How to Download BCM20702A0 Drivers on Windows 10
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How to Download BCM20702A0 Drivers on Windows 10

Ever wondered how different Bluetooth components interact with your computer? Well, they communicate with the help of a mediator called BCM20702A0 drivers. It is these drivers that connect your PC to Bluetooth devices. Without it, you cannot use Bluetooth services on your computer. Thus, for uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity, let’s download BCM20702A0 drivers.

However, only downloading the driver is enough, and you must also remember that drivers need regular updates to perform the necessary functions. Thus, here is a complete guide on how to download, install and update the Broadcom BCM20702A0 driver on Windows 10.

Methods to download BCM20702A0 drivers, install, and update them

Below we guide you through the ways to get the BCM20702A0 drivers downloaded, installed, and updated on Windows 10.

Method 1: Download the driver from the PC manufacturer’s website:

One place from where you can get the updated BCM20702A0 drivers is the official website of your PC manufacturer. Below we discuss how to download the driver from the website of two popular brands, namely Lenovo and HP.

Download BCM20702A0 driver on Lenovo

Below is how to get the needed BCM20702A0 driver on Lenovo computers.

  • Travel to the Lenovo website from here .
  • Choose SUPPORT from the menu tab.
    Download BCM20702A0 driver on Lenovo Manufacturer Website
  • Select PC as your product family.
    Download BCM20702A0 driver on Lenovo- Select PC
  • Now, you can either let Lenovo Detect Product or View PC Support. We choose the second option.
  • In the Search PC Support box, enter the model name of your Lenovo computer.
  • To find the model name and the OS your PC runs, follow the path Settings>System>About. Our computer is Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro-1370.
  • Choose Drivers & Software from the left menu. Download BCM20702A0 driver on Lenovo - Choose driver and software
  • Switch to the Manual Update tab and then select Bluetooth and Modem from the available menu.Download BCM20702A0 driver on Lenovo- choose bluetooth and modem
  • Now, download the available Broadcom driver.
    Download BCM20702A0 driver on Lenovo- Click on download icon
  • Click on the downloaded file and then install the driver on your computer.
  • Reboot the PC after completing the above process.

Download BCM20702A0 driver on HP laptop

If you have an HP device, then below is how to get the updated BCM20702A0 driver downloaded on it.

  • Click this link to travel to the HP website.
  • Select your product type, i.e., Desktop or Laptop.Download BCM20702A0 driver on HP laptop 
  • Input your device’s name in the given box and hit Enter.
  • Download the Broadcom Bluetooth driver.
  • Click on the driver file that you got in the previous step.
  • Install the driver.
  • After the installation, restart your computer.

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Method 2: Download BCM20702A0 driver through Device Manager:

Another way to download the drivers for the BCM20702A0 chip, install, and update them via Device Manager. You can follow the below process to do it.

  • Activate the Quick Access menu by employing the Windows+X keyboard command.
  • Choose Device Manager from the options available to you.
    Pick Device Manager from the menu available on your
  • Expand the branch titled Other devices by clicking on it.
  • Right-click on the BCM20702A0 drivers and pick Update driver from the popup menu.
    Download BCM20702A0 driver through Device Manager
  • Pick the first on-screen option, i.e., Search automatically for updated driver software. Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Let the process complete and after it completes, boot your computer again.

Method 3: Give the operating system an update:

Updating the OS is also one of the popular ways to get the required drivers. However, this method does not have a very high success rate as Windows fails to find the driver if it is too recently released. However, you can still try this method by implementing the below process.

  • Employing the keypad shortcut Windows+I, activate the Settings.
  • From the panel on your screen, select Update & Security. Windows update and security
  • Click on the option you get to Check for updates. Click on the Button Check for updates
  • Let Windows find an OS update.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to download the found update and install it.
  • After completing the update process, start your computer again.

Method 4: Download the BCM20702A0 drivers and update them automatically (Recommended):

If you are looking for a way that lets you download, install, and update drivers instantly without following too many steps, then here is something for you. There is no need to follow the lengthy manual processes we shared above to get the required drivers. You can complete the driver download, install, and update process automatically with one click using software like Bit Driver Updater.

Bit Driver Updater downloads the authentic driver updates for you in just a few clicks and also offers many interesting features, such as acceleration of driver download speed, backup and restore of drivers, etc. You can read this review to learn more about it.

Now, let’s move to the simple process you need to follow to download BCM20702A0 drivers on Windows 10 (64 Bit/32 Bit) using Bit Driver Updater.

  • Click the below download link to travel to Bit Driver Updater’s website.
    download now button
  • Now, choose the Download Now option to get the software setup downloaded.
  • Click on the downloaded exe. file and install Bit Driver Updater.
  • Wait for a couple of moments till the software runs a scan on your PC.
  • After the scan, click on the Update Now tab located alongside the BCM20702A0 driver to download the updated version of it.

For an improved PC performance, we suggest you update all the out-of-date drivers on your computer. You can do it instantly by picking the Update All option of Bit Driver Updater. Click On The Bit Driver Updater Update All Button

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BCM20702A0 drivers downloaded easily

This article brought to the fore different methods to download the BCM20702A0 drivers, install, and update them. You can use any of them to get the task done. However, what we recommend is downloading the updated drivers through Bit Driver Updater. It is an automatic, easiest, and safest way to get the needed drivers. And for more useful tech updates, guides, and solutions, keep visiting this blog.

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