How to Download Epson XP 420 Driver on Windows 10,8,7 PC

How to Download Epson XP 420 Driver on Windows 10,8,7 PC

For years, all of us are familiar with the name Epson. It is the biggest manufacturer of the PC printer in the World. From color to wireless, Epson provides almost all kinds of computer printers. One of its famous color wireless printer is Epson XP 420. It is popular for its small size and multi-feature functionality. But, as it is also a USB peripheral, you require an appropriate driver to make it work. If you do not know about where and how to get the Epson XP 420 driver, then do not worry. This Epson XP 420 Driver download guide will provide you with various methods to download, update, and install Epson XP 420 Driver on Windows PC.

It is important to take care of your hardware drivers for a seamless functioning of the PC and its devices. Hence, let’s move to the several effective ways to download, install, and update Epson XP 420 Driver on your Windows computer.

Methods To Download Epson XP 420 Driver Quickly And Easily

Healthy and appropriate Epson XP 420 driver does not only ensures the proper functioning of the printer device but also helps in eliminating the errors related to the Epson printer. So, have a look at the ways that we have mentioned below to download Epson XP 420 driver.

Download And Update Epson XP 420 Driver With Device Manager

We all know how useful is the Device Manager of Windows operating system. You can configure any of your PC hardware settings and its software using the Device Manager. It also allows you to download Epson XP 420 driver update on your PC. You only have to follow the below instructions.

  • First of all, run the Windows Search and type Device Manager.
    right click on start and type device manager
  • Click on Open.
  • Now, go to the ‘Print Queues’ or ‘Printers’ category and expand it.
  • Right-click on the Epson XP 420 device.
  • Choose to Update the driver.
  • After that, Windows will provide you with two alternatives to search for the Epson XP 420 driver software. From those two options, select Search automatically for updated driver software.
    Search automatically for updated driver software

Now, wait until the Windows detect an appropriate driver version for your Epson XP 420 printer. After discovering, the system will download and install Epson XP 420 driver on your PC. It may require you to follow some on-screen instructions.

Download Epson XP 420 Driver From Epson Support

As we have discussed, Epson is one of the largest manufacturers of computer printers. The organization provides ample support for its products and software related to them to the users. Hence, one can also download Epson XP 420 Driver from the official Epson Support. Here is all the Epson XP 420 users have to do to download the latest version of the driver for their printer.

  • Visit the Epson Support page.
  • Enter Epson XP 420 in the text box and choose the Epson XP 420.
    Enter Epson XP 420 in the text box
  • Scroll down to the Operating System and select your version of Windows.
    Operating System and select your version of Windows
  • After that, click on Drivers.
    click on Drivers
  • Now, select the appropriate Epson XP 420 driver for your PC and click on the Download option.
    click on the Download option for epson XP 420 driver

As soon as the driver file gets downloaded, install the Epson XP 420 driver by running the .exe file and following the provided instructions.

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Download Latest Epson XP 420 By Using Windows Update

Along with the Device Manager, there is also a default utility of the Windows operating system that helps the users to download the latest driver and software updates. Yes, we are talking about the Windows Update feature that users often use to update the operating system. It can also help to download and install the latest Epson XP 420 driver update. Below we have mentioned the steps the one has to follow while updating PC drivers and software using the Windows Update.

  • Use the Windows Start icon to open the Windows Settings. You only have to right-click on it.
  • Now select Settings from the options provided.
  • From the options provided in Windows Settings, opt to the Updates & Security settings.
    update & security from windows setting
  • You’ll see lots of options on the left panel of the Settings Window. Choose Windows Update.
  • In the Windows Update, you have to click on the Check for updates.
    Update Windows

It will command the Windows system to look for the available driver, software, and system updates. If Windows find any, then it will inform you. After that, you can download and install them on your PC by following some simple instructions provided by the operating system. Do not worry about installing the update. Windows will download and install the Epson XP 420 driver update itself.

However, there is a problem with this method. Some people claim that it does not detect available updates or downloads wrong updates sometimes. Hence, if you are looking for a method that automatically downloads and installs the appropriate driver for your Epson XP 420 printer, that too with full efficiency and effectiveness, then you must check the next solution.

Download Epson XP 420 Driver Update Via Bit Driver Updater

No doubt, the above methods are helpful to download Epson XP 420 driver on Windows PC, but all of them have certain flaws. Some of them require you to follow lots of steps to update your Epson XP 420 driver, while on the other hand, some do not ensure the effectiveness of driver update. But being a user, all of us deserve a method through which we can download and install Epson XP 420 driver on our PC easily and effectively. Hence, you should use the Bit Driver Updater.

Several tech experts consider it as one of the best solution to download the latest driver updates. It allows you to get the newest version of your device drivers and install them with a few clicks only. Along with this, it offers a perfect combination of easy interface and futuristic functionality. You get driver backup and restoration features that are quite simple to use. Users can even claim the refund during the 60 days after purchasing the premium version of this ultimate driver updating program, if they find any problem in it.

One can easily download the latest Epson XP 420 driver on Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC by following these easy steps.

  1. Download the installation file of Bit Driver Updater with the help of the below-provided download option.
    download now button
  2. Use the file to install Bit Driver Updater on your computer. It is quite easy to do so as you just have to run the installation file and perform a few clicks as instructed by the wizard.
  3. Run the installed program on your PC.
  4. Now, go to the Scan Drivers option and select it to run a driver scan for detecting faulty, missing, or any other problematic drivers.
  5. After that, find Epson XP 420 driver in the list of detected driver issues and select Update Now to download the driver update.

Bit Driver Updater

You can even update all other device drivers along with the Epson XP 420 driver with a single click using the Bit Driver Updater premium version.


Epson XP 420 printer is one of the best multi-purpose printers for computers. It helps the users to get the wireless printing experience. However, you cannot use it properly without an appropriate Epson XP 420 driver. We hope that the information provided above helped you to download Epson XP 420 driver updates on your PC.

Furthermore, if you know some other better method to update and install the Epson XP 420 driver, then share it with us. You can use the comments section to share your views on this post. We always love to hear from our readers.

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