Download Toshiba Drivers Windows 10 | Install & Update Toshiba Drivers
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Download Toshiba Drivers Windows 10 | Install & Update Toshiba Drivers

Toshiba (also known as Dynabook) is one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of Windows PCs. However, they have stopped making consumer PCs, but there are still some people who use Toshiba PCs and laptops. Although just like any other computer or device, you require device drivers for Toshiba computers and devices as well. Without drivers, Toshiba PCs and devices cannot function properly. Hence, today we’ll discuss the ways to install, update, & download Toshiba drivers on Windows 10 operating systems.

Best Way To Download & Install The Latest Toshiba Drivers

We would like to start the post with our recommendations for the best way to download & install the latest Toshiba drivers. An in our opinion, it is the Bit Driver Updater that serves as a complete solution for updating the Toshiba drivers. We have also discussed it in detail further in this post.

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Methods to Install, Update, & Download Toshiba Drivers on Windows 10

There are usually two approaches to perform anything. Either you do something manually, or you do it automatically. This also applies to Toshiba drivers. You can download, update, and install them either manually or automatically. Let’s first discuss the methods to download Toshiba drivers manually.

Download and Install Toshiba Drivers Manually From Toshiba’s Driver Support

Getting drivers from Toshiba’s official driver support is the first manual way to download Toshiba drivers on your Windows 10 PC. Here are the directions to follow if you are downloading drivers from Toshiba’s official driver support.

  1. Visit the driver support page.
  2. Enter the model or serial number of your PC or device and then click GO.
    toshiba drivers and softwares
  3. Select the driver you want to download, install, or update.
  4. Click Download.
    toshiba web camera application download
  5. After that, you can install Toshiba drivers that you have downloaded by running the installer wizard of that .exe file.

Download & Update Toshiba Drivers Using Windows Update

Windows operating system comes with a utility to update the overall system. It is known as Windows Update. The utility can download driver updates as well. Hence, one can also use Windows Update to download and update Toshiba Drivers. Below we have provided the required steps to download Toshiba drivers via this method.

  1. The first step is to click the Start icon.
    click on start
  2. Now click on Settings.
    click on setting from start menu
  3. In settings, choose Update & Security.
    update & security from windows setting
  4. After Update & Security, you have to select the ‘Check for updates’ tab.

Now, wait for the Windows to search for the available system updates. If the operating system gets something, it will download and install it on your PC automatically. Just remember to restart the PC after the installation. However, if you feel that after downloading and installing the Toshiba driver update, the device started behaving abnormally, then maybe there was some mistake in the installation. Hence, we recommend you to reinstall Toshiba drivers.

Reinstall the Recently Updated Toshiba Drivers

You can follow the below steps to reinstall Toshiba drivers that you have recently installed, downloaded, or updated.

  1. Open Windows Device Manager via the search box available on the taskbar.
    right click on start and type device manager
  2. Select the Toshiba device with which you are facing issues.
  3. Expand the Toshiba device category.
  4. Select the driver.
  5. Right-click on it and then select Uninstall.
  6. After that, reinstall the Toshiba driver by rebooting your PC.

Download Toshiba Drivers Using Device Manager

Along with reinstalling drivers, you can also use Device Manager to download Toshiba drivers. It is one of the most effective manual method to download and update any particular driver. However, it is quite time consuming as compared to other ways. Here is the step-by-step guide through which you can download and update Toshiba drivers using the Device Manager.

  1. Open Windows Device Manager via the search box available on the taskbar.
    right click on start and type device manager
  2. Select the Toshiba device of which you want to update the driver.
  3. Expand its category.
  4. Select the driver.
  5. Right-click on it and then select Update driver software to download the latest version of that Toshiba driver.
  6. It will ask you to select the way to search for Toshiba driver software. Choose ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.
    Search automatically for updated driver software
  7. Now, wait for the operating system to complete the Toshiba driver update.
  8. At the end, reboot the PC.

Now, as we have discussed the manual ways to update and download Toshiba drivers, let’s check the automatic method to do so. We’ll also understand why automatic solution is better than other techniques to download, install, and update device drivers on Windows 10 PCs.

Download, Install and Update Toshiba Drivers Automatically

You might have understood that it is quite an arduous task to update and install Toshiba Drivers manually. And that’s the reason why many people avoid downloading and updating their drivers and end up causing problems for their PC. However, there is also an easy alternative. You can use dedicated software to update and download your device drivers. But, not all the driver updating software is worth trying. Hence, we suggest you to use Bit Driver Updater.

If you are also annoyed with the tiresome methods of driver repair and want a simple solution, then Bit Driver Updater is an excellent software that you must try. It allows you to download authentic drivers, including the Toshiba drivers and updates them in a single click.

The software also offers various premium features for just a cost of $49.95. It lets you to create a restore point for your existing drivers. You can retrieve the old version of drivers quite easily using Bit Driver Updater.

However, if you do not believe us, then you can try it yourself. The program is free to download. You can get it now for the below-provided download button.

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If you want a little guidance for using Bit Driver Updater, then you can follow these instructions after installing the program.

  1. Launch the driver repairing program.
  2. After launching, select Scan Drivers on its home screen.
    bit driver updater software
  3. In the list of all the outdated, missing, or broken drivers of your PC, look for Toshiba drivers.
  4. Select Update Now to download the latest version of your Toshiba driver.

Now, Easily Download Toshiba Drivers Windows 10

Faulty or missing drivers can cause issues on any PC. Hence, it is advisable to keep your drivers up-to-date. The methods that we have mentioned above are quite helpful in doing so. You can use them to update, install, and download Toshiba drivers on your Windows operating system.

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