we will proceed towards updating it. 

Part I: The methods to download AMD RX 570 drivers, install, and reinstall the same

Here are the ways through which you can download, install, and reinstall the AMD RX 570 drivers. 

Method 1: Download AMD RX 570 drivers from the website

You can find drivers for all the AMD products on its official website. Below are the instructions for finding, downloading, and installing the driver for your RX 570 graphics card. 

  • Go to the official AMD website
  • Select “Drivers & Support” from the menu bar.
    Download AMD RX 570 drivers from the website
  • Scroll down to the “Select your product from the list” section.
  • Click on “Graphics”, choose “Radeon 500 Series”, select “Radeon RX 500 Series”, and pick “Radeon RX 570” from the list of options. 
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
    Download AMD RX 570 drivers from the website-1
  • Select your operating system from the list of operating systems present on the screen. 
  • Click on the “Download” button to download the installation file of your AMD graphics card.
    Download AMD RX 570 drivers from the website-2
  • When the driver file gets downloaded, click on it, and follow the instructions that you get on the screen to install the driver. 

Method 2: Install AMD RX 570 drivers via Device Manager

Every Windows computer comes with a built-in tool known as Device Manager to download, install, reinstall, and update the drivers. Below are the steps to use it for downloading and installing the AMD RX 570 drivers. 

  • On the keyboard of your computer, press the Windows and R keys at once to evoke the Run box. 
  • After the Run dialog box gets triggered, type the following command, and click the “OK” button.
    Install AMD RX 570 drivers via Device Manager
  • When the Device Manager opens, click on the “Display adapters” to expand them. 
  • Right-click on the AMD RX 570 graphics card and choose “Update driver” from the options present in the context menu.
    Install AMD RX 570 drivers via Device Manager-1
  • Now choose the first option that appears on the screen, i.e., “Search automatically for updated driver software.”
    Install AMD RX 570 drivers via Device Manager-2
  • It is now time to have patience and wait for a couple of hours until the required drivers get downloaded and installed on your computer. However, the success of this method is not guaranteed as sometimes Windows fails to detect too recent driver updates. 

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Method 3: Reinstall AMD RX 570 Drivers through Device Manager

The Device Manager is the utility in Windows that lets you reinstall the drivers in addition to downloading, installing, and updating them. Thus, you can implement these steps to reinstall the drivers for your AMD card. 

  • Launch the “Device Manager” on your PC.
  • After it launches, click on “Display adapters” to expand the same.
  • Right-click on the AMD RX 570 graphics card and choose the “Uninstall device” option.
    Reinstall AMD RX 570 Drivers through Device Manager
  • Checkmark the “Delete the driver software for this device” box and choose “Uninstall.”
  • After the uninstallation process finishes, restart the computer so that Windows tries to download the AMD RX 570 drivers and install them again. 

Now, after downloading, installing, reinstalling, and updating the driver, let’s learn about updating it. 

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Part II: Automatic Method to Update AMD RX 570 drivers

Like there are many roads to reach a single destination, in the same way, we can perform a task in multiple ways. For example, you can download AMD RX 570 drivers by following the manual ways that we discussed above or follow an automatic route to download, install, reinstall, and update the AMD RX 570 drivers. 

In our humble opinion, the latter is always a better option as it saves you valuable time and energy. Coming to the automatic driver updates, the marketplace is full of driver updaters. But, our topmost recommendation is Bit Driver Updater, i.e., the best driver update software to update drivers automatically in one click. As the tagline of this software says, it gets every bit updated. In addition to updating every outdated driver present on your computer, it makes the PC a whole lot fast and better performing. More on its advantages a bit later, first let’s understand how to use this utility. 

How to use Bit Driver Updater?

  • Download and install Bit Driver Updater with the link shared below.
    download now button
  • Let it perform an automatic PC scan, or if you wish, then you can click on “Scan” to run it manually. 
  • After the scan completes, have a look at the drivers flagged as outdated and click on the “Update Now” button present next to the driver that you wish to update. For updating all the outdated drivers at once, click on the “Update All” button. 

Bit Driver Updater

Above were the steps to use Bit Driver Updater. They are so easy to implement, right? Well, in addition to ease of use, there are several other reasons for which you will enjoy updating drivers with Bit Driver Updater. Let’s discuss them below. 

What makes Bit Driver Updater our Topmost Recommendation

Here are the reasons for which we recommend Bit Driver Updater and love using it. 

  • It makes creating driver backups and restoring them as easy as pie. 
  • With this driver updater by our side, we can put our worries aside as it downloads only WHQL certified drivers. 
  • Language is not a barrier in the way of awesome computer performance as Bit Driver Updater supports multiple languages. 
  • We can update drivers for all the peripherals that exist in our PC as this utility has an enormous database of drivers. 
  • No annoying errors trouble us after updating drivers with Bit Driver Updater. 
  • The PC won’t be sluggish anymore as Bit Driver Updater makes the computer super fast. 
  • Gaming, streaming, and general computing experience seems a lot pleasing after updating drivers with this software. 
  • It even accelerates the download speed of drivers if slow driver downloads annoy us. 
  • With Bit Driver Updater, we can update drivers on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. 

Now, are any more reasons required to give this software a shot? Here is the link to download and set up Bit Driver Updater. 

download now button

Download AMD RX 570 drivers: Done in no time

Through the methods shared in this article, we successfully completed the download of AMD RX 570 drivers, installed, and reinstalled it. In addition to this, we also learned the best way to update the driver for our graphics card automatically. You can use the knowledge that you have acquired from this post to enjoy the ultimate video card and computer performance. And for more knowledgeable tech guides, keep reading our blog. 

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