How to Download Canon MG3600 Driver Update on Windows
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How to Download Canon MG3600 Driver Update on Windows

Canon is the pioneer in the industry of optical and imaging devices such as PC printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc. Talking about the printers, Canon produces one of the best advanced and multi-functioning color PC printers series. The Canon MG3600 is one of them. The printers of this series offer a great printing experience on Windows PC. However, before using the printers, you have to download Canon MG3600 driver. Without an appropriate driver, one cannot use any of the PC device.

Hence, here we have brought Canon MG3600 driver download, install, and update guide.  Following this, you can use the printers of the MG3600 series with ease. So, without much delay, here we are mentioning the ways to update and install Canon MG3600 driver on Windows OS.

Canon MG3600 Driver Download, Install and Update Methods

It is essential to download and install correct printer driver updates to perform error-free printing tasks on Windows PC. Below are the methods that can help users of MG3600 series printers to download Canon MG3600 driver updates.

Download Canon MG3600 Driver From Canon Drivers Page

This is one of the most reliable way to download the latest Canon MG3600 driver manually. We all know that nowadays, when the market is full of so many frauds, it is quite difficult to find the authentic driver source. Hence, the best option for anyone to download a device driver manually is the official Driver Support page of the device manufacturer. Canon also offers support for its PC devices and their drivers. You only have to follow a certain procedure to download Canon MG3600 driver from the Canon’s official Driver Page. Here we mention that procedure.

  • The first step in the manual method of downloading Canon MG3600 is to visit the official Driver Page of Canon.
  • Then, search Canon MG3600 with the help of the given search box.
    search Canon MG3600
  • Now, select the appropriate Canon MG3600 driver option.
    search result for search Canon MG3600
  • Scroll down a little.
  • Choose the Canon MG3600 driver as per the version of your Windows Operating System.
  • Click on the download button to get the driver on your PC.
    download Canon MG3600 driver
  • Once you download the latest Canon MG3600 driver setup file, double-click on it.
  • Now perform the instruction provided by the Canon MG3600 driver installer to install Canon MG3600 driver on your Windows computer.

This is how you can manually download and install the latest driver for your Canon MG3600 series printer. Some of you may find this procedure quite long and tedious. You may look to the next method as it doesn’t require you to perform so many steps.

Download The Latest Canon MG3600 Driver Update By Using Windows Update

You might have heard of updating the Windows operating system by using the default Windows Update utility. However, along with the operating system, one can also update the installed software and drivers via Windows Update. Hence, you can also use it to upgrade your Canon MG3600 series printer driver. Below are the required steps that you have to take while using Windows Update to download Canon MG3600 updates on Windows PC.

  • Open the Start Menu. It is the simplest thing to do on a PC as you just have to click on the Start button of your Windows 10.
  • Then, choose the Settings option. It will take you to the Windows Settings Window.
    Windows Settings by click on start button
  • In the Settings Window, you have to look for Update and Security. Once you find it, click on it.
    windows update and security setting
  • Go to the Windows Update in the Update and Security settings of your Windows 10 PC.
  • At last, command the system to look for the latest driver and software updates by clicking on the Check for updates option.
    Check for the available updates

As soon as you command the PC to check for software updates, it will start looking for the available updates of the installed applications and drivers. After that, you only have to follow the directions provided by the Windows operating system to download and install the Canon MG3600 driver update successfully.

Although it seems like the easiest manual methods to update hardware drivers like the Canon MG3600 printer but sometimes it may disappoint you. Windows perform an overall scan for the software and driver updates. Hence, there is a high chance that sometimes it may ignore some of the essential updates. Considering this, we have listed below another simple yet all-time effective method to download and install driver updates for your Canon MG3600 printers.

Download & Update Canon MG3600 Driver By BIT Driver Updater

As discussed, here is the easiest way to download the Canon MG3600 driver update. BIT Driver Updater is the ultimate solution to all the problems that users usually encounter with all other alternatives mentioned in this guide. It offers you a highly effective automatic functionality to download and update your device drivers. The program is so easy to use that you only require a couple of minutes and a few clicks to get the driver update for Canon MG3600. Along with providing the latest version of the driver, it also helps you to download and install that device drivers on your PC quite effectively.

You also do not need to sit in front of your screen during the Canon MG3600 driver download and update process. The program automatically downloads and installs it. Apart from this, you can also update all the PC hardware drivers collectively with the help of this program. It only requires you to subscribe to the premium version of the program, which is also quite affordable and worthy as per the features it offers. However, you do not have to spend your hard-earned money just to download and try BIT Driver Updater. You can do it for free.

Below are the appropriate instructions to download, install, and use BIT Driver Updater on a Windows computer.

  • Download the setup. However, you do not have to go anywhere to download it. We have provided a download button below.
    download now button
  • After downloading the setup completely, run it on your Windows operating system to install it. Once you run it, you do not have to do much. Just follow the instructions of the wizard.
  • Once you finish the installation, launch the BIT Driver Updater app.
  • Then, you’ll see lots of options on the home screen of the program. Choose Scan Drivers from them.
  • Let BIT Driver Updater complete the driver scan on your PC. It only takes a few seconds or a couple of minutes.
  • Now, analyze the scan results and go to the Canon MG3600 driver to download its latest version by clicking the Update Now button.

Bit Driver Updater

download now button

Once you do this, just leave everything else on the BIT Driver Updater. It will download and Canon MG3600 driver on your PC by itself without requiring you to do anything else.


We have discussed almost all the helpful ways to get the latest driver updates in this Canon MG3600 driver download, update, and installation guide. So now, let’s conclude this post by evaluating the best way to download, install, and update Canon MG3600 driver on Windows PC. As per our opinion and evaluation, it is BIT Driver Updater. You can see by yourself that it offers solutions for every problem that arises while downloading the driver update by using any other method. Hence, we consider it as the best.

We hope that now you are aware of the best ways to download Canon MG3600 driver on the Windows 10, 8, and 7. If you liked our work in the above post, then kindly subscribe to the Innovana blogs for more such content.

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