How to Download and Update ASUS Motherboard Drivers on Windows
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How to Download and Update ASUS Motherboard Drivers on Windows

ASUS is one of the leading manufacturers of Windows PCs and its devices. The computer technology giant is quite famous for producing the core devices of a PC such as motherboards, graphics cards, keyboards, etc. However, no matter how valuable it is for a system, a device always requires a driver software to function suitably. Hence today, we’ll talk about ASUS motherboard drivers.

As we always say that it is essential to keep your device drivers up-to-date. And that’s why we have come up with this write-up. In this post, you’ll get to know about multiple helpful methods to download and install the ASUS motherboard drivers update. So now, let’s move to those methods.

Recommendation For The Quickest Way of Downloading ASUS Motherboard Drivers

However, some of you may be running short of time and want to know the quickest way of downloading and updating ASUS motherboard drivers. In that case, we suggest you download and use Bit Driver Updater. It is the fastest and most reliable way to get the latest drivers on Windows PC. Try it now. Click the download button given below.

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Ways to Download, Install, & Update ASUS Motherboard Drivers

There are two categories of methods to download, install, & update ASUS motherboard drivers, i.e., manual and automatic. And, we have considered the preference of everyone. Hence, below we have listed methods of both the categories to download ASUS motherboard drivers.

Download ASUS Motherboard Drivers Manually Using Device Manager

It is one of the most common methods through which you can download and install ASUS motherboard drivers update. Device Manager is an inbuilt utility that allows you to manage all your devices and software related to them. Hence, using Device Manager is one of the most handy ways to update device drivers. Here are the instructions to guide you while updating and installing the latest driver versions for your ASUS motherboard.

  • Access Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start icon.
    select device manager
  • In the list of device categories, click ‘Display adapters’ and expand it.
    list of device categories & click Display adapters
  • Make a right-click on the display driver and select the ‘Update driver’ option.
  • Go with ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’
    Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Let the system look for the latest display driver and install it on your PC.
  • After that, open the Device Manager again.
  • Select System devices.
    Select System devices
  • Right-click all of them sequentially and select Update driver.
  • After that, the same as above, go with ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’
    Search automatically for updated driver software

Now, wait and let the operating system download and install ASUS motherboard drivers on your Windows computer. After the successful installation of motherboard drivers, do not forget to reboot the system.

Download and Install ASUS Motherboard Drivers Updates Via Windows Updates

If you do not know how to update device drivers specifically, then the Windows software update tool can help you. Here are the required instructions to download ASUS motherboard drivers via Windows Update.

  • Move to the Start icon on your taskbar and right-click on it.
  • From a list of options, select Settings.
    click on settings
  • Go to Updates & Security and click on it.
    update & security from windows setting
  • You’ll see a highlighted ‘Check for updates’ tab under the Windows Update. Click on it.
    Check for the available updates

After clicking on ‘Check for updates,’ the operating system will start looking for all the software updates available for your PC. It will download and install all of them automatically.

Download the Latest ASUS Motherboard Drivers from ASUS Support

If you are not able to get the desired ASUS Motherboard Drivers update via Device Manager or Windows Update, then you have to look for them manually. One of the best sources to get a  device driver is the official driver support page of its manufacturer. Hence, you can find a suitable update for your ASUS motherboard driver on its official driver support. Here are the necessary steps that you need to take.

  • Go to the driver support page of ASUS
  • Then, enter the asked information.
    enter the asked information about ASUS device
  • After entering the details about the product, it will provide you with the available options related to that product. Select Driver & Utility.
    entering the details about the product
  • Now select the version of your operating system.
    select the version of your operating system
  • In the end, to get the latest ASUS motherboard drivers on your PC, you just need to click on the Download button.
  • After that, you can install ASUS motherboard drivers with the help of its installer wizard. Or if it does not have an installer, then you can also use Device Manager.

Download ASUS Motherboard Drivers Update Automatically via BIT Driver Updater

Here we would like to list the automatic method to download and install ASUS motherboard drivers automatically on your Windows PC. It does not require you to follow long procedures and time-consuming steps. You just need to perform a few clicks to get your ASUS drivers updated. And it is BIT Driver Updater that makes it easier to get device driver updates on Windows PCs.

All you need to do is to install this ultimate and all-in-one driver repair software on your PC. After that, only a few clicks can resolve your driver-related problems. The program even provides a lot of advanced features, including one-click driver repair, backup & restore, scheduled scanning, etc. All these things cost you a minimal amount of $50 only. Hence, we recommend everyone having Windows 7 and above PCs to try BIT Driver Updater. There are a bunch of benefits of using this impeccable driver updater.

Another reason to try BIT Driver Updater is that it is entirely free to download. Although the free version offers quite limited features, but it is good for a person who just wants to give it a try. Here is the download option.

download now button

The installation of this program is also quite effortless. It comes with an installer. Hence, you just need to run the setup file and then follow the instructions provided by it. Once it gets installed, launch it and follow the steps mentioned below to download the latest version of ASUS Motherboard Drivers.

  1. Make BIT Driver Updater start scanning for the driver-related problems on your PC. Click Scan Drivers.
  2. After a few moments, look for the ASUS motherboard drivers in the scanning results.
  3. To update them, choose the Update Now button that is available in front of the respective ASUS driver.

Bit Driver Updater

download now button

You can perform this method to conveniently update all your device drivers on Windows PC.


With these descriptive methods to download the ASUS Motherboard Drivers update on Windows PC, we hope that all of you have got the desired drivers. Although among all of these ways, we only recommend using BIT Driver Updater. It is one of the smartest choices a person can make to update the PC drivers.

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