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3 Ways to Download HP Webcam Driver | Install & Update on Windows 10

A simple driver update can fix the webcam issues that you are facing. Thus, read on to know how to download, install and update the HP webcam driver effortlessly.

Presently, when most of us are locked down in our homes, the webcam seems to be among the essential computer peripherals. You need it for various purposes such as attending a work from the home meeting or catch up with a loved one. In such a situation, if the webcam stops working, then this seems like the most irritating thing that could happen. If you are also annoyed for the same reason that your HP webcam has stopped functioning, then don’t worry. We are here with a simple solution. All that you need to do is, download and update the HP webcam driver.

Recommendation on How to update HP Webcam Driver

After reading about updating the HP webcam driver, if you have started assuming the time-consuming process of updating a driver, then hold on. You do not have to panic about the tedious process of driver update. You can do it quite swiftly by using the highly recommended Bit Driver Updater. Here is the download button from where you can download this best tool to update the HP webcam driver or any other hardware driver.


Through this post, we discuss the same, i.e., the easiest ways to install and update HP webcam driver. The world will surely overcome the current pandemic situation and emerge as a winner. But, even after that happens, webcams will continue to be an integral part of our life in this digital era. Thus, now you know where is your go-to place if the webcam starts behaving erratically and you need a guide to reinstall the HP webcam driver.

Download and Update HP Webcam Driver in a flash

Below are the easiest ways to download and update the HP webcam driver to make it work smoothly again. For your convenience, we have divided them into two sections. The first part explains the methods to download and install the driver, and the second one elaborates on the ways to update it. 

Part A: How to Download & Install the HP Webcam Driver on Windows 10, 8, 7

You can download and install the HP webcam driver in no time with the methods shared here. 

Method 1: Download & Install HP Webcam Driver via the Official Website

Another way to download HP webcam driver is through the official website. Below are the steps to do it.

Step 1: Visit the official website of HP.

Step 2: Click on the support option and select software & drivers from the drop-down menu.

Click on Support and choose Software & drivers from the drop-down menu

Step 3: Now, choose the type of device that you are using, i.e., desktop or laptop. Here, we are using an HP laptop.

device option for download HP driver

Step 4: Click on “Let HP detect your product.”
Let HP detect your product

Step 5: Wait for HP to detect your device and the Windows version.

Step 6: Download the appropriate drivers.

Method 2: Reinstall HP webcam driver via Device Manager

Not many people know that Windows has an in-built utility called Device Manager to resolve all the driver-related issues. You can also install the HP webcam driver again through Device Manager. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: On your keyboard, press the Windows logo and R key simultaneously to open Run box.

Step 2: After the Run box opens, type devmgmt.msc and click on OK to launch Device Manager.

devmgmt command in RUN winzard

Step 3: Once Device Manager opens, locate and expand the “Cameras” category.

locate and expand the Cameras category in device manager

Step 4: Right-click on your webcam and select “Uninstall device”.

right-click on your webcam and select Uninstall device

Step 5: On the next screen, click “Yes” to uninstall the HP webcam driver.

Step 6: Restart the device.

Step 7: Launch Device Manager.

Step 8: Click on the Action option and choose “Scan for hardware changes” from the drop-down menu.

scan for hardware changes

Step 9: Check whether the webcam is working correctly or not.

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Method 3: Browse the Computer for the Driver

If you have the HP webcam driver file saved, then you can browse the computer to install the same. Tread on the heels of these directions to do it. 

Step 1: Launch the native Windows driver management tool, i.e., Device Manager. 

Step 2: After the utility is triggered, expand the section titled “Cameras.”

Step 3: Right-click on your HP webcam driver and pick “Update driver” from the on-screen right-click menu. 

Browse the computer for the driver

Step 4: Pick the second option, i.e., “Browse my computer for driver software” from the alternatives present on your screen. 

Step 5: Input the location where the driver file is saved on your computer, checkmark “Include subfolders” and click the “Browse” button.

Browse the computer for the driver-2 

Step 6: Select the folder that has the webcam driver file and click on “OK.”

Browse the computer for the driver-3

Step 7: At last, go in the direction that the on-screen instructions show you to install the HP webcam driver.

Part B: How to Update the HP Webcam Driver on Windows 10, 8, and 7

Updating the driver for your HP webcam is also an easy-breezy task. Simply, implement the methods shared below to do it.

Method 3: Use Bit Driver Updater To Update HP Webcam Driver (Recommended)

If the above methods seem complicated or you are short on time, then here we’ve got a quick solution. All you have to do is to install and use the Bit Driver Updater software on your PC. With this best tool to update a PC driver, you can download, install, and update all the outdated, missing, and corrupt drivers without doing that much effort. Apart from this, the tool also helps you in speeding up your device and taking its performance a notch up. Below is how you can download the HP webcam driver using this amazing tool.

Step 1: Use the setup and install Bit Driver Updater. After installing, run the tool on your PC.

Step 2: From the options available on the left pane, select Scan.

Step 3: Let it finish the scan.

Step 4: Then, choose the Update Now option to upgrade the HP webcam driver.

Isn’t it quite simple to download and update HP webcam driver by using Bit Driver Updater? Just 3 simple steps and you are done. The cherry on top of the cake is, along with updating drivers, the multi-functional tool also makes your PC/laptop work as a brand spanking new model. Thus, don’t think twice before downloading this handy driver update tool. However, if you want to try some other options as well, then we suggest you to try Quick Driver Updater. It is also worthy to give a try for updating Windows PC hardware drivers.


Bit Driver Updater


Method 2: Use Device Manager to update the HP webcam driver

This method to update the driver for your webcam requires a whole lot of energy, time, and patience. But, if you are willing to try this way, then comply with the instructions given here. 

Step 1: Trigger the native tool in Windows to manage drivers, i.e., Device Manager. 

Step 2: After it shows up on the screen of your device, click “Cameras” to expand it. 

Step 3: Right-click on your webcam and select “Update driver” from the menu on your screen. 

Use Device Manager to update the HP webcam driver

Step 4: Click on the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option. 

Use Device Manager to update the HP webcam driver-1

Step 5: At last, you have to be patient and wait until the operating system searches for the new driver version and installs it. However, even after waiting for so long, you may be disappointed as Windows often fails to find driver updates if they are too recent. 

Download and Update HP webcam driver: Done in no time

Through this post, we discussed the best ways to download and update HP webcam drivers. In our view, not just the webcam but all the Windows drivers need regular upgrading for the smooth functioning of the device. Thus, ensure that the drivers remain updated at all times. Before bidding adieu, do let us know your thoughts about the post and subscribe to Innovana Blog for more such information.

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