How to Download Canon G3010 Printer Driver (Quick and Easy Ways)
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How to Download Canon G3010 Printer Driver (Quick and Easy Ways)

Most of the printing problems occur because of absent, incorrectly installed, and outdated drivers. Therefore, learn quick and easy ways to download the Canon G3010 printer driver, install, and update it to dodge away from the irritating issues. 

Canon G3010 is among the best all-in-one wireless printers on the market currently. However, despite being an intelligently made printing machine, it cannot live up to your expectations if you skip downloading the Canon G3010 printer driver. A driver is a helping hand your printer needs to communicate with the computer. Without an apt and updated driver, you face annoying issues like the Canon G3010 printer not working. 

Therefore, to make sure you don’t encounter such problems, we are here with an easy guide to download the appropriate driver for your Canon G3010 printer, install it correctly, and keep it well updated. Without any further delay, let’s begin with it. 

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Methods to Download Canon G3010 Printer Driver, Install and Update it

Below are the best possible ways you can adopt to download, install and update the driver for your Canon G3010 printer. 

Method 1: Using its Official Website

You can find the drivers for all Canon devices on its official website. Below is how to download and install the Canon G3010 driver from there. 

Step 1: Click here to navigate to the website of Canon. 

Step 2: Select the Support option from the rightmost corner of the top menu. 

Download Canon G3010 driver from its official website

Step 3: Input G3010 in the on-screen search box and choose it from the results. 

Step 4: Now, click on the Compatible Operating System box and select your OS.

Step 5: Select Drivers from the Type menu. 

Step 6: Choose the Driver Language. 

Step 7: Click on the Search button. 

Step 8: Click on the driver you want to download for your Canon G3010 printer. We suggest you download the latest available driver for your printing machine. 

Step 9: Click on the big red-colored Download button visible in the middle of the screen. 

Step 10: Click on the downloaded driver setup and follow the instructions on your screen to install the Canon G3010 driver.

Method 2: Using Device Manager

Using Device Manager is another option for you to download, install, and update the Canon G3010 printer driver. Go along with the steps shared below to do it. 

Step 1: Make use of the Windows+X keyboard shortcuts to call up the Quick Access menu. 

Step 2: Choose Device Manager from the on-screen Quick Access menu. 

Choose Device Manager from the WinX menu to open

Step 3: After you get the Device Manager on your computer screen, click on the section of Printers or Print queues. 

Step 4: Right-click on your Canon G3010 printer and choose Update driver from the available menu. 

Install the Drivers with Device Manager

Step 5: Select the option you get to Search automatically for updated driver software.


Step 6: Let the driver download and installation complete. 

Step 7: Reboot the PC after the driver is downloaded and installed. 

Method 3: Follow the Automatic Approach to Download, Install and Update the Canon G3010 Printer Driver (Recommended)

Above, we have looked at the manual methods to get the driver for the Canon G3010 printer. As you can also see they are quite time-consuming and tiring. And a quick solution is what you need when the Canon G3010 printer is not working or other printing issues appear. 

Therefore, we suggest you download the Canon G3010 printer driver, install, and update it through an automatic approach. You can use a program like, Bit Driver Updater to update the drivers automatically in just a few clicks. Follow the steps shared below to do it. 

Step 1: Click on the button given below to download the setup of Bit Driver Updater. 

download now button

Step 2: Now, click on the downloaded setup and follow the directions coming up on your screen to install Bit Driver Updater. 

Step 3: After the software is downloaded, let it scan your PC. 

Step 4: After the PC scan is complete, click on the Update Now button located on the right side of the Canon G3010 printer driver to download its updated version and install it. 

If you want not just a top-notch printing experience but an improved PC performance as a whole, then click on Update All to get rid of all outdated drivers with just a click. 

Bit driver updater - update Outdated drivers free

Canon G3010 Printer Driver Downloaded Successfully

Through this article, we shared the best ways to download the driver for your Canon G3010 printer, install, and update it. If you are annoyed with issues like the Canon G3010 printer not working, get the updated driver for your printing machine using Bit Driver Updater. This software downloads, installs, and updates the drivers automatically in just a few seconds, so your time, energy, and effort are saved. If you want more such tech guides to keep your PC error-free, subscribe and bookmark this blog. 

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