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How to Download, Install, and Update AMD Radeon Driver on Windows 10

Gamers may know the importance of having a proper graphic card and driver installed on their PC. Radeon cards are one of the prominent graphics cards among gamers and other computer users who want exceptional visual experience. And to make them function properly, you require the correct drivers. AMD is one of the leading manufacturers who provide some great Radeon drivers. Hence, today we have come up with the methods to properly download, install, and update AMD Radeon driver on your Windows PC.

How to Download AMD Radeon Driver on Windows 10, 8, 7

There are multiple sources from where you can download the AMD Radeon driver. Below we have mentioned the prominent and authentic ones among them.

Download AMD Drivers from the Official AMD Driver Support

Below is the AMD Radeon driver download method from the official driver support of the manufacturers.

Step1: To access the driver support of AMD Drivers, you have to visit that particular page. Visit Here

Step2: After that, scroll down a bit and provide the required driver information such as type of the product.

get driver and support for your AMD device

Step3: Now click on the Submit button.

Step4: Then you have to choose your operating system. So, click on your respective PC operating system.

AMD radeon RX 5700 XT drivers & support

Step5: Once you click on your respective operating system, the driver support provides you with the appropriate AMD Radeon driver for your PC. Select the download option.

Following these instructions, you can complete the AMD Radeon driver download process through the AMD Driver support.

Download AMD Radeon Driver via AMD Diver Autodetect Tool

Here is another easy method to download AMD Radeon Driver. You can use the AMD Driver Autodetect tool to do so. Below are the steps.

Step1: Just like the above AMD Radeon driver download method, the first thing you need to do is to visit the AMD driver support page. auto detect and install radeon graphic driver for windows

Step2: Then click on the Download Now button under the ‘Auto-Detect and Install Radeon™ Graphics Drivers for Windows’ section.

Step3: After the successful download of the AMD Driver AutoDetect Tool, install and launch the tool.

Step4: Once the tool gets launched, it starts scanning the AMD Radeon driver suitable for your PC and provides you with one.

Step5: Now you can easily download it with just one click.

Along with these AMD Radeon driver download methods, you can also download them from your PC manufacturer’s site. Some big manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc. also provide suitable drivers to their users. We have previously provided write-ups to download drivers for Dell PCs, HP PCs, and many more PC brands. You can check them if you want to know about this method.

How to Install AMD Radeon Driver on your PC

After downloading the AMD Radeon Driver, here are the installation steps that you need to follow.

Step1: Run the setup file of the AMD Radeon Driver. Before that, make sure that you have closed all the existing programs and applications.

Step2: After that, you have to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) and then click on Accept and Express Install. If you have sufficient knowledge about graphic drivers and PCs, then you can also select Accept and Custom Install for a customized installation.

amd driver end user license agreement

Steps to follow if you have selected Accept and Express Install

Step3: Once you select Accept and Express Install, the installation wizard starts scanning for the driver model on your PC.

Step4: Then it starts installing the default components of AMD Radeon drivers.

Step5: After the completion, it provides you with options to close the wizard or restart your PC. We recommend you to opt for restart your PC to implement the installation properly.

restart PC after radeon software installed

Steps to follow if you have selected the Accept and Custom Install

Step6: Once you select Accept and Custom Install, the installation wizard starts scanning for the driver model on your PC.

Step7: Then, if you already have an AMD Radeon Driver installed on your PC, the installer will detect it and provides you with two options. One is to uninstall the existing driver, and the other is to install the current version along with the previous version. We recommend you to select uninstall the existing driver.

uninstall the existing radeon driver

Step8: After clicking the uninstall option, you have to make a choice among different uninstallation processes. You can select express uninstall to remove all the default files of the driver, and for the custom uninstallation, we advise you to select custom uninstall.

install radeon software

Step9: Now come back to the installation wizard and click on the install option to update AMD Radeon driver on your PC.

Step10:. Then, select the installation location and the files that you want to install.

select the installation location and required files of AMD driver

Step11: Once you have selected the files, we advise you to click on Clean Install before installing those files. It prevents your PC from a driver roll-back

Step12: After this, install the latest version of AMD Radeon on your PC.

Step13: Just like the above method, after the completion, it provides you with options to close the wizard or restart your PC. And here also we recommend you to opt for restart your PC to implement the installation properly.

restart PC after radeon software installed

This is how you can install the latest version, or we can say Radeon driver update on your Windows PC. Although we also have a better method to update AMD Radeon driver on Windows PC. Let’s discuss it.

How to Update AMD Radeon Driver Using Bit Driver Updater?

Here is the easiest way to get the latest AMD Radeon driver update. We have also briefed about it in the starting of this guide. Bit Driver Updater is a must-have software for you if you are looking for a convenient way of getting driver updates, including the AMD Radeon Driver. It is the best tool to update AMD Radeon Driver or any other driver on Windows PCs. With Bit Driver Updater, you do not have to check multiple sources to get some reliable driver updates. The tool provides you with some of the best WHQL certified driver updates at one location. Everything is just mindblowing about this exceptional utility. From its user interface to its features, you’ll get amazed by every aspect of this useful software. If you are ready to spend a few bucks, then this driver updater program also offers various advanced features. In its premium version, you can even safeguard your drivers with backup files while you update AMD Radeon Driver or some other driver. If you do not want the premium features, then you can still use some basic features of Bit Driver Updater in its free version. You can try this software without any cost. Here is the download button.

download now button

After downloading the application, install it easily by following the instructions of the installation setup. Once you have installed it, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps to update AMD Radeon Driver using Bit Driver Updater on your PC.

Step1: If you have successfully installed the Bit Driver Updater, then launch it.

Step2: The tool doesn’t waste a single second and starts scanning for the drivers that require an update.

Step3: After a quick and comprehensive scan, it provides you with the list of all the drivers that are missing, obsolete, or have some other problems. Look for the AMD Radeon Driver.

Step4: This is the final step to update AMD Radeon Driver using Bit Driver Updater. You just have to do a single click on the Update Now button. You can find it in front of the respective driver.

Bit Driver Updater

We hope that this write-up helped you understand various ways to download, install, and update AMD Radeon Driver on Windows 10 PC. We have tried to cover all the major methods. However, if you ask us about our preferred way to update drivers on Windows PC, then once again, we would like to prefer Bit Driver Updater.

Furthermore, if you like to prefer some other methods or think that we have missed something, then please let us know. Along with that, if you liked this write-up, then subscribe to Innovana blogs for more such write-ups.

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